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What are we taking down first?

  1. A history breaking financial sector heist (Economical)

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  2. We're going to topple the government (Geopolitical)

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  3. We're going after the classified shit they don't want us to know (Technological)

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  4. We're going after the son of a bitch(es) who devastated one of our own (Personal)

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  5. Let's do something to make a difference, take shit, but give shit (Influential)

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  6. Stay small scale, street operations and underground for now (Menial)

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  7. Eliminate a certain target in order to prevent any means of obstacle (Adversarial)

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  1. ukn.png

    The CIA, FBI, NATO, INTERPOL, DSS, you name it. You hear these names and instantly think of a heightened state of individual. Specialized, tactical, intelligent, the people you aspire to be as a kid. The elite and select cut, the best of the best. Until you realize you shit don't change. They're not privy to changing the world. They only want to control it, and regulate it. The drug trade of the 70s, the civil riots of the 60s and 80s... so on and so forth. The AIDS Pandemic, The Economic Crisis of the 2000s, September 11th, Blue Lives vs Black Lives Matter....

    Where are those boots in the streets with the people? Not just enforcing the law, but preserving it in justice? Why aren't they there? Because it's all bullshit...and there are a very, VERY few people on this Earth that knows that. And the sad thing is, there are even fewer that rise up and do something about it. And there are seldom that actually make a difference. But in this world of shadows and darkness, of law and regulation. There is a crew. THE Crew. They operate as efficient as any branch of the Navy SEALS you've ever saw. They come by street and vanish all the same, they're modern Ghost Riders, only Hell isn't what they represent. Their fire burns a different trail. They burn the conventional, they scorch the conformed, and they blaze past the submitted. They're phantoms.

    No one knows who they are really, no one of importance anyways, but they all know one thing: They're here, and when they hit, they leave a meteor of impact for the world to see burning. Yet, from the cinders...not even a trace of those who ignite can be found. They are fearless, they are ferocious, they are flawless.

    And they're making a statement. In a world full of questions, none question them.

    The streets simply know them as The Crew, or The Unknown.

    [This RP is by invite only; invites are extended to those who checked out the interest check first , the rest must contact me via PM or profile message. InCheck: INTEREST CHECK - The DSS / The Crew [Fast & Furious Universe] ]

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    Sexual Orientation


    Pros (5 good traits)
    Cons (5 negative traits)

    Appearance (No Anime, use real faces, realism like deviant art, concept art, or digital art is accepted)



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  3. Name: Sarliah Destiny Samson aka Sarly
    Age: 24
    Blood Type: O+
    Hair Color: Brunette
    Eye Color: Orange (genetic mutation)
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 137 lbs

    Sexual Orientation: Hetero
    Occupation: Field AND Tech Analyst for The Crew (Make sure you mention both or she gets really antsy with you)

    Alias(Optional): The Talisman

    Traits(5): Fearless/Adaptable/Resourceful/Witty/Brlliantly Intelligent
    Flaws(5): Stubborn/Melodramatic/Sensitive/Aloof/Domineering


    The most dangerous thing you'll ever see (open)

