The Consequence of Peace

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    Her mother tried to explain to her that it had to be done, why she had to be given to the prince of the rival nation. Emaline just shook her head while watching her mother place a dainty silver crown on her head.

    “Trust your father my sweet Emaline.”

    A hand rested on the girl’s shoulder, squeezing it in an action that should have been comforting. Well, the time had come. A maid came in and escorted the queen and young princess out to the gold carriage. Emaline stepped carefully into the carriage and folded her hands into her lap, forcing herself not to fiddle.

    At last, she was off to her new home, her new husband. The whole way, her mother tried to make conversation in order to excuse away the absence of the king, but it made it all worse.

    Finally, they were there. Emaline chewed her lower lip as she looked up at the massive structure in front of her. Nervously, she began to pull at the thin hunter green dress. She had tried to reason with her mom into not putting her in the immodest dress, but her mom said it gave the prince something to look at with a low drop back and material that looked as if it could slip off at any moment.

    “Emaline, princesses do not fiddle. Now, when you leave the carriage I expect you to keep your head up, eyes forward, arms at your side. Do not chew your lip.”

    With that, the princess stepped out of the carriage and strode up to the big doors. Her face was emotionless, eyes hard as she kept them forward. Her head stayed high, just as her mother said, and her hands stayed by her sides, they were in tight fists, but by her side none-the-less.

    “Welcome!” Her new father-in-law boomed then reached for her hand, kissing the back of it softly.

    “I hope you are pleased with my daughter, your Majesty. I pray your son will find her pleasing to his eye.” The queen curtsied then the princess followed.

    “Of course I do and of course he will.” He gave a respectful nod to the two females then led them straight to where the wedding would be held, guests already in their seats.

    It was planned that the wedding would be held as soon as the princess arrived so neither the prince or Emaline could protest any more than they already had.

    “Miss, if you would wait here. Once my son is in position I shall send your maid-servant to announce that we are ready for you.” With that, the king nodded and excused himself.

    Tears stung the girl’s eyes. This was truly happening. Her breath caught in her chest as she blinked rapidly, forcing the tears to stay in place. The thought that in a few hours she would have to share a man’s bed terrified her, terrified her even more than marrying a stranger.