The Convergence

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  1. What would happen if all the universes began to crash into one another? Well, wormholes, of course. And eventually - KABOOM!

    This roleplay will begin in the normal modern world, where groups from various universes will meet up and eventually begin questing to find the source of this disaster, and hopefully stop it before all life ends. To begin with, it will be very much a freeform roleplay, but in time the quest will become the main focus.

    You may have as many characters as you like, but I do ask that you try to use canon characters as much as possible. Any fandom is acceptable, and keep in mind that the fandom universes can be visited by the characters - so long as we've got a native to take them there. Anyway, try to a 1:1 ratio of OCs an canons.

    All usual rules apply, feel free to ask me if you have any questions.

    Character Sheet (Add or ommit at your leisure)

  2. Name: Robin Goodfellow
    Age: Old...He's forgotten his exact age, but he's been around a while.
    Species: Puck
    Fandom: Leandros Series
    Gender: Male
    Powers: Resistant to poison
    Weapons: Favours swords and hand to hand
    Background: Robin was the second puck ever to be born, and also happens to be the only one currently attempting monogamy. He has spent his life doing what pucks do best - living in the lap of luxury, shagging anything that moves and tricking anyone and everyone out of their belongings. He was once almost married, and since then has been extremely lonely. He can currently be found under the guise of Rob Fellows, selling used cars.
    Personality: Extremely outgoing and charming, Robin can charm anyone out of their clothes, or anything else he might have in mind. He lives for the challenge of stealing and general trickery, although beneath this apparent lack of morals lies an inherently good and slightly scarred man. He doesn't like to let people get too close, as he has lost far too many in the past, thanks to his longevity. However, those he does form bonds with he becoms extremely close to and will protect to the death.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Other: Owns a mummified cat by the name of Salome.
  3. Name: Dawn Willow
    Age: 15
    Species: Enhanced human speices
    Gender: Female
    Powers: Is super fast and strong. Is really useful in hand-to-hand combat. She also had a pair of wings. (if its aloud in this roleplay!)
    Weapons: Hunting Knife
    Background: Since she was little. Dawn had lived among the regular humans. She was taken away from her parents when she was born to be experimented on. She Was returned when they were finished with her. Her parents new that they had done something to her. She was diiferent and when Dawn turned 3 years old she got her wings. She gew up only relying on herself and never trusting others. Alone and scared she trained herself.
    Personality: Caring, Outgoing, Keeps to herself, never talks unless in an intense battle.
  4. Excellent. Hopefully we'll get some more interest soon.