The Crazy Caveman Game!

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[A little game to demonstrate how storytellers and roleplayers are the most important members of society!]

We all start as Cavemen in the Stone Age. We live in caves and haven't made anything yet. We still kill animals with rocks and eat them raw. There is no religion, no class structure, no technical knowledge, no fire - nothing but ourselves and our languauge.

We'll see what crazy beliefs we can come up with, and what weird societies get formed.

[Anything stupid, irrational or showing too much modern knowledge will be deleted]

Aaaagh!!! Big warm ball in sky has gone!!! Darkness has come in middle of day! AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!! What we do? What we do?!!
UGH NO!!! Me knew was bad to kill great forest beast!! Told you beast was weird and not like others!! We doomed! We dooooomed!
Great forest beast kept warm ball in sky?

*shakes Diana-NotaUg*

How we bring back?
*looks in sky*

No big ball in sky start come back now. Great beast of forest no.
No more killing of great forest beast.

We must keep great forest beast happy, so warm ball remains.
Maybe we feed great forest beast, if dead great forest beast mean no warm ball...happy great forest beast mean more warm ball...maybe great darkness not happen!
All go find food for great forst beast. Must make forest beast happy for warm ball to come back. I search down by water for good food.
And so, the Iwaku Tribe spent the next few weeks leaving food for the grizzly bears that lived in the woods. But as winter came, the bears starting returning to their dens to hibernate.

Great forest beast is not happy. He vanish and take warm ball with him. What we do now?
*points to Diana*

She trick us! Make us think great forest beast make big warm ball go! Me think she was taking food! Taking great beast food! Great beast not get food!

Great forest beast is not happy and left us! Great forest beast not come back until we make great forest beast happy again!

*glares angrily at Diana and makes fist*

We must make this. . .right?

*is filled with righteous fury*
Told you great forrest beast bad.... told you he bit hy hand.... now they go away and warm ball still here.
You quiet, Man with Breasts! >:[ Me make big giving to beast more than others! Maybe Man with Breasts just want me peenpeen!
*looks at Vay-Ug*

Forest beast bite your hand?

*look at Ampug*

Diana-Ug take food?

. . .

Great Forest Beast want to eat one of us...

That make Great Forest Beast happy.

*Points finger at Diana*

*Natani had an Idea with having to sacrifice*

Great beast must be sleeping. Wait till next day and great beast will come out

*everyone has a dark glare at Natani*

OK sacrifice for great beast.

*Me don't think that sacrifice is what great beast want's. Great beast must be sleeping*
How we sacrifice lying shemale!?

*grabs a rock and inches towards Diana*

this bad! >:[ wrong and bad! me no make big lies, me know great forest beast be upset with more dead! Bring doom on all!
Me know Diana didn't do it Diana know she didn't do it. It got cold all should head back to cave and sleep. No killing Diana she not lies she tell truth.
Liar Woman make Nat-ug defend! Liar woman make nat-ug do what nat-ug would not do! Me think Liar woman feed nat-ug bad mushroom! What if she feed us all bad mushroom? *Retreats to a corner in fear and tries to throw up*
No she no feed me bad mushroom Natani defend her because me know she tells truth.