The Crossover Roleplay [Remake]

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  1. This is based off an old, currently-dead RP by GYARA. I have borrowed elements from his said RP and integrated it into mine, but I will modify its concepts a little.

    Grand Heroes from the various Worlds of Fiction have been imprisoned from their home realms. They have been captured by the higher being - The Dimensional Overseer - for one reason. To prevent them from stopping his ploy.

    As of now, our heroes must escape this prison. Afterwards, they will soon find themselves jumping from realm to realm, as part of their effort to halt the Dimensional Overseer's efforts before his plans take flight.

    In this tale, swords and worlds will cross...

    1. I would prefer your character to originate from game-based worlds, but if they're from an anime or something, alright, go ahead.
    2. Basic rules. No powerplaying, godmodding, etc. To ensure this, I will observe which characters are allowed and which are not.
    3. While I would prefer hero-type characters to be played, antiheroes and such may be allowed.
    4. Have fun.

    Appearance: Picture is very much preferred.
    Series of Origin:
  2. Well have my char up after school.
Thread Status:
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