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  1. Iwaku rules apply, along with some usuals, and some of my own:

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    -NO one liners. And no exceptions. Give your party something to work off of. At least three to four sentences that make sense.

    The Crossroad Inn was, as the name implies, an Inn located on a crossroad. But this crossroad represented the precise middle between two sides at war. It wasn't always like this, but just a few decades ago, there were some, differences we'll say. The inn was the only place that was entirely unbiased, taking in refugees, the ones that were neutral to either side of the war, demons, angels, drow, high elves, halflings, half races, you name it. Along with different religions and magic or no magic.

    After the use of magic first came into being, or so many thought, people were amazed at the things you could do with it, and how many different schools of magic there were. As a result, many people came to the powerful wizards and sorcerers who had a natural ability and who had spent decades training their abilities to learn from them, though they would only take in a couple apprentices at a time. Because of this, there weren't all too many mages in the land. The people loved it so much, whether good or evil beings, they begun to include it in their religions. But as always, someone took it too far. Magic was misused in public as a form of torment. When the higher nobles had found out about this, they gathered the highest circle of mages and questioned them relentlessly. This wasn't the first time magic was misused, but it was the worse.

    Needless to say, after letting all of the other mishaps go unpunished, some of the rulers began to think that the sorcerers were trying to plot against them, while others argued, saying that it wasn't intentional. That day was the day the kingdom cracked, as some called it, right down the middle. Any religion and all a part of it who were magic users, along with apprentices, and those who showed interest, even the nobles who stood up for them were forced out to make their own kingdom. The dividing line was the crossroad. The people in each of the sides had their own opinion, as expected. Some of the mages thought it was better, that their society would be superior. Even took on shunning those who weren't magic users. Some were outraged, some were sad. And some just wanted peace, so they could return to the town where they were raised and felt safe, and similar was the opposing side.

    The nobles were already on the brink of a war, some even say there had been peace for too long, and they were just looking for something to ignite it. There was talk of separating the people as far as good and evil, and was still being considered. They began to separate them after the mages left, walling off the sections to keep them apart, thinking it would make things better. Some of the citizens were so outraged that they left, joining the mages who seemed more reasonable, though they were careful who they let in. After years, the mages built a beautiful kingdom of magic and nature, not having many materials or those skilled in carpentry and masonry.

    Back to the inn. The inn was a neutral ground, the keeper allowed anyone in, with specific rules of course. They're would be no mini wars in her inn. Brawls and fights happened occasionally, sure, but nothing more. Magic use was allowed, but nothing harmful. It was closely monitored in the vicinity. Some of the more wealthy, or those with steady jobs would even live in the inn. There was separate quarters for those who needed a few nights, and those who needed a temporary home. Those who lived there payed rent either every other week or every month, with prices based on income and quality of the room, while travelers who needed a nights rest paid nightly.

    Venna was the name of the innkeeper. She looked to be an elf, and a very attractive one at that. Normal elven proportions, pointed ears, bright eyes, a bit shorter, and thin, with the exception of more defined curves, being slightly more endowed than some other female elves, though she didn't flaunt it obviously add others may. Her long brown hair was usually kept up in an elegant ponytail or bun. She was very, very friendly. No matter who or what you were, She was polite and kind as long as you didn't cause trouble in her inn or say or do somethingyou really shouldn't. The inn seemed small, with the help of some magic, but had plenty amount of space and rooms. It was the typical inn with some personal touches. Vines grew lightly along the walls and around the legs of chair and table legs, up the sides of the bar counter, and around the stools. There were beautiful paintings all over the walls under the vines. Other than that and ancient elven scripts on doors, frames, cups, plates, the works, it was what you'd expect. Wine rack behind the bar, some back rooms for employees, bathrooms, plenty of tables, bar counter, and a stage.

