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  1. Hey-o, Crab Claws here looking for a few rps. Truth be told, I'm not sure how I'll handle rps with both school and Monster Hunter with friends, but I'll try my best! Now then, lets get to the things to know.

    Things to know!

    -I'm really not good at MxM, sorry.

    -While I prefer PMs, I don't mind threads.

    -If we end up using pictures, I really dislike real life pictures.

    -I'm fine with things getting lewd if you are a red star and all, but give me a fair warning beforehand!

    -I'm not too concerned about how little you write, as long as it is readable. I'll try my hardest to match your writing if you write on the long side.

    -When it comes to fandoms, I prefer OCs from both of us.

    -i feel like most of posts usually end up on the light hearted side by the end, so don't expect serious writing and drama from me.

    - As silly as it sounds, if you end up not posting for a long time, I'll probably not remind you and think you just wanted to leave and not want to hurt my feelings by telling me I'm shit. However I probably will still want to continue the rp if you return.

    -Um, I like OOC chat! Also I tend to not use emoticons, don't think I'm being super serious all the time.

    That's about it for things to know, so lets get down to what few RPs I can think of at the moment.

    Pairings and Genres

    Knight/Knightess x Prince/Princess

    Monstergirl x Human

    Mage/Witch x Person summoned from another world (You could think of it like ZnT, but not necessarily the setting. Well unless you want to turn it into a fandom thing)

    Something mecha-like sounds fun at the moment. Not sure how good I will be with it though. I'm fine with ground based stuff or space based stuff.

    I'm a sucker for fantasy in general. You could always through something that has to do with fantasy in my way and see if I bite.

    Fandoms I am interested in.

    Muv Luv

    Monster Hunter


    Log Horizon


    Um, if you have anything you wanna ask, just straight up ask me here or PM!​
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  2. Ello ^^ The Knight/Knightess x Prince/Princess sounds like a great pair up~ Interested in RPing it? :)
  3. Of course, of course! Allow me to shoot you a PM after I get done with this one thingy.
  4. Sure, take your time :)
  5. Still looking, always looking! (Until I say so).
  6. Sounds like a plan! I'll get to you and another person when I return from college though.
  7. How does a fantasy monster hunter duo sound? I just can't do a Monster Hunter RP because even though I own the game, I suck and know nothing about it.
  8. As long as you know enough to know the weapon you want to use, we could just play it out as your character being a newbie hunter.
  9. I personally would prefer the idea of traveling monster hunting mercenaries in a world of our design but if such an idea doesn't appeal to you then I'm perfectly fine with yours.
  10. Well, feel free to shoot me a PM and we can totally discuss this out!
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  11. Well then, looks like I have room for more people if anyone wants.
  12. Nyohoho, it is now improved with a couple more things!

    I call it the "Thought of more things I want to do as an excuse to bump the thread by saying I have new things" Edition.
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