│ The Crossdresser's Secret │

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  1. » i n t r o d u c t i o n «

    "Hi, my name's Harue Ohayashi! It's a pleasure to meet you~! I'm sixteen years old and I'm a male. Uh, c-can you keep a secret? Yeah? Well, I like to wear girl clothes. In fact, I'm what they call a...crossdresser. But it doesn't stop there. I...also like guys."

    » p l o t «

    So, basically, I wanted to do a crossdressing roleplay because I always wanted to play a crossdressing character. The point of this roleplay is that Harue is a crossdresser and he keeps it a secret from others, except for the ones close to him. He's also attracted to guys. I was thinking that he lives a double life as a girl and a boy. Also, there is this guy that he has a crush on, who ends up falling in love with his girl self and he's torn on what to do. It's pretty much a sandbox roleplay as well, so we can shape it however way we want as we roleplay.