    The owner was relatively well known for her looks and charismatic personality. As you walk in the inn, you're sure she would be greeting you, had she not been on top of two men, bruised and bloodied next to each other, each under one of her knees with a dagger to their throats. "Put your weapons away, or mine are going to go somewhere, I don't think I have to tell you where." The elf said, pressing the daggers to the skin on their necks. "This happens too much." She stated, her gaze shifting between the two. "Understood?" The two men looked at each other and reluctantly nodded. "Good" the elf chimed, hopping off of them and dusting herself off. She quickly changed her gaze to face the doorway, a smile growing across her pale lips, posted ears now perking up as she greeted those just entering. "Welcome to the crossroad inn! My name is Venna, sit anywhere you'd like, and myself or someone else will be with you momentarily." She announced, going back behind the bar.
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  2. Tawnee sighed as she snuck out of the gates of her old home. She was tired of the constant fights and fear that war would break out in the tiny town. No one got along, everyone was split into their individual race or religion. Always yelling. Tawnee had heard of the Crossroads in from a traveler who had stayed there. The girl had never thought there would be a place like that, not with all of the pent of anger in the world now but she decided to take a chance. Late in the night, while her parents were still asleep the black haired girl slipped out of her bedroom window, all money she had to her name from working stuffed in her pocket, and ran.

    She had walked for days. She wasn't exactly sure of the location, only going off of rumors and heresay. Most of the travelers wouldn't speak to her. Her kind weren't very liked. She had long black hair with bright orange ram horns protruding outwards. She wore a long black sweater that reached her knees and wool leggings to keep warm in the early winter. She left with her best pair of winter boots, unsure of how long she would be walking, and headed off. It was a few days, sleeping on thicker branches of trees to keep from the icy ground, at night. Just when she was about to give up, off in the distance she was it. It was the inn!

    Tawnee used her last bit of energy to sprint towards. She couldn't believe she made it. She pushed open the front door to find a female elf overpowering two men. Was she really at the right inn? She stood silently, door closing behind her, as she watched the men consent and end whatever skirmish they had. Tawnee's yellow eyes found the elf, flushing when she noticed the woman looking back at her. She wasn't a very social creature by nature. Tawnee liked to be alone. She nodded her head feebly and found an empty seat in the far back corner, away from the general populace. Tawnee set the small bag of clothes she brought with her next to her on the seat and waited from someone to come to her. She took this time to really look around and take the place in. It was really warm and gave a comforting feel. It almost made you forget the war brewing outside of its walls and Tawnee liked the effect that gave.
  3. Being a Sorceress isn't exactly a life of leisure, the extraordinary magical power was an upside, but since the day I discovered my powers I haven't known a moment's peace, ever since the split, things have gotten admittedly easier for me, but I find myself longing for something, what it is, I've no idea.. my name is River by the way.

    I've been walking along the forested roads of this land for many months, simply passing through towns time and time again, for no particular reason, sometimes it's nice to get away for awhile, I find myself now at the crossroads between our two warring nations, I wonder what would happen if I were to simply stroll on over to the other side, I've always wondered what it was like, ever since I was small, but alas, I wouldn't last a day, I think I'll rest for the night at this Inn, and start my journey home in the morning.

    A somewhat tall yet slender figure walks through the front doors of the Inn, it's face masked by a hood, and it's body covered in a long brown cloak, the only noticeable feature not being concealed by the long garment of clothing are a pair of swirling blue eyes, the figure sits down at a table and reveals it's face as that of an Elven female, her pale white skin seemed to glow, and her soft lips were curled into a grim frown, her eyes were as deep as the ocean of which their colour was derived, radiated and swirled like waves of Azure, she had long pointed ears as did all Elves, with three small golden rings on each, she had a small perky nose and a soft pointed jawline, her Jet Black hair was chin length and messy, a few other notable features were the markings visible on her forehead and fingertips, she bore an ancient magick insignia in the shape of a dreamcatcher, the bottom tip of which extended between her eyes, the marking was in black ink but seemed to give off an intoxicating vibe, she was, interesting, to say the least. All she did was sit down, open up a large book and begin scribbling onto it with a quill, not asking for food or drink or, anything.
  4. The wood creaked and shivered with the commotion downstairs. It wasn't something that would alarm any of the inns people, at least none of the ones that had been there long enough to understand the neutrality of the place. Nothing severely violent had really happened during Frei's stay and he figured most people around here liked to keep it that way. He perfectly understood why too. He had only been here three nights and two days so far but the place was already heaven to him. All his life he'd been caught in different aspects of the war and for the first time since he last saw his parents he was feeling a sense of peace. He hoped that where ever the war had pushed them to, they too could feel the comfort he felt in this place.

