The Crazy Cat Lady Thread (Others welcome, too, I suppose)

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    Most of Iwaku has a pet of some sort, be it a dog, cat, or maybe just a fish.
    If you have a pet:
    • What's the animal's name?
    • How did you obtain said pet?
    • What special/funny/terrifying/etc. things does your pet do?

    If you do not...
    • Why? (Allergies, restrictions based on living situation, etc.)
    • Would you like one? If so, which sort?
  2. I have two kitties!!!! *snuggles the cats*

    Their names are Jumpy and Mush...Moosh? My brother named the second one, so I'm not sure how exactly it's spelt, but I think its Moosh.

    Jumpy was a stray cat that hung around our neighbourhood. He hung around our house because he liked our cat at the time, Spaz. They looked almost like they could have been family. Eventually we just took Jumpy in, and he became our cat. Still have him. He's old now, but still acts like a kitten~

    Moosh is our newest cat, and it was a little strange how we picked him up. We had just lost our cat Lucky due to heart complications, and my father was looking for another cat to bring into the family. So he was on his way to work one day, opened the door, and this fat, fluffy cat walks right in through the door and makes himself at home. Friendly and affectionate, he won my Dad's heart, so he got a place in our home.

    Jumpy is, well, jumpy. Scared of small noises and always seems to see something that we don't, and is terrified of it. Except dogs. Both of my cats enjoy sitting on our neighbour's fence and tease their poor dog. Moosh is a hunter. His favourite prey to hunt? Squirrels :[


    Jumpy, resting on my bed~


    Moosh :3
  3. My family almost always has a cat at home, but unfortunately, our last kitten got lost, so right now, I am cat-less. I would like to own a cat if I get my own house though, they are very fun pets to have, and I am also looking forward to retrieving the kitten that has been promised to our family. I will definitely have a lot of fun with him!
  4. Currenly the AmpTribe consists of 9 cats split between two houses, indoor/outdoor cats and.....6 chickens. Today is their 6-week birthday :> The chickens are just kind of a summer agricultural project for me so keep me preoccupied. They aren't meat chickens so they aren't going to get killed on purpose or anything, SO NOBODY NEEDS TO WORRY... But yeah, if I could tell them apart they'd have names. Right now they're just a collective of my usual greeting to them. "OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" *explosion of feathers & squalks*
  5. Luna.jpg
    Luna. She is Cute... and quite large... like a panther, just smaller. She enjoys following me when I walk the dogs and playing with Graybeard the Pirate.


    Graybeard, previously known as Simba, hanging out in my sister's room when we first brought him home. He enjoys eating, and terrorizing the other animals, and eating, and playing, and cuddling, and eating... did I mention eating? He never stops eating.

    Both these guys picked me to be their human. They decided to just come home with me on the same night, and I love them.

    I have two other cats, but no access to pictures of either of them. There's Rave, the bipolar calico. Seriously, she's evil and mean one day, then super sweet and lovely the next. I also have Kyo, the misunderstood orange tabby. He's a good cat; he just wants to be loved... when he wants to be loved, and that is it.
  6. I have just my pet cat Felicia.
    The way that we obtained her is that she actually fond us.
    We ended up taking her in and feeding her.
    At first, she would appear once a day and eat, then it slowly had gotten to the point where she eventually stayed.
    She's like a big part of the family and act as if she is human herself.
    Sometimes, she likes to wake me up when I'm sleeping. It usually startles me or makes me jump, but its still cute.
    Although, she does love to go outside on a regular basis.