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    The craft had lifted off mere hours ago, at approximately 4:15AM Eastern standard time, and was now approaching the pale landscapes of the antarctic. The Cheran V-3 was a spectacle to the eye of an observer. A supersonic jet airplane, easily capable of clearing New York to London in roughly two hours.

    But what was so precious that it had to be delivered to such a desolate part of this world?...


    The craft made its descent, small thrusters situated on the belly of the flying machine as it touched down. Off a short distance away were a series of structures-- Buildings which housed men, including a recreational area/cafeteria, research laboratories, and personal shacks for those in charge, and a brig for any prisoners, though the reasoning behind it was unknown. The buildings themselves were mostly a light shade of grey, all designed to appear incredibly sturdy.

    Of the first to exit was a figure suited in golden plate armor, a hand rested upon the hilt of his sheathed blade as another hand remain at his side. under the shining plates of gold was chain mail of silver that shined just as equally, their combined radiance making for an almost celestial appearance, taking a moment to stroke his full beard, looking on around.

    "Alright. Looks simple enough." Spoke Gary Roland, wielder of Excalibur and champion to the wizard Merlin as he projected his voice to the other members of his 'squad,' followed by several normal military folk and civilian research scientists piling out,with some equipment and supplies-- Of which The Contenders had been able to offer passage on their comfortable craft and to sit the ride through its interiors which in itself could have been the team's headquarters.

    "Animal, Maverick. I'll stand at the front. I'll need someone in the middle and back of our crowd of scientists. You'll each have a handful of troops to keep you company incase anyone shows. Now remember, we're here for two reasons: Protecting the research base, and finding out where the hell Tlaloc is, and why the hell an Aztec God is stuck in the Arctic."
  2. As soon as Gary had exited the ramp to observe their surroundings a lithe form shoot past him, taking a few bounding strides before depositing itself into a tall snow bank with a soft thump. There was a flurry of snow as Emily thrashed about, her wings flapping in short powerful bursts sending the spray of white powder up into the air. Some of the scientists that were disembarking looked on with small smiles, a few shaking their heads at her display. Over the last hour or so they had seen her transition from a state of high excitement when they first got on the plane, to her finding a quiet space and passing into a comatose like sleep for the remainder of the fight, having only just woken up as they touched down. And now here she was having the time of her life in a five foot pile of snow.

    Suddenly as she heard Gary start to speak the tumbling stopped and her two cat like ears rammed forward in a show of interest, the rest of her copying the look as she sat bolt upright. Jumping down from where she had been perched on top of the snow pile she trotted over to where Gary stood. Circling around him twice in expression of excitement she finally seemed to settle down enough to actually listen. Often people doubted how much she actually comprehended, sure there was an intelligence in the way she navigated through life. However, there would be times when people would be talking to her and it would take them all of three seconds to realize that she had not been listening from the get go, and had instead taken extreme interest in a bug crawling on the wall.

    But, for now she seemed to understand, walking over to her assigned group of troops and sitting down next to them as though laying some sort of claim. This only lasted only a few moments before she was up and moving about again. First going over to examine the equipment that they were laying out. Most of the scientists were very unsure how to act around this strange girl, a couple giving nervous laughs and moving their equipment an inch or two away from her when she drew too close. This was also usually accompanied by an exclamation of "that's not to play with" or something to that effect. Some of the scientists just gave her a smile as she got close and one even passing her a small strip of frozen something or other from one of the supply packs. Powerful jaws crushed easily through the layer of frost that had formed over the food item, the only problem that arises was that the strip was a bit to long so it stuck comically out of the side of her mouth for a bit before she could maneuver it into a more manageable position. The scientist that had given her the tidbit gave a soft chuckle and went to give her a pay on the head only to find the she had seemed to materialize several feet away from where she had just been crouched.
  3. By the time that Maverick--her arms stretched over her head in an obnoxiously wide yawn--had stumbled her way out of the aircraft and towards the snow, the head of their merry little band was already mid-way through his instructions. Never one to care too highly for what was being said around her, however, Maverick merely shrugged a quiet "I am pretending to hear you" and set to glare at the snow, kicking at the edge of it with her old boots. "Ugh. I had forgotten about snow." She announced with an expression akin to disdain, having reverted to poking at it with one heel as though it were a living thing, "Its cold, isn't it?" The woman lifted her head and took a sniff of the air, scrunching her nose and nearly sneezing at the sudden influx of cold, "Aaah, it is. Gross."

    With a long-suffering sigh that sounded suspiciously hollow and not so very annoyed, the ex-captain took a long step and thudded loudly into the snow, kicking it up with each step as she made her way next to Gary, pausing in an attempt to ruffle Animal's hair as the crazy girl bolted by before both hands were back in the pockets of her overcoat. "I'll take the back", she assured with a sniff, wiggling her nose as though she'd inhaled snow and giving away her secret-attentiveness all in one, "Better that way if things go to all hell--at the very least I can give everyone a hasty exit to the Sweet." She turned to the other, giving him a telling look, "Which, by the way, is in the tropics. Where it is warm. And not cold."

