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Mikolas stood idle while he watched the captain searching around the bridge. Something was coming, it was making him uneasy. . . Then it came; the revelation that the captain was joining the search party. "Wh-what?! No! Sir you can't go what if we all die on that ship? Who will lead the Rimor-127?" He blurted out, his protests while being reasonable seemed like they fell on deaf ears. The majority of the party had already left, leaving the security officer to stand on the bridge alone for a moment to reconsider his current situation. Eventually Mikolas cursed under his breath before finally walking out the bridge... This wasn't going to end well in his mind.

When the newly formed search party made their entrance to the loading bay Mikolas paused to do a quick visual inspection of the transport ship before him. He knew not much of the ship's make and model, only its purpose. "Well at least its armed." The security officer muttered as he followed the group into the ship. Once embarking Mikolas noticed the captain gesturing him over. A sigh would escape the young man as he shifted over to his respected seat.

"You know I do not support this one bit." Mikolas grunted once settled into his assigned seat next to the captain. He began looking over the controls, pondering over what button to press and what lever to pull. "If worst case scenario happens captain the ship will be without a Security Officer and a Captain... That won't be good for the mission."


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Valarie was a bit shocked about the Captain deciding to go. He was well the Captain after all who was meant to lead the crew through their mission and without him it was hard telling that the mission would succeeded. Choosing to go on this possibly infected deadly ship could be well suicide. Valarie wasn't sure what to comment at first. So she chose to listen to the security officer. Being she didn't feel it was her place to say anything as she wasn't on the same level of command as both the captain and security officer.

Walking with the Captain and Security guard to their proper destination to board the vessel they had discovered. Valarie thought of a check list of what to look out for and how they would need to be ready for action. Hearing the Captain's orders she went to allow the Security Officer pass and herself be seated outside of the cockpit. She was honestly relived to hear the concerns of someone else before they fully went their separate ways to meet up on the other ship. However, Valarie felt by this time they were now stuck taking both the captain and head of security. She could only hope this would end well. Once being in her proper seat she sighed. "Ready when you are." She called looking around.