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  1. In the Majestic-Verse, on Earth-66...

    When the games become serious, when one champion is not enough, they come together to become the pro-team to change the score.



    Quote(s): -Optional-
    Fun Facts: -Optional-
    Extra: -Optional-

    (Feel free to add more details. Remove nothing that lacks the 'Optional' bit)




    DESCRIPTION: The newly formed Contenders receive a strange delivery: The spirit rattle of the Aztec god of rain and storms, Tlaloc himself! On behalf of the Aztec Pantheon, the team must recover the downed god before he is taken by an unknown organization that's dispatched its own agents to find Tlaloc...

    ISSUE #4: ???
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  2. Name: Gary Roland
    Alias/Nicknames: King Arthur, Merlin's Champion, Excalibur's wielder
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Appearance: Gary Roland himself is a caucasian male possessing light brown medium length hair, and a full beard, standing at 5 feet 10 inches.

    In costume, Gary possesses silver chain mail, with chest and backplates, boots, and wrist bracers of gold, with a short white cape that covers one shoulder (often his left), which comes with a popped up collar.

    History: Gary Roland was previously a recently graduated archaeologist. It was a profession he had fought since youth with both his parents to procure, the both of them having desired their boy to become a doctor. He defied them, and simply kept his work up in school to achieve his own goals, much of what he's accomplished thanks to the help of teachers and mentor figures who helped him get into college to study his dream career. After accepting to help out on an excursion in Europe, he came across the wizard Merlin, who appoints him the new wielder of Excalibur, and the reborn King Arthur, champion to the downtrodden!


    Excalibur/Arthur's Arsenal- As King Arthur, Gary possesses the enchanted brittanian steel sword, Excalibur. It possesses the power with which to stand toe to toe with the most supernatural of weapons and powers. In addition, Gary is allowed several other weapons said to belong to King Arthur previously, though none of which he's seen and used are as powerful as Excalibur.

    Conversational Crystal- The wizard merlin has gifted Gary with the power to contact him both while empowered and de-powered, through the use of a small crystal which opens portals, smaller ones for purely communicational purposes, and larger ones to travel to Merlin's lair, or to send items and spells. As King Arthur, it is embedded in his left gauntlet, also allowing for the casting of any allowed spells.


    Archaeology: Gary possesses a master's degree in Archaeology.

    Swordsmanship/Melee Combat: Merlin has trained Gary in the usage of blades and other weaponry.


    Flight: Gary is capable of defying gravity through mystical means yet unknown.

    Superhuman Strength: Even without the sword, he possesses a degree of superhuman strength.

    Spellcasting: Gary's left gauntlet holds a crystal mostly used to communicate with others, but it can also cast spells so long as Merlin permits them.


    Radiation- Concentrated radiation interferes with the magical power of Excalibur.

    Merlin's Beck and Call- The power of King Arthur was granted by Merlin. Should Gary ever abuse it, Merlin has the power to remove his abilities.


    "I am Arthur! King of Britain reborn!"

    "Right, and you suppose I'm to believe that we're not a little too powerful?"

    Fun Facts: Gary actually prefers other civilizations to study, his responsibilities as King Arthur shoving much medieval knowledge down his throat, often unbelievable fantastical facts that he can never talk about, lest he sound mad.
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  3. Name: Stephen Henry Garrett
    Alias/Nicknames: Equalizer, Spike
    Species: Human/Energy Being
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Appearance: Spike is a caucasian male standing at 6 feet tall, and sporting short jet black hair. When utilizing his powers, he may give off a light blue glow.

    First Appearance Costume: When Spike first appears, he conceals his identity using a hood and visor, covering the rest of his body in lightweight armor.

    Regular Costume:
    History: Spike Garrett was previously the son of an industrialist who specialized in electronics. Sometime into his late teens, his father was struck with illness as he made plans for college. This of course took a toll on his education, and only worsened any hopes of becoming a successor to the family business, Spike's father having previously been planning on passing on Garrett International to a trusted second in command, having not held high hopes for his son, a very laid back and relaxed young man.

