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  1. Havoas gave the nervous Eric a long look, noting especially his silver eyes and his hints at curiosity, before letting out a small chuckle. "My friend! You are the Science Officer...Yes? The LEADER of my science team? If you think that your job has not started since the moment you signed up, then you're not doing your job correctly." The captain put his feet up on the dashboard, looking out at the observation window. "A job is much more than some dumb words on a paper. It's a role, and you must act as that role accordingly." As he finished his words, just like clockwork, A.N.T.I finished the launching protocols and the Rimor-127 hummed to life as it's engines turned on and escorted the spaceship out of Upsilon's Hanger bay. "Observe." As Havoas spoke to Eric, it seemed less of a lecture and more of a conversation, like he just wanted someone to talk to. The ship went further and further out, until Havoas, with the wave of his hand and the stroll of his voice, said "Alright A.N.T.I, I think it's time we hit this thing into warp speed! ring up an announcement, tell our crew we are approaching warp speed shortly and to attend to their stations!" A.N.T.I Agreed, to which the Captain made one last request: "Oh! And play some music up here! Make it soft and smooth, your choice."

    Havoas looked over to Eric, clasping his hands and looking at the spaceport one last time before the ship went to warp speed, fading the spaceport into a distant memory."See, that's your job, to play your role, from the moment you are on this ship to the moment you leave, you are this you agree? It's okay if you think I'm wrong, but do realize that if you think I am...I will ask you why." He said those last few words in a sly and wistful manner as he flipped his hat over his head and drifted into thought, keeping his ears open for any addional comments that may arise as the Rimor-127 makes its decent into the unknown.
  2. Besides cameras and microphones, A.N.T.I. had few sensors. Some level of detecting electromagnetism and sudden changes in smell were obligatory to keeping the ship safe, but as always, being able to see where the crew (and especially the captain) was, and what they were talking about, was the most important. As such, as the sudden slight thrust was completely hidden to A.N.T.I., the change in scenery was the only indicator that they were taking off.

    Yet again it’s microphones picked up the quickly recognized voice of the captain, and after passing through a few processes of validation and interpretation, the low, deep hum from the already active engines started getting brighter and louder. In the rooms people were, the speakers sparked to life with a message. “Attention to all crew. The Rimor-127 will momentarily approach warp speed. Please remain calm and at your positions, inertia cancellation is in effect. Thank you.”

    Music. A million “thoughts” passed through A.N.T.I.’s “brain”. It had been trained on music and its effect on human and similar brains. Of all travels to go on, space exploration was perhaps the most stressing, especially to newcomers. They would need to be relaxed. The piano had often such effects, and so does violins too, but there was a thin line between relaxing and creepy with those. Perhaps going for some classical composition wasn’t the optimal choice, different species’ interpretation of the music might be misleading. Instead, A.N.T.I. started an old lounge track, before retreating back in it’s mind.

  3. Things were progressing somewhat smoothly compared to the potential numerous worst case scenarios the Security Officer played in his head. There were many things to do though from setting up protocol to training up a band of random volunteers to make sure they were aware of his adoptation of the imperial military doctrine. There was so much freedom, but at the same time there was little to no assistance on this matter.

    Over time the cafeteria filtered out, leaving only Lieutenant Bourbon and a few others who decided to stay and mingle with one another. Mikolas took a moment to visually inspect those who remained. “Well? Come on you all the ship isn’t going to familiarize itself!” He exclaimed with new found enthusiasm as he ushered everyone out the door. He’d take a minute to look over his shoulder at one of the many cameras and shoot a slight grin. “No offense.” He said, his comment directed towards the AI that most certainly picked up on his ‘familiarize’ statement. He had almost completely disregarded the announcement in his moment of energetic encouragement.

    “Sir I think we are going t-“ The sudden reminder from a random security staff member was the saving grace to those being ‘assisted’ out of the cafeteria by the Lieutenant.

    “Oh-! Hold up then!” Mikolas quickly said as he reached out and grabbed two of the crew members so to hold them still. Now they waited, all of them in very, very close proximity with one another during this jump.

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