The Covenant (Magical/High-School Anime RP)

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Are the power options good and balanced for a long-term roleplay?

  1. Yeah, they're all fine.

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  2. No, they should be balanced better.

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  3. There should be more/fewer powers. (Make a suggestion)

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  1. For ages, the Aether has battled the Malign; the purity of light combating the taint of shadow. On the edges of this Great Conflict, the Worlds were born; and on one of these Worlds, Man came into being.

    In ancient times, the Malign and the Aether came to the World of Man. The taint of the Parasite corrupted Earth, and Man was alone in its fight against the creatures of the Malign. Daemons, they were called. Men and beasts, corrupted and turned against their World. As all hope seemed lost, the Aether came to Man and offered a deal: In service of the Light, Man would wield the power of the Aether against the Malign. Desperate, the ancient shamans met in secret, and accepted the power of the Aether. The bond of Man and Spirit was immortalized in the tome known only as the Covenant, where all of the knowledge and power of the Aether would be stored. Divine wrath in hand, Man fought back the Malign and cast it back into the void. However, its touch would forever remain...

    In modernity, few recall the ancient Conflict. The Covenant is stored in a basement, entombed and sealed so that none may ever destroy it. Daemons run rampant, unchecked by the few remaining servants of the Aether, known as Magi. Until the protector of the Covenant is murdered. And six children stumble upon the greatest weapon in the history of their world...
    Hello, everybody! The above (that junk in green) is the background of the story. We're playing as the heirs to the power of what is essentially God, and act as the guardians of the Earth against the various evils that threaten it. The protector of the Covenant, the ancient book that grants the powers of the Aether, a high school Literature teacher, has been murdered, presumably by a Daemon. Not knowing the potential danger, our characters enter the Guardian's house and open the Covenant. Each of us six are branded with a rune that grants us specific powers. All six having read it, none of us have all of the Covenant's gifts, as it can only grant its full knowledge to one student at a time. However, one gift serves as enough power to each of us.

    Due to our existence as Magi, we are frequently hunted by Daemons and Dark Magi, those who have sold themselves willingly to the Malign. On the other hand, we suffer through the daily troubles of high school life, and have to cover our tracks as we balance our humanity with our powers.

    There are six characters available to play:
    • The Metamorph: Able to transform their body into anything alive, from another person to an animal to a living weapon.
    • The Enchanter: Granted the ability to transfer their strength to another object, marking said objects with runes of power.
    • The Elementalist: Able to manipulate the elements around them, ranging from creating fireballs and summoning waves of ice, to summoning tornadoes and creating earthquakes.
    • The Illusionist: Capable of creating constructs and physical illusions with their mind.
    • The Psychic: Master of telepathy and telekinesis.
    • The Timekeeper: Wields time itself as a weapon, slowing and accelerating, stopping and starting, and even stepping forward and back through it.
    Each character is limited to the restrictions of their power, but may gain new abilities as time goes on. The RP is in an anime setting, with scenes based in a high school and the surrounding city.

    I hope to see some interest soon!
  2. Consider me interested. I'm looking at The Metamorph or The Elementalist.
  3. Oh-ho! Consider me very intrigued, sir! I love the idea of it but I do have a few questions.

    1. What sort of setting is this? Modern day technology? 20 minutes in the future? 1950s? Just curious. xD

    2. What's the rating on this? This RP would be vastly different between being Rated G or Rated M! It doesn't sound like this is going to be a sugar world with 'bonk' sound effects and fight clouds, but how violent will/can it get? What about drug/alcohol, sexual content, language, etc.?

    3. Can I play the Timekeeper? :D

    Oh, also, I answered your poll with 'There should be more powers' which I shall elaborate now! I would recommend some sort of supportive character as well, perhaps "The Pillar" (I dunno lol) with healing and other buffing abilities- protection, speed, strength, whatever. Each boost minor on its own but when applied to an entire group could have a great impact (and the Pillar would get the benefits of the boost (maybe even a stronger version of the boost?) as well so not completely reliant on others)

    And also maybe 'The Traveler' or something, who is basically the spacial version of the Timekeeper's chrono manipulation. As in, able to create portals through space, with the power of teleportation that sorta thing.

    Just a couple ideas!
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  4. Good to see some interest so soon!

    To answer your questions, @Insomnant:

    • We're set in the modern day, with very few differences from reality (I mean, besides the magic and demonic spirits).
    • On a scale of Pokemon to Berserk, we're Black Lagoon, with a bit of the lightheartedness associated with the more common high school slice-of-life anime.
    • Yes, you can play the Timekeeper.
    As for portals and spatial manipulation, I felt it would be better to give that power to the Enchanter. At higher levels of power, they'd be able to enchant normal doors to open up to different points in space, and can mark normal apparel to increase speed and strength, mimicking teleportation in their speed.
  5. Hm, Metamorph sounds fun. I'll be keeping an eye on this for now.

    Does the Illusionist basically bend reality though? With the whole 'physical illusions' thing. And can Enchanters engrave runes of power onto living beings, or only objects?
  6. I'll take the Elementalist then.
  7. Count me interested!

    I would love to play the Psychic please!
  8. The Illusionist is basically like the Mesmer from Guild Wars, or Green Lantern from the DC comics. They create physical illusions, such as swords and clones of themselves, which can affect other people, but are ultimately the creation of the Illusionist's mind. And they have no real physical power beyond that. These illusions, however, can also extend to something like the Genjutsu from Naruto, creating alternate scenarios that ensnare the subject's mind. As for the Enchanter, carving runes onto a living person would alter them on the physical and spiritual level. Without extensive guidance and research, such a creation would be a monster.

    Good to know.

    I'd love to accept you, but with the discussion of adult content being brought in, I'm wondering if it would be appropriate to have a teen player in this RP. Until we get that sorted out, I'm afraid I can't give you any promises.
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  9. @The Philosoraptor It's completely alright! If you do end up doing adult content, then I will wish all of you the best! ^_^
  10. I love to play the illusionist if you will let me
  11. -Would love to join if there is a space still available-
  12. It's you and me. You've got a choice of Psychic or Enchanter.
  13. Psychic sounds better ^^
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  15. I'll be sure to get an OOC up within the week. Chem finals are tomorrow, but other than that, I'll have time to work on it.
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  16. Will do I'm looking at the Mesmer class as well as illusion manipulation on the superpower wiki to get a general idea of how the power entails .
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  17. Research is always valuable. :)
  18. ? I found a illusion ability that allows one to fake element projection like an elementalist but it's just a visual thing would that be allowed
  19. Here. Take a look at this.
  20. OK your following Mesmer class more closely then something like the hitman reborn anime series
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