The Crash: A Cyberpunk RP

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  1. Welcome to the year 2065, Home of Magic, Monsters, and Money
    The Basic Timeline:
    -October 26, 2015: It begins.
    -Halloween 2015: It spreads to a Major Server. People only think of it as a minor nuisance.
    -November 14, 2015, Most Major servers are infected, people begin to notice it's danger
    -Christmas 2015: The Internet goes down.
    -November 2026, Magic begins to appear.
    December 2040: Elves and Dwarves and the others appear in Modern Society.
    -June 2065: Present day, parts of the internet are restored.

    Major Powers:

    The New Confederacy: On the area stretching from the Mason -Dixon Line, down to The Gulf of Mexico near New Orleans, this country brings out the best of the former Confederate States of America, without all that slavery stuff.

    The Republic:The opposite of the New Confederacy, it's the North.

    China: Business as Usual except for Mongolia and North Korea added into its lands.

    Israel:Now Stretching as far east as India, as Far South as Sudan, and as far North as Turkey, Israel was a nation hard hit by The Crash, but it soon recovered, and grew stronger than it had ever been. one of the 'Big 3'

    South Korea: This should really be called Korea, but the name stuck even after North Korea was dissolved into China and South Korea by the UN.

    Japan: Really hit hard after the Crash, it has come back to gain some Philippine Islands, and gain technological superiority again. One of "the Big 3'

    Uganda: Allied with Kenya, they are part of the Mombasa Space Initiative, this country has become the Jewel of Africa, Stretching all the way to the Southern Border of Israel.

    Kenya: See above, Home of the Mombasa Plains, home of the largest space center on Earth. Stretches from Uganda's border to where Somalia once was.

    France: Vive France! That's all I gotta say, they actually managed to hold territory, and regain Quebec.

    The UK: Business as usual.

    Finland: Stretches from what was once Norway, to the end of Russia. After the Crash, Finland regained its strength and Conquered the nearby Sweden,

    New Rome: The Head of the Church, this is slowly conquering the former EU and regaining formerly Roman Lands. one of the 'Big 3'

    This is an RP I tried on various websites with one success, and one huge success. I even tried it on here earlier, with no avail. This is an RP where we would play as Shadowrunners in various cities. We will start out possibly fighting, but the ally against one large evil.
  2. *drooools* Yes! Fun concepts! And how Cyberpunk can we get? Time Splitters???
  3. I'll think about it...
    I still have the CS and job sheets.
  4. Very cool! :3
  5. Shadowrun roleplay! Is that the actual lore? I've only played the PC game a couple of times.

    Anyway, I might be interested in this.
  6. No. It's lore I made based off of Shadowrun. not even sure if Israel exists in the Shadowrun world.
  7. Ahh, got it. Well, I like what you've written.
  8. Name:



    Religion: (Not necessary)

    Looks: (anime or real, i don't care. description is fine too.)







    ((Dragons are off limits for race))

    Races: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Trolls, Vampires, Dragons, Selkies, Kitsunes, And other Genetic variants.
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