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  1. The Front Business

    Welcome to The Cozy Lounge, a classy nightclub for classy folk. Our club features a bar inside of a large ballroom with tables for couples and groups, a dance floor, and a stage where our very own band plays the best in Jazz and Big Band. The lead singer, miss Karma Jenkins, has a voice like an angel. Come and let her voice throw you to the clouds. At The Cozy Lounge, we serve only the finest in food and wine. Have a special occasion coming up? We can provide special services. Check in with Alfredo, our receptionist, and he will see to it that you are accommodated. Enjoy your evening.

    Now Hiring Waiters & Waitresses!

    The Real Business

    The Cozy Lounge is a front business for the new Brizio family mob. It was founded by Felix Brizio, the son of Lisa Bennett, a bank teller, and James Brizio, a small-time mobster. His father James had worked his way up the ladder until he scored a gig that earned him a fortune, but that lead to his fiancee, Lisa, being murdered by his own boss, Bruno Gorbachev; so he defected, stealing what he could from Gorbachev before severing his ties. Later on he settled down with another woman named Margery, who had a son named Francis from her previous marriage. Gorbachev's mob eventually caught up with him and he and Margery were assassinated.

    The Wine Cellar

    Located behind the club's bar is the entrance to the the wine cellar, which is more than just a storage unit for the finest bottles of Marsala and Prosecco. It serves as the base of operations as well. Here you will find money, drugs, guns, gangsters, street thugs, and dirty cops, to say the least.


    The Club Owner
    Felix Brizio

    Felix never knew his father that well since he spent his whole life at boarding school, away from the family, but upon hearing the news of his father's death he dropped out and reunited with his step brother, Francis, with intentions of avenging their late father. Felix has no mafia ties so he utilizes street gangs, he is inexperienced but a quick learner, and though he has a pleasant demeanor, he can switch it off and be ruthless.

    The Underboss

    Francis "Franco" Brizio

    Franco dropped his biological father's name and took on the Brizio family name. He's young, a bit wild, but he handles business well. Like his brother Felix, he was away at school for most of his life. Currently Franco manages the coalition the Brizio family has with the local street gangs.

    The Receptionist

    Alfredo Angioletto

    Alfredo used to do odd-jobs alongside James in the past. Over time he came to be James' most trusted peer and was there when James landed the big gig. They split the loot that night then went their separate ways and years later, after hearing about James' death, Alfredo tracked down the Brizio brothers and donated what was left of his own half of the fortune to fund their front business. From time to time he offers council to the young bosses.

    The Bartender

    Cirillo Angioletto

    When Alfredo left the mob he invited his brother Cirillo to be a part of the new business.

    The Chef

    Tony de Brum

    Tony de Brum was once a mental patient. He still suffers from dementia but retains his ability to function properly most of the time.

    The Pianist

    Lucas Moore

    At one time Lucas Moore was an independant hitman that was in high-demand for different mafia families. He was tracked down by Alfredo and hired to be the bodyguard of the Brizio Brothers. He keeps his custom handguns in a fancy chest where they wait to be used again.

    The Singer

    Miss Karma Jenkins

    Karma used to be a struggling musician until she met Felix at the club, who convinced her to lend her vocal talent to his stage.

    The Bouncer

    Spencer "Spanky" Jones

    Spencer is an ex-con with street connections. Franco hired him to organize enforcers for the Brizio Family from the local street gangs. Spanky is not only the doorman to the club, he is the doorman to the shady side of the business as well.

    The Family Friends

    Aleshanee Loto


    Currently the only known "Family Friend" to the Brizio Brothers. She is Franco's personal assassin.


    • Standard RPG/site rules apply.
    • Although I've created a fairly grand back story to the lounge, more than anything, I'd like for this thread to be an open environment for random interactions. I'm not always going to be on, so I won't be able to keep the story going. Because of that, this is more like a GTA game. It's an open world that doesn't require you to make a post that's relevant to the actual crime drama in order to play. Kind of like how you don't have to play GTA for the story, you can just run over people in your car or find prostitutes and what not. So just treat it like you would a high school thread or a mall thread, and look at the crime drama aspect as more of a bonus element to your experience (unless you want that to be the very reason you're here).
    • You can bring your lady here to make an extravagant and romantic marriage proposal.
    • You can cheat on your lover here. However, this is a public place, so stay realistic and don't be doing the nasty in front of everyone in the club.
    • You can fight here.
    • You can break stuff, just be prepared to be hit/shot at by security.
    • No matter what kind of character you got, though, you should sell security. That means if the bouncer comes to throw you out of the club, he usually does so. Exceptions can be made, but those are rare.
    • If you're here to do 'business' you must speak to the bouncer, Franco or any appointed staff member.
    • Open 'auditions' >IC< for 'Family Friends' (dirty cops, contract killers & staff) contact the bouncer, Franco or any appointed staff member.
    • If you're here to kill the Brizio Brothers, you're welcome to try.
  2. [​IMG]

    Andrea smoothed the skirt of her favorite dress as she made her way up to the bouncer. "I have a reservation for tonight." She said quietly. "Andrea Duncan." It was supposed to be a girl's night but -surprise surprise- the other girls had bailed on her. That was how it usually wound up. She gave the bouncer a smile before stepping through the door and inside. it was lovely inside, more so than she'd expected. It surely wasn't any old club.

