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  1. Alright, so first things first... the rules.
    1. Make at least one post a week (if you don't make one in more time without telling you'll be absent, then a virus in the system deletes your save [video game logic])
    2. Do not Godmod or I'll pull your legs apart from your body (or at least tell you to stop, and any further godmods end with a virus attack (if you don't know what I mean with this then read the 1st rule))
    3. So, about the language in the rp... try to keep it mild, though I can let some f*cks and sh*ts through.
    4. The post lenght should be at the very least a paragraph long. No one- sentence-posts or else...
    5. Have fun ( or die!)

    There was darkness. It covered everything. No light could pass through, nor get out of there. From this vast darkness suddenly came a light, which was stronger than any seen before. It had the power to pass the Great Darkness. It has fought it, and it won. The light created many, many universes, putting a Guardian in each of them. The Guardians were yet unaware of their important mission. The Great Light and The Great Darkness then were in a balance for a long time, but years later The Darkness has created an army of deformed creatures, which were to take down the Guardians. This time was called "The times of the Fall". Each and every guardian was put into the place named The Vessel, as it was a prison for them. The villains from the universes, always limited by the heroes, now were free to wreck the worlds as they pleased. There was chaos everywhere. The Darkness has decided to create The Three Helpers. There was The Shadow who controled the rampaging villains, there was The Voice who was controling the prisoners of The Vessel, and finally there was the feared one... The Demise, who was created to destroy every last piece of good in the Multiverse. The absolute win, was however far from being achieved, as long as the heroes lived, even in the Vessel. The Voice then created the idea of making the heroes fight each other. He had to first test it, before he could get it approved by The Darkness itself. The Voice grabbed some of them and put them in a separate cell, away from the others, yet all in the same room...​
  2. "He- hey! Ain't I supposed to get a phone call or something?"

    An average, brown-haired boy speaks as he held the bars of his cage. He knr
    ew he had to. Looking at his watch, he pondered.

    "Come on, Omnitrix, give me something good..." with that, he dialed his watch, then slammed it down, initiating a transformation that allowed him to grow more muscular....

    "Humongosaur!" An ochre-hued dinosaur-like being was seen. He began to look around. "Hello, anybody else in here?"
  3. Blade Wolf's eyes began to glow as his systems activated hearing the voice. He stretched himself out to loosen up his systems before closing his visor and reopening it. A small screen then appeared next to him showing no damages done to his chassis. "Systems check optimal. Systems operating at 100%" He then closed the screen and looked at the strange creature trying to scan it to match it to a known species. "Scan failed, analysis inconclusive. Who are you creature and how did we get here?" He said as he grabbed his sword with his tail to pick it up so he could hold it with his mouth
  4. "Woah, woah, calm down little doggy, I don't want to hurt you," Humongosaur speaks, before slamming the Omnitrix emblem on his chest, changing back into Ben. "I'm Ben, Ben Tennyson. I'm surprised you've never heard of me. Anyways, where are we?"

    Ben looks around for a bit.

    "I guess we're stuck here until we punch our way out or something. So, ummmm... what's your name?"
  5. Wolf looked around for a moment trying to match the area with any locations in his data base, but all results came up negative. "This location does not match any locations found on Earth. Intel suggests either this may not be Earth at all or some strange area that isn't tracked on the roaming satellites much like Area 51 found in Nevada." He then turned looking at Ben a bit surprised he was actually human with a strange power. Something he'd never seen before in his world. "I am a Maverick K-9000 unit, but most prefer to call me Blade Wolf, or just Wolf. And as far as escaping, I have spent enough time in captivity to know there are worse options. I suggest learning who runs this facility and what their intentions are before running into a blind death."
  6. "Yeah, good point, Wolf," Ben replies to the mechanical canine, "this prison should have a weak spot somewhere, if it has walls to begin with."

