The Consummate Year

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  1. Charlie sat in the last hour of the last class of the last day of school before summer. He counted down until the hour broke into minutes, then he counted the seconds, then until teacher stopped talking. As soon as the bell rang, he shot out of the door so fast he didn't even hear the teacher wish the class a happy vacation. Hanging a quick right, he blasted around a corner and almost knocked over a bunch of teens grabbing things from their lockers for the last time for a full three months.

    Charlie didn't stop until he made it to the park they had all agreed to meet at during lunch. When he finally made it there, he stopped running and leaned against a nearby tree, catching his breath. He sat down, pulled out a blanket from his backpack and spread it out on the ground. He lay down and waited for his friends. Maybe a nap wouldn't hurt... He thought as he closed his eyes, just for a second.
  2. Emma laughed to herself at the sight of Charlie dozing against a tree. She sat down cross-legged beside him, and pulled a notebook from her bag and a pencil from behind her ear. The notebook spread across her lap, she started sketching how his hair fell around his face. The summer air pulled her own hair about. It was peaceful, almost surreal.
  3. Seth was sleeping in his last block class, his head laying on his hands, against the back wall. The bell ringing barely woke him up. He was still woozy. "Seth." The teacher shot him a glare and he smirked. "I'll be off, then." He yawned. "I want to speak with you." "Too bad, then, I have places to be. Let me guess, I failed again? Yeah, I don't care so much." With that, he waved off and left the room. His teachers had all but given up hope on him, so she just sat and looked glum instead of doing something about it.

    Arriving a bit early for him, Seth sat down his things on Charlie's lap rather hard. "Hey, Charles. Get enough sleep last night?"
  4. An audible "Whump" snapped Charles from his sleep, waking him up to Emma and Seth staring at him comically. "Wha'choo staring at? Did I snore or sumthin'?" He asked, wiping the saliva that had gathered in the side of his mouth. Not waiting for an answer, he sat up a little straighter, stretching the kinks out of his back that sleeping against a tree will give you. "How are you guys today? Last day of school's over, what are we supposed to do now that the one thing that's supposed to give our lives meaning is on sabbatical?" He asked sarcastically.
  5. Malka quickly ran towards the park. For a few moments she was occupied by errands provided by her family, and as usual, Malka was more than happy to please, being sure that she could get all of it done and make it to the meeting in the park.

    "Guys!" she called, only stopping in front of her friends, "I... I hope I'm not late..." she said, taking a moment to catch her breath. Once she had, she pulled out a bunch of various papers from her backpack. She had been searching for various things they could do during the summer, but doing this wasn't new for her, as she had always done so both for the group and her family. However, she stared at the papers for a moment, feeling dissatisfied. Much of it was the usual stuff- Community pools, parks, local events. All of them were familiar things that at least she usually did during the summer, yet only now did it feel sort of... old.

    "So, um, I've got a bunch of things that we could do..." she said, looking through the papers. There had to be something interesting that she had found.
  6. Poppy was in her best class, Choir. She was singing her heart out and almost completely forgot about the bell until all the other girls had ran out. She looked around and narrowed her eyes, the looked to her teacher. "Where did everyone go?" the teacher laughed and shooed her out. Poppy grumbled and got her bag from her locker walking out to the park where she saw her friends, and smirked softly.

    "Dang, I really am later aren't I?" She glanced to the sleepy looking Charlie and narrowed her eyes. "Lazy bum." She then sat down with her legs crossed and leaned back on her hands, watching her friends, with a careless look across her face. she looked to Malka and chuckled, "Anything... Dangerous in there? I doubt it, but I love you anyways..." Poppy giggled, and laid back.
  7. Malka looked up to see Poppy approaching them and smiled, waving to her.

    "Oh, of course not." Malka said, waving her hand, "It's just the usual stuff- Community pools, outside concerts, hunting tigers in Africa..." finally she broke her casual facade, breaking down into a fit of giggles soon after she said the last item, "But, seriously..." she said, recovering from her fit of giggles, "I'm so glad we have all this time together! ... The only problem now is something interesting to do, really."
  8. "The one with the tigers sounds fun." Charlie said jokingly, "I'll buy the plane tickets if everyone else wants to join in." An audible groan escaped his lips "Blaaaaaahhhhhhh.... I'm so glad school is over and done with for a couple months now. I don't know about you guys, but my teachers were total morons. They know nothing" He stretched back against the tree he was sitting against, "So, what was everyone's favorite subject this year?" He said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.
  9. "Well I... oh." Malka said, suddenly realizing that Charlie was being sarcastic, "But still, an education is important... even if it isn't fun. I mean," she put her hands on her hips, "if you don't get an education, you won't get to do what you want to do when you grow up." she said, "But it would help if the teachers at least had some life experience..." Malka never particularly disliked school, but never liked how the teachers seemed to exclusively teach the subjects. Wouldn't it help to share some experiences? Surely their life couldn't have been that boring...
  10. Emma closed her notebook on the drawing of Charles. She bit her lower lip as her eyes focused somewhere beyond where she sat with her friends. Malka had a point. If the world was right there to experience, why shouldn't you? Why wouldn't you? "I propose an oath." she announced, rejoining the others from her mind-wandering. "This summer, we don't let anything stop us. If there is an experience or an opportunity to be had, we take it. Live life the way it was meant to be lived."
  11. Rolling her eyes, Poppy looked at Charlie, and mimicked him. "I'll buy the tickets..." she laughed and sat up, looking towards him with a slight smile. "You'd get eaten up by those tigers, I don't trust you out there... You're ore safe here, cleaning garbage off of the streets like the good little boy you are." She gave him a wink, and closed her eyes again. But then her eyes opened and she looked to Emma. She motioned her closer and when she came closer she whispered into her ear. "Get that smile off your face or he'll notice." She winked, and leaned back, planning to never ever release her feelings out, to ever tell anyone of who she had her eyes on. "I... Agree with Emma, guys, lets do it!" She grinned widely. "Oooh, shall we make this a blood oath?" Poppy winked.
  12. Malka paused, "... Sure, why not?" she said, "I'm sure that would be much more exciting than the usual community pools." she said, "... But I don't know about the blood oath." she looked to her coat, "I'm not sure about how easy it is to get blood out." she giggled before sticking her hand out, inviting the others to do the same.
  13. Charlie took out a knife from his pocket, "Well here, we could use this." He said, making a small incision on the pad of his thumb. When he was done, he offered the knife around to see if there were any other takers, "Come on Poppy, you're the one who brought it up in the first place." He said gloatingly. She was the last person that he was going to let outdo him on something like this. "Oh, I guess you're too scared. Oh well! Any other takers?"
  14. Before rational could take over, Emma took the knife. She cut a little deeper than she wanted to in her hurry, and hissed at the sting. She held her hand towards Charlie's, then looked at her friends gathered around. "Well come on, then. If I can do it, I know the rest of you can."
  15. Malka nodded, "I'd love to, but..." she couldn't help but let her worry for the well-being of the group take speak out, even for something seeming small, "... we should probably get these cuts taken care of, just so they don't get infected. In fact-" she shifted through her backpack before she took out a small tin, inside was an assortment of various, colored band-aids, "Ta-da!~ That being said..." she looked towards Emma, who seemed to have made a deep cut, and offered her the tin in exchange for the knife.
  16. Emma took the bandages. Her hand was still bleeding, and from what she remembered, it would need to continue to until the others had shared a blood bond. She kept two of the band-aids, and passed the tin to Charlie. She watched the deep red spread across her hand with no small amount of fascination. Without looking up, she asked, "Who's next?"
  17. Poppy looked at Charlie and glared at him; he really wanted to do this? Fine! She watched each person take their turn, and then she looked to whoever had the knife and took it from them, cutting a 'P' into her palm, and only wincing slightly, a grin on her face. "Don't ever underestimate me, Charlie.."