    She made her way to the bar and looked up at the bartender with a crooked smile. "May I have a glass of wine, please?" She asked. She seated self at the bar and tugged her bag around in front of her in case she got carded. She'd only just turned twenty one, not that this was a great way to celebrate. Here she was, alone again, may as well drink some.
  3. [​IMG]

    Jax was a usual here. He came often and the bouncer and Brizio brothers knew him. He loved doing work for them but today was his day off. He sat next to a pretty lady at the bar and asked for his usual beer. Once it came he took a sip and he placed it down. He paused a moment, feeling friendly today. He turned to the lady and smiled. Keeping it classy with a glass of wine? He grinned and took another swig of his beer, this time taking a bigger and longer sip then the last. He hope he didn't get drunk tonight. It would suck for him in front of such great people. Especially the ones who give him the odd jobs for a great amount of cash. I'd take the beer route just because Wine is too easy to take down. It has to have a kick. He have another glance at her.

    Tonight he was dressed fancy because his recent job got him the big bucks. He bought 3 suits in different colors and he felt overjoyed with the extra money sitting in his pockets and bank account. Tonight's suit was a classy black suit with a tie tucked in neatly. He had his hair pointing upwards in the front and the rest was combed back. He had the scent of Axe and cologne, but not the heavy overwhelming scent. The calmer, sexier type of scent that made women want to come closer just to get a bigger whiff. He was a ladies man, coming up to them with great confidence that it attracted them.
  4. She glanced at the man next to her when he spoke, giving him a smile. "Yes, I'm drinking wine. I have to manage to get myself home tonight, after all." He really was a handsome man; maybe tonight wouldn't end up being so bad of a birthday after all. When the bartender brought her the glass of wine, she held it with a crooked smile. "Cheers." She said with a chuckle.
  5. march30103.jpg
    A girl of her background would have never came to such a place but she had no choice since she was of course required to meet with the gentlemen that ran the place and introduce herself. She soon arrived at the bouncer and smiled slightly as she was one of the "Special guest" on the list. Her appearance was fit for a princess which she hated with a great passion but didn't say a word about it since she wasn't the type to complain about how she looked. Her red dress was form fitted and the skirt of the dress was rather long. Her eyes were beautiful and rather dark colored, she hated being in the spotlight and hated being treated like royal but she kept the thoughts to herself since if she spoke of them it might just cause her trouble. Her long, black hair danced within the gentle push of the cold wind and the moonlight shinned down on her making her appearance more angelic since her pale, snow skin gleamed. She entered the building silently and looked around while feeling a bit uneasy since a lot of people appeared to be in every corner. She walked further into the place while peering around for the man she was suppose to be meeting but saw no sign of him once so ever. Her dress was strapless and a red cover up draped over her shoulders. She walked to a small table near the far right corner of the building before taking a seat and remaining quiet. Her black heels clicked with every step she has taken.
  6. Jax smiles, she was beautiful now that he got a better look. He clinked his glass with hers and looked at her. My name is Jaxon but Most just call me Jax. He says. He took a small swig of beer and nodded. Oh so you wanna get home huh? This is a fun bar. One glass of beer doesn't get you drunk. He grinned and winked at her. He took a deep breath and felt the adrenaline in his body, he was excited.
  7. She chuckled again as she took another sip of her wine. "Technically, I shouldn't be talking to you." She said. Her voice sounded serious, but there was a teasing look in her blue eyes. "Stranger danger and all that." She glanced around the bar. There were already a lot of people here, even though it had only just opened. "This place really is something." She muttered.
  8. Jax rolled his eyes, teasing her back. It's rude to not say your name back, Miss Classy. He smiled, joking yet again. She was a fun girl, it seemed and he was digging her personality. It wasn't everyday that you met a cool girl at a bar filled with douchebags and snobby people. I work here. I do other work, here though. None of this boring crap. So to me it is quite the interesting place. He took the final two sips of his beer and asked for the second round. His shot came and he brought it down easily. Do you dance? He looked at the dance floor which was elegantly shiny and smoothed out with no cracks or flaws. Everyone glided across it like it was an ice rink.
  9. She blushed a bit when she realized she'd forgotten to introduce herself. "I'm Andrea." She said. "And yes, I dance." She finished her glass of wine, but decided not to order a second yet. "Would you like to dance?" She asked him. Most girls wouldn't ask a guy to dance, but she didn't care about social norms or trying to look good. She supposed that was why she hung out with guys and girls tended to avoid her.