    Eventually Garrett International entered a financial struggle, Spike's father's friends offering to take over, but having difficulty operating. Shortly after, Spike came into contact with a mysterious, and powerful man who offered him wealth and excitement through the study of an extra-dimensional energy source that had been recently discovered by this man and his cohorts. Spike accepted, his father's needs met, he himself offering to test the effects of the ED rays on a human being, unbeknownst to Spike that he was in fact not the first, and was actually meant to become a kind of super-soldier. He was later released from captivity on the guarantee that he would be called upon one day.

    Since then, he had taken up a job as a 'Superhuman for Hire,' fancy wording for 'Mercenary Work,' his latest assignment being to help retrieve the body of Tlaloc, lord of the storms and disease.

    Items/Weaponry: Spike carries an omni-functional communicator device which he keeps in his belt.

    Scientific Experience- Spike's father made sure he was given a good understanding of several areas of scientific research.

    Acting- Spike had previously been studying dramatic and theatrical arts before attending to the needs of his father.


    Kinetic Energy Manipulation- Spike is capable of enhancing his physical power through kinetic energy, as well as his speed and agility.

    Ionic Physiology- Spike's bone and muscle structure have been altered radically by extra-dimensional energy. He is now more durable, and capable of surviving in hostile environments such as outer space.

    Enhanced Jump/Flight - Spike is capable of leaping vast heights and distances, and is developing the power of supersonic flight.

    Extra-Dimensional Energy Control: Spike has been known to turn into a being of pure Extra-Dimensional energy, and more commonly to fire such energy as concussive force beams.


    Energy attacks- Other forms of energy directed at him as an attack alters his structure, and greatly bothers him.


    "You think you're the strongest fella alive? Wait till the Equalizer changes that!"

    "It's all Extra-Dimensional. Can't control much else besides Kinetic Energy."

    Fun Facts: Spike seems to be addicted to snack/junk foods like potato chips and cheese puffs, usually having some on him at all times.
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  4. Name: Emily Turner

    Alias/Nicknames: The Animal, girl, or Em, have all been used.
    Species: human (mutant)
    Gender: female
    Age: 18

    Appearance: At her full height Em stands 5’5. This in conjunction with a thin, lean frame gives the impression of someone much weaker than she actually is. However, it can often be a bit hard to get a read on how tall or built she actually is as she spends much of her time crouched on all fours. Her hair is a mousy brown and has been hacked back to her shoulders for simplicities sake. Her eyes are large and almond shaped, with dark brown irises and pupils that can change size dramatically. Her ears are long and are conical in shape much like a cats, they are the same color as her hair and can go through a wide range of movements. Growing out of her back she has two wings. Each is slate grey that blends into a darker shade towards the tips of her wings. She also has a tail, it is just over four feet in length and provides her with the extra balance she needs when running. The tail is the same color as her wings only instead of a steady transition to a darker grey near the end it has just a solid band of color on the end.
    Since she does have wings, cat like ears, and a tail Em does not really require a full costume to hide her identity, nor has she ever tried to. When on the job she sports a black sport tee-shirt, and green cargo pants. Shoes are added onto the outfit if it is cold, if there is something she could cut her feet on, or if they are traveling, however during missions she has been none to lose her shoes at some point or another.

    History: From the time she was born to the age of seven Emily lived a very normal life with two parents and a medium sized extended family. However just a couple months after she turned seven she was involved in a chemicals spill, her class had been visiting the plant when some idiot on a fork lift hit one of the holding vats causing a massive spill. Thankfully the class was positioned far enough away that they were not hit dead on and so no one was killed. However everyone in the class had to get extensive blood work and a couple other tests to make sure no one was poisoned. Of the class six kids needed to be hospitalized, one of those kids was Emily. They had found something very odd with her blood work, her genetic code seemed to be changing every time they looked at it as though it was struggling to counter the effects of the chemicals. It turned out that she had mutant DNA that made her highly susceptible to changes, anything that put pressure on her systems could potentially cause her DNA to change. Some how the wrong people got ahold of this information and it was not long before they came for her. They were very clever about it, telling her parents that she had developed some rare life threatening condition and only they had the faculties to treat her and it would all be for free.
    Her parents were informed of her untimely death nine months after that. In the lab Emily was slowly twisted and transformed. They pushed her body and her body adapted to keep the young girl alive. As the years went by her mind slowly began to give. There is only so much that anyone can take and at some point her mind just snapped. After that she was never quite the same, she never spoke words that anyone could understand, and her manner was much more animalistic, much more instinctual. There are few specifics that she remembers from that time, only flashes of memories, the strong dislike for particular smells, and the fear she holds for hospitals and doctors. At age fourteen she made her escape. For three years she lived solely off what she could hunt or gather herself. It was a tough existence and eventually she found herself being drawn back into the city. At first it was wonderful, all the sounds and smells, and so much food that people had left out. But, things quickly changed, the constant noise hurt her ears and she found herself being chased and yelled at after she stole a couple pieces of fruit off a vender's cart. Not knowing what else to do she fled under ground, choosing for her next home the complex maze of tunnels and pipes of the cities rail way system and maintenance tunnels. For a year she lived underground investigating all the tunnels often surprised to find shinny rocks that people seemed to drop down into the tunnels. For food she found herself stealing more and more often until eventually encountered the Contenders.

