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      Corinth Colony
      Corinth Colony is a class one quarantine planet, population is restricted to authorized personnel. The small planet is a security technology development and testing station. Everything on this planet has been genetically-altered to kill humans, it has one of the harshest environments designed for military testing and training. It was terraformed by UniGen Corp in 2054 and established in 2062. UniGen Corp is a multinational corporation with an ambitious history, developing and specializing in major advancements in the fields of health, energy, electronics, cybernetics, transportation, terraforming, and security. The SE class (vessel) Sylvania is currently in route transporting personnel and equipment to Corinth Colony. The ship is monitored by artificial intelligence, that pilots the ship and monitors the crew while in hypersleep.
      The Obstacle
      However, when the crew is awakened they will soon realize things are not as they expected, and their objectives quickly change — an accident released a lethal biological weapon into the atmosphere, infecting and killing the colonists. The crew is forced to land anyway in order to refuel the vessel, and unwillingly come face to face with UniGen’s latest secret weapon. They must learn to work together and trust each other, if they want any chance of returning home.

    • Violation of any of these rules, depending on the offense, results in a warning before being evicted from the game.
      • The Roleplay is High Casual. This means that there is a focus on proper grammar and spelling. A few errors may be overlooked but a post saturated in misspelled words and fractured sentences will not be allowed. Please remember to proofread your posts.
      • Guidelines for Casual games state that all posts should be a minimum of one paragraph or five sentences.
      • If any romance occurs, please keep things PG-13.
      • That being said, the use of strong language is allowed.
      • There will be no God-Modding, Power-Playing, or Meta-Gaming.
      • Please be courteous and respectful to players in the OOC regardless of the way events unfold IC. Drama in both threads are to remain separated.
      • A simple PM will suffice when you need extra time to post, or you plan to go away.
      • I will temporary take over characters holding back players from posting.
      • Have fun!

    • Everyone will play two characters, one crew member and one passenger, but only one will be a main character and the other will eventually die. I don’t really care what roles you pick, and which character you chose to live (or die), as long as you commit to playing the role.

      Some of the characters have history together, you will need to work out that history with the other player accordingly. The history is there to create some drama and tension between characters. The main plot is simple, survive the environment. The game will play like a sci-fi-horror.
      The Crew: And Crew Relations

      UniGen Corp Suit (June Armstrong): She is the face and interest of the corporation and is there to make sure the job gets done. She tends to stay back, away from the rest of the crew, dealing mostly with the captain, and only coming in when tough decisions need to be made. Of one certainty the crew can be assured, she is the boss. (Taken)

      Android (Ava):
      One of UniGen Industries wonders, an android design to look and act human, able to respond with appropriate human sensitivity, and unlike humans willing to perform any assigned task without question or resistance. It is polished, proficient, and efficient, and the most advanced and human-like cybernetic individual on the market today. (Taken)

      Acting Captain (Oswald Darlington): He worked for UniGen for 11-years before he was fired — two years ago he walked away from a mission worth billions. When asked why, he replied the mission was against his moral fiber. He was the second choice for the position, though considered for his military background and knowledge of the star system where the mission takes place. (Taken)

      First Officer/Medical Officer (Whitney Sarah Walker):
      She’s been with UniGen for 9 years. Has worked with the captain before, and had a romantic relationship with him, but that was two years ago. (Taken)

      Pilot (Carson Smallwood): Originally the first choice for the position of captain. He is a highly experienced pilot, has flown every kind of ship including M-Class star freighters. He’s been with the corporation 14 years, previously worked under the command of the captain. It was him who recommended his old captain for the pilot position, but he had no idea that bringing him in would get him demoted to pilot. (Taken)

      Navigator (Chirstiansen Oswald):
      He joined the team as a personal request of the captain (who happens to be his father). This mission is the boy’s first time in space. He may be young and green but knows his job well. (Taken)

      Mechanics #1 (Conor Faraday): An engineer that was part of the design team of the ship and is knowledgeable and proficient with the equipment used on Corinth Colony. He also has a military background, and is the brother of the second mechanic. He has a friendly competitive relationship with his brother. (Taken)

      Mechanic #2 (Mortimer Faraday):
      An engineer that was part of the design team of the ship and is knowledgeable and proficient with the equipment on Corinth Colony. He also has a military background, and is the brother of the first mechanic. He has a friendly competitive relationship with his brother. (Taken)

      Other Passengers:

      Science Officer (Bernard Weisskrecke): Has been with the corporation for one year, and is super excited to have been promoted to Corinth Colony. However, he is more of a nerd than a soldier, and has an obsessive interest in Ava. (Taken)

      Second Suit (Peter Norwick):
      He represents a private investor. He is there to inspect Corinth Colony. He is also a childhood friend of the first suit, but has a strong devotion to his job. (DEAD)

      SpecOps x4: Highly trained combat individuals, privately hired by UniGen to be tested and trained at Corinth’s training facility.

