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  1. This is the new OOC/Sign Ups thread from the first attempt held in the Jump In Roleplay section. So for those of you to whom I am so grateful to who appreciated and participated in the first try, I thank you, and for those of you who have a fantasy candy like I do, this is for you! (Maybe)

    A few minutes after this post, I will bring over the detail/beginning plot over from the Jump In section to here so new adventurers coming across this will know what's going on.

    A few things for you to know, because I know how much we all love rules.
    ◇All Iwaku rules apply, as always. So be nice iwakuwian citizens.

    ◇So obviously the sex factor is on a fade to black or taken to private messaging basis.

    ◇Romance is allowed, as long as the above is kept in mind along with knowing the risks of possible character death and the obvious dangers that adventuring brings.

    ◇Also obviously, no overpowering or perfect characters. You are not a level 105 wizard/cleric/barbarian/assassin/ranger/blahblahblah. Your character might be good at one or two things according to class/skills, but no overpowering and being perfect and stuff.

    NO one-liners. Don't let the big bad intermediate tag scare you into thinking you have to write an essay. I'm going to say at least a paragraph (3-5 sentences) so our fellow roleplayers have something to respond to. The intermediate for me is just asking for proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.

    ◇And this entire rule is going to be underlined because it is very important to me as it was one of the main reasons the first try fell through. DO NOT leave everyone out of the roleplay. All of us are not able to be on and post every day, so don't have a one on one roleplay that goes for three pages within the thread. You're welcome to have a one on one through private messaging, and if anything comes of it that is relevant, message me, but don't flood out everyone else.

    ◇I am allowing character deaths, but it will generally only be if a player wishes to kill off their character and leave the roleplay, come back with a different character due to boredom or whatever the case may be, or if two characters have talked it through under private messaging and informed the DM/GM, myself.

    ◇No taking over other people's characters or NPC's(which count as my characters unless you have a random, one scene NPC that goes away afterwards to make your post more dramatic or show us more about your character.)

    ◇Multiple characters are allowed provided you can handle them. For now I'm going to limit it to two, and would prefer everyone not take advantage. (this doesn't count familiars, pets, talking/enchanted items, voices in your head, etc.) I would ask that you separate your characters by using different colors, separating post paragraphs, putting the character name before the post, or any sort of combination as long as we know which is which character.

    As far as sign ups go,

    (Naked skeleton for those of you who use a phone and have to copy and paste, such add myself. )

    Name: Does not have to be full name, or even real name. If you use a moniker, please message me with the real name, along with any information as to why you wish it to be unknown.

    Age: I'm personally fine with mysteries. Elves, for example, can live to be very old, and not show signs of aging as humans do. You're welcome to simply put how old they seem to look as far as human years go.

    Race: Just about all races are allowed, if it seems overpowered, it probably is. If you want to play it anyways, message me and well try to dull it down. You are also welcome to create your own race, but you must message me first with details about it and it's appearance/powers/abilities.

    Appearance: Pictures of all sorts are fine including your own art (though please keep in mind that minors may be interested in this roleplay as well, so preferably nothing with too much gore, and no nudity, you should know what is appropriate.)

    Class/Weapons(opt): OPTIONAL- This option is just to give me an idea of your character in a combat situation. So if you have a certain class in mind to base your character off of (bard, druid, cleric, rogue, ranger, wizard, etc.) You can put just that, or put it along with weapon choice. ex. Ranger/Composite Longbow and Daggers for close range. (P.S., I would prefer if everyone picked some sort if class, but it's not at all necessary.)

    Personality(opt): ALSO OPTIONAL- I think we all know what this means. At least I would hope so.

    Extra: This is so optional I didn't even put it on the first skeleton. This is where your welcomed to place random facts about your character ( Ethan is deathly allergic to wild berries ) and/or a backstory for your character. This is another thing you're welcome to keep a secret until later, or at least from the party. I do, however, welcome and encourage you to message me one privately so that I may help with any goals or anything they might have that ties in with backstory.

    Any other questions may be posted here, or sent to my inbox. I would prefer that if it isn't secret or character based, that you would post it here, as others may have the same questions.

    @AAB @Januarius @Gold @Aravhorn @Mglo @Soulhallow @Rion @N o c e u r @k-michelle412 @River @spoopily @insaneSilence @Alucard @Kitsune @Scarlett's Secret @Griever. @Crow @Pepper @demonicfox @PrincessLala95
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  2. The Crossroad Inn was, as the name implies, an Inn located on a crossroad. But this crossroad represented the precise middle between two sides at war. It wasn't always like this, but just a few decades ago, there were some, differences we'll say. The inn was the only place that was entirely unbiased, taking in refugees, the ones that were neutral to either side of the war, demons, angels, drow, high elves, halflings, half races, you name it. Along with different religions and magic or no magic.