    Items/Weaponry: She doesn't carry around items for use in battle. She relies on her own skills and her body for attacks.
    Mental Map- she has a very keen sense of direction and has a good memory for directions.

    Sneaking- Having spent a year or two actually having to hunt for her food she has become quite good at ambush hunting and generally just being quiet.

    Speed and stamina- Having her body either in high gear or completely crashed does have its benefits. One is that she is much faster than the average person, and she is able keep going for a long time.

    Tooth and claw- In that animalistic way of hers, her canine teeth are nearly a half an inch longer than the average persons making her increased jaw strength that much more dangerous, and her nails are also harder.

    Enhanced senses- Her senses of hearing, smell, and sight have been greatly enhanced.

    Shut down- If she concentrates really hard or if her body is under enough stress she can actually collapse her lungs and stop her heart. To actually start her heart again takes a lot more effort and usually requires someone else nearby either to give her some kind of jolt whether literally or figuratively.

    Glide- while she can't fly she can glide a bit, which is useful for getting down out of high places. However at the moment she is still very unsure about her flight abilities and while in air she is hardy graceful.

    Noise- Her ears are very sensitive so it makes sense that very loud noise can cause her a lot of distress. Also very high pitch noises can be a problem but, some worse than others. For example a dog whistle will drive her crazy and the louder and higher a sound gets from there the worse time she has with it.

    Durability- While she is faster than the average person, has the strength to leap long distances, and can bite through a human femur, everything that can hurt a human can hurt her. A well placed punch by someone with superhuman strength can easily take her out.

    Poisons- Since her metabolism runs at such a high pace she is almost always the first one to feel the effects of everything from sleep agents to poisons. This can be very dangerous because the drugs will hit her system all at once which can result with her going into some kind of shock.

    Flight- while Em does have wings she has never learned to use them beyond the occasional short glide. While this is not a total setback the fact that she has wings means that people often assume that she can use them. This can end up with some odd situations usually involving her either stuck in some high place unable to get down, or down some place unable to join her teammates in aerial battles.

    Diving- as far as swimming abilities go let’s just say she is good at that doggy paddle and leave it at that. As long as she keeps her wings above the water she can putter around however, if her wings start to get wet they will weigh her down and if they get wet enough she will sink like a stone.

    Hospitals- She has an intense fear of hospitals and doctors. It is doubtful that she can read as she will walk straight up to a hospital or doctors office however the second she catches the smell of the place or spots someone in the lab coat or carrying and medical instruments she will balk. She has been getting a bit better lately and has even managed to bring herself to visit a hospital room, however this usually entails her entering through a window and if a doctor or nurse was to suddenly enter the room she would be making a quick exit out the same window.
    Fun Facts: She has two stomachs, just one of those odd things added onto her physiology. Her “false” stomach is located higher up than her normal one and possesses none of the normal functions. But since it doesn’t digest things Em has been known to swallow items and store them in the pouch until she sees fit to cough them up again. Speaking of stomachs she has a habit of eating everything, she does not care if it is raw, burnt to a crisp, or a bit moldy on one side, if she can chew it or if she can fit it down her throat she is eating it.

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  5. Thanks! I might add another character at a later point, once the rp has started.
  6. Name: Maverick Williams

    Alias/Nicknames: "The Maverick"

    Species: Mutant

    Gender: Female

    Age: Appears to be in her early twenties, but her real age has been lost in the timestream.


