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    On Halloween night, the invitation arrives. By letter, text or email. It's Raymond Thorne, your sometime friend. And what he tells you is weird... even for him. But intriguing enough to make you ditch a costumed alcohol-soaked evening to come see him.

    He's inherited his uncle's shop on Main and 4th. The deceased was a purveyor of antique typewriters. Now Raymond is stuck with a shop-full of junk.

    He wants to see you. He needs help packing up the place, finding what to sell and what to burn. Plus it's been a while since you caught up.

    Raymond Thorne

    Character in a nutshell...

    A lonely but funny guy you once knew, with a good knowledge of literature.

    One weird thing...

    You never, ever saw this guy with a girlfriend (or boyfriend).

    Why come to a creepy typewriter shop...?

    He inherited it from his uncle.

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  2. Gin

    Kind of a bitch. Convinced that she's psychic. Always wanted to get wasted in an antique store.
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  3. Charise

    A happy-go-lucky type, not easily scared or moved to tears. Can be reasonable when needed. Doesn't like to talk about herself but is nosey about other peoples business.
  4. Charles Bovie


    Character in a nutshell...
    A depressed History buff, really religious but believes in science. Logic rules all in his mind, Hard to change his mind.

    One weird thing...
    He was once a charismatic Soccer player...then something happened...

    Why come to a creepy typewriter shop...?
    He is interested in the history behind the place,
  5. Chuck "Chuckles" McIntyre

    A strung-out junkie with a strange sense of humour, an increasingly serious addiction and a lot of creditors on his skinny ass. Makes Charlie Sheen's drug habit look like 'Babby's First Bong'. Wants to catch up with Raymond (and potentially rob the place blind if there's anything worthwhile inside; cocaine is a hell of a drug, yo).
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  6. Hmm... enough meat for the grinder. I'll get my ICmatron cranked.
  7. Hope i'm not too late.

    Character in a nutshell...
    Introvert, quite, curious young lady, an artist & photographer by profession, has a weak spot for collecting antiques, personally believes in the other world or the other side.

    One weird thing...
    She was raised by her aunt with her cousins, never knew her family, until she was 15 and found out they had passed away in a car accident and left her with a fortune to live her entire life with.

    Why come to a creepy typewriter shop...?
    Curiosity killed the cat..

  8. I'd really appreciate if I got approved first rather then just jumping in ._.
  9. *slowly pins a gold star on Butterflymima's forehead*

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  10. Sorry...I came back after ages, lost my touch T_______________________________T *hides in the corner of shame* but thanks though
  11. *pushes everyone into the shop*
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  12. Right, since we apparently have no idea where precisely the city we're in is situated and Tegan's rocking the Liverpudlian accent, I thought I'd be an even bigger prick and roll out a bit of Aberdonian.

    Don't have any idea what Chuck is saying?

    Welcome to how I feel when I visit the girlfriend's relatives.
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  13. Our city is an American/Liverpudlian/Scottish metropolis with beach-side mansions and high-rise council estates where Japanese surnames are prevalent and typewriters are mainly from Boston, USA.

    Congratulations, everyone. We've discovered Atlantis.
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  14. And this may be why I should not be allowed to write when drunk.

    Gonna go ahead and remove that post; I'll replace it later with something a little less... Doric.
  15. Aaaaaaaaw. :(

    I was looking forward to no one being able to understand what Gin and Chuck are saying.

    Apologies if my spur of the moment nationality decision threw any wrenches in the monkey. I've been intrigued/frightened by the accent since we were on an overnight ferry leaving Liverpool and a woman on the intercom informed us that we could "hwatch' SherLAUCH 'Ohlmes" somewhere on the Goddamn boat. I dunno, I couldn't fucking understand her.

    If Gin is just too much of a wildcard, I can easily let slip that she's one of those Liverpudlians who moved away from Liverpool just so they could go on and on about how much better things are in Liverpool.

    Hurray for not having to write yourself into a corner when making back stories for a bio! :D /charactersheetrant
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  16. Alright, settled on an accent for Chuckles. We'll just go with the simple approach, nothing too fancy.

    Also yes, I've shifted from first to third-person narrative. Sorry aboot that; first-person narrative is meant to be the stream of thought from within the character's mind, and my writing style is just a little too clean-cut and structured to properly convey the mind of a junkie fuck like this guy.
  17. So seeing everyone's done for at the moment Asmodeus would you please tell us how we progress next?

    Since you seem to have a good planned a story a little heads up on how it progresses would help us to co ordinate our characters
  18. Well, Ray's run deeper into the basement storeroom and hidden somewhere. The storm's getting worse outside. You've all got injuries to tend to. And Charles is still unconscious (I think).

    So you can call the police, or go after Ray, or leave the shop, or search the back office/counter/storeroom.

    I'm sure I can react to whatever you choose.