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  1. Life becomes more than difficult when five teens discover their magical heritage. Hunters began to show up in Harrington Harbor and put not only the teens, but their friends and family in danger. Will the lack of magical knowledge prove deathly or will they be able to overcome the obstacles stand in their way?

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    • Yes, the five teens go to Harrington High, located where the woods and lake meet. The school was founded a little over a century ago, by one of the children's ancestor.
    • No, the five teens don't know each. Sure some do, but the status of their friendship, relationship, or enemy-ship (?) can be questionable.
    • The five powers are...
      • Pyrokinesis - Taken
      • Hydrokinesis - Taken
      • Aerokinesis - Taken
      • Electrokinesis - Taken
      • Umbrakinesis - Taken
    • The powers listed above are their specialties (things they are good at); however, each group member can use the five.
    • The ages range from 15-19.
    • There are many hang out spots within Harrington Harbor...
      • Harrington High - Besides the killer class days, the school as the many sporting activities that occur throughout the weeks.
      • Harbor Beach Cafe - Located down the road from the docks, Harbor Beach Cafe is one of the most popular hang outs. Delicious food, deck parties, and stellar views are just a few things this place offers.
      • Harrington beach - Cold, but a good place to come and get some alone time.
      • Harbor Beach - Popular and a place to party.
      • Starlit Park- Located towards the center of town, the park is a very large majority of the town, in fact some houses are located inside of it. The parks natural beauty seems to enhance the magic of the teens.
      • 2301 W. Rosewood Dr. - This will become a spot for the teens to practice their magic, it also has a view hidden things inside such as spell books and magical stones buried deep within it's soon to be sacred walls.
    • Hunters, yes if the witch parts are full then hunters will be available to play. If so, there are three hunter positions available.
    OKAY! Feel free to ask questions, offer ideas, and tag anyone you feel would be interested!
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  2. Umbrakinesis please , I mean I already do have a perfect charrie in mind for her. :D
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  3. I am working on a OOC right now, so I will make sure to tag the two of you.
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  4. Hydrokenises! Please!
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  5. Pyro still open? I got it if so
  6. Okay, witches are full. NOW HUNTERS ARE OPEN FOR OTHER USERS!
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