    After the use of magic first came into being, or so many thought, people were amazed at the things you could do with it, and how many different schools of magic there were. As a result, many people came to the powerful wizards and sorcerers who had a natural ability and who had spent decades training their abilities to learn from them, though they would only take in a couple apprentices at a time. Because of this, there weren't all too many mages in the land. The people loved it so much, whether good or evil beings, they began to include it in their religions. But as always, someone took it too far.

    Magic was misused in public as a form of torment. When the higher nobles had found out about this, they gathered the highest circle of mages and questioned them relentlessly. This wasn't the first time magic was misused, but it was the worst thus far. Needless to say, after letting all of the other mishaps go unpunished, some of the rulers began to think that the sorcerers were trying to plot against them and overthrow their kingdom, taking it for themselves, while others argued, saying that it wasn't intentional, that magic could be used in those ways in the wrong, or immature, hands sometimes.

    That day was the day the kingdom cracked, as some called it, right down the middle. Any religion and all a part of it who were magic users, along with apprentices, and those who showed interest, even the nobles who stood up for them were forced out to make their own kingdom. The dividing line was the crossroad. The people in each of the sides had their own opinion, as expected. Some of the mages thought it was better, that their society would be superior. Even took on shunning those who weren't magic users. Some were outraged, some were sad. And some just wanted peace, so they could return to the town where they were raised and felt safe, and similar was the opposing side. The nobles were already on the brink of a war, some even say there had been peace for too long, and they were just looking for something to ignite it. There was talk of separating the people as far as good and evil, and was still being considered. They began to separate them after the mages left, walling off the sections to keep them apart, thinking it would make things better. Some of the citizens were so outraged that they left, joining the mages who seemed more reasonable, though they were careful who they let in. After years and years passed, the mages had finally built a beautiful kingdom of magic and nature, not having many materials or those skilled in carpentry and masonry. Many were proud to call this their home of peace, and beauty.

    Anyways. Back to the inn. The inn was a neutral ground, the keeper allowed anyone in, with specific rules of course. They're would be no mini wars in her inn. Brawls and fights happened occasionally, sure, but nothing more. Magic use was allowed, but nothing harmful. It was closely monitored in the vicinity. Some of the more wealthy, or those with steady jobs would even live in the inn. There was separate quarters for those who needed a few nights, and those who needed a temporary home. Those who lived there payed rent either every other week or every month, with prices based on income and quality of the room, while travelers who needed a nights rest paid nightly.

    Venna was the name of the innkeeper. She looked to be an elf, and a very attractive one at that. Normal elven proportions, pointed ears, bright eyes, a bit shorter, and thin, with the exception of more defined curves, being slightly more endowed than some other female elves, though she didn't flaunt it obviously as others may. Her long brown hair was usually kept up in an elegant ponytail or bun. She was very, very friendly. No matter who or what you were, She was polite and kind as long as you didn't cause trouble in her inn or say or do somethingyou really shouldn't. The inn seemed small, with the help of some magic, but had plenty amount of space and rooms. It was the typical inn with some personal touches. Vines grew lightly along the walls and around the legs of chair and table legs, up the sides of the bar counter, and around the stools. There were beautiful paintings all over the walls under the vines. Other than that and ancient elven scripts on doors, frames, cups, plates, the works, it was what you'd expect. Wine rack behind the bar, some back rooms for employees, bathrooms, plenty of tables, bar counter, and a stage.
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  3. can i reserve one seat? will make the CS in a couple of hours.
  4. Of course. ~
  5. I'm going to put together a basic CS. This will be one of my first times roleplaying on an online site but I am confident that my writing skills will reach an Intermediate level, at least. (Side note, this is a character that I'm using in my own RP, I'm not going to cross them over or anything but if you see a character exactly like this one somewhere... Well, that's me.

    Name: Alan Vayle
    Age: 20
    Race: Human

    Appearance: about 5' 10, with curly brown hair. His facial features are somewhat angular, with narrow lips and a small nose, and dark hazel eyes. He is usually seen wearing baggy brown pants, a plain peasant shirt, and a dark red newsboy-style cap. His fingers are fairly short and slender, and he has small feet. Physically Alan is of an average build, with somewhat muscular arms from his work as a woodcutter.