    Lexi.jpg GeekShaya2.jpg Geek.jpg

    • Neuro-Linguistic Programming / Persuasion - method of influencing brain behavior (the "neuro" part of the phrase) through the use of language (the "linguistic" part) and other types of communication to enable a person to "recode" the way the brain responds to stimuli (that's the "programming") and manifest new and directed behaviors. Neuro-Linguistic Programming often incorporates hypnosis and self-hypnosis (unaware to receiving end) to achieve the change (or "programming") that is wanted. Aka...she can basically shift and control the way a person reacts, thinks, and behaves.
    • Cyberism Expert - The practice and expertise of a core knowledge of information technology and Internet tools such as statistical and analytic software, electronic library resources, digital devices, and use of the Internet as a source of data. This includes programming, development, and mining of digital and electronic information via cybernetic means. THIS DOES NOT EXTEND TO HARDWARE OR GADGET TECHNOLOGY.
    • Expert Driver - Like most of the crew, she has learned how to hold her own behind the wheel, becoming better than most professional racers and stock drivers. Drifting into a parallel park is like pulling out of the driveway to her. Her coordination, awareness, and composure is above adept. She usually does not do this however as she's mostly providing cyber support or field support.
    • Good shooter (Mostly handguns) - She was raised shooting guns since she was a teenager, but not for bad purposes. She's developed great hand and eye coordination from formerly being an athlete (gymnast). With handguns, she can hit a mark from 50 yards out, any closer she's guaranteed a fatal shot. Anything other than handguns or without a great scope she needs some work though, although her intellect can cause her to pull some last minute great feats.
    • The most dangerous thing you'll ever see - Exterior, Sarly is that of a nerdy geek through and through, but since joining The Crew, beauty and brains without the gritty brawn could get you killed. Thus she was taught how not only to fight, but to endure and embrace when shit gets real by some members of The Crew. Looking at her you'd think she was the most delicate flower ever, truth is she is just that. However, the unassuming could prove fatal should you cross her path with her back against the wall. Her style features Goju-Ryu, something specifically catered to her due to her very tall height and flexibility as a former gymnast.
    • Neuropathic mimicry - She sees someone do something once, she runs it in her head. Twice, she could probably do it just as good as that person. Her awareness and comprehension makes her an unparalleled fast learner. She's never don a flip in her life until she was 14, and learned 720 full tucks and twists, to wall flips, to one legged butterflies in one day, sparking her interest in gymnastics.

    • Dying without making a world changing difference
    • Her family and loved one's opinion of her.
    • Being isolated and alone forever.
    • [redacted]

    • Speaks English, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Latin, French, German, Korean, Polish, Jamaican Patois, and Russian.
    • Her normal accent is that out of a nerd stereotype in a tv show.
    • She has a slight snort when she laughs
    • Sometimes she'll wander off from The Crew to be alone, making others skeptical.
    • She has SERIOUS trust issues when it comes to a love life.
    • She's never killed anyone.
    • From that, she won't really be thrilled to kill, but come on...she knows what The Crew is, and she knows what might have to be done in dire circumstances.
    • She loves anything red velvet to eat.
    • Extremely nimble and flexible, sometimes used to get into places otherwise impossible. Decent parkour goer from her background.
    • In her 4 years with The Crew, she's NEVER driven a muscle car.

    Her car arsenal:

    - Common Drive: Audi RS5 modded with Diamond-Titanium alloy, and a cyber system with EMP, electronic program control, and the classic license plate flipper.

    - Field Operations: Ford Explorer Sport with limo tinted windows, bulletproof glass / tires, and an AR / VR interface system inside the car.

    - Exotic: Trion Nemesis with ALL previous features of the prior two cars. THIS IS DIRE USES ONLY. Known as a myth in the streets named "The Horseman of Death."​


    ***Most has been altered and removed by Sarly herself. I know, I tried to get her to spill with us, but even though we're The Crew, she still has her failsafes. Can't blame her.***

    Sarliah Samson graduated from [redacted] high school at the top 10% of her class. She was recruited out of the government at 18 for her apt knowledge in psychology and behavior. She refused them and wanted to attend MIT to learn computer science and psychology with a minor in neurology. After taking mandatory psych evaluations, fitness tests, IQ tests, and performance field tests it was discovered that her overall score placed in the top 10% of all applicants ever tested across all military and federal branches, but this was deemed non-official since she never formally applied for anything herself. She tested with an IQ of 159, the 12th highest in history. She has peak human conditioning with her Reflexive Index Skills at 99.6%. Her analytical skills are unprecedented, and she fronted as a college student at the University of Virginia then transferring to Stanford graduating with degrees in Psychology and Computer Science. She received her first job in the field at 19, where she encountered her first passion as a digital guru. She also did some gymnastics for Virginia U, and met her first boyfriend in college, who turned out to be the son of a very wealthy politician with ties to the backing of the CIA. This said boyfriend named {REMOVED} he [redacted] her, and the moment she attempted to tell someone and even press charges, they were dropped, and even shamed Sarly for attempting to "hoax" her ex for his status just to try and use him for her personal gain. The law decided that he was more important just because of who he knew, and all her merits meant nothing...not to mention what happened to her. This struck her professional, recreational, and even academic career as the FBI even investigated her for her motives despite being innocent. Her family and friends saw her as a passive-aggressive obsesser, and her gymnastics team even dropped her due to the regional press and media it was getting. She wasn't this person she was made out to be at ALL. The sweetest flower was turned into the sharpest thorn overnight, all because of a rich snob who was too scared to be a man and own his mistake. This drained her chance at MIT, thus going to Stanford, which was a top 5 science university at the time (now #1) and since then has been off the grid as her personal identity and history has been mostly wiped. She goes by the codename Talisman and has excelled as one of the most prominent assests in her, as well as one of the youngest. An all around lethal weapon, her words only come as strong as her deadly digital skills. She started to become obsessed with bringing down the social hierarchy and system and their ways of privilege, thus using her skills to hack and data mine powerful people in society to see if they were more than what they portrayed. She even got as high up as the Department of Justice and the CIA, exposing all those who sought to coin the human soul, just like she herself was used like currency.

