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  1. The Templars reign control over the world. The Brotherhood's flame is close to being extinguished. But, there is a solution. The remaining relatives of Assassins all around the world have been called to be trained to destroy the Knights Templars' empire and free the world.
    Building: Castel_Sant_Angelo.jpg

    ''Greetings. Welcome to the Academy of the Brotherhood. Please step inside for further instructions.'', the guard said.
    1.All Iwaku rules apply.
    3.Swearing allowed, just keep it under control
    4. No character control (Do not control others' characters) unless you were given permission.
    5.Be sensible, I don't want to have to list all the other rules, since I have so many.
    6.Please use grammar in your posts. Also, no one or two liners please.
    The RP will go as long as other people leave and other people come.
    Notice the order names are colored by its nation's current flag.

    Dorms: (All genders have seperate dorms. Every section will be sorted by Order, Order being which nationality you are, Chinese Assassins, Italian Assassins, ETC.)

    Italian Assassins:

    Chinese Assassins:
    Shui Nguyen

    American Assassins:

    Russian Assassins:
    Vladimir Kulsnov

    Japanese Assassins:
    Tavari Shinjeki
    Rias Hanamie (Unsure if @Griever. is coming back)

    Spanish Assassins:
    Anarita Cortez

    Scottish Assassins:
    Angus MacLeod

    French Assassins:
    Adeline Francois

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  2. Shui had FINALLY arrived from a long way to Italy. To the new academy for new Assassins. With a sigh, he walked off of the ship and thanked the captain. He arrived in a very busy town and everyone in this town seemed to be looking at him and wondering who he was. He unsheathed Sage just in case someone had a good idea... They seemed to be staring at the crest on his katana, and welcoming him happily. Shortly after, everyone continued onto regular business as Shui walked down the path to Castle Sant'Angelo and marveled at the size of the building. Walking across the bridge, a guard welcomed him and asked for his name.

    ''Shui. Shui Nguyen.'' The guard shook his hand and let him in. As he walked inside, the interior seemed to be much more decorated than the outside. He looked around curiously and sheathed Sage, noticing he hadn't already. He walked to another guard to ask for the dorms, since traveling here got the young assassin pretty tired... The guard pointed down a hallway where Shui followed, and then he eventually got to a dorm room. Noticing that the door was locked, he took his pick out, picked the lock and got inside, pulling the pick out.

    He looked wide eyed at the bedroom, really well decorated with desks and the fancy beds... Shui put his equipment down and laid down on the bed. He smiled to himself and relaxed on the mattress.
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  3. Adeline's eyes narrowed. In front of her she had two choices. She could either join this 'Academy.' Or go back to Paris, separated from the Order. She gave a small shrug, supposing it wold be better to be around people than to be an outcast from her society. Adeline slowly continued to run along the rooftops, as it was faster, and it got less attention. She soon jumped off the last one in a long line of the tiled roof's, and fell into the soft water bellow.

    She quickly climbed out, and jumped onto the beginning of the bridge, and walked towards the gate of the castle. A guard walked up to her and asked for her name. She looked up at him and glared slightly, but took her invitation out of her knapsack, and handed him. The guard gave her a soft smile, and opened the door for her, and led her in. He led her to a long hallway filled with the assassin's dooms, and brought her to hers. She nodded at the man, and he walked off

    She turned the knob and walked forward, only to find her own room was locked. She quickly took out the invitation and it did not say anything about a room key. She glared at the lock, and took out a her hidden blade, and jammed it in, successfully breaking the lock and opened the door. She looked around the large elegant room and grew a bit angry, but it subsided and she walked over to a large bed and sat down on the edge
  4. Vladimir sat in the carriage as it moved across the country side. He had never seen the western world and now that he had it was amazing. It was so much different then his homeland. He stepped out of the carriage as it arrived. His sword drew enough attention but that did not matter as he made his way up to this 'academy.' The people seemed to move out of his way due to his sword. He figured it was the Templar crest that spooked them but that didn't matter for the man who wielded this sword was dead. The only reason he kept it around because his family name was carved into the hilt. When he finally arrived a guard stopped him and lowered his hand to his weapon at the sight of the Templar sword.
    "I wouldn't," he said before continuing to say his name. "I'm Vladimir Kulsnov I've come to train in this academy." The guard removed his hand from his weapon and opened the door. Vladimir entered and looked around this academy. It was decorated with many curious western things. He looked around at all the decorations before he moved around to find another guard. Thankfully enough this one wasn't paranoid about his presence and told him where he would be staying.
    Vladimir hurried off to his room only to find the door locked. He simply forced his hidden blade between the door and managed to pop the lock without destroying the lock.
    He turned around and closed the door behind him and locking it once again. He started to admire the size of this room. He may have been a rich noble in Russia but never had he seen anything like this. he moved over to the bed and laid his rifle and family sword down but he kept the hidden blade on. He was thinking of ways he could manipulate the blade to do other things. It was a brilliant mechanism but it could be more.
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  8. Hunter gasped as they stepped out of the ship and looked around,"Jesus Christ! Its hot!" Hunter hailed a carriage and look a few layers of clothing off, like their cape. The carriage diver gave hunter a look and hunter smiled,"Its a lot hotter than I expected, we don't get this kind of weather in Sweden." Hunter said as they fixed their cloak. "If I would have known it would have been this hot, I would have worn something else." The carriage diver nodded in understanding after that. "Stop here, I can walk the rest of the way." Hunter paid the man and got out. Hunter looked at the paper in their hand and smiled. "Let's see here, go west then north and I got the basic idea of it." Hunter put the letter away and stretched, then started running. Dodging people and sliping though alleyways, the climbing up to the roof top of a church to get a better view of the area. "Oh! There it is! God dang, its really huge!"

