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    • Kaya & Aya (open)
      Name: Kaya / Aya
      Age: 18
      Designation: Technomancer

      Species: Asaur
      Gender: Female

      Personality: Kaya could be described as kind and calm, while spacy. Aya is loud and cheerful, much like a younger child

      Terzon Corp.

      A well-known, well-respected mulit-facet corporation that makes many different products that are used massively throughout the metrocomplexes that dot the world of Aarite.

      Not all is as it seems, though. Beneath the surface, Tezron has its claws everywhere. The government, the mobs, schools... and slave trafficking.

      In one of a number of such camps, children are held for their psy-sensitivity - evidenced by certain psycoses - to be trained and developed for reasons unknown.
      Kaya had had enough. She has been at this camp ten years, and her sister has finally broken the control they had over her own mind. She goes to the front gate and it opens, alarms sounding as she runs.
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  1. "What? Listen bosh'tet I ain't a tourist, I know the price of good Skag steak. Either you drop the price to 12 Docs for that slice or I go buy it from that stall i saw back on Federator St."

    The stall vendor went to argue this point but the two were suddenly distracted by a commotion nearby. There was an alarm that had gone off nearby, causing them both to turn their heads towards the noise. Down the alley Arc saw a white haired girl cross through and rush off in another direction, followed a few seconds later by men shouting at civilians to apprehend her. Men in Tezron uniform.

    The red haired young man forwned at this and sighed, before the vendor saw what happened he swiped the piece of grilled meat and popped it between his teeth. He puled out a two bills, a 10 and a 5, and threw it down on teh counter before leaving. 3docs more than he'd offered, 4 less than the vendor was asking for. He didn't pay much attention to what the man yelled after him as he dashed off, meat flopping in his mouth as he chewed half-mindedly.


    A few minutes later the young man had made his way up to the roof of a building overlooking a dead-end alley-way. True to expectation there was the girl, backed into a corner, with three Tezron operatives moving in on her, two were cautiusly stepping forwards to try and capture her while the third hung back a ways, tapping into his earcomm and calling for back up. The youth sighed and smiled, pulling out a small metal sphere from his satchel. "Welp, time to play hero."


    Two forms came bursting out of the thing haze of purple smoke holding hands, Arc holding tightly onto the dog eared girl's hand as he led her past the unconscious agent his two comrades still coughing up a lung under his smoke screen. He turned sharply into a side street and led her off through a maze of twists and turns no one could follow them through until they had circled back around towards the stall where he'd first seen her get chased down. He poked his head out into the busier market alley first to check if the coast was clear, none of the agents had gotten a good look at him so there was less risk if he was spotted. Seeing that the coast was clear he dashed across the street and hopped onto a parked hover bike. The internal computer immediately detected his ID bracelet's proximity to the handle and ignited the engine, lifting him off the ground a foot or so.

    he spun the vehicle back into the side passage where the girl was waiting and pulled up next to her. "Come on, get on, I'll take you to a different part of the city. Tezron's got too many eyes in this sector."
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  2. Everything was a blur to Kaya. All she heard was alarms and shouting and couldn't focus on anything but running. Twists and turns and stairs, and she finds herself cornered. She looks for some escape, some way out, but Tezron's machines were dead now. They wouldn't speak to her.

    Just as she'd given up hope, a thick purple haze surrounded the area, making Kaya hold her breath. It didn't seem to be the work of Tezron, as they were coughing. She feels a pressure on her hand, but it feels gentle, so she follows its pull, emerging from the smoke with a young man.

    She gently blushes as he leads her through alleys, and when he pulls up with a hoverbike, she grins. "Hello, gentle steed." she says, running her hand over the machine's body.

    "Kaya! There's no time for that! Do what he said and get in!" The second voice from nowhere shocks the Asaur out of her trance. "O-oh, right!" she stutters, getting behind the man and holding on.
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  3. "two?" he thought for a second before deciding it could wait and twisting the throttle. the bike sped off and just like that they;d slipped out of Tezron's grips... for now.

    After about five minutes of driving they'd made it onto the highway. Arc settled into a steady cruise in between two cars and turned his head back twards her, yelling so as to e heard past the rushing winds. "So first question, do you have anywhere to go? Anywhere safe from Tezron at least?"
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  4. The Asaur was thrilled by the speed and wind of riding the cycle, and she raised her face to howl.

    "Awh geez. Look, Kid. Name's Aya. Child right here? That's Kaya. We've been 'guests' of Tezron's for the past decade. So we got nowhere to go."

    The Asaur herself stops howling and cuddles up to him, resting her head and closing her eyes.

    "Ayy! Damnit Kaya, you can't sleep now!"
  5. "Huh." was his only reply for a moment there as he processed what was just told to him, and the fact that one digital-sounding voice had been talking to him simultaneous to the girl behind him howling out. "So, are you, like, possessed or something?"
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  6. Kaya looks at the man and giggles. "She's my older sister!" she yips, causing an exasperated groan from the other.

    "In a way. I used to have a body, until Tezron turned me into an AI and implanted me into my sisters brain stem. Didn't work out how they thought it would."
  7. "Huh." was his only reply for a moment there.

    "So, you know, how exactly did they plan on that working? Seems like the kind of plan that;s just bound to backfire to me" he said with a light chuckle. "Anyways, if that's the case, I can take you back to my place for now. Give you somewhere to crash while you figure out where to go next?"
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  8. "They thought their mind contol would transfer with my mind. It didn't."