    Maverick shifted, rolling her shoulders with a lopsided grin, before finally setting her gaze about, "Mm...air feels a bit funny, don't it? Maybe we should scout ahead before we bring the whole crew--wouldn't do to lose all our mates 'fore we get anything done. Oi! Animal!" The ex-captain's coat tails sailed as she abruptly turned to face in the opposite direction, one hand on the hilt of her sword as she set her gaze on the other girl, "You smell anything weird? Anything...." She scrunched her face and made a circular motion with one hand, seeking a word and clearly not succeeding, "Oh, you know. Evil-Crazy-Fucking-Weirdo-Psycho-God-y..ish.. Smell anything like that?"
  4. "Yes Mav. It's cold: I think the briefing should have made that very clear if you were paying attention." Responded Gary, as he looked towards their destination again. He overheard her mention of 'The Sweet,' and her disdain for the local climate. Animal herself seemed to fare much better, appearing to be considerably peaceful with the scientists. Maverick then spoke on the concern that was already forming in his mind. But just as he opened his mouth to respond, Maverick was already quick to call Animal up to do something.

    "Yes, I suppose we could stand to have some recon done-- Here, let me take care of it. I can fly and take more hits than you guys."

    With that, Gary levitated into the air, and sped off to investigate ahead, returning within a few short moments to indicate the coast was clear, and doing so for the better part of the trek towards the base, Gary keeping quiet and scratching away at his beard rather often. Eventually he would go on to run a hand through his hair, and even run his thumb along his brows. Becoming 'King Arthur' was incredible enough, but inhabiting a world where threats could come in many more forms than just magical foes tying into the whole fantasy feel told him right off the bat that nothing was impossible, and they could be bum-rushed by anything imaginable.

    Thankfully with most of the scientists and troops thoughts' preoccupied, the base was actually growing close, and fast.


    Underneath some ice was a black underwater craft. It was small, designed to hold a handful of troops and little else as a kind of drop-ship. Inside was a lone pilot masked by a dull grey suit of armor with a single infrared visor upon the face-plate with which to see. Inside the actual interior of the craft beyond the pilot's area were several troops in white armor of pure white-- Not unlike an imperial stormtrooper with a kind of ultra-durable plastic, merged with the designs of hazmat equipment. But standing at the center was a lone figure in a sleeveless set of his own armor, dark green with bits of red, such as on the chest and the visor of his hood/mask which did not obscure his mouth area.

    "You shall be the first deployed, with another Aqua-5Q1D Unit holding the other operative and a few more troops. They will remain on board to assist in escape once you have intercepted the Aztec deity. Designation 'Equalizer,' are the details clear?"

    "Don't repeat yourself." Responded the man, keeping his hands behind his back and a tall confident posture about himself. "Just remember I'm only gonna do the clobbering and heavy lifting; All else is a no-no. I'm not killing anyone."

    "Certainly. We realize you advertised yourself solely as a 'superhuman for hire.' Though you do admit you are prepared to act in self-defense, no?"

    "...Maybe. But it probably won't come to that."

    "Of course. Our other operative will still capture Tlaloc so you may proceed to act as the powerhouse of this mission."

    "Right. I'm off."

    And with that, he entered another small room, just bigger than the cockpit: The deployment chamber. Water began to flood into the chamber, Spike casually whistling a tune until the water rose up to mouth level and the door began to open on the confirmation that he was properly equipped to exit.

    "Cake." He thought to himself. "One research base, and a god who's too hung up to brawl, or use that spirit rattle thing they mentioned. I can get the money easy this time..."
  5. Emily whipped her head around when she heard Maverick call her name and ask her if she smelled anything funny. As she talked Animal's head just slowly drifted off to the side so that by the end it was cocked in and expression of mild confusion. She had been about to get up when Gary levitated up and flew off to do a bit of scouting. Standing up she chased Gary's shadow to edge of the landing platform before skidding to a halt. As she had run her wings had given a few half hearted pumps, not nearly enough to get her off the ground but, at least she was trying the movements. For the past couple weeks she had been getting flying lessons, and over all they had not been getting very far. Sure she could navigate her way down from high perches but, it was never graceful and often with a rough landing once she reached the bottom.

    Once Gary got back and they started off towards the squat grey buildings int he distance Emily took up her spot in the middle of the group. Through out the trek she was constantly moving, starting on one side of the back of scientists and slowly making her way through the middle of the group to the other side, repeating as often as she deemed necesary. Then sometimes she would just trot off a little ways, something catching her interest in this seemingly baren land. Only once did she actually return with something. A large chunk of ice with something frozen in the center. After one of the scientists pried it from her jaws a group of them spent much of the rest of the hike trying to decided what the thing had been before it had been crushed partially eaten and then frozen in a two inch thick layer of ice.

    For most of the walk Emily kept up an energetic and playful air, but once they started to get closer to the buildings she got kind of surpressed. To her the towering buildings bore a distinct resemblance to the hospitals she remembered and while she was unsure whether or not this structures were actually what she feared them to be she was still very cautious as they approuched.