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  1. Endless universes created by game developers are now crossing in the epic adventure.
    So, you think: "What is this rp about?". Well, I took the idea from the "*Open World*" Roleplay (which is also on this site) So, the characters which you choose are going to embark on an adventure through the dimensions of video games. That means there will be some mad combinations that would never ever happen in the games (for example Samus Aran inside the buildings of Aperture Science) which in my opinion are fun to describe.

    The idea is easy. The characters are sent to a dimension (for example Dream Land from Kirby.) then, when they defeat the main villain of the game (for Kirby that would be Meta Knight) they are sent to yet another dimension (for example Shadow Moses Island from MGS) and so on...
    The Character Sheet:
    Picture: (Just don't say you can't find one because if it's a game character then there's gonna be pics of him/her)
    Personality: (I might not know all the characters, and that should be the explaination why)

    So, I'm waiting to see worlds (and swords) cross in this adventure.
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  2. Squee! :D

    Name: Okami Amaterasu
    Franchise/Series: Okami
    Personality: "Amaterasu is known for being quiet, mature, kind, and gentle; always aiding those in need, but also unafraid to show her opinion. For example, when Mr. Orange talks to her after drinking his sake, Amaterasu looks away and breathes, implying he has bad breath. She is also very intelligent, as when she encounters Rao at Queen Himiko's throne room, she figures out she is the demon lord Ninetails. Amaterasu is apparently offended quite easily, shown when Mr. Orange says she doesn't look very smart, as well as Issun saying that "Ammy gets kinda sensitive about her flaws!". According to Mrs. Orange, Amaterasu is quite fond of her cherry cakes. She also has a low attention span, which results in her falling asleep if someone explains something for too long or if she already knows what is being explained." -Quoted from

    *Tries to come up with other characters.*
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  3. Got me interested. I'll make a CS later when I can get on my laptop.
  4. [BCOLOR=#008000]Name: Link[/BCOLOR]

    Show Spoiler


    [BCOLOR=#008000]Franchise/Series: The Legend Of Zelda[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#008000]Personality: Kind, Caring, Selfless, Adventurous, Fearless [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000080]Name: Pikachu[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000080]Picture: [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000080]Franchise/Series: Pokemon[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000080]Personality: This Pikachu is Brave in nature but bold in actions, it is friendly and is willing to protect it's friend.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000080]Moveset: Volt Tackle, Thunder, Return, Iron Tail[/BCOLOR]

    I couldn't chose between the two
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  5. Name: K-9000 "Blade Wolf"
    Picture: [​IMG][​IMG]

    And sword: [​IMG]

    Franchise/Series: Metal Gear Rising.

    Personality: Despite being a robotic wolf its advanced A.I. has allowed him to communicate much like a human, however his personality still shows he is a machine. His personality may seem rather dry at first, but he is able to adapt to his surroundings. He much like a normal dog is very loyal to his friends once he has seen they are trustworthy. He prefers not to fight, but will as a last resort if there is no other way.
    Full details:
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  6. Name: Clark kent, Kal-El, Superman
    Franchise/Series: DC Comics
    Personality: Clark is very strong willed and Brave. He uses his great powers to batttle evil and save metropolis and earth from evil. The people and cities mean more to him then his own life. Superman believes his powers dont put him above the law and that even with his great powers he should still be treated like every person. He also wants to help people in other ways then just saving them from evil.
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  7. All accepted, though Superman is not what I would consider being in a video game Roleplay... unless you remind me of that N64 game which sucked. (or LEGO Batman 2 and 3, though that is probably not it)

    And also, wow. Zelda, Okami, Pokemon, MGS and the biggest surprise DC Comics! That is going to get really crazy (in the good meaning?)
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  8. Sorry about that. Forgot video game characters only
  9. Naw, no problem. This just adds up to the already big roster of universes.

    And also: I'm going to wait until Thursday for more people to come and then I guess that'll be it (or not, you can suggest any better solution)
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  10. Might be a good idea to keep sign ups open ever after the rp starts. Sometimes I believe people are hesitant to join unless the rp actually gets going.
  11. Well... that would be a good idea...
    And since I feel kind of bored I might as well write the Introduction.
  12. So... ummm...

    Can I use my old favourite Ben Tennyson? I don't like to consider him a videogame character even though he had like a few games where spamming Cannonbolt was fun.
  13. Sure. If Superman passed, then I don't see a reason why not accept Ben 10.
  14. Name: Ben Tennyson
    Franchise/Series: Ben 10 Series
    Personality: In this incarnation, he is mature and leader-like, but a little playful to some extent.
  15. of course accepted
  16. Thanks. I really can't wait for us to start.
  17. Same here. I think this mix will make it quite interesting.
  18. Ugh.

    Why did I have to be tempted to bring in Billy Hatcher? *Facewall*
  19. Name: Rolly Roll
    Picture: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Franchise/Series: Billy Hatcher
    Personality: Rolly is a lighthearted and carefree girl. She always tries to help others who are in trouble, but can sometimes be a bit "scatterbrained".
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