    An attractive enough girl, Maverick will always walk a line of androgeny. Not particularly curvy and not particularly broad, she tightropes her looks perfectly between masculine and feminine and doesn’t seem to be too concerned on the matter. Maverick is best known for her lopsided grin, green eyes bright and entertained with all there is in the world, and for the spattering of freckles across her nose. However, while she approaches the world with a sort of lenient exuberance, as though unafraid of any consequences of her actions, there’s a flicker of experience and wisdom in her eyes that does not quite match her apparent age.
    Maverick’s hair is a rusty brown sort of color that darkens and lightens depending on the season. She wears it generally up away from her face, but when it is down it falls just below her jaw and is quite wavy with a section of it prone to fall over her eyes despite being repeatedly tucked behind one ear.

    Lead me to the warzone; Lead me to the fighting;

    It’s never completely easy to tell when Maverick is out of uniform. Her uniform isn’t always the exact same outfit—sometimes she mixes and matches pieces—and pieces of what should be her “save the world” gear, often ends up in her “I need to go shopping” wardrobe. What is, consistent with her uniform, however, is the very bottom layer—a form fitting suit that is a very deep blue in color with a white stripe that goes down on the sides.
    It should be noted that while she agrees whole heartedly with your typical armored spandex getup, she matches her slim fitted gear with mid-calf to knee high boots and one of the many long coats she’s collected over the years. She is perhaps most recognizable in the rococo age long coat she acquired in her years of piracy and a set of goggles looped around her neck.


    Whoever Maverick Williams was before she was scared out of her mind is a question that she can never answer. Distantly, in the back of her mind where she keeps all of the needlessly human emotions such as fear and sorrow, there are a collection of memories that she no longer accesses. The rich texture of a velvet coat; the rustling sounds of many thick skirts; the warmth of a leather clad palm so very much larger than her own clasping one hand and delicate softness of long fingers on the other...these are things that brush against her subconscious mind when she is in her deepest sleep only to fade away by morning.

    The reality of the matter is that, Maverick Williams was once Madeline Maverick Williams. She was the beloved daughter of a well to do family in the late 1800s in London, England whose favorite things in the whole wide world was a little doll with a porcelain face, and the fat white pony her father purchased her for her sixth birthday. She did not remain, Madeline Maverick Williams for very much of her life, however. According to official records, in fact, little Madeline Maverick Williams died at only eight...burned to death in a fire that destroyed her family’s country home.

    It was fear that triggered her mutation--absolute and complete terror at her mother’s screams as she writhed on the ground, her skirts and hair ablaze and at the constant, frantic yells of her father as he tried desperately to keep the flames away from his darling girl while he himself was covered with them. Madeline’s power activated as the first flames began to lick at her skirts, a portal to another time and place opening up beneath her feet and taking her safely away.

    It was many, many decades later that a little girl, singed around the edges and hiccuping around her tears appeared inside an american submarine while it was deep underwater.
    During that period, Madeline still aged normally. She was taken in by the wife of one of the naval officers on board the submarine, and while her memories were all but eaten away by the shock, she was a well behaved and fairly happy child. She was 13 when her powers activated again, the newspapers the next day marking her death as the victim of a drunken driver’s hit and run.

    Madeline herself woke up on a subway train in 2010, completely baffled at where or who she was--at who he, was--with nothing but a name that made no sense to guide him. He dropped the first name of Madeline and began to go by Maverick, quickly making a name for himself on the streets as a wise-cracker and a pickpocket. At this point, Maverick’s personality was already beginning to warp, and his power was coming to fruition. If he willed it, he found he could look into the reflection on a mirror or a window...and see into another world...another place...another time.

    At 21 he was laughing at the expense of one of his mates and was murdered for it--pushed in the way of a subway train. The police report noted him as a vagabond with no name, no family, and no history. Maverick woke up floating on her back off the coast of Jamaica in the early 1600s, and was lucky enough to be rescued by a passing merchant vessel.