      SpecOps (Gender Male) – First muscle. (Taken)
      SpecOps (Connor Stefanowicz) – Second muscle. (Taken)
      SpecOps (Dot Rhodes) – Third muscle. (Taken)
      SpecOps (Alex Lukashenko) – Fourth muscle. (Taken)

    • Welcome! The IC page is not up yet, we are still setting up. There is much to discuss, so I want you guys to choose what sort of infection we will be dealing with at the facility. Below is a list of options to choose from.

      Brainpox (open)
      Brainpox: It causes nightmares, fever, chills, runny nose, encephalitis (brain swelling), and herpes-like boils in the mouth and genitals, followed by a short period of aggression and autocannibalism preceding death.

      Bloodfire (open)
      Bloodfire: It causes the symptoms usually associated with vampirism, photosensitivity and invincibility. The virus can cause extreme mutation.

      Collin's Syndrome (open)
      Collin's Syndrome: A mutating disease that often starts with pain and sensitivity in the victims nipples, then forms a temporary tumor in the brain as it feeds upon the genetic material of the brain cells, sapping away the victims critical thinking skills and intelligence, once it reaches its critical density, the tumor disbands into the bloodstream, the virus going into a form of hibernation, leaving its victim in a state of near absolute uselessness. Once the virus detects that it has entered a new host due to differences in protein markers of the victims cells, the process begins again.

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  1. Well, this new system is confusing me a bit. But in the meantime show your interest here, and post your character sheets for review. Below is the basic character skeleton requirements for you to grab. You may be creative with the presentation.

    Face Claim:
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  2. Name: Armstrong, June
    Rank: Corporate Suit
    Age: 31
    Ethnicity: White American

    Personality: Armstrong is headstrong, calculative, and cold. She likes things done her way and usually gets away with it. There really is no soft side to her personality, and she has no reservation letting people know she’s in charge. Typically she stands back, dealing mostly with the captain, only stepping in when tough decisions need to be made. But for this particular trip she is making sure the job gets done right, especially with the government inspector along for the ride. She works best when under pressure, capable of making tough decisions, and taking control of uncontrollable situations. She is not impulsive, likes to think things through, and knows when to consider other’s point of view.

  3. Name: Ava
    Rank: Android
    Age: 20 (in appearance)
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Personality: Ava is a wonder to look at, she has a precise mind and is self-aware. She also has the unique aptitude to adapt to any situation. She is perfection. Too perfect to pass for a human, and it shows in her inability to err. She is extremely precise, always correct, and very exact. But, deceptively, there is a requirement within her programing, a need to pass for a human.
  4. Appearance: (I figured I'd describe them since I don't know if you want only realistic images). The captain is a man of around 60 years. He bears many wrinkles which he considers proof of his service, and his grey eyes carry a wise gaze that demand respect. He is somewhat lacking in the hair department, his head completely bald, but he compensates with a glorious silver handlebar mustache.
    Rank: Captain
    Name: Oswald Darlington (Captain Darlington, is how he is addressed by most)
    Age: 69
    Ethnicity: White British (mostly the British part)
    Personality: Oswald Darlington is a very manly man and the instant friend of anyone with a similar attitude. He's possibly the most patriotic person you'll ever meet, to the extent that he'll be in a sour mood all day if his country loses even the most mediocre of events. He has a wicked sense of humour and is quite easy to get along with if you can make it past his stern exterior, although this can be quite a daunting task. He places his values before everything and he would never betray principal, and this lets him joke about being a criminal without being taken seriously. He's a mean billiards player, and he's got into countless arguments over whether or not he should be allowed to put a billiards table in his vehicle. He thoroughly dislikes the corporate suit, whom he refers to as "That Woman", but he's rather a pacifist and wouldn't fight her unless it involved a harmless competition.

