The Crash. (A Shadowrun based RP)

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  1. (This is a cyberpunk RP, and may get kind of Gritty, so be prepared.) The year is 2065, 50 years after the Internet has crashed. A massive virus known only as "PHX137" Swept through, and took down the worlds largest resource, Taking with it information, Videos, games,News, The worlds largest resource for connecting, and Billions of Kitten videos. In the 25 years after, Many races came out of the shadows. Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, trolls, Vampires, and Dragons, once thought to be creatures of myth and story, came out. The US split into separate Nations, The Republic, in the east, The Californian republic, In the East, and The New Confederacy in the South. All the other nations remain intact.
    The Basic Timeline:
    -October 26, 2015: It begins.
    -Halloween 2015: It spreads to a Major Server. People only think of it as a minor nuisance.
    -November 14, 2015, Most Major servers are infected, people begin to notice it's danger
    -Christmas 2015: The Internet goes down.
    -November 2026, Magic begins to appear.
    December 2040: Elves and Dwarves and the others appear in Modern Society.
    -June 2065: Present day, parts of the internet are restored.

    Major Powers:
    The New Confederacy
    The Republic
    South Korea
    The UK

    I will post the CS and information about Corporations and Countries later.
  2. Name:
    Religion: (Not necessary)
    ((Dragons are off limits for race)
  3. So, what would we be doing in this game? Are we going to be a band of shadowrunners (in which case you might want to explain that to people who don't know) or did you have something else in mind?
  4. We would essentially be Shadowrunners, yes.
  5. Anyone else?
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