The Crimson Isle

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  1. (a fun concept for saint Patrick's day with an eery twist.)

    In the summer of 2012, a Mac Truck from Europe crashed into the rocks of the English channel. a large shipment of materials was missing from the vehicles. The supply manifest read 'hazardous materials'. the driver was found fifty feet down the road above, beat to death. footprints lead into the water.

    The reporters said it was a heist. the officials called it spy activity, and the teenagers called it a conspiracy. IN the nightclubs they had joke parties about leprechauns stealing from Britain.

    AS winter went on, more vehicles were found destroyed, sabotaged, stolen, or otherwise wrecked on the same stretch of road. It was no longer a conspiracy theory. it was a full blown mystery.

    But the kids kept joking about leprechauns and faeries while the reporters stayed away from the stories as much as possible. t

    Meanwhile the truth was hidden from sight. spring came around and the disappearances stopped.


    It has been five weeks since a vehicle disappeared on the road. people wait for another report but it never comes. YOU wait for another report... but it never comes. You and your friends decide it's time to give people a reason to believe again. you and your friends decide to make it happen... but in YOUR version of this mystery, you all get to escape, right?... right.


    you and your buddies want to plant a busted up car on the north road by the coast. the night you go out to do so, the truth comes to you. the scurry of feet, the horrific smiles. Drug off to th eemerald isle by an unknown force, you awaken in a foreign place, a strange land full of those things that should not exist.

    The Fae do exist. The stories of worlds long ago are real. You must find our way out of the bloody war between the shores of worlds. may the luck of the irish be with you.


  2. Name-Macey Hudsons
    Personality-Calm, quiet, and brave
    apperance-Dark brown hair and brown/greenish eyes
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