    Ben looks around for a bit. "So... where do we start? This place looks endless..."
  7. Blade Wolf scanned the room looking for a weak spot in the walls. It was dark and anything his scanners didn't pick up made him distrust the shadows. He was meant to seek cybernetic human targets, but here it seemed he couldn't pick up anything unless he could process it as hostile. "Unfortunately the scan is inconclusive. The Muramasa could probably cut through the walls with ease. However I suspect that may lead to more trouble as I can not seem to process hostiles or traps here unless I know what I am looking for. Anything could be hiding in those shadows that I can't see. I believe our true purpose will be revealed soon. Some of the structures paneling to me does seem to resemble that of the Metal Gear Ray. However I feel that may merely be coincidence conflicting with memories." He said feeling a sense of his past before any of these strange events happened after he was shut down.
  8. In the cell, there were several other characters, lying, still unconcious. The gray walls surrounding them all were too hard for any of them to break. On the walls there were several blu lights, yet the room was somewhat dim. Outside, near the bars of the prison, there were two creatures that looked like humans, yet deformed. They had an evil feel to them, and they only talked in moans and groans. They had sharp claws instead of fingernails and they were really muscly. Then out of nowhere a voice was heard:
    "You, who are here in the cell. I have chosen you, because you were standing a threat to my master's plans. I know you, but you don't know me, so let me introduce myself... I am The Voice. I have put you here to make you fight each other, untill only one of you is left. The victor, who defeats all his enemies in combat, gets his freedom back. Oh, and don't bother escaping. The exits are swarmed with those creatures, the same as the ones in front of your prison." -The two creatures roared, hearing it's them that The Voice was talking about- " Those things are named "The Reapers". Their claws are sharp enough to tear steel apart, and their favourite killing method is ripping out guts." - The Voice laughed devilishly, clearly proud of his minions- "Now, I leave you to get to know each other, before you murder yourselves." And the room was again filled with silence.
  9. "I won't accept this..." Ben spoke as he began to select an alien from his Omnitrix. "Wolf, I'm going to make sure we both escape in one piece with the other heroes... Hmmm... in situations like this, you could use a little upgrade..."

    With that, Ben slammed his Omnitrix down, transforming into a rather black, blob-like humanoid creature. This being seemed to have a green underbelly and circuitry all over, as if mechanical in nature. "Upgrade... now..."

    Upgrade, the being that took Ben's place, coated Blade Wolf with his liquid metal body. In no time, the lupine machine had circuitry and hue akin to Upgrade. "Alright Wolf, I don't think we have any other options apart from wrecking the guards," Upgrade speaks, "so, any data about the best way to go about this?"
  10. Wolf was a bit surprised by the sudden actions, but maintained his bearing as he scanned the room. "Unfortunately I am not able to detect any weak points in the structure and if there are more of these creatures waiting then I estimate our survival chances to be around 0 to 5% once alerted. Unless we can lure them in and take them out quietly we may have a chance. Perhaps the others he mentioned may be able to help our cause. A pack of lesser strength can often over power a single great being."
  11. "Ghh.... HHnnn...." A few groans and moans came from CV as he took time to regain his consciousness. What was that....? What did it say...? He didn't know. It was all blurred. Once his eye- yes, just one eye- was open, he immediately got up and looked around. This place was new to him. But where was his friends? Commandgirl? Meat Boy? Radbot? Junior Melchkin? They didn't even seem to be here. What are those moans and groans and where are they coming from? A place so unfamiliar and ominous like this... It's makes CV feel pretty nervous. A first for him, as he is always on the go. "Hello?" he called out.