    Class/Weapons(opt.): This is a little complicated. Alan is most proficient with the use of an axe or hatchet, he isn't a warrior by any means and was by profession a woodcutter. He is competent with any type of axe weapon but prefers the hatchet specifically, he can't shoot any weapons without failing disastrously but he is decent with rope and knots.

    Personality(opt.): Alan is generally sociable and fairly calm but has a curious streak. He is an optimist, sure that things will turn out alright for him, and although he is happy to converse with others he is somewhat hesitant to make lasting friendships. He is unwilling to leap into danger without first considering the consequences. Finally, he is generally wary of magic despite also feeling a deep connection to it, so magic users both attract/fascinate and repulse him.

    Extra: Alan is a strict vegetarian and despite being a woodcutter before, hates chopping trees down. He was born in the anti-magic part of the kingdom but recently he's been staying at the inn for quite a while now, doing odd jobs for both the magic users and those who are anti-magic. I'd like to think that he would get along fairly well with the other inhabitants of the inn, although as stated before he would be somewhat reluctant to actually make friends. Sometimes he makes small wood carvings of a fairly high quality, which he offers to Venna to sell or keep as she chooses.

    I'm also going to PM you a few things, so heads up.
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  6. I'd like to reserve a seat. :) I'm a sucker for inns, and the motley crews they draw.
  7. Name: Meril Quill
    Age: 19
    Race: Human

    Appearance: A petite 5'4". She appears to hail from farmlands. Her musculature suggests that she spent years tending to fields and crops. An overall ruddiness adds vibrance to her pale skin, and a smattering of freckles on her nose lends an innocence to her appearance. Ginger tresses bleached by the sun reach to her shoulders, and require a cotton cap to shield their eye-catching hue. Amber eyes, large and alert, twinkle with a welcoming warmth when they catch another's gaze. She is dressed in the trappings of a bard ripped right out of a storybook, as though she was only exposed to a fictional ideal. She dons a forest-green vest over a predictably billowing cream tunic, and earth-toned hose. Her boots appear to have once been expensive, but bought secondhand, with ornate engravings of sea-faring ships.
    Class/Weapons(opt.): Bard. An assortment of daggers of various lengths. Actually, they're closer to hunting, butchering, and kitchen knives. Some spells gleaned from borrowed or cheap tomes. Frayed quill pens with once-glorious plumage, probably the shucked aside utensils of upper class scribes.
    Personality(opt.): She seems to perpetually smile, but this is an illusion: a performance for onlookers. She often furrows her brow in consternation if she observes others. Her most cherished pastimes are collecting stories, painting, and creating makeshift travel compendiums.
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  8. Name: Darius

    Age: Looks like a man in his thirties, but his Dark green eyes look way older than that.

    Race: A Halfling? Again, nobody is so sure if he is what he looks like.

    Appearance: (Taken from the original RP he was in)
    "He covered his head with his leather hood, which was part of the leather suit that was covering most of his body. The suit itself was made from black and brown leather pieces and had an intricate design, with a lot of pockets and pouches all over it surface, containing a wide range of items, starting with flasks filled with unknown substances and ending with ammunition for his wrist crossbow and other crap. It was reinforced with a thin layer of iron in the shoulders area and the chest, alongside with leather in the elbows and knees dedicated to protect the user from any harmful attacks (and judging by the markings on them, it seems that they have succeeded at their task so far). The bottom part of the suit wasn't any different from the top: a tightly-fit brown belt containing another set of sheaths and pouches, dark brown cloth pants reinforced with leather and black boots made from the aforementioned material. Other than that, he was also wearing a strange triangle-shaped amulet on his neck, depicting an old runic sign surrounded with ancient text, a dwarven mechanical clock, gift from a friend (which is more complex than the Real-World one, being able to show the full date, time and the current season), and dark brown fingerless leather gloves."

    Since he is never seen taking his own clothes of public, the only thing people know about his physical appearance is that he is lean, and has deep dark green eyes and short brown hair. His skin is somewhat pale.

    Class/Weapons(opt.): Wrist crossbow on his left hand, A silver shortsword covered in runes and a strangely-shaped steel dagger. He prefers to avoid combat, but when he is forced to, he is a forminable opponent, being able to simultaneously use his sword and wristbow without any problem. He has also shown some signs of being an alchemist (being able to create potions and poisons with various effects) and a mind-manipulator (like making people ignore his presence altogether (unless he attacks them, of course), among other things...). He is also really sneaky, always avoiding being seen even when in a non-combat situation.