    She was almost seized by the FBI due to her tamperings, but she managed to [redacted] in order to sway them off her trail, thus began to lead a blackhat life of covert monitoring of all that goes on in the world. That was age 20. That was 4 years ago, before she met the team and family she would come to know. A band of misfits and outcasts that saw her for who she was. The Crew.
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  4. reserved for my female
  5. Reserved for Female Character
  6. Name
    Waverly D. Princeton



    5' 10"

    128 lbs.

    Sexual Orientation

    Marksman and Weapons Expert for The Crew
    Special Weapons And Tactics Sniper (Formerly)
    US Army Police Officer (Formerly, Honorably Discharged)


    Pros: Kind, Patient, Quick-witted, Level-Headed, Team Player
    Cons: Sardonic, Cold-Hearted, Hot Tempered, Stubborn, Cries Easily


    • Master Marksman: As a former Soldier and Police Officer, Waverly has considerable expertise in firearms and can use pretty much any firearm available, whether it be Pistols, Sub-Machine Guns, Shotguns, Rifles or even Grenade Launchers. Her marksmanship training started when she was thirteen, where her Father and Grandfather started teaching her how to use guns, so her military training only heightened her efficiency. With deadly accuracy, Waverly can make a headshot from fifty yards away and rarely miss her intended target, usually only missing on purpose. In addition, she can duel wield most small firearms, like Pistols or SMGs and use them with lethal accuracy.​
    • Master Combatant: In addition to her Military Combat Training, Waverly trained in Mixed Martial Arts around her Teenage Years. In particular, she trained in Muay Thai, Jujitsu and Karate. Her Martial Arts background and Military Training make a lethal combination. She is able to hold her own even against larger opponents, relying on speed and ferocity. So even when she is unarmed, she can still hold her own against multiple opponents.​
    • Precision Driver: Waverly got her Driver's License at the age of sixteen. That same year, she won her first race. Over time and throughout her High School years, Waverly participated in Street Racing on a frequent basis. Win after win, Waverly was hungry to increase her skill. Besides the basics, Waverly has Drifting among other skills under her belt. Her driving can be compared to a Hollywood Stunt Driver, albeit she can be a bit reckless. If she so wanted, she could do a 360 Spin and drive in reverse.
    • Expert Mechanic: When she first started racing, Waverly also had to take care of her car. Waverly knows her Car Parts inside and out, so she is able to optimize most cars for certain missions, whether it be on the mountainside, in the city or even out in the desert. She is also able to repair vehicles when they break down, spotting the problem usually within a heartbeat.​
    • Motorcycle Riding: Since Cars aren't always dependable and if she needs to take shortcuts or make quick getaways, Waverly has added Motorcycle Riding to her skills. She got her Motorcycle License at the age of seventeen and was able to pass her test in flying colors.​
    • Expert Tactician: Having served in Afghanistan and Iraq, Waverly has experience in Urban Warfare. She would later use the combat tactics she picked up in the Military in S.W.A.T, where she was able to lock down an entire city block efficiency. During a firefight in Afghanistan, she was able to repel enemy forces during a siege on the US Embassy.
    -Losing her Friends
    -Innocents getting into harm's way
    -Falling in love with the wrong person
    -Having her heart broken