  10. He grinned and got up, standing 6 foot 2, bulky and large. Ah nice to meet you Andrea. Lets dance He offered her a hand to go onto the ballroom floor. This night was starting to get better and better by the minute and he met a new person. An attractive person. Her features were striking and of course she wasn't near the height of him, being 6 feet tall but he still loved being big. He led her to the dance floor and put a hand on her hip and another, hanging onto her hand firmly and he swayed from side to side to side first.
  11. She hadn't realized just how tall he was. He easily dwarfed her five foot frame. She smiled at him as he led her to the dance floor and they started to dance. "I must say, you're a decent dancer." She said with a chuckle. "This night is starting to turn out better than I'd hoped. Not a bad way to spend a birthday at all." She kept her eyes on her feet so she wouldn't wind up on the floor, as she was likely to do if she didn't pay attention.
  12. Jax grinned. Birthday? Oh, Happy Birthday! You shouldn't be alone on your birthday. He nodded, thinking about how bad he would feel to be alone on his birthday. Where were her friends or her boyfriend or anyone? On a special day like this too! Her beauty has stepped to another age, although she looked awfully young. He was young himself, being in his 20's. He graduated college in a medical field but he never got into the career of being a Physical Therapist for athletes like he planned. Rather wasteful.
  13. She shrugged. "Thank you." She replied. "As far as being alone, I'm not. I'm dancing." She chuckled as she nearly tripped over one of his feet. "I'll warn you, I might wind up on the floor at some point." Among her circle of friends, her clumsiness was legendary. She was usually watching her feet more than she was watching them.
  14. He lifted her a bit when she tripped over her foot. Oh please I'm pretty strong. I can get you before you fall. He grinned at her and kept swaying lightly, giving her a twirl, but not too fast paced. I dislike being alone and come on if I didn't talk to you, you might as well have gotten drunk. He shrugged, only thinking about what he would do. When I first saw you, your beauty had stuck out amongst every other girl here. He looked at his feet, being slightly nervous about his compliment.
  15. She blushed a bit at his compliment, then smiled at him. "Thank you." She said. "You're so sweet." She glanced at her feet again. "As for getting drunk, who knows. I still might." She laughed. "Isn't that what you're supposed to do on your birthday, go get drunk?" She was silent for a moment as she tried to organize her thoughts.
  16. He laughed under his breath and got a little closer. Wild things happen when you're drunk. He grinned, thinking of all the possibilities of how this night could turn out. He knew that he would think about her after this night but he'd just have to remember her name. Andrea. What a pretty name. Oh and yes, getting drunk. I do it a lot. He laughed and winked at her.
  17. Andrea laughed when he told her that wild things happen when you're drunk. "So I've heard." She said. "Though I wouldn't know from experience. I've never been drunk before." She wasn't really much of a party girl, she was more of a sit at home with the guys and kick their asses at Black Ops kind of girl. It was unusual for her to even wear a dress, but she'd wanted to get dressed up tonight.
  18. I'm not exactly the dress up kind of guy. I most like to go home and chill, but I come here sometimes to get a fill on cheap liquor. He said, honestly, feeling glad she wasn't like most of these girls who went to the mall and had a heart attack over how cute the dress was on another female or how she wishes she had the same curvy hips as her. Honestly that's the bullshit that makes Jax want to drink. He couldn't find a good enough girl. Maybe he was just picky. He didn't feel like staying for another few hours. Maybe only 30 minutes more. I don't want to stay here much longer. Getting drunk here won't be polite. Want to go out somewhere? Or just chill? I hate crowded bars, especially ones which have dressy people everywhere. I'm more of the jeans and T shirt type of guy.
  19. Anjelica "Angel" Marcello (open)

    Info (open)

    Name: Anjelica "Angel" Marcello
    Age: 21
    Height: 5"6
    Info (open)

    Famiglia: The Marcello family has been involved in crime since the late 1920s. Angel's father, Tommy, has been a hit man for his brother Benny Marcello "Benny Smooth" for years. When Angel was born she had been groomed with the status of a Mafia Princess. The beloved niece of the now leader of the Marcello family she has tried to keep her head low and stay out of the line of fire by only taking small jobs when she was old enough. Her older brothers have already taken their places as second in command to their father. Her mother was murdered three months before Angel moved into her Uncle's mansion for safety. Anjelica is her uncle's only weakness currently, and he keeps her well protected, even a bit over protective. What she doesn't know is that her mother cheated on Tommy with Benny 21 years ago which resulted in Angel's birth. If this were to get out, the Marcello family would be pulled apart.