    Personality(opt.): He is a mysterious individual, never revealing too much about himself or about his origins, to the point of trying to avoid conversation altogether. But when he somehow gets involved into one, the person he is talking to will unavoidably feel uneasy due to his unusually deep eyes and his almost constant grin when he is talking. Other than that, Darius shows a deep, but not unlimited, knowledge about history, botany and medicine, although he doesn't go around bragging about it, so not many know about it.

    Darius is also a very calm and somewhat optimistic individual, to the point of not being scared by a blade placed near his throat. When he is in a good mood (that is, almost always) he might help people around him just for the sake of it (yet again, never explaining his reasons for doing that)

    -As you might have figured out (or not), Darius is ageless, but not immortal, which explains why he domains such a wide range of topics. The explanation of why he never gets old will be told later in the story (maybe).
    -He is always searching for ancient ruins of a long lost civilization, but you will need to figure out why by yourselves.
    -He keeps a journal where he writes the events that happened to him during each day (among other things)
    -If a mage tries to look at Darius' aura, he might be a bit surprised, since it constantly appears and vanishes from reality for no apparent reason.
    -Please take note that this character causes uneasiness on everyone he talks (alright, on ALMOST everyone, but still...), so try to act accordingly.

    Now, you might think that my character is a bit OP, but don't worry; during combat, he only uses his wristbow, sword and poisons; he can only manipulate the minds of NPCs (that is, the NPCs that I might create), but not the PCs or NPCs belonging to another player; when the GM wants to add lore into the RP, Darius might (or might not) know about it already, but he won't brag about it; also, I won't add any backstory without the GMs permission to avoid conflicts.

    Anyway, kythii, if you want me to change even more stuff from the character's description, just ask or send me a PM.

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  9. Name: Adolf the Wise

    Age: 80

    Race: Human



    Class/Weapons(opt): Adolf is a Wizard with nature power aided him. Adolf never shown much of his power in public and prefer to avoid the battle wherever he is. but when the situation is out of control and demand him to use his power he will use full power of his to stabilize the situation. his magic is considered the most dangerous type because of the destruction it will do when he used his power at full intensity. Adolf got his Wise man title from his former master after Adolf mastered all of his magic.

    Personality(opt): Adolf is typically represented as a kind and wise, older father-type figure who uses personal knowledge of people and the world to help tell stories and offer guidance that, in a mystical way, may impress upon his audience a sense of who they are and who they might become, thereby acting as a mentor. He may occasionally appear as an absent-minded professor in some academy, appearing absent-minded due to a predilection for contemplative pursuits and for his amusement purpose.

    Extra: Funny and wise sage at the same times
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  10. Alright, just before I make any further posts, absolutely not, Gandalf.

    Just joking of course. As long as you don't go all Gandalf in the storyline.

    In which case, no. ^^
  11. But anyways, Lilac and Whimsy, your character sheets look good, and I already responded to the pm from Lilac, you're welcome to continue discussing things with me.

    As far as Aravhorn goes, I do believe he is a little bit overpowered. Characters can't be good at everything, that's why parties need to be formed so everyone's skills may be used. You must keep in mind that the characters aren't perfect, and can mess up. He seems to be good with all weapons, alchemy, magic, everything he would really need. At the very least, he can know everything, even be good in something, but not proficient in everything. Also, if you would send me a message when you're available, I'd like to discuss a few additional things. Hopefully you understand.

    Alucard, I'm also just a bit concerned with yours only because magic is really just getting its start in this world, so there aren't a very many proficient/master wizards. I don't mind you making a mage by any means, but your character wouldn't be able to cause a natural disaster at full potential as you make it seem. Again, I hope the constructive criticism isn't misunderstood, I just want an even playing field where all of the party's skills can be of use.

    So if any of you so far have any questions or even slight changes or anything regarding the rp or characters, please contact me.
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  12. The way we have things now seems to be fine, for me.
  13. of course not. my character isn't a god. he won't cause any natural disaster such as Earthquake at 10 RS. however he could make a portion of land moved using his magic and grew plant at incredible rate for example. no no no he absolutely not a Gandalf, maybe his name almost sound like him but clearly not. he is wise sure, but also a comedian Mage. I tried to play the character in all range of age and he is my second old character (after my dwarf). :)
  14. Damn, I knew I shouldn't have added the magic ability of my character! Anyways, take note the this is my very first char I've ever used on Iwaku, so of course it is a bit overpowered (and I want to change that). Anyway, I will PM you and we can discuss the flaws of my character there.
  15. Hello-hello-hello-hello? Anyone there-ere-ere-ere?

    Damn, there is a lot of echo here-here-here-here...
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