The Creator Has a Mastertape

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  1. He captured and collected things
    And he put them in a shed
    He raised a proper family
    So he could tie them to a bed

    The creator had a mastertape
    But he left it in a cab
    I stared into the void tonight
    The best dream I ever had

    He worked himself into the ground
    And drove a spike into his head
    A voice said "Are you happy now?'
    Your sordid home is running red

    Pills and chloroform
    All the pages torn

    Mikael's eyes flickered open, his head pounding. A steady dripping sound reverberated around the room, growing louder with each drop, causing Mikael to wince as the pain pulsed through his head. His eyes darted around the room, taking in his surroundings. The room was bathed in a soft golden glow. Chairs were strewn all across the room, covered in a thick coat of dust. The room looked like it had once been used as a dining hall. Mikael stood up and wiped the drool from his chin, not quite sure where he was or why he was barefoot. A sense of impending doom pervaded the room's atmosphere. Something in here felt wrong, and Mikael didn't intend to stick around and find out what it was. Now if he could only find a way out of the room...

    And there it was. A door, calling to him, beckoning him towards it. Breathing a sigh of relief, Mikael walked towards the door. A sharp snap was the only warning he had before a jolt of electricity shot up his leg. Mikael jumped back, looking down at where his foot had just been. That was weird. What the fuck is going on in here? There was a slowly growing pool of water on the floor in front of him, but other than that nothing appeared out of sorts with the floor. He tried stepping forward again and was met with the same result. No matter what he tried, he couldn't get across the floor to the door without getting shocked. And what was more concerning was that the once faint dripping had now turned in to a pour. Water was starting to spread further and further in to the dining hall. He either needed to find a way out, or be trapped in the room until he was electrocuted.

    Oh, fuck this shit. Mikael took a deep breath, then began his charge across the electrified floor. Jolts of electricity shot through his legs, snaking their way up his body. With every agonizing step, Mikael slowed, the pain lancing through him. Only a couple more feet...

    With a final burst of energy, Mikael stepped through the doorway before collapsing. He lay there, writhing in agony, feet away from what would surely have been his death. When the pain finally stopped, Mikael stood, ready to continue. The hallway in front of him was cloaked in darkness, but it was the only way to go. Mikael started to limp down the dark hallway. Might as well try seeing if there's anybody else in here.

  2. A sudden flash of light bore through fleshy eyelids, before a quick slam shut that echoed through the room. And then, once more darkness flooded the senses. Up or down, left or right, it was all vertigo now. The senses were blocked, but she knew she wasn’t sitting down.

    How long she’d been in this position, she didn’t know. The harsh scratch of the canvas blind over her eyes was irritating, as was the swollen ache in her wrists and ankles. Pain throbbed idly in her back, and across her belly, caught in an awkward positioning that didn’t feel quite right. Her head was pulled taught by some kind of fabric, pulled back slightly to expose her neck fully.

    Suddenly, the feeling of sharp tugs and yanks began to tremor the bondages.

    With a last tug, the woman’s left arm suddenly lurches forward. The sensation that led to the falling continued to her legs, head, and remaining arm. Shortly, she fell to the hard ground. It was cold, damn, and stunk strongly. There were sounds of scratching and scuttling everywhere, as things suddenly crawled over her body, nipping sharply.

    Dahlia painfully wedged the blind off her head, and barely got a chance to stretch her limbs before seeing the hundreds of rats on the floor scurrying around her. She screamed loudly as they individually took bites from her skin, half starved to death and happy with the living meal they received. With aching limbs, she ran forward to the door, slamming it with her palms and screaming but with little to no effect on the door.

    She was trapped.

    She was going to die.

  3. Mikael's greeting echoed down the hallway, slowly fading out of existence. There was no response. Here he was, trapped in a nightmare, alone. Drawing on reserves of strength that he didn't know he had, Mikael pushed forward down the hallway, further entering its dark embrace.

    The further he went, the colder it seemed to get. Suppressing shivers, Mikael urged himself ever forward. The place was a maze, made worse by the lack of light. Desperation welled up inside him. And that's when he heard it. It was faint, but it was there. Someone was screaming.

    Urgency drove him on, and it wasn't long before he found the source of the screams. They came from behind a heavy, closed metal door. Mikael felt around the door, looking for a way to open it. The door was almost entirely smooth, save for the strangest shaped doorknob he had ever felt. Without thinking about what terrible dangers could be hidden behind the door, Mikael turned the knob and tugged the door open. Inside was a girl, surrounded by rats.

    "Uh, hi. The door was open, didn't think you'd mind," Mikael joked, not entirely aware of the predicament the girl found herself in. It took him a moment to realize that the rats were actually eating her. He stepped in to the room and stuck his hand out to her.

    "Come with me if you want to live."
  4. The rats fought with each other insesscantly, each trying to defend its claim of food from the others. They nicked and picked at her naked feet, ankles, lower calves and wherever else they could get to. The woman didn't fight them off, they were too numerous. When she found out that there was little to no chance of getting out, she slumped down at the door, letting the rats have their last meal. Her thoughts were at its darkest, darker than the room. She gave up; the fear dissipated and morphed into dispair and apathy. Slowly, she rolled to her side, curling up in a ball as she wept, feeling the painful bites of flesh taken from her skin.

    At the deepest part of her dispair, the door opened, allowing a flood of light to enter the room. Dahlia brought her arm to cover her eyes, squinting at the figure that stood ahead of her. At his words, she realized that she was in the face of freedom. Glorious, lovely freedom...

    Quickly, she picked herself up and dashed right past the man, ignoring the fact that she nearly ran him over. Urgently, she swerved to the left, running a few feet before she had stopped, and realized that she had no idea where she was going. She pivotted in the other direction, running once more, past the man and doing the same thing before she fell to her knees, apathetic, confused and fearful once more.

    "I'm going to die here..."
  5. As the woman ran passed him, Mikael could only watch, flabbergasted. Women running from him was something he was used to, but he never would have thought someone would run when he was trying to save their life. he stepped out of the room, shutting the door behind him, watching as the woman first ran one way, then the other, before falling to her knees. If this were under any other circumstances, Mikael would have been laughing.

    "Was it something I said?" Mikael joked, trying to lighten the mood. He walked over to the girl, once again offering his hand to help her up. "Hi, I'm Mikael. I'm a knight in shining armour...but without the armour. And I'm off duty."

    Overhead a sprinkler system kicked on, lightly misting the hallway with blood, the blood gently floating to the ground like a soft snowflake, twisting and turning in its dance to the ground. It slowly covered the two figures in the hallway. Somewhere deep in the building, a cage opened. With a bestial roar, a bear stepped out. It was hungry, and the scent of blood filled its nostrils.
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