    But anyway, Frei's stomach growled in hunger and he was not one to ignore it. He walked away from the window where he'd been sitting at and headed downstairs. He was social by nature, but nurture and circumstance had made him solitary. Perhaps the current circumstances, a neutral inn full of neutral peace-seeking people... maybe?, could be a good place for him to be himself once again. Whoever he had been so long ago anyway.

    Once he'd walked down the last step he looked around: cute girl putting a knife against two necks, cute girl with horns walking into the place, and oh! cute dark girl with blue eyes and odd marks. Who was Frei to judge otherwise? He was a tall man of dark skin, yellow green eyes, and black shaggy hair. He wore a long-sleeved baggy shirt and loose pants which did nothing to his figure. He was a also a refugee and living proof of the horrors of the misuse of magic.
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  5. Venna quickly grabbed some things, along with some people, her employees to be precise, and gestured one to one of the newcomers, and one to Frei. Venna went over to the first person She saw walk in, the black haired girl, who to her, seemed a little lost and possibly confused. Definitely looked tired like she had been traveling. She smiled as she reached the girl, placing a hand on the table and shifting her weight to a side as she greeted her, "Welcome to my inn at the crossroad, I'm very sorry about the wait and the small scene you just witnessed, those guys are in here all the time, at the same time, and they always seem to cause trouble. You gotta show them the line sometime, right?" The elf smiled a little more at her own comment, "What can I get for you, miss...?" She motioned her head for a name from the girl.

    As Venna greeted her customer, one of her employees shyly headed over to the one more revealed to be a female elf. It was obvious he hadn't worked here long, looked like he was still learning how to maneuver around the place and interact with all the customers who came through here. Not to mention he had a bad habit of staring at some of the customers due to his many different races came through here. "H-Hello. Welcome to the inn....... How can I help you t-today?" The server shyly examined her, Venna having been the only other elf he had really seen before, he was still a little curious. He brought up a small piece of parchment from his pocket, and a piece of charcoal to write with from the opposite side, ready to take her order, or whatever else she needed.

    Another server, practically polar opposite from the last, approached Frei, not very much interested in him, but rather, the interest in his eyes lay on all of the females in the establishment. He didn't seem to care that he was being blatantly obvious to anyone who even spared the smallest of glances in his direction. "Nice lookin'crowd, huh?" He smiled with a large, cocky grin beginning to take over his face as he bumped Frei's arm with his own, urging the man to join in his gawking session, completely ignoring what Venna had asked him to do in this first place as far as greeting and seating him.
  6. "Oh, uh, I'm Tawnee." The girl stated. She flashed a small smile at the elf. She was actually nice, which was quite the opposite of what she appeared to be when Tawnee had walked in. She fiddled with her fingers shyly. Should she ask? It wouldn't be strange right? Yellow eyes, flickered between the elf and the wooden table. "Um...actually I...I was wondering if, maybe, if you don't mind, I could maybe, I dunno," As her sentence went on Tawnee became less and less confident. She began playing with her waist length black hair, yellow eyes anywhere but the female elf.