    -Suffers from Survivor's Guilt
    -Strong belief in Revenge
    -She won't admit it, but she has a big heart
    -Personal Garage (Sorted by Oldest to Newest)​
    1. 1970 Dodge Charger R/T​
    2. 1998 Toyota Supra MKIV
    3. 1998 Mazda RX-7
    4. 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI (Daily Driver)​
    5. 2009 Chevrolet Camaro ZR1​
    6. 2013 Nissan GT-R NISMO​
    7. 2014 Ferrari 458 Italia​
    History: Waverly was born in the city of Los Angeles, California to a large family being the youngest of four, having three older brothers. Growing up as an Army brat, Waverly's Father was consistently away on deployment, leaving her with her Mother and Brothers. To cope with her Father consistently being away overseas, Waverly would seek solace in cars and eventually street racing starting in High School. At the age of sixteen, she got her license and won her first race the next day. Two years later, Waverly would go dark in the Street Racing world by joining the Military with her Brothers. In Basic, she would be the top of her Platoon, from her Hand To Hand to her Battle Tactics. Graduating top of her class, Waverly became a Military Police Officer and would see two tours in Afghanistan.

    Following her six in the Military, Waverly would see an honorable discharge and would join the Police Force, still burning with a strong desire to protect and serve. At Police Academy, she was still top of her class and immediately made it into Special Weapons And Tactics, where she was the Team Sniper. In every deployment as a SWAT Operator, Waverly would not see a single civilian casualty thanks to her quick thinking and lethal accuracy. However, she would end her career as a Police Officer after reluctantly having to shoot a teenage girl to prevent her from shooting her abusive estranged father after one of her teammates had hesitated. She had justified it by saying that she was only following protocol. A month following the shooting, Waverly would turn in her badge and resign from the Police Force after coming to terms with the decision she had made.​
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  7. Name: Rose Rhodes
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5' 7"
    Weight: 135 lbs
    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
    Occupation: Car and Motorcycle Mechanic for The Crew

    Alias: "Thorn"; "Greece Monkey"

    Mechanical Skill

    High Profile
    Overly Stylish
    Combative (only to those who get on her nerves)

    Eye Color: Hazel or grey, depending on the light

    Mechanical Prowess: As a professional mechanic, Rose is a master of vehicular tech, combustion engines, and maintenance. She can be depended on to keep your garage in check, and could knock out any dents you may incur. Her specialty is Offensive Armoring - Plating the inside of a car's body to facilitate ramming, slamming, and crashing into other cars, minimizing the damage to the attacker.

    Knockoff Expert: In the space of a month, providing she has the resources to do so, she can make you an exact copy of a limited edition car - she's made cars such as the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, the Mercedes-Bens SLR McLaren, and the Ferrari F1, to name a few. She leaves a mark on the inside of the bonnet to note that she is the maker of the knockoff. She can also spot a knockoff car if she gets the chance to give it a quick once over, guaranteeing she won't be duped if The Crew decides to buy a car instead of going to her.

    Expert Driver: As expected, not only from a Mechanic, but also from a member of The Crew, she is an excellent driver, from muscle cars to supercars to Le Mans Prototypes, even cargo trucks and motorcycles, and everything in between. If you ask her what she prefers, she'll say anything McLaren, as she values the manufacturer's prioritization of precision over speed.

    General Auto Knowledge: "That's a 1987 Buick Skylark, but the engine was replaced with the Skylark's '92 stock version, the 3.3 liter Buick LG7 V6 modified to work with a modern electronic tuning chip - and for such an old engine AND car, that takes exceptional engineering." She tends to spout knowledge of such caliber whenever she finds a car she likes, or when someone gives her a challenge. She's worked on so many cars, heard so many engines, that finding minute differences in body, sound, and appearance have become second nature.
    Mostly menial things, like animals with poisonous cousins (spiders, snakes, etc)
    Driving without headlights