    Persona: Headstrong and intelligent, Anjelica is an escapist at its finest. She is very cynical as she lived her whole life in fear that her family would be arrested or killed. Trust issues are something she struggles with everyday of her life because of the former. Angel has never been confident in her own abilities to protect her family, but she is loyal none the less and has her own skill set that she has aqquired over her years as a favorite of the Mafia Head. With her mother's pure italian beauty, she could be a very dangerous asset or enemy, she was taught seduction as a teenager and has become quite the little vixen over the years. Her most redeeming quality is her compassion and mercy.

    History: In her teenage years she was a bit of a delinquent as she felt the need to prove herself to her family. Always causing trouble in school, she became quite the fighter and when her actual father, Benny, found out he began to train her. The training had the desired effect and she began to sharpen her mind as well. Though her confidence dropped for some unknown reason, she still gives out the vibes of being confident. Her first job ever given to her by Benny, was to seduce a double crossing asset. The job went without a hitch, and she became a respected member of the family. Since then she has almost become addicted with trying to impress Benny, especially since Tommy has left town, The two brothers always having beef. A few months ago Benny set her up with a different familia's son, Roberto, who she is intended to marry to extinguish a feud. This has tempted her to find other assets... possibly a new family. This Princess has other intentions.

    Angel kept her head low, her light brown hair tucked into her winter hat to keep it from her face. The winter had a nice bite to it during the nights now, and it made Angel miss Italy summers. She had begun walking a few hours ago when she sensed she was being followed, it had taken her four blocks to finally loose whoever it had been, but her hand hand not left the pistol in her jacket pocket. She still felt too exposed. Benny had warned her against leaving tonight of all nights, but he knew that she wasn't going to listen so he gave her the powerful pearl handled Gregory. Licking her lips she looked up and down a street before she crossed the way. "The Cozy Lounge eh?" Her voice was soft in the quiet alley, the sign buzzed cool blue neon. The name sounded so classy.

    The bouncer stood in front of the entrance and she pulled off her hat, letting her straight hair fall down around her shoulders. The bouncer must have recognized her before she even spoke up, an excuse already on her lips. Shutting her mouth she brushed past the bouncer and saw a man behind a stand. "Anjelica Marcello, I need to speak to Felix Brizio." She spoke softly, her italian accent strong. Angel knew the rules when it came to this type of thing.
  20. Alfredo flipped through some papers when a distinctly Italian voice brought his eyes up to meet with the gaze of its owner. She was young woman, no older than her early twenties by appearance, and quite attractive. The middle aged man scratched at his grey stubble and offered her a smile. "Please," he began, gesturing towards the opened mahogany double doors that lead into the lounge. "Right this way." In all his years working as a mob figure, Alfredo knew how to spot others in his line of business simply by observing their speech or mannerisms, and everything about the girl was a dead giveaway. It didn't help that she'd already known the name of the club's owner, either. Still, the aging made man was also a fairly good judge of character, and saw her as no immediate threat to his bosses.

    As they ambled over the red rug of the reception room and on to the marble floor of the ballroom, he pulled a locket watch from his jacket pocket. "A waiter will be with you shortly," he said with a smile, checking the time before putting his watch away and extending a hand toward a fancy curved staircase that lead to the V.I.P. floor.

    The V.I.P. was mostly bare, save the tables and chairs, as well as some of the club's regular V.I.P. members.

    Standing with his forearms rested over the second floor railing was the new head of the Brizio family mafia, Sporting the finest Armani suit that money could buy with a matching Rolex peeking out of its left sleeve. He had a glass of Chardonnay in hand, which he sipped from as he peered down at the band on stage. All in all, the young mafia boss had a truly debonair air about himself, though a tinge of rebellious youth remained, evident by his neatly spiked hair.

    Franco had just left the wine cellar when he'd seen a new face grace the lounge. Normally he wouldn't be impressed by a pretty face, as he'd seen many before, but there was something in the way she'd carried herself, something in how she'd sat quietly. Being the work first, play later type of man he was, Franco had figured she must have had some sort of business to discuss with either him or his brother.

    Adjusting his suit, he approached her table with a confident, swanky walk. "You'll have to forgive us for the delay in services," he shot her a genial grin as he pulled a chair. "We get pretty busy around here." Leaning on to the table, he clasped his hands together. "So what's the occasion?" He asked, still unsure what she was doing at his club.
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