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    It had started like any other day at the secluded Air Temple far east of the Earth Kingdom. Aern, the Avatar who resided there with many of the greatest of airbending masters. Silence had taken over the temple before long. The only sounds audible were the footsteps of the hooded strangers on the broken tiles. Blood streamed down the paths, sinking into the dents and holes, separating in front of the four figures wherever they went. They sat among the peaceful monks and mourned the dead, the last dark avatar sitting gracefully in the middle of the four, his eyes closed forever. Soon, the dead master of the four elements and his assailants made themselves scarce from the isle, leaving the dead to their eternal rest.

    What is the ‘Crimson Leaves’, exactly?

    Well, it’s a story and development based free roaming RP that is set in a world similar to that of the Avatar. There are quite a few differences between the two but they’re also alike in many ways. You’ll be allowed to do as you like: whatever you do, you can expect to see different sides of the world. You won’t have to stick with the largest group to have an active part in the story.

    What does the name of the RP refer to?

    The Crimson Leaves is something that will be revealed as the story progresses. That’s all I can say for now ;)

    What about the Avatar?

    Here, it’s Avatars, and yes, two people will be allowed to play the avatars, but this doesn’t mean they’ll overpower the other characters. Regular characters will be able to specialize more I’ll be keeping the identities of the avatars secret too, for reasons that will be explained later, but can easily be understood once the history of the world is taken into account.

    Are there any requirements?

    There aren’t many requirements. You don’t need to know too much about the Avatar world to be a part of this RP, so if you haven’t watched the show, don’t worry.
    A very important thing we need is for you to be active. This doesn’t mean you have to post often but you need to show to us that you’re still around so that we know you’re still here. I’ve found that the best way to go around doing this is via Skype, but if you don’t want to join the Skype group, you can still show us your presence through the OOC thread. Other than that, we’re not too strict about the writing levels except for certain things: I’d like it if everyone could use good grammar and at least write one or two paragraph per post. If you’re doing something short, like in a conversation, the best way to go around to do that is to do a collab (and we have the perfect website for you to do that on).

    That’s about it! If anyone’s interested, just say so, and I’ll put the OOC thread up soon enough!
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  2. Definitely interested.
  3. Very interesting, definitely keen. However, can we just post in the OOC? It's to my understanding some GMs here prefer not to have the OOC cluttered with anything but character bios and RP-related speak. That said, I'll be PM-ing you about my character ideas soon enough (if I haven't already).
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