    Deciding to hurry up, hunter slipped of the church and onto the other rooftops. Finally reaching the academy, Hunter dropped from a roof and spun around in awe of its size."I have I feeling i'm going to enjoy it here." Suddenly a guard got in Hunter's way, "State your name." Hunter blinked in response and the guard stepped forward to shove hunter away. Then another guard stepped in between them, shot a glare to the other guard, muttered something about patience and repeated the question to Hunter.

    "Oh! Sorry I got distracted! Hunter Wright." The guard looked at a list and nodded,"What country?" Hunter grinned,"Sweden!" The guard moved aside to let hunter in and the other one glared. Hunter mouthed to the guard,'Fight me.' and entered the academy. "Dorms, dorms... Where are they?" Hunter looked around then looked at their letter from the academy, "Boys dorm-" hunter grinned as they found the dorms and entered the complex. "Dorm room three." Hunter stopped in front of the dorm room and twisted the lock.

    "Its locked?" Just then a boy was fittling with a lock with a hidden blade. Hunter looked at the door again. "That's going to ruin my blade." Hunter bit their lip before sighing and looking at the door again. BANG! Hunter kicked the door down and walked into the dorm room. Put the door back on its hinges and unlocked the door. Hunter whistled in amazement. The bed, the room, everything looked fit for a king. There was a key to the room on the desk and Hunter put it in their pocket, then plopped down on the bed and took a nap.
  9. [Timeskip]

    Shui woke up to the sound of talking Assassins and got up. Walking to the bathing room, he got in a tub and washed himself off, wrapped himself into a towel and redressed into his red cloak and re-equipped his katana and its sheath and walked into the lobby to see people of all sorts of orders socializing and having fun. He walked around and sat on a chair to think about classes.

    Snacking on an apple, Shui sat contently contemplating about life in Italy. I hope there can be a new life for me... Shaking his head, the Assassin kept on biting into the apple.
  10. Hunter woke up to the sound of talking. Hunter got up stretched and followed the sound of the voices. Eventually got to the lobby, it really seemed like people enjoyed social interaction here. Hunter glanced around until their eyes landed on a boy eating an apple. Hunter swayed over and sat down beside the assassin. "Hello, I'm Hunter nice to meet you. I'm from Sweden, apart of the Nordic order." Glancing over the crowd of assassin's then looking back at the boy, "Things are quite different over here, and I didn't know it would be this hot ether."
  11. Vladimir never went to sleep he found himself looking at world maps and reading books but the sounds of chatter got his attention. He stood up flipped his hood up and walked out into the lobby. A crowd of Assassins had gathered. For an academy it felt very friendly. He watched a blonde haired female, no male, move over to take a seat near a man of strange appearance. He over heard what the man had to say. He had been wondering how the Nordic assassins had faired since the collapse of the Swedish empire and their lose in the Russo-Swedish war in 1743. Which led to Russia occupying Norway. He stepped forward and looked at the two.
    "Hello, I am Vladimir Kulsnov, I am from the Russian division. It is my pleasure to meet you. " He bowed slightly not wanting to appear rude and offensive.
  12. Adeline woke up to the sounds of footsteps shuffling loudly out her door. After the normal morning procedures, such as bathing, redressing, cleaning her teeth, She flipped her hood up and slide her mask up to her nose, then walked out of her room, and into the long hallway, where the assassins were walking down towards the room she had came from. Adeline followed them towards it, and noticed a few, strange, and foreign clothed assassins, and walked over to them, leaning her back on a nearby wall and bringing her foot up to rest on it.
  13. More assassins? Great. He looked at the boy besides him who stayed quiet, eating his apple. He watched as two assassin walk towards them, a female and a male. He gave them a slight smile as the Russian introduced himself. He pushed off the ledge he was leaning on and stood up.

