The copper manor

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  1. There is a large Manor in the middle of the country called Copperdot and it has been passed down to the copper family for years, and has passed down to Dorian Copper , a nervous war veteran constantly living with nightmares of the war. He, his aging mother, and other family members happily move into the estate as soon as they lost there home in the city but there is something weird about the house as if a dark magic is strong there.

    Dorian stood in front of the large fireplace a large black hound at his side and he also held of a glass of whisky in his right hand. He sometimes pushed the glass to his lips to drink it and occassionaly he just moved the glass in a circle making the whisky turn. He was waiting on his family to come down the stairs for dinner and he was getting impatient and slightly angry.
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    Mana was the yongest family member in the house. she wa 6 years old. she liked a lot of stuff. teddys dolls. what normale little kids like. her mother made her move to uncle Dorian home because she couldnt take her any more.

    she hoped down the stairs making herself know that she was coming. once she was at the bottom she ran to where she knew her uncle was. her hair was short and was red oraange like hair. her eyes where baby blue. she was waering her school unaform with a half golden eagle.
  3. It took Dorian a while to hear Mana coming down the stairs he continued to drink from the glass of whiskey and the large dog at his side had trotted of to investigate the sound.One of his hands was on a cane which he used to support him even though he was quite young and the other held the glass, he was not quite sure what he would do if anyone in his family caught him drinking the whiskey, he was not supposed to drink it only made his nightmares worse but he thought it cleared his head and thats why he drank it.
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  4. The middle child. Not exactly a very desirable position in a family, but it was one Matt carried with... well, not exactly pride, but she didn't mind it much, either. While she didn't particularly care about being unique, some did tend to pause at her boyishly short red hair and plain style of dress, usually consisting of button-down shirts and pants. She was of a medium height, somewhere between five feet, and five-seven. The girl made her way down the stairs some time after Mana, arms crossed just beneath her chest.

    (One-time out of character note; this is the image used as a base for describing Matt.)
  5. Dorian continued to drink from the glass and he watched the fire in the fire place dance. He lifted his head hearing someone else coming down the stairs and he coughed slightly as the whiskey goes down the wrong way. He places his glass on the fireplace and put both of his hands on the cane to support himself as he tryed to figure out who was coming down the stairs.
  6. "You drinking again?" Matt asked once she hit the bottom of the stairs and entered the room, having caught that cough moments before she got down there. She didn't really agree with Dorian's less than savory habits, but there wasn't really much she could do about it on her own. A disapproving gaze only worked for so long, after all.
  7. "It does not consern you" he said as he look down at Matt and he took one of his hands off the cane. As he looked at her the expression on his face was cold and almost angry. He then lifted his head and looked at the oppisite wall he knew he was in the wrong but he could not really just stop.
  8. Matt huffed. "That's on you. Don't blame me when you regret drinking it, though." she shrugged. If Dorian wasn't going to take care of himself, she wasn't going to run herself up a wall worrying about it. At least, not outwardly. Inwardly, of course she was worried; Dorian was family and she cared about him.
  9. "It helps me clear my head" he said looking at her and even though he was angry he had been caught he knew she was right and he would regret it later on. He picked up the glass again and took one more sip before chucking the rest of the whiskey into the fireplace and putting the glass on the table.
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  10. Matt remained silent from there on, though she wasn't really all that hungry. She considered heading outside for a little while to kill time, get away from the house for a little. "Hm..."
  11. " well if you have nothing more to moan at me about" he said then began to walk to the door his cane hitting of the wooden floor loudly.
  12. Mana was came in late because of something she saw. she then went back to see uncle leaving the room. "UNCLE" she yelled out smiling and arms wide for a hug. "Uncle where the food I'm hunger" she said not noticing Mett.
  13. Dorian put on a fake smile and he wrapped his right arm around her saying " Food will be soon Mana dont you worry. A fake smile was still on his face and his eyes still had a cold and a some what annoyed look.
  14. "whats wrong Unc..." she stopped when she noticed Mett and glared at her. she looked at Uncle and said "I'm going to my room"
  15. "No you must not" he said as he grabbed one of her arms weakly to stop her from walking off.
  16. Matt could tell when she wasn't wanted. She gave a slight wave of her hand and made her way off in the opposite direction, losing all will she had to be downstairs any longer. "You know what, I'm just gonna go lay down." she shrugged.
  17. "This family" dorian said in a hushed tone so no one could hear him. He shook his head his hand still holding on to Mana's arm but his head was turned to look at Matt.
  18. Mana looked up at uncle when she wad about to say something mett bet her to it. she looked at Mett then at Uncle "whats wong Uncle why cant I go to my room?"
  19. "Im ... sorry you can go" he said as he let go of her arm quickly then put his hand back onto his cane.
  20. Mana looked at her uncle with confusoin then smiled. "thank you kUncle " she said then ran to her room to get her book