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  1. I'm still relatively new to this site, so hopefully I'm posting in the right place, please forgive me if I'm not!~

    So I'm wanting to create a jump in fantasy rp, sort of an anything goes as far as races and powers and whatnot, so long as there's nothing overpowering. So I want some opinions from those who are interested in fantasy rps!

    What's your favorite sort of setting to start a fantasy rp? Forest? Tavern? Cave? Etc.

    I want to try to create a world with a few people from the start before posting to hopefully help build a world around your characters! You're welcome to respond random opinions, and possible character/character backstory ideas if interested in joining!

    If you want to make a new race, group of people, whatever, tell me about it! Give me a background!

    Let me know what you guys think!~
  2. Forest seems over due in my opinion yet correct to start with.
    Cave seems alright, depending on how you start
    And tavern seems alright as well.

    Nonetheless, I'm willing to join most likely.
    As a trickster/thief I dunno yet XD
    Your roleplaying style also intrigues me. C:)
  3. I can agree with that, just trying to get some opinions! ~

    And thank you very much! I appreciate that! ~
  4. You're more than welcome to post some suggestions or ideas :3
  5. A good fight in a tavern is usually a good start. From there, you can easily develop the story further.
  6. Thank you, Rion. Taverns are just about always where I've started when I play D&D~
  7. THis looks interesting, I like Rion's idea with the tavern fight. Let's say it's at the middle of a crossroads or something. SO many many races come and go, whether they be thieves, assassins, rangers, mages, the works. How big do you want this world to be though?? Something around the size of a normal D&D map?

    Perhaps you could do something between two main nations that are at war. The rest have joined sides, and then there would probably be a neutral side that accepts refugees from the war. That way with the tavern fight it could be started because soldiers or people from both sides of the warring nations could start the fight and eventually everyone is engulfed in it.
  8. That's a really great idea!~
    I'll see what I can work off of that, and what else I can think of to add or edit that
    And also I want to tell you how much I love you for referencing D&D~ -w-

    Thank you so much for your input :3
  9. I'm kind of a D&D addict so I base a lot of worlds off the forgotten realms books and map sizes etc
    Happy to help though ^-^
  10. /hugs tight
    I like youu.~ ^-^
  11. That's usually how I determine all my races and places and everything :3
  12. Well in that case I'm definitely gonna be a Drow.. Ever heard of Drizzt before
  13. Yusss. I need to get the books back from my mum at some point so I can read them. I know of him, though.~
  14. This is sounding better and better. I don't really have anything to add in terms of plot, I think Rion and Soulhallow's contributions are pretty cool though.

    I'm also relatively new to this site and so far haven't had much luck finding a good place to RP. I thought starting a onexone would be easier but... not really so I started lurking in "Jump in" today.

    Looking forward to this one :D
  15. Awesome! I'll keep it up as much as I can and will hopefully get it up soon with some more of your guys' help! ~
    Jump in is fun, that's generally where I stay, it's just the waiting that gets me
  16. Alright guys, the sides at war,
    One belief/different belief
    Remember, I want to base the world off you guys and your characters, so feel free to voice your opinion
    And you're not limited to just the choices I post, they're just examples.
  17. Hmm, I'm tempted by good/evil but only if it's not too literal (i.e. exclusive to demons/angels). I made a sort of evil character once but never had the chance of using him. I do creepy well, but I think evil might be a challenge since I'm generally too nice and would feel guilty if my character hurt another XD BUT I'LL GET OVER IT especially if it turns out to be fun XD

    Good/evil could be mixed with race/race though... maybe one race is just particularly nasty and warrior-like (evil) and the other one just wants justice and to protect their way of life (good). And the reason it all started is because they have fundamentally different ways of thinking (belief/different beliefs)
  18. Fantasy RP? People talking about Drow and Drizzt? Sound like perfect people to me. :D Sounds like a good RP coming up. I will definitely look forward to being part of this roleplay if you'll have me :D
  19. Absolutely! I very much appreciate how you roleplay, Gold :3
    • Love Love x 1
  20. Haha, thank you very much. I enjoyed the short back and forth we had :D Hope all this works out in your favor.
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