    Already roaming around, examining the many still-unconscious bodies and the area around him, Yusuf saw everything in a rather unsurprised look. It was quite often that he was in a life-or-death situation. This "Voice" guy... Voice of what? Depression? Chaos? Murder? Whatever it was, and what it's intention may be, it was not giving a good vibe. Plus, murder everyone until the last man standing? Well there goes one tenet of the Creed. And the place is rather new and mysterious to the Assassin. Is this a First Civilization thing? C'mon, whoever you are! You brought in a guy from the 16th century!
  12. A few sounds caught Wolf's attention as he turned his head. "I believe we are not alone Ben. Or whatever you wish me to call you." As he turned he could see human like signatures appear in his vision. "Humans, I request you reveal yourselves and intentions. I'm guessing you are in the same situation as us." He said as he readied a blade underneath his right claw. He wasn't looking for a fight, but if the others were desperate he'd have no choice, but to defend himself and Ben.
  13. "Yeah! Heh.. I am." CV began to walk towards the source of the voice. There was a wolf and what the heCK IS THAT THING?! It's all black and... Gooey... And... Ick. "I mean no harm! Honest, truth, clarity, clear, unlocked, whatever other word means trustworthy." Meanwhile with Yusuf, he was on his way over, too. What the heck is that black thing. What is that... Wolf... Thing? And the other black thing...? He let out a small chuckle. Talk about diversity!
  14. Wolf carefully disengaged his blade as he looked at the two. "I am a Maverick K-9000 unit. I was redesigned from the remains of the of the obsolete LQ-84I unit. As for the strange creature on me. I believe his name is Ben. As to what he is exactly I am uncertain besides a human with a strange power." He said waiting for their response.
  15. "I've seen similar strangeness, to be honest. I have a friend whose a hunk of meat." CV then let out a small chuckle as he finished approaching. "Commander Video. Nice to meet you!" He held out his and waited for a return. Well, he's sure one of the two can perform a handshake. But it wasn't one of the two who responded with a shake... It was Yusuf! Smirk on his face and all. Though, the smooth, fingerless hand he shook felt awkward. It did suffice for now. It took him time to understand the language, though. After all, he IS Turkish. But strangely... Somehow at least he understands English. But can he speak it? Either way, he still let out a laugh. "Guess I'm the only true human here, aren't I?" he joked.
  16. "You guys kinda look like you're from different eras. Nevermind that," the Upgrade-Wolf fusion shook its head under Upgrade's influence, "we can worry about ruining history after we get out of here alive."
  17. Clark woke up now. His head hurted, and looked aroun seeign a group of several people. All he could tell were probably as confused as he was. "Exucse me..." Clark asked "Can someone explain where I am and why I'm here please?" Clark froze hearing the Voice and saidn "No...I refuse....I wont kill people I dont know. Im not gonna kill." Clark showed his determination. He saw the Reapers. They looked like he could take them. He turned to the group and walked over "I agree if we want to get out of here we need to work together."
  18. "It would seem everyone is in agreement. I suggest if we are going to attack them it be as a surprise take down. Lure them in somehow and strike them from behind. This unit carries a stealth field that might just allow us to bring down the guards with out alerting the others. I believe a frontal assault would result in a quick death. Unless we find out exactly what we're dealing with and find a route of escape." Wolf said offering his idea based on his statistics of survival chances.
  19. Just as they were speaking, a hooded character walked up to the Reapers. He had a weird, dark feel to him. He said to the guards: "Get the boy with the watch and that 16th century guy ready for their brawl debut. Just don't by any chance let them out, or I swear your heads will be on my plate tomorrow." Then he left, and the Reapers started to think how to approach this task. They growled at each other for a while and then left to look for help with preparing Ben and Yusuf for the fight.
  20. CV thought for a minute... Then he spoke up in suggestion. "I can fly, if that counts. But would that be bad if those... Things... Did, too?" After CV spoke, Yusuf took out a bomb of some sort. A cherry bomb. The shell was of clay so it was easy to break. Inside the shell was sulfur and Arabic gunpowder. "I don't think they would resist a small distraction." he began to say, if a bit softly. "Perhaps some noise should drag them away. Once their backs are turned, we run for it. They won't even know what hit them!"
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