    Appearance: The Scientist is around 40, but looks more like a 50 year old. He has messy dark grey hair and looks like he's unintentionally replicating a mad scientist from an old film. He has a receding hairline and a goatee, and his eyes hold a certain fierceness. He frowns quite a lot, although that's just his default expression and he's not usually in a bad mood.
    Rank: Scientist
    Name: Dr. Bernard Weisskrecke (Gettit? It's a pun on Arnold Schwarznegger! I'm so funny)
    Age: 43
    Ethnicity: German
    Personality: Bernard is very German, and he has a very German accent, although he's lived in England so long he's perfected the language. His patriotism is almost enough to compete with the Captain, and the two often get into heated discussions about whose country is better. Despite this, Bernard makes a lot of jokes at Germany's expense. Some people suspect he is actually faking his accent because it's just so damn stereotypical. He has an obsessive interest in biology and strikes people as the kind of person who would build a Frankenstein's monster without a second's hesitation if given the chance. Ever since the start of the journey, Weisskrecke has been nagging the Captain to give him permission to dismantle "Ze Robot".
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  5. Just realised, Weisskrecke's name sounds like Wisecrack... He needs to make a lot of ze witty puns.
  6. @Karakui

    I can tell how much you like anime but for our game I prefer RL pictures. However, just a description is fine. Have you given any thought to the infection?
  7. Yeah, I figured you wanted real images which is why I went with descriptions. Not to mention old guys are far too rare in anime to ever be able to find an appropriate picture :D Actually, guys in general...

    I think in terms of the infection, it depends on the purpose of its creation. Was it designed to be released into enemy strongholds to eliminate them? If so, Bloodpox is what I'd make. Let the infected turn into monsters that hunt down their own friends. If it's a more general anti-personnel weapon, I think I'd use Collin's Syndrome since it's not as infectious as the others and completely destroys neural networks making information recovery from the corpse impossible. (assuming that if we can build a virus a hundred times more complex than a normal virus, we can read neural networks too)
  8. Personally, I cast a vote on Collin's Syndrome for the reasons you mentioned. But the other two options are also interesting. I should have made a poll for it, but oh well, we'll see what happens as more people join in.
  9. I'll start working on Mechanic #2 and SpecOps Third Muscle (da girl)

    Also, just curious about what posting speed you have in mind for this RP. I know it's not something that comes up until the action starts, but I know for sure I tend to be slow to post (once a week on average). Since this is high casual I can probably do more than that, but it varies depending on how things are going with work. So, uh, I guess this is more of a heads up than a question.

    My vote goes for Blrainpox or collin's syndrome. I like the idea of potentially RPing the process of that slow transformation/degeneration. They each have their appeals. I like the bloody horror of the first, but I also like the sad inevitability of the second.

    EDIT: Character Sheets are not done yet, but lemme know if there's issue with the pictures I chose.

    Mechanic #2Name: Mortimer Faraday

    Age: 34

    Ethnicity: Irish

    Mortimer Faraday was a changed man after leaving the military. His previous eagerness and humor has drowned in alcohol, replaced by a smoke-like mellowness bordering on indifference. The loss of both arms during his military years, and the constant pain that ensued has made him an impatient and irritable fellow. For an ex-military man, you'd think he'd be more disciplined and respectful to his superiors, however, such habits have faded away over the years.

    SpecOps Third MuscleName: Dot Rhodes

    Age: 28

    Ethnicity: French

    Dot Rhodes is a reserved and dedicated woman. She takes her job seriously and expects others to do the same. Her appearance has become more androgynous, demonstrating her subconscious desire to be judged by her capabilities alone. This, if anything, gives a glimpse into one of her weaknesses; she lacks self-confidence, although it is not something easily revealed on account of her strict and confident approach to things.
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  10. Welcome! Posting is very relax, once a week will do, more is great, but I'm also very busy. Some days more than others, so I understand you perfectly. For me is all about quality versus quantity, though I do like to see effort in your posts. I want to write as much as I want to read what you guys put down, and I want to be entertained in the process. You know what I mean?

