The craziest things you've ever heard!

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  1. Make up a crazy exclamation/interjection/ETC!




    "Holy Macaroni!"

    Something along those lines, and very, very, very, silly.
  2. Great, Glorious Gabblenatts, Gabrielle!

    Heh, heh...Alliteration.
  3. I've been in hell, but they kicked me out for boot-lickin' Ice water x3
    (my dad says that to my mom all the time xD)
  4. I once read this line in a Jrock fanfiction, laughed my ass off, and to this day I still use it:

    "Holy poo on toast, Batman!"
  5. Mine would have to be:
    "I am your sandwich."
  6. ummm... I'm going to have to whenever my mom puts on a oversize hoodie or sweater, how she suddenly exclaims "BAJIZZLE!"
  7. Great Mother of Snickers
  8. (I'm glad I read the above cause I was going to put "Squee!" >.< I use it, hahaha... AND GEEK ALERT: Squee is a goblin in Magic the Gathering. He has several cards dedicated to him o.o)

  9. *Looks at Parson's avatar*
    Beware the drum chant of the rabbit tribe.
  10. -laughs so hard-


    You have made my night! XD Drew just pointed out your reply to me... Oh my god, I can't stop laughing...

    -tries to breathe-

    Okay... okay... I think... I can breathe again. And in reply to that: We don't really need drums... -points at rabbit feet- We've got these!