    After a view moments, Tawnee slowly slid her eyes up to Venna. She really hoped she would say yes. Tawnee didn't have enough money to stay here forever. She was sort of silently hoping that if she worked here she could stay here as well. "It's...okay if I can't. I was just sort of hoping..."
  7. The elf let out a lighthearted laugh at the shy girl before responding. "Where are you from?" She inquired, seemingly only curious, though she had her reasons, which she went on to explain, "If you have family that are worried about you or loved ones who don't know where you are, I don't want them coming here at any point and disturbing all that I've created here. Despite the small dispute you saw when you came here, there's peace between the sides here. Sometimes you have to be... stern, especially with some of the men to get things through their heads. But there had never been bloodshed or death in my establishment, I assure you." The woman paused briefly, "There are a lot of folk who come through here, angels, demons, elves, dwarves, you name it. Good and evil, they all come through here. Hopefully you'll learn quicker than uh.." She looked over to the shyer of her two employees who was obviously staring at the other elf like he had never seen one before, even across the room it was painfully obvious to notice. "Hopefully you're a quick learner" She grinned, looking back to the girl. "Taking to customers is a big thing as well." She looked at the girl waiting for her to say something notable about herself, noticing her lack of social skills. "There's a lot of factors when it comes to being here often. And if you plan to work here, I hope you can swiftly travel from here to home. I had that problem with him-" She gestured towards the other server, who was checking out the women in the vicinity, turning to Venna and winking at her and Tawnee, continuing to scan for more eye candy. The elf rolled her eyes and snapped loudly, causing the man to jump and look back to her. She simply raised her eyebrows and motioned her head to Frei, as if to tell him to get back to work. "Anyways" the elf shook her head as she looked back to the girl, "He lived about a day and a half's travel away from here, so he lives here now, though he still visits home on occasion." She stopped and watched the girl, awaiting some sort of reponse to indicate that she really understood at least some of what she said, and was actually taking her words in.
  8. Tawnee nodded slowly. She was sure she could handle that. She was a quick learner and once she got comfortable she wasn't this awkward. "They...They don't know I'm here but...I really don't want them to. All they did was fight about the war and what side to be on. It was awful really. They probably won't even notice I'm gone. They really aren't home because of work and when they are...they're fighting. I uh, wanted to come here because I heard there was peace here." Tawnee bounced her knee as nerves set in. She wasn't used to giving out so much information on herself. "I live about..three days I think..from here. I would very much like to stay if that's okay with you? I can learn really quickly and I'll do my best. I don't even have to be a server if you don't need one. I can cook pretty well o-or clean." Tawnee offered up as many options as possible. She just needed a chance. Just a small one. She couldn't go home. There was just too much aggression and death. Despite having rams horns, which are known for being hostile, Tawnee was quite passive. She liked peace and quiet and being friendly.
  9. The elf stood there and listened to the girl's every word, thinking hard about how to respond. When she finished, Venna let out a hard sigh, only starting at her for a moment. "Go check out the rooms. The door to the left by the stairs are our tenant rooms, for permanent residents. Pick any one from the third or fourth set of rooms. Come back and give me a room number, we'll work something out." She grinned. She couldn't have her stay in one of the rooms in the fifth set, they were the nicest rooms she had, but from the girl's story, She wanted her to be comfortable, so she ruled out the first two sets of rooms. They were still nice, but definitely not as much as their higher counterparts. She went back behind the bar, propping open the door on the left she was talking about, motioning to it with her hand to Tawnee. She faked the girl a bright smile, urging her to continue onwards.
  10. Anwen was beautiful, pure, and a noble. The key word of that sentence is "was". Anwen's parents found her when the took a trip to the ocean. After she settled in with them, she realized how cruel her father could be. Her father was an officer in the town she grew up in. He had very cruel ways of punishment which led most of the community to turn against her family. Soon her secret of being a mermaid was revealed to the town, and they immediately went to execute her like her father.

    Anwen sprinted for what seemed like days, until she reached an inn that lied on the border. She cautiously walked up and knocked on the door.

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  11. Tawnee sighed in relief as Venna agreed to let her stay. She listened to all of the directions earnestly and followed Venna to the door. "Thank you so much." She flashed her a smile before walking inside and walking to the left hand side she told we where the rooms were located. She walked down the halls, looking here and there. She made sure to knock before entering any room just to make sure not to walk in on anyone. After looking through each of the rooms she decided on one at the end of the hall. It was cosy and not too large. It was perfect.