    The ship was later captured by a pirate’s crew, of which Maverick became a part of. She spent the next three years serving aboard disguised as a man before, after proving herself and taking the role of first mate, she revealed her gender and dared anyone to challenge her. During this time it became more clearly apparent the changes her powers had had on her. Maverick seemed unable to comprehend any but good human emotions. She could not seem to understand suffering or pain, fear or sorrow. She could only grin, wild and excited, and hang from the rigging with the eagerness of a beast ready for war and bloodshed. She never frowned at the death of her comrades, never hesitated to slaughter anyone that got in her way, and felt no sense of loss when she betrayed half of her crew and the captain who had protected her in a mutiny.

    Maverick was a bloodthirsty, albeit profitable, captain. She seemed to care deeply in her own way for her chosen crew, and reacted with great distaste to anything who would threaten them. It became apparent to her crew, however, that there was something distinctly amiss with their captain.

    She would stare, eyes wide and excited, into anything that could hold a shine for extended periods of time, tapping it from time to time and reacting with new fervor with each tap. When they would put into port, she would linger in front of mirrors and by pools of water, looking into them with obsessive intent. Only a select few of them, however, knew why. Quietly, in the dark of night she would show them the world she could see, whisper in hushed voices how exciting and exuberant they were and in was in this period of her life that she began to experiment with them.

    It is impossible to tell how many worlds, and how many times, or for how long Maverick visited. She flitted here and there with the attention of a hummingbird, gleaning information with leech-like determination and always returning to her crew with new and exciting ways to wrack terror on the seas. She did not age anymore, this much she knew. She could spend years in another world, exploring their culture, and with a snap of her fingers be back on the deck of her Sweet Lady, looking and sounding the same as ever but with an age, a wisdom in her eyes she did not have before.

    She was learning to fight with her portals by now, but there was still something...amiss. A sort of uncontrolled wildness to her playing that--if she could fear anything--she did indeed fear.

    Maverick would have doubtlessly lived her life forever like this, hopping to and from and returning to the ship, has she not been fiddling with her windows on a still night and happened on a scene that pulled at her. She cannot explain what made her open the portal wide and step through, but deep where the memories of her humanity reside she knows it was compassion and the quiet need to ease some of the horrors she had painted as wonders that she had seen in her lifetime. Whatever caused her to step through, however, and to draw her swords in battle against a superhuman, using the reflections on their blades to send civil war bullets ricocheting into flesh, whatever the cause; the result was a sort of feeling she found she could not get enough of--the selfish pleasure of doing another good quickly became an addictive...and thus she stayed to remain a hero in their eyes; the fulfill the selfish need for charity.


    Maverick’s usual weaponry is a pair of cutlasses that she takes very good care of.


    Let’s All-Out Brawl it ;;
    While Maverick has learned bits and pieces of many styles of fighting and swordplay, the result is really nothing more than street fighting and dirty tricks. Nevertheless, she is quite excellent at dirty fighting and should never be trusted to behave honorably.

    Let’s Go and See it ;;
    Maverick has travelled around the universe and has peeked into almost every timestream there is. She has a wide collection of pointless information and mindless facts that, while they do not often amount to anything, have a tendency to contain that one little piece of useless information that can make all the difference. The tendency to randomly announce those facts, however, is also excellent for driving the people around her outright insane.

    Let’s Live to Survive it ;;
    Without a doubt, Maverick is good at surviving. Mentally fucked up or not, there’s no denying her immense amounts of common sense and her ability to figure out a way to live in any situation. Even if the world were to fall out, Maverick would strut her way out of an entire village she’s made out of coke cans and rebar.[/list]


    View of Another World ;;
    Using a reflective surface—preferably a clear glass—Maverick is able to open a window into time and space of something that has—or will—happen. While this ability allows her to peak into a past or future of any world and any dimension, she is still learning how to pick and choose what she wants to see and is often privy to situations and scenes she would rather not have seen. She cannot see the present in any world. There must be a difference of several hours and the closer to the present it is, the easier it is to see it. On a side note, she cannot trust views of any future as they are only one in millions of possible futures.
    Anything she views on her glass can be viewed by anyone around her, but she can make the scene opaque if necessary.

    Pull it From Another World ;;
    While the glass is prevalent in viewing other worlds—keeps her invisible from that which she watches as well as keeping things from coming through—the glass is not important when she wants to encourage things to come through from the other side. In fact, it makes the process slightly more difficult, but as controlling the size of the portals is difficult for her, she still prefers to use reflective surfaces.