    "Heeeyy! I'm hungry! Feed me!" the girl named Kaya calls, making the other voice sigh. "We would appreciate somewhere to stay."
  9. "Cool, well anyone out to stick it to those Tezron creeps is a friend in my books. I'll be happy to let you stay at my place."

    twenty minutes later they had gotten off the freeway and had gone back into the streets below. Arc pulled into the parking lot of an apartment complex and parked his bike on the rack, preventing it from suddenly crashing back down to earth when he turned off the engine. He got off the bike and helped the girl off along with before leading her up to the apartment;s 3rd floor where he had his flat. Opening teh door the interior looked like just about what you;d expect from a bachelor's home. It was not exactly 'neat' but not exactly messy either. Furnisings were placed oddly, more for convenience;s sake than for any aesthetic appeal to the arrangement, and the place was almost devoid of frills save for a few projections on the wall. One of a popular actress, two from different games that had come out recently.

    "Welp, here is it, home sweet home. Bathroom's down the hall to the right. Fridge is right over there, help yourself to whatever you want."
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  10. "Thank you." Kaya says, resting her head on his shoulder.
    The wolf girl looked around in excitment as they enter the male's place. She giggles and hugs the man before running to the fridge, looking for stuff to eat.
  11. "So, what exactly did Tezron want with you that they were willing to keep you locked up for a decade?" asked the young man as he followed her into the kitchen, leaning against the wall and crossing his arms. "Those guys will do anything for a doc but I've never known them to be evil just for the shits and giggle of it. What profit were they turning from you?"
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  12. Kaya had pulled out a ham sandwich and taken a bite when the man asks her a question. She swallows and thinks for a moment. "They wanted... something I have? Or something I can do? I... I don't..."

    "It's okay Kaya, rest. She was drugged for the procedure... she needs to work them out before the real her returns."

    "How much to you know about psy-sensitivity?"
  13. Arc made an 'ohhhh' sound when Aya mentioned the drugs, clearly understanding now where all the loopiness came from. However his expression became more firm when she asked her next question.

    "I know the vast majority of supposed psykers are full of shit.. but i know a rare few aren't and that Tezron wouldn't waste the resources to keep shit locked up for ten years.Gotta admit though, this'd be my first time meeting one in the flesh. So what are you two? Some sort of super weapon?"
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  14. "In essence, yes." Aya says as Kaya begins to eat. "Both me and Kaya are psi-sensitive. Our type you might know as technopaths. We are apparently the strongest seen. They thought together, our powers combined could grant them almost complete dominion. Which they could, as once combined we exceeded expectations by 550%. Thankfully, I don't want that. Neither did Kaya after I broke her brainwash."
  15. Arc kept a steady face throughout her explanations, but fought off an incredulous frown as she wrapped up. "And what exactly were those expectations to begin with, that you shattered them so easily?" he asked, looking for a more concrete grasp of what she could actually do. Psy powers tended to manifest in really weird ways after all (or so he'd heard at least).

    "If you have as much power as you claim, it wouldn't make sense for you to have needed me to escape at all."
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  16. "We should have been able to power down a city block. We can disable an entire sector." Aya says bluntly. "Happened a few days ago when I was first set into my sister. Does that put it in perspective?"
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  17. "Huh" replied Arc neutrally as he walked past the girl and opened the refrigerator door, grabbing himself wrap as watching the girl eat had just reminded him of his own hunger. "So why not turn that power on them at that point, shut down their main servers or something?" he asked as he walked over to pop his wrap in the microwave.
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  18. "Pft. You really think this girl can concentrate on anything?" Aya says, referencing the Asaur who was, at this moment, looking transfixed at the kitchen light. "Since I technically don't have a brain, I cannot control it." she says seriously "And she's too drugged to be able to manifest for at least ten more hours."
  19. "Well, that's certainly inconvenient. And of course that means they know that they have about 10 hours before they have a functional, self-aware, anti-metropolis weapon on the loose with a chip on its shoulder against them." As the meal was being warmed up he turned around and walked down the hall, leading out of the front room, turning left. If was only a minute or so before he came back out, two pistols holstered under each arm, a belt of clips at his waist, a remote in hand, and what looked to be a collapsed rifle of some sort clipped to a magnetic plate woven in his jacket. Military grade apparel. In spite he wore a completely stoic expression as he sighed and walked past the girl. "In hind sight: It was really fucking stupid of me to bring you here before asking you that."

    He pulled open the oven door, retrieved his meal with a solemn look, and shut closed the microwave. In tandem with the door slamming closed, there was a thunderous crack as shotgun rounds blast through the apartment door, blowing the lock clean off. Unphased, he pressed on the top button of his remote and the holo-poster facing the front door deactivated, revealing an alcove in which sat a small mounted defence turret. Its movement detectors whirred the gun into action and the three Tezron agents only had enough time to kick in the door (arc found unnecessary really, considering the lock was already blasted off. a simple push woudl have done) and burst in with their weapons drawn before each being shot with several darts. Before the agents could react their systems were pumped with paralyzing neurotoxin. The effect was almost instant as all of their muscles constricted outwards from the points of impact and they dropped to the ground unable to move and gasping for air.

    "So, am I to assume the tracking devices they have on you are outright surgically implanted, or were you just dumb enough to not check your clothes before escaping?" asked Arc calmly before taking a bite of his beef wrap.
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