    I am leaning more toward Collins Syndrome. I also think it will be a good writing process playing out the symptoms of the infection. I'm gonna go ahead and reserve your roles, the images are fine BTW.
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  12. Name: Carson Smallwood
    Rank: Pilot
    Age: 41
    Ethnicity: American

    Personality: Carson's enthusiastic about what he does and he wouldn't want to do anything else besides sit in a pilot's seat. He's a little eccentric and he's got a thing for expensive cigars, but he's a damn good pilot. His presence behind the controls almost guarantees the ship will come out of a mission in (relatively) one piece. He's a lively man and he's got a pretty active sense of humor. Some people think he talks too much.
    When he does speak, his voice carries a noticeable Southern American Accent. Most of the people spoke with it where he grew up, and so does he.
    He knows Oswald Darlington well after having served underneath him for quite some years. He knows Darlington's an excellent captain, and Darlington knows Carson Smallwood is a hell of a pilot.
    He tends to get very attached to ships, often giving them nicknames and talking to them while he flies them. To him, a ship is a lady and you treat a lady with respect. No matter how old or clunky she is or how badly she flies. Carson's the kind of pilot who can get the most out of any ship.

    Bio: Carson loves ships. He was born on a ship. He grew up on a ship. He got married (and divorced) on a ship. And if he's gonna die, he wants it to be on a ship. Carson was born to parents who lived and worked on the USDS Truman, one of the many mobile docking and refueling stations that patrolled high traffic areas. With a crew of about 300, it was like living in a small town in space that just so happened to get a lot of visitors. Each of these visitors came in big, growling machines. Sure, conditions were kind of cramped and quite simple since most of the Truman was taken up by fuel and supplies, but a kid named Carson just needed windows where he could watch every shape and size of craft come and go. As soon as he was old enough, he signed up to become a military pilot at an elite training academy.
    He was rejected. He could've gone for any old rundown fighter pilot training after that, but he wanted to fly with the best of the best. However, the elite well-funded pedigree pilots didn't work with spacers from clunky old fueling stations like him. Guys like him belonged in the old fighters getting sent into skirmishes by the dozen, not with flying sleek new ships on important assignments. But he signed up again anyway. And again. And again. And again. And eventually, he either got lucky or there was a clerical error and his application was accepted.
    Carson kicked their asses. It was very satisfying to be some guy from the middle of nowhere and still fly circles around these rich kids. When he graduated and all his purebred, trust-fund fellow pilots signed up for units in relatively safe areas where the most dangerous thing they'll do is fly an uneventful recon; Carson signed up for the only place he wanted to go.
    The 38th Solar Union Fleet was the kind of fleet that was sent into the thickest, meanest spots to sort things out. Carson wanted that. He wanted to be where the action was. So he got his wish. Throughout the years, he flew flying fighters, dropships, bombers, cruisers, battleships, you name it; he flew it.
    When he was recommended for Captain of the Slyvania, he wasn't sure whether he wanted the position. He counter-recommended Captain Oswald Darlington, a hell of a man to serve under that he trusted with his life. When he was demoted to pilot, he was surprised. Pleasantly surprised.
    Back under Darlington's command and behind the pilot's seat, Carson's
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  13. Might be a little long, but I like details.
    Gonna be nice to serve under you, @Karakui
    I made Carson in a way that he'd have good synergy with Oswald.

    Let me know if any changes need to be made.
  14. I like the character. The part about Carson getting hired as Captain and then demoted for this mission was supposed to create a little tension between him and his friend, but I'm going to let it slide. What ever works for you two works for me. You do need to change rank to Pilot - you have him down as mechanic #1. LOL And you need to grab one more character from the passengers list.
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  15. Thanks for catching that! I originally started working on a mechanic, but changed my mind halfway. I may or may not make a passenger character. I don't wanna half-ass it and make an uninspired character that'll just slog things down.
  16. Part of the requirement is having two characters, to help balance the story development. One of your characters will die - but you have the choice to decide which one.

    Also vote, pick one infection. Which do you like best?
  17. Ah, well then I'll make a passenger character too. I'm currently looking for a face claim. Hard to find one that isn't generic handsome young man with perfect skin and hair.
    As for my infection vote, Brainpox seems like it makes sense as a bio-weapon and a horror theme. If it ultimately ends in death of the victim, it's easy to contain since all who get it die shortly afterwards. The short chaos that ensues after an outbreak is enough to destroy an area and keeping it contained is just a matter of quarantine until all infected die from the symptoms. That period of time required for infected to die could be a few days or weeks, but the matter remains that all one needs to do is ensure a quarantine long enough to let it run its course.
    I vote Brainpox.
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  18. Name: Connor Stefanowicz
    Rank: Spec Ops (2)
    Age: 28
    Ethnicity: Caucasian (Polish Descent)

