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    For ages, the Aether has battled the Malign; the purity of light combating the taint of shadow. On the edges of this Great Conflict, the Worlds were born; and on one of these Worlds, Man came into being.

    In ancient times, the Malign and the Aether came to the World of Man. The taint of the Parasite corrupted Earth, and Man was alone in its fight against the creatures of the Malign. Daemons, they were called. Men and beasts, corrupted and turned against their World. As all hope seemed lost, the Aether came to Man and offered a deal: In service of the Light, Man would wield the power of the Aether against the Malign. Desperate, the ancient shamans met in secret, and accepted the power of the Aether. The bond of Man and Spirit was immortalized in the tome known only as the Covenant, where all of the knowledge and power of the Aether would be stored. Divine wrath in hand, Man fought back the Malign and cast it back into the void. However, its touch would forever remain...

    In modernity, few recall the ancient Conflict. The Covenant is stored in a basement, entombed and sealed so that none may ever destroy it. Daemons run rampant, unchecked by the few remaining servants of the Aether, known as Magi. Until the protector of the Covenant is murdered. And six children, through the meddling of fate, stumble upon the greatest weapon in the history of their world.

    Known by their adversaries merely as the Six, these children face, on a daily basis, the greatest threat of them all: Discovery. The Laws of the Magi are clear that their charge, humanity, is to know nothing of the Conflict unless individuals are chosen to gain powers. The rise of the treacherous Dark Magi proved how the wrong hands could abuse the power of the Aether. Themselves being unauthorized Magi, the Six must hide their powers from the general public, who would abuse them to use it or hunt them out of fear of it, and from their fellow Magi, who would hunt them for "stealing" the power. And so they live out their normal lives, attending Blackwood High School in East City, USA, never letting their families get on to their secret. Now a magic circle, like from fairy tales, the Six try to save the world on a daily basis from the forces of the Malign. On the other hand, there's prom to worry about...

    The powers of the Covenant are great and varied. But due to the circumstances of its opening, only six powers were released, and only one could bond to each person. The below are the powers released upon the group known as the Six:
    • The Metamorph: Able to transform their body into anything alive, from another person to an animal to a living weapon.
    • The Enchanter: Granted the ability to transfer their strength to another object, marking said objects with runes of power.
    • The Elementalist: Able to manipulate the elements around them, ranging from creating fireballs and summoning waves of ice, to summoning tornadoes and creating earthquakes.
    • The Illusionist: Capable of creating constructs and physical illusions with their mind.
    • The Psychic: Master of telepathy and telekinesis.
    • The Timekeeper: Wields time itself as a weapon, slowing and accelerating, stopping and starting, and even stepping forward and back through it.
    Being mere children has affected the ability of these chosen six to control their powers. In the beginning of their existence as untrained Magi, the Six will be unable to wield them to great effect. The Metamorph may only be able to create small blades out of their fingers; the Elementalist may only be able to summon small flames; the Timekeeper may be able to slow time to dodge bullets or fatal strikes; the Enchanter may only be able to upgrade small weapons with small power; the Illusionist may only be able to summon simple objects; and the Psychic might not be able to do more than read and predict an enemy's attacks.

    As these Six grow, however, their powers grow with them. Over time, with no small amount of practice, and certainly with help from the Covenant itself, the Metamorph may grow more and more complex weapons, and perfectly imitate another person's appearance. Likewise, the Elementalist could become a master of nature, wielding tornadoes, firestorms, earthquakes, and tsunamis with the same ease that a normal man could breathe.

    Character Sheet
    • Name:
    • Age: (14-18)
    • Appearance: (anime pictures welcome)
    • Background: (2-3 paragraphs)
    • Power:
      • Initial Limits

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  2. Well, I... was hoping there'd be some additional information in the OOC, beyond what was in the Interest Check.
  3. Name: Sorena Chandler
    Age: 16
    Appearance: 13e3bce82ec641e9.jpg
    Background: Sorena was one of those invisible kids, the ones who nobody notices. She sat at the back of the class. Teachers rarely called on her when she raised her hand. No one thought much of her. She was shy and meek. Upon the discovery of her powers, Sorena has grown more bold. People begin to take notice of the once shy girl. She hides her powers from the rest of the school out of fear. She is afraid to be cast out again.
    Power: Elementalist
    ¤Can only summon small flames at this time.¤
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  4. I'm not really sure what to put. I'm contemplating a bestiary, but I think additions will be made as we move along. I could elaborate on powers a bit, I suppose. I think I can add a little more context to the setting. I'll get on it. :)
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  5. Yeah, that's the main thing. I know we're each playing one of a group of children who stumbled upon the Covenant but beyond that... Did you have any preference for age range? Want us to be in the same school, grade, class, etc.? Know each other or complete strangers or up to us? Is Human the only race option? Are we the ones who murdered the protector of the Covenant? etc.
  6. Yes, what is the age-range? That's one reason I left so much blank.
  7. Right. I've got it edited.

    To answer questions more directly, we're all high school age, attending Blackwood High in East City (obviously made up), Virginia. However, we can be a Freshman, a Senior, or anything in-between. In cases where I fall in love with the character, I'll give some leeway with, say, a kid who skipped or got held back a grade. At the beginning, we know each other only as occasional acquaintances, but swiftly develop a strong bond over our shared situation. Human is the only option.

    As for who killed the Guardian, that's a mystery to us initially. However, as we progress in our self-training, we learn more and more.
  8. Name: Wesley Freeman
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Anime-guy-hair-eyes-31000.png
    Background: In Progress

    Power: Enchanter
    • Can only mark small objects (knives, articles of clothing, etc.) with basic runes, like Strength, Speed, and Durability.
    • Can read the entire Covenant, which is written in the language of the Aether.
    • Marking multiple objects in quick succession causes nausea and tiredness.
    • Limited by the augmentations of his Rune-gear and his own physical abilities.
  9. Update:

    I've added Initial Limits to the CS as a way of setting the groundwork of our powers. It's meant to establish A) The extent of initial control you have over your power, and B) The weaknesses that initially come with your power.

    As well, feel free to advertise this thread to your 18+ friends who you think would enjoy this. You two seem to be the only responders to the Interest Check who transferred over here so far.
  10. OK I have been working on my character a bit but a background is a little difficult for me I need a beginning to the story like a intro of the first post to get a feel for the characters life
  11. Name Virgil Evans

    Age 18
  12. I'm not sure what you mean, here. I can't write your own character for you. The background is just to establish who you were before you got your powers. Your life had nothing to really do with magic before now, so I want to know who you were in the past.
  13. I got Sorena finished
  14. Chrono was asking for the first post of the IC thread. Not for the first part of the character's background.

    I'm actually thinking I might not play in this though. I've been working very hard IRL which has left me quite exhausted when the work day is done and with very little creativity left. :<
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  15. That's still what I meant. I can't write his own character for him. The first post is in the immediate aftermath of us gaining our powers. That's basically us being in a classroom, trying to understand the prior events.

    And, if it's too much, it's alright. If you ever feel you can take it on again, feel free to come back.
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  16. What I mean is the life everyone's lead before our powers if we know each other or was it by chance something besides powers that tie us all together in our school life
  17. It's definitely chance that unites us. One of those "And fate broke on that day" things that brings us all together to find the Covenant. I'll reveal more about that specific event as things go along. As for your normal life, it's independent of everyone else's unless you want it to.
  18. Possibly interested: is the illusionist spot open?
  19. I'd say yes, but I'm not sure about the level of activity on this thread.
  20. I am still interested in this. I can double up if necessary.
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