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  1. The world spoke of a prophecy, of two that would destroy them entirely, that would shatter the consciousness. That could not happen. If the consciousness were to be broken, then the entire cycle would rupture and chaos would spread like a disease. The organization was created for that reason, to stop them. No one knew when they would become, where they would turn up, but as they waited, they spread across the faces of the world, recruiting and preparing for a war that may never come. The siblings were separated by the same cruel fate that played upon their ancestors, spreading their counterparts far and wide. But he would find her again, and he would reunite their family, he would shatter the dream and return to reality, wherever that was, and restore their family to life. Somehow.

    So here's the deal. The world is a dream. No one knows it, No one really cares. It's a world much like ours. People live their lives, they go to school, go to work, watch their lives play out before them. But there are creatures that lurk in the shadows, unknown species' that hide out. There are glitches, little glimpses of the other side, the shadow realm, which keeps people in line. The threat of being thrown into the shadow realm. It may appear to be a utopian society but underneath the polished, perfect dreamscape, is a sinister creature, living off the dreams and the very essence of the people it snared in it's web. There is inner conflict for the people too, and though they don't know it, the worst is yet to come.It will begin with the siblings, their stories, their lives and how they become intertwined with those around them. The girl is taken in by a family at the age of twelve and her brother is looking for her. No one knows who or what they are. How the rest plays out is up to you.

    One member of the family the girl is taken in by has similar abilities to her. The abilities are in the OOC linked below, and if you have anything else you'd like to put in there, pm me. I'd like your character to at some point actually have something to do with the main events, be it they decide to help my character (the brother) or they in fact work for the Aldese. Or they just get caught up in the drama and are forced to choose a side. At some point it all needs to come together.

    This rp is designed mostly to follow the storyline of the brother and sister, but there will of course be other things going on, it is more flexible than it appears. It takes place in the city of Mezerine, a city of irrational weather and grand statues. It is the capitol of Vandastri, the largest single country of the realm. I must ask that you steer clear of overused mythology if you decide to be some kind of mystical creature. So no vampires, werewolves, etc. Also, be creative. Try to come up with original species of your own, it's not hard. They could be a cross with a spider-fhey and a goblin and be an amazing creature in their own right. So be imaginative, please. Don't forget, you can be human too, but they are normal humans, no special abilities okay?

    The species of Ujkelsif (pronounced Yu-kel-seef) are a race of unknown fhey, born into counterparts, the light and the dark. Much like Yin and Yan, the two are usually separeated from one another, and they complete each other. The species was killed off gradually as the prophecy came about, not wanting it to come about. But of course, the Ujkelsif went into hiding, with only a few left, and led people to believe they were extinct. There are in fact no more than a hundred of the species left, spread throughout the realms. generally there would be less than ten in a city, as they spread out far and wide to try and survive easier.

    The species has two sides, the light and the dark. The light counterpart are something like earth elementals. They revitalise nature and control light itself. They are generally fair of skin, and are often mistaken for wingless angels. They have golden eyes, slightly pointed ears and few flaws physically. They also tend to be somewhere between 5'7'' and 7'2''. They are a tall race. The dark counterpart have duller, more amber shaded eyes, and a transformation ability that proveds them with talon like nails, and dangerously jagged teeth. They feed on the darkness in a person's soul. They control shadows, can manipulate creatures of darkness to do their bidding and are said to bring back creatures from the dead (a myth really). They are considerably weaker when away from their counterpart, both the light AND the dark, and it is only when they are together and perform a ritualistic binding that they are at their true potential. It is said they possess the power to destroy worlds when they are truely united. It is unknown as to whether this is true.

    The order that is out to stop the Ujkelsif are called the aldese (al-dey-see). They are made up of both human and unnatural alike, and work under the cover of many organizations and businesses to achieve their goal. Their leader is in fact the current ruler of Mezerine, (someone feel free to be him). They have eyes and ears everywhere. No where is safe. None outside the order actually know of its existance however. (any questions, ask me). Oh, they have a codeword. It is, Escherichia. Your character MUST know this.