    Personality: Connor Stefanowicz is one strike away from a court martial. He's the kind of operative whose psyche profile warns whoever's in charge of him to keep him on a tight leash. He's aggressive, impulsive, and his sense of humor's a little screwed up.
    But he's good at what he does, and that's kill things. Putting him in a fight ensures a lot of casualties on the enemy's side. And he's proud of it. He specializes in close quarters combat. He likes to get up close and press his gun right up against them before he fires.
    He's the kind of soldier that's excels in combat, but is too stupid or unreliable to be trusted with any kind of leadership. Unless told otherwise (and even this might fail), Connor will shoot first and ask questions later. What he lacks in impulse control, he makes up for by being a tough son of a bitch.
    He might not exactly be a nice guy, but if anyone's getting out of a scrape alive, it'll probably be him, and he'll do what he has to do.

    Bio: Connor was born in a colony on the planet Germino VII. It was an agricultural colony that focused on growing crops on the rich soil of the planet's dense jungles. Most people there worked in the greenhouses strewn around the colony. Connor grew up wishing there was something to life besides plants and daily rainfall. The colony had a roof over the residential area, but that didn't stop life from being boring. He didn't want to grow up just to tend to crops for the rest of his life. So, like many others who refuse to follow their home's work, Connor signed up for the military. For an infantryman like Connor, the military worked a little this: You might get lucky and end up on some planet where nothing happens; or you get unlucky and end up in a meat grinder of a planet. Connor was the latter.
    Otrera GV-22 was one of the worst places in the galaxy who was just frontline infantry. The planet was in the middle of a civil war and Connor's unit was one among many sent to back up the government there. It was a jungle, like where Connor grew up, but it was a whole different kind of jungle. Germino VII's colony was a comfortable, walled in, climate controlled structure with a roof over it. When you got home, the door to your quarters slid open and your room was a pleasant 70 degrees. On Otrera, there was no safe haven and soldiers walked in mud, rain, and their own sweat. A lot of plants were poisonous and the wildlife was aggressive. Then there were the rebels.
    They were crafty. They hit hard and fast, and then they disappeared into the jungle. The soldiers were well equipped, but the rebels knew the land and they knew how to get around. When they did get into an extended firefight, they were almost always at a disadvantage. High-tech equipment that works perfectly in a lab or on a ship tends to break down and malfunction with all the rain, mud, and movement. Radar sensors that work well on a ship start to short-circuit after an hour in rain forest. Drones that zipped around easily on a ship got lost or malfunctioned in the muddy jungle. Even their weapons jammed with all the dirt and water.
    Before they pulled out, the military's units suffered a 64% casualty rate. But Connor survived. Not only did he survive, he was commended for actions in combat and, simply put, killing a whole lot of the other guys. It wasn't long before he was picked up by a Spec Ops program. He's been with them for a while now. He's a little unstable, but no one can deny that he gets things done.
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  19. Rank:Nurse
    Name:Nise Kibo
    Age:45 (believe it or not)
    Personality: Since her job is being a nurse, she is very caring. However, her regard for emotional stability is a little lackluster. She prefers everyone in fit, patched-up condition than happy. Despite this, she herself will once in a while use anti-depressants for herself. She is not truly depressed, just numbed from being an intensive care nurse in this business. However to those who hasn't been in her care she might appear to be. Her extensive knowledge of the body as well as the technology has allowed her to scale back her appearance to be in her later twenties. She claims it is to keep her body it good health for as long as it works... but many think it's just for vanity.

    Bio: She was a nurse before her move to here, but as soon as she arrived she became intensive care rather than her preferred job. Which would be caring for anything that resembled a child since she used to work with many children. The more she learned the more scared she got, to the point where she had to calm down or couldn't work. She wasn't scared of the blood or guts, just the lust for human death that seemed to be written on every scar and missing limb. She was told of the biological abominations, but she never fully comprehended them until she saw the damage they did at least once a day. She numbed herself on her anti-depressants. Sometimes, the ones that weren't permitted for her use. Eventually she just calmed down until she could fluently reassemble someone without pulling a single face. She is still full of life, getting angry at the ones who get harmed because they were stupid, making some of her patients regard her with fear. Nise still smiles and laughs, and actually loves to make morbid puns.

    (Note: Sorry about the picture, most nurse photos I found didn't fit a sci-fi horror feel or were... exposing more skin than needed.)
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