    To attack, Maverick will open up portals into dangerous zones—such as in the way of cannon fire—and point her portal towards the enemy. What can come through is limited only by the size of the portal and Maverick’s own determination. When in stressful situations, however, she is more likely to release things out of her own control…including a dragon, once.

    Push it Where it Don’t Belong ;;
    Doorways go both ways, and when Maverick needs to get rid of someone…she’s liable to open up a portal and push them in. This is usually a “good bye for good”, as Maverick rarely remembers to open it up and look for them.


    • For all her power and all her strengths, Maverick is still very much human where it counts. She will physically only ever be as strong as a human can be, as fast as a human can be, and unfortunately as durable as a human can be. To stack onto that, with every year she lives lost and weaving through the timestream, the more likely her time will be cut again. With Maverick, however, Death is merely Life again...perhaps a worse fate than to die and be dead. Should Maverick be killed, she will wake again in another time, another place, perhaps another planet. But this time she will awake with less memories, less recollection of the time she’s spent and less humanity in her mind. She is doomed to, eventually, lose her mind to the timestream and serve as its lovely little spark that comes and goes through time with little thoughts but for time itself.

    • Maverick cannot control what she lets loose in this world. Once it comes through the portal—be it sentient or not—it is loose to do what it wants to do and unless it cares to listen to reason, there’s no betting exactly what it’s going to do. There is always a good chance that, upon realizing that it is Maverick holding its way home, it will turn its attacks to her.
    • The more times Maverick opens a portal—any portal, even a viewing—the more tired she becomes. After an extended fight if she’s had to open doors in desperation, she runs the risk of passing out.
    • While her portal is not based on any type of available energy, things that affect her can affect her portal’s stability or cause it to collapse in on itself before she closes it. If she is interrupted while a portal is up, the portal will likely close. Any sort of violent tremor or electrocution also interrupts the process, as does especially high or low frequency noises which have a mysterious effect on the portion of her brain that stores the information to open the portals.
    • When she does not have any reflective surface with her—usually a round piece of lass roughly the size of a basketball—Maverick requires both hands to open portals. Take her surface and keep one hand pinned down and she’s powerless. Keep in mind, however, that all it takes is a finger on something shiny for her to flip it around and send a bullet ricocheting from a quarter…so no shiny handcuffs.

    ”Oh, tell me that this isn’t our supervillian? Ha! I’ve seen liverspots more intimidating than

    “Wanna know what drove Alice mad when she glanced through the Looking Glass? Me.”

    “You don’t scare me. You couldn’t scare me--I’ve seen a thousand deaths and a thousand monsters and you don’t hold a candle to the least of them.”

    “Out of time? Oh, I’m always out’ve time...completely lost my time, actually, not a clue in the world where it’s gone off to. Do let me know if you see it in the afterlife.”
  7. This is a character that is so absolutely perfectly written and very original that I could imagine myself reading an actual comic book in which this character is featured. I am crying tears of sorrow because this character isn't in any major real comic book available for everyone because it is simply PERFECTION IN THE FORM OF ALL-WORDS.

    What you've done here with Maverick has gone above and beyond the usual superhuman applicant. And for that, I humbly accept your over-qualified sheet.
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  8. o///o

    Well! Thank you kindly for the compliment! x]
    I can't wait to get this roleplay going--its going to be a blast! :D

    Also, if need be later in the game I might copy ET and sneak in a second. ;P Only if we don't get a couple more boys though!
  9. Just a quick question, is your character Spike one of the group or his he one of the people the group will be trying to out compete?
  10. Spike will begin a villain. He'll defect to the Contenders.
  11. Oh, so Spike is the "agent from an unknown orginization", well that will be fun.
  12. :] Indeed.
    So who are we waitin' for?

    Do we need any bad guys or anything else?
  13. Well, I was waiting for someone else to show from the interest thread. But I guess we can begin!

    Why yes. Spike can't be the only fellow working for the organization, especially given the fact he'll be defecting soon.
  14. Hmm...

    Gimme some time and I can probably come up with some evil guy to be buddy-buddy with Spike....and probably end up dead.
    You guys get to pick girl or boy. I don't wanna decide. xD
  15. How about a girl if you are up for playing another? I had a guy in mind that I was planning of throwing into the mix at some point.
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  16. Girl it is. I'll get my bum in gear.