    She uses her ability to make knockoffs as an underground business for other people. They give her the money for the materials and the labor and she gives them a multi-million dollar vehicle for a couple hundred thousand dollars. She keeps most of it for herself, but also contributes to The Crew's resources.
    Her personal vehicles by class are:
    High Profile Street: Rhodes Brand Knockoff Audi R18
    Low Profile Street: McLaren MP4-12C Spider
    High Profile Offroad: Rhodes Brand Custom Sand Rail
    Low Profile Offroad: Porsche Cayenne
    Street Motorcycle: Ducati XDiavel
    Offroad Motorcycle: Ducati Scrambler

    Rose was born immediately after her parents had emigrated from Greece to America - she was even given a name that an American girl would have, and it helped that her mother was the poetic sort. She grew up following her father's footsteps, fantasizing about race cars and motorcycles. Her father was never as high caliber a mechanic as she turned out to be, but he taught her all she needed to get started. Since her teenage years, she was a grease monkey, and she and her father kept their car in perfect condition. At 16, she started taking an interest in racing, and after she got her license, she and her father would go to the local track and race around in their economy car. At 17, however, she and her father were at the track. She was timing laps for her father when he oversteered around a turn and rammed straight into the inside wall. He didn't survive, and for awhile, she was traumatized. She went to trade school to enhance her mechanical knowledge, and over time, she grew cold to cope with the loss of her father. Her mother tried to stay close and encourage her, and the two remained close - she still calls her mother over the phone every now and again. Her mother is the only one to hear her sob anymore, as she has otherwise closed herself off emotionally. Even after trade school, she still worked to improve her automotive knowledge, until she came to the level of intellect she holds today. She got into illegal dealings to make more money, and after she discovered her knack for making cars themselves, she turned that into a business opportunity as well. She is hailed underground as a vehicular genius.
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  8. Damn, looks like this crew will mostly be just females XD..

    I'll be making a male tho. :)
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  9. You are so right Akashi. But hey we get to hog the male spotlight... you and me hahaha

    W.I.P. 88.8% Completed

    Park Minjae





    Sexual Orientation
    Bisexual (Preference for Females)

    Former Gang Member
    Elite Street Racer


    - Disciplined
    - Alert/Observant
    - Reliable
    - Tolerant
    - Relaxed

    - Stubborn
    - Reckless
    - Procrastinator
    - Opinionated
    - Vindictive


    SKILLS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE (Not Finalized yet)

    Driving Expert - to be written. . .
    Drift King - to be written. . .
    Marksman - to be written. . .
    Combat Ready - to be written. . .
    Extortion - to be written. . .
    Stealth - to be written. . .

    - Failure
    - Thunderstorms
    - Drowning

    Personal Garage
    1. 2017 BMW i3 ( hatchback for buddies )
    2. 2015 BMW i8 ( Fancy Main Car )
    3. 2005 baja ford truck f450 ( Who likes roads? Not this guy! )
    4. 1973 Pontiac Grand Prix ( Race >:D )
    5. 2013 McLaren P1 ( Rhodes Model - Chrome/Cerebus Pearl paint job )
    6. 2016 Honda CBR500R ( Customized motorcycle like a boss )


    To Be Written. . .


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  10. I'll have my guy up tomorrow or friday.
  11. Seeing as how it's in the F&F universe, maybe find another face claim, since Gal Gadot has already been in the universe.

    EDIT: And I think you meant 50 meters / yards away with headshots? 50 miles is humanly impossible.
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  12. Ah yeah, I was meaning to ask that when I saw the Gal Gadot FC. If you're allowing FC's from the F&F universe. However judging by your response to that, I already have my answer :)
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  13. But bae...

    Yeah. I meant to say 50 yards lol I was tired.
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  14. I know I knowww, but we don't want any continuity problems, especially if in the future we wanted to reference or interact with these characters.
  15. Honestly though, imo, I think making this strictly AU would be better. :)
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  16. Sorry, that's not my premise nor vision :S
  17. Okay. I will go find a new face-claim.
  18. Oh yeah. No problem there. Your RP, your direction. I've got no qualms with it. It's just how I prefer RPs to be like. :)
  19. <3
  20. I might want to suggest that everyone else also list their personal garage, cars they use to fill their preferred roles or just get from place to place. Not really anything set in stone, but more like something to expect.
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