    He returned the bow and shook his head, "The pleasure is all mine. I am Hunter Wright of Sweden, the Nordic Division." He then glanced at the girl and walked up to her. He have her a smile and then out of habit from interacting girls in the Nordic division, he gently kissed the top of her hand. "Nice to meet you all." And let go of her hand. "How are you getting used to life here? Honestly I think its kinda weird living in a different country." He said chuckling. "But not bad, I guess."
  14. "I like it here. The academy's library has fed my appetite for knowledge. Also using assume if the basis supplied to us I marked Templar headquarters in Russia." He said as he looked at the small group that started to form. He knew bed be at the academy fur dine time so he doubted that his maids would really work when he returned to his home country. He could only academy could assist him aghast the Templars. That was why he was here after all.
  15. Adeline silently glared at the Swedish man who from the looks of it, packed to much and was obviously suffering from the heat. She let her attention go to the other assassin, who's equipment was...interesting. But the man had a certain way in his voice that made him sound untrustworthy, even traitorous. She then looked towards the strange, Asian man, who had yet to speak. His cloak was modest, but not exactly stealthy, meaning he was more of an approach in the middle of a crowd type
  16. Shui turned his head to the two and lowered his hood. ''Hello, to you too, Hunter. My name is Shui Nguyen. I am of the Chinese Order. And I do agree that it is very hot in Italy, and it is also a pleasure of mine to meet you, Vladimir.'' He watched another assassin approach and greeted her as well. Throwing the finished apple into the disposal bin, he got up and offered his hand to Vladimir and Hunter. He stared at the Assassin and looked at her emblem. A French Assassin? Interesting.

    He decided to spark conversation with her and said ''You seem quiet... What's your name?''
  17. Hunter saw the way the female looked at him and put his hands as if to say don't shoot,"Sorry our customs must to be different. I meant no harm by it, in my county its a sign of respect. " Well that's one person to avoid. Hunter whipped around, "They have a library!?" I could do some research. Dying to get away from all the people he took off. Running down the halls searching for the library.

    He pushed open a door that lead to the library and gasped at all the books surrounding him. Its as big as the one back home. He skimmed through the selfs and found the books he was looking for. Not many assassin's were in there, but he liked it like that. He sat down at a table and looked at the books he had gathered. Sweden's leaders through out the ages, how to treat scars or nerve damage and Denmark's current leaders.

    He flipped through the pages of the first book and found what he was looking for, " Charles the XII of Sweden, one of the greatest warlords, became king at age 15, died at age 36...shot in the head in Norway. " He shut the book and picked up the about Denmark. Skimmed through the book until he found who he was looking for under templars. He bit his lip and slammed the book closed. He put the two history books back and took the scar one to his room.

    He read through the book briefly and tossed it onto the bed. He threw of his cloak and lifted up his undershirt up just enough to see a open scar. He sighed and opened up his knapsack, pulled out a needle, thread and alcohol. He bit down on his hand as he poured alcohol over the open wound the got to work. A few painful stitches later he was all patched up. He made sure his door was locked and took a bath. After that he put on lighter clothing. A blue undershirt, black pants, black leather gloves, black calf boots, and a fur cloak.

    I might as well do some training. He picked up his Axe and walked out the room. He glanced around to make sure there was no one around then walked through the halls, swinging his axe to shoulder to shoulder to shoulder as he reached the training area.

    Shui seemed nice I will try to get to know him better, Vladimir seems....suspicious...and that girl, she doesn't seem to like me, so its better to stay clear of her for now. He looked at the Axe in his hand then swung it at the target viciously over and over.
  18. Adeline frowned under her mask, and tapped her neck with her first two fingers, then made a no sign. She curiously watched the other assassin leave towards the library
  19. Vladimir could see that the French assassin was mute. He scratched the back of his head talking that communicating would be hard at the best. He noticed the Nordic assassin had charged off towards the library. He shook hands with Shui.
    "A mute." He tried to communicate with hands signals he had learned from several tomes. How long have you been mute?
  20. ''Oh... I see. I'm sorry for questioning you about it.'' Grinning, Shui did learn a fragment of basic sign language while traveling to Italy, so communicating with Adeline another way would be no problem. He turned to the two and said ''Are you up for sparring? If not, I'll be in the training room anyways.''
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