The Cop and The Killer

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  1. The cops have been hunting down her for many years now one cop will change that.

    and maybe change her heart

    (place already taken)

    Name: Night wood (killer name: Chick with a chainsaw)
    age: 28
    job: killer
    looks: [​IMG]
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  2. Name: Aaron Chase
    Age: 30
    Occupation: Policeman
    Weapon: A hacking phone, a portable nightstick, and 9mm handgun.
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  3. Night wood has been a killer seince she was young. she injoys beeing a killer but now she beening hunted down by the man named Aaron.

    Aaron has been on Night woods tail of awilhe and almost had her too. he wont make that mistake twice.

    what happens if both have fell in love? this is there story

    "shit hes at it again and i cant shake him" Night said to herself as she ran throw an ally way. her hair pulled into two small ponytails on the side of her head and her cheer outfit on. she looked behind her to see him still. she growns and turns left to a dead end. "shit" she said to her self she didnt turned to him when he knew he got her
  4. "I finally got you Night. I have permission and authorization to kill you...just thought you should know that." Aaaron approached her slowly. His NYPD hat worn tightly on his head, his trench coat picking up air and blowing in the wind. Aaron aimed his 9mm at her. "Turn around slowly please!"
  5. "Kiss my ass, Aaron" she said not turning round. she was lookong around ith her eyes not moving her head. to see an way outof here. befor he hands cuffs her and dragged her ass to jall or fucken wost get her fucking brains blown up by him. "dont be shoock that i know your name love"
  6. "H-how do you know my name?" Aaoron pulled out his phone and activated a camera with a mic nearby the rest of the NYPD could hear the conversation. He did it as secretly as possible.
  7. "you know your not the only one who can hack right" she smiles and still does not turn. she sighs "sorry to do this but a girls got to do what a girl gota do" she back kick to his hand and make him drop his gun. she then tackles him to the ground almost ready to punch him but then when she saw his face. she froze
  8. Aaron was shocked once he was kicked down, but then he closed his eyes and waited for the impact. He realized that he'd felt no pain yet. He opened one eye only to see an attractive body on top of him, and a cute face, with a beautiful pair of eyes staring into his. "S-so th-this is what you look like huh...y-you know we have n-never gotten a solid picture of you back at the p-police station..." Aaron swallowed, for he had just noticed the way she was sitting on top of him. "U-um...y-you can g-get off now..."
  9. Night blushed a little she didnt know why but she did 'hes a lot hansom in prewon' she thought then she shaked her head hearing the last part then says "no" then puched him in the face. wich hurt her hand. she blows on her heand and gets up.
  10. Aaron felt blood trickling out of his nose after the hit. "Ouch! Damn it! I need to stop letting my guard're under arrest Night." he said getting up and picking up his gun aiming back at her once more.
  11. she sighs. "your a fool you know but i cind of like that" she said walking up to him and once she was close to him she made her fingers walk up his chest. "go on come and get me" she whisper in his ear. she smiles then kiss him maybe to deep. becuse she culd stop once she begain.
  12. Aaron immediately kissed back with no hesitation. He closes his eyes and let his tongue play with hers, then he pulled away. "Wait...wh-what are we doing?"
  13. "this" she said and nuts him and runs away. "thanks for the kiss Aaron i injoyed it will it lasted" she said geting away fast. soon she was lost in the crould of people
  14. Aaron fell to his knees in pain. He looked up and watched her disappear into the New York crowd. "Damn..." he murmured as he hit the ground. He then looked up at the was recording the whole time. His phone rang. "Return to the office now! That's a fucking order!" the commander yelled. Shit! he thought to himself. He got back into his car that was right outside of the alley way and he drove off.
  15. Night smiled and got to a chep motial in new york. she payed cash like always. she wanted to stay a low profil now that she new he was still after her. she soon leaves the motila to get a new outfit. she called her friend from the motal phoneand told himmto get hrr a High school of thedead outfit for here and sand it to a diffrent motal.
  16. Once he got back to the NYPD office he rushed towards the commander's office. "You're fired Chase. NO questions asked. The badge and your gun. Now! And don't forget the phone!" Aaron gave him the badge hesitantly. "...the phone Chase! Right now!" Aaron held a tight grip on the phone. He then looked at it and then hacked the electric feed to the building. The lights were cut off abruptly. Aaron made his escape swiftly and quietly. He blended in with the crowd pulling his scarf over his mouth so other cops wouldn't recognize him. He let the light back on, and walked off. He went to a nearby ally then pulled out his phone. He took out his phone and looked for any recent activity from Night. He got results with in seconds. She had gotten off the phone with someone not too long ago. His phone recognized her voice. The phone she used was in a motel nearby. He made his way to that hotel. He didn't want to turn her in anymore...he just wanted...her...
  17. Night was waiting for the phone call. she sighed bored her though of turning on the tv and taking a shower so she did but she didnt take a shower. she took a bath so she could sot in and breath.she stiped down to nothing and diped into the steamy water as she loseaned to the Tv play. she sigh and ducks her head under the water
  18. After getting to the building he followed his phone to her room. Once he got to her door he hacked the lock silently. He leaned in and took a look inside. He didn't see her, but he noticed the bathroom light was on. He then cracked open the bathroom door and noticed her feet hanging out of the bathtub. Sh-shit she's in the tub...she's naked...I can't see her which is good, but...shit... He backed out slowly almost positive she heard the door slam.
  19. "Whos there" she called out to who ever was out there. she grabbed a twole and raped t around her self. she grabbed a punger ready to hit anyne with it. i the count of tree she opened the door and holded out the punger like she was going to kill someone wth iy
  20. "Woah!" he yelled in shock! "It's me! Aaron! Jesus! I'm not a cop anymore, so I really can't arrest you...just settle down!"
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