    Tawnee looked over at the number, reading it a few times to make sure she remembered it correctly. She hurried back downstairs and looked around. She spotted the tall female elf and slipped through the crowd of people.
    "Um, excuse me, uh, I really like 413." Tawnee said, hands clasped behind her back.
  12. The elf perked up at the sound of a knock at the door. She was a little confused since no one normally knocked on the door to her inn. She quickly scampered over to the door, opening it and looking at the creature, Still a little confused. Nonetheless, She welcomed the girl in, offering her to sit anywhere she'd like, grabbing some things from her pockets, following her where ever she chose to sit, very curious as to what her request would be, "How can I help you today?" She chimed, flashing a friendly smile to her as she held a parchment and charcoal waiting for the girl's response.
  13. Venna turned from her newest customer as Tawnee excitedly returned, announcing the room number she wanted. "If you'll excuse me" She politely said to the girl. She walked a small ways away from the girl, treaching her hand into a small bag that had been holstered on her belt, removing a key with the numbers 413 engraved on it. She grinned largely, handing the key to Tawnee. "Go make yourself at home" She chimed back with an equal amount of excitement, scurrying the girl along to get comfortable as she returned to the girl who had just arrived and knocked on the front door who had seemed a little tired as well, probably on the travel here.
  14. River looked up from her book, quickly closing it so as to not let anyone see what she was writing in it, she examined the frail, nervous man who stood before her, awaiting her order, she thought, not really feeling very hungry, "I'm fine thank you... but since you're here, how would I go about renting a room for the night?" River asked as she cocked an eyebrow and sat up slightly.
  15. The awkwardly postured man jumped as the woman slammed her book, growing more and more nervous as she had finally looked up to pay attention to him. "Uh, y-you just have t-to talk to her-Uh-Venna" he said, trying to gain his nerve as he pointed a slender, tan colored finger in the owner's direction. He opened his mouth again to speak, then abruptly shut it, quickly walking away, and into the back in the kitchen. Venna had assumed that the newest guest was not yet ready for service. "Just go ahead and call me or one of my servers back over when you're ready, alright?" She smiled politely and returned to her usual spot behind the bar counter, beginning to clean off the surface with a rag she had pulled out from under the table somewhere.
  16. River got up from her seat, placing her book at her side, she looked around the room before making her way to the bar to speak with the owner, when she reached the bar she sat down and glared at the Elven woman wiping down the table, "Venna, correct?" she said as she placed her elbows on the counter and folded her hands, resting her head on them, "I'm looking to rent one of your rooms for the night, are there any available?" She closely eyed Venna, she had a thing for attempting to analyze people based purely on looks.
  17. Venna looked up to see the woman staring, or rather, glaring at her. She returned an identical look to the woman, nodding her head in response to the question about her identity. She stopped what she was doing as she kept her gaze on the woman. Venna was relatively modest, definitely looked plenty capable of holding her own in a multitude of scenarios. "Yes" She replied with a flat tone, "what kind of price range or quality are you looking for, and is it just for tonight?" She inquired, trying to get an idea of where to place the elf.
  18. River saw the ferocity in Venna's eyes as she returned her gaze and smiled, she stood up and emptied out a small coin purse, falling from it were 5 gold coins, "I trust this will be enough for a bed? And by the way, my name's River, nice to meet you" River became fixated on this woman, unlike most people she stared into, Venna stared back, River tried to gain access to some of her thoughts and memories but her mind was far too strong to crack open with a few glances, unlike that meek waiter, she thought to herself, maybe she was just strong willed, but maybe there was something else, whatever it was, it could wait until morning.
  19. "More than" She grinned,noticing the woman's change in attitude. She motioned to the door to the right side of the bar, handing her a key to oneof the nicer nightly rooms. "It's the second to last room on the right side of the hall. You're welcome to go and check it out, get comfortable, and do whatever you'd like. There are locks on the door by the way, most people ask, figured I'd throw that in early. And the pleasure is mine, you can call me Ven if you'd like." She thought she might have an idea on what the woman was trying to do, but brushed it off, practically ignoring it as she returned to cleaning.
  20. River closed and locked her door and tossed off her long cloak and the rest of her gear, leaving it on the bed, she took out her book and opened it up to the page she turned from, it was a drawing of the main room of the inn, she turned to the next blank page and began to draw again, this time she was drawing Venna, when she finished the drawing she wrote on the next page over "Entry #34: Amidst the rather timid nature of some workers and the boring normality of the customers, I had the pleasure of speaking to an interesting woman at this Inn, she's the owner, her name is Venna, I thought not much of her as I walked in, frankly I ignored her completely, but it was when I took the time to look into her eyes that I saw something in them, something that grabbed me, I had just earlier read the mind of a nervous waiter, he was nothing too special, an average sheltered life, a need for respect and acceptance, but when I tried to read Venna's mind I got, nothing, I couldn't get in, I've never met anyone who's mind I couldn't crack, I'll be speaking more with her in the morning." as she finished her entry she closed her book and set it aside, lying down.
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