The Country of Hearts

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The sun is out in a clear, blue sky and the birds are chirping happily. There's a slight breeze in the air as the summer slowly comes to a close. Admiring the beautiful roses and lilacs, Alice Liddell enjoys her family's vast garden. Having a book in her hand, she smiles as she looks up at the sky. Behind her, there's a rustle in the bushes.
"Luna, is that you, you kitty cat?" She calls as she turns to look at the bush. Lifting her blue dress, she leans in to view the bottom of the bush. There's another rustle as a white rabbit jumps out and crashes into Alice's chest. "Oomf!" she grunts as she hits the grass. Sitting back up, Alice rubs her eyes and sees that this is no ordinary rabbit. The rabbit is wearing what looks like a small three piece suit with the chain of a pocket watch hanging out of the pocket. The young girl blinks as she sets her hand down to feel the cool metal frame of the rabbits glasses. She picks them up and looks into them, seeing the rabbits big brown eyes as its ears perk up and it stands up, grabs the glasses, and runs away.

"Wait!" Alice shouts as she quickly composes herself. She trips lightly over the hem of her dress and picks it up quickly to follow the rabbit. Turning the corner, she sees it hopping away frantically.

"Please, wait!" She calls again and the rabbit looks at her and his eyes widen as he picks up the pace. She hikes up her dress higher and starts to chase after him. Turning another corner she sees that he has suddenly disappeared. "Where did he--AHH!" She screams as she steps into a rabbit hole that suddenly appeared.

Falling, falling, falling.

This is the story of Alice falling into the Country of Hearts or Wonderland as it is commonly known. Except, this isn't the world we know of. Instead, it is a sick game to the death. Each set of characters have a territory, if a character from another territory walks into a new territory, they are prone to being killed. And if they are killed, they are removed from the game. Alice is considered an "outsider" as she is not aware of the game so she is revered and is safe from attacks...for now. As the game goes on, she slowly begins to turn into her own character and then...well....let the games begin.

*This is based on a manga, if you have not read it, that's fine, I'm trying to go for a new story. But don't freak if you think I stole the idea.*
Character App:
There are a few characters that are required:
I am playing Alice
Mad Hatter[open]
White Rabbit[open]
Mad Hare[open]
Tweedle Dee[open]
Tweedle Dum[open]
Red Queen[open]
The Cheshire Cat[open]
Father Time (there are clocks in each character named or not and when they die, he collects them and repairs them)[open]
Other outsiders are welcome

Hatters Manor:
Mad Hatter
Tweedle Dee
Tweedle Dum
Mad Hare

Queen's Castle:
Red Queen
White Rabbit
optional outsiders

The Old Amusement Park:
Cheshire Cat

The Clock Tower (neutral ground):
Father Time

Character: please check to see if anyone has taken the character already
Age: at least 16
Appearance: photo or text
Brief History: If they remember, when you slowly start to turn into a character, you start to forget your outside memories
Weapon of Choice: