The Consummate Summer

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  1. So, I had an idea for a group RP. Basically, a group of teenage friends live their lives and, after they realize how quickly life is going past them, have the idea to set aside one summer to make all of their ridiculous, juvenile, wonderful dreams come true.

    Skellies are:

    Relationship to the group:

    We can figure out the relationships as we go along, too.

    And now to wait...
  2. Re: The Consummate Year

    Name: Charlie Jacobs

    Age: 17

    Personality: Bright, vibrant spirit. Almost always the first to suggest something. Insecure under the surface though, almost nobody knows though.

    Looks: kazuki.jpg

    Relationship to the group: Tries to be the center/leader, doesn't always work.
  3. Name: Emma Brisk
    Age: 17
    Personality: Quiet. She's just as content going along with what others find exciting as elaborate things she comes up with.
    Relationship to the group: The one that people turn to when they need advice or help.
  4. Name: Malka Elane Henniger, also has the nicknames Mally, Ele, or Henger.

    Age: 18

    Personality: Malka is someone that values family and traditional values and simply has no respect for anyone that doesn’t respect her or their family or values material things more than family and friends. She’s very friendly and loves to make friends, no matter who you are, and will often have her other friends meet each other all the time and try to make sure no one is jealous. She will actively protect and stand up for her family, friends, and band mates if they’re threatened. She’s also a bit motherly.

    She’s very passionate about what she feels and won’t spare a thought about hiding her feelings, though she won’t be harsh and will often sugar-coat things, but if you still don’t get it or if you happen to get on her nerves, then she’ll just tell you without the sugar coating. She might easily misunderstand things and will have a fit until she’s calm again, when you can explain about what’s happening. She obviously won’t trust shady characters, but you can fool her easily if you keep a affable smile on your face and if you fool her long enough, she won’t even believe that you could do anything wrong or that you've just been fooling her all this time.

    She’s eager to please as she will often do errands or do things for them, not that she minds, as she really enjoys helping others. She’ll often go with what other people want to do, though she will state what she wants to do, if she does want to do something else. However, she will openly object to something that goes against her morals. She hates it when people hide things from others and won’t do the same to others, though she may have a tough time accepting the truth once she finds out.

    She’s also very festive, if a holiday is coming up, even a minor one; she’ll often decorate things according to the holiday and encourage others to celebrate it. She’ll even beg her friends puppy dog eyes if they don’t want to celebrate with her.

    Looks: [​IMG]

    Relationship to the group: Basically the 'team mom' of the group.
  5. Name: Poppy Sandra jones
    Age: 16 almost 17.
    Personality: Sweet at time unless it comes to the most 'leaderish' person of the group, she likes to try and one up who leads their group with everything.
    Looks: [Don't know how to put a picture up. D:]
    Relationship to the group: Strong female.

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  6. Name: Seth Foster, sometimes called "Senior", short for "Three-year Senior"
    Age: 19
    Personality: Delinquent, rowdy, naive, and a bit arrogant, but protective, passionate, and smart. If it weren't for his airheadedness, he'd already have left school at age 17. Appreciates respect, and a very libertarian leader. Can be a bit of a "Van Wilder" archetype, as he slacks off in school, and tends to be a Chivalrous Pervert. More protective of the girls, but still defends his male friends when he agrees with them.
    Relationship to the group: Rebellious, but smart. If the group splits, he often leads the other side with a libertarian grip.
  7. Alright then! I think we can start! I'll make the IC thread and post it here when it's up.
  8. Any ideas on what hilarity our characters could get into?
  9. I didn't create this thread with any expectations, so not really. I was thinking just your typical teenage hijinx with maybe something frowned upon by society, like skinny dipping.

    I'm totally open to any ideas!
  10. A short road-trip, maybe? :o
  11. I like that!