    Alright, I think that about covers it. If you've read all of this and you REALLY should, please find the code word in the info thread and write it at the bottom of your sign up. Thank you very much

    Race/Species: (don't be shy now)
    Appearance: (description or picture, no sketchy anime, nothing overused either)
    Biography: (please include if they're in the order, or anything else important to the storyline, Pm me if you're uncertain)
    Personality: (just an overview of their basic character will be fine)
    Abilities: (if any)
    Codeword: (Absolutely necessary folks, search the OOC to find it)

    Now, the other rules. Basically, all Iwaku rules. No excessive swearing, No godmodding, no wacking people with ban hammers because the other person didnt read your post and ignored you. No meta-gaming, etc. At least three-five lines for a post? If you want to do more, go for it. I don't expect essays, but enough detail to help everyone get a decent post. There are limited spots, i don't want this to be massive. Massive rps are more likely to fail. I need someone to be the girl, and the couple that take her in. Because yes, i forgot to mention, the rp starts with the girl being taken in by a couple, one of whom has similar abilities to her. The abilities are as above, and if you have anything else you'd like to put in there, pm me. I'd like your character to at some point actually have something to do with the main events, be it they decide to help my character (the brother) or they in fact work for the Aldese. Or they just get caught up in the drama and are forced to choose a side. At some point it all needs to come together.

    If you have questions PLEASE ASK
  2. Name: Eskanth Jukvih'fohd (the last name being their clan name)

    Age: 24

    Race/Species: Ujkelsif ~ Dark counterpart

    Appearance: Tall and striking are words often used to describe Eskanth, with an angular, chiselled jawline, dark amber eyes and a toned body, he draws attention wherever he goes. He has a shock of black hair that is often roughly tussled, standing up in places, laying flat in others, it is easy to tell he runs his hands through it when stressed. His skin is a smooth tan colour, not fake looking as though he stepped into a tanning booth, but a beautiful deep caramel shade. He gives off a sinister air, as though he is always brooding, and his eyes are often filled with a troubled expression, his jawline always firmly set. There are few times that he smiles, and even fewer that have survived to see it. Though attractive, his brooding appearance warns people away from him, not to mention his strange, unnatural skin. His ears a slightly pointed, just another part of him that makes him look slightly unnatural. When he shifts, his body alters, his skin because duller, darker, with more of a greyish-black tinge, his eyes become a luminous amber, tinged with green, and long talons stretch from his nail beds, curving dangerously. His teeth become jagged, the teeth of a predator ready to hunt. No prissy little vampire like fangs for him. His are for tearing the flesh of his enemies, the natural protector of the Ujkelsif.

    Biography: Eskanth was one of the only surviving Ujkelsif from the massacres. He and his sister were separated when she was a baby and he, only a mere child at the time, had gone in the opposite direction as per their parents instructions. Even then, he had been a faithful child. He had loved his family dearly, but instead of running far away, He only found a hiding place and watched as the Aldese dogs slaughtered his clan. He watched his mother transform, tearing apart one man while another attacked her from behind, and he almost rushed to help her. But then he remembered his sister and instead vowed revenge. Turning his back on the screams from both sides, he made his way out into the world and learnt all he could about his own abilities. He travelled around Vandastri for a long time before finding Mezerine and starting his search for his sister there. He has no idea if she'll be there, but he can hope.

    Personality: Calculating, Collected and brooding, Eskanth is always looking for ways to avenge his race and recreate them. He is certain that by using his sister's powers he can find a way to bring them back. He has no desire to bring the world to an end as such, if it happens it happens and is just an added bonus. He does however want to cause the Aldese as much pain as possible, now that he knows who they are and that THEY are in fact the reason he has no family left. He has no care for anyone else's wishes. He just wants what he wants and to hell with everyone else.

    Codeword: Escherichia
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