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  1. Post your characters for, "The Conduit Initiative," here. Use the template below to structure your character sheet.



    Appearance (PICS PREFERRED):

    Form of matter controlled:

    Superhero name (later in RolePlay):
  2. In order to wield a form of matter, you must have a source in order to use your powers for long periods of time. For example, Neon manipulators would need neon signs (or something to that effect) for energy to produce their powers. If you have questions on what a specific form of matter is or what type of powers you can use, message me. Possible powers/forms of matter include:

    - Carpentry Manipulation
    - Concrete Manipulation
    - Cyrokinesis (Manipulation of Ice/cold/water) (Taken)
    - Earth Manipulation (Taken)
    - Electrokinesis (Manipulation of electricity to produce magnetic effects)
    - Energy Manipulation
    - Glass Manipulation Taken
    - Mirror Manipulation
    - Neon Manipulation
    - Paper Manipulation
    - Power absorption
    - Pressurized Water Manipulation
    - Pyrokinesis (Manipulation of fire)
    - Shadow Manipulation (taken)
    - Shape Shifting
    - Smoke Manipulation
    - Tar Manipulation
    - Video Manipulation (Video game aspect)
    - Wind/Air Manipulation (Taken)
    - Wire Manipulation
    - Wood Manipulation
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  3. Name: Charles Wittmore

    Age: 57

    Height: 6'0

    Weight: 189 lbs

    Personality: Cold and commanding with a soft side when it counts. He is noble, brave, independent, and a natural born leader. He is very proper and almost regal with his stance. He demands respect, and will give it in return.

    Appearance (PICS PREFERRED):

    Form of matter controlled: TBD

    Background: TBD

    Superhero name (later in RolePlay): N/A
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  4. Name: James Rickett

    Age: 20

    Height: 6'2

    Weight: 175 lbs

    Personality: He likes to have fun, but usually hides this under his serious exterior. He has been in hiding for months now (which has caused him to keep to himself and be very introverted.) He makes a clear presence when he walks into the room. He is very charming, kind, intelligent and loyal to his friends. He is also very crafty and sly when he needs to be. Overall, he is a nice guy who has a positive effect on people. He is very well liked and helpful to those around him

    Appearance (PICS PREFERRED):

    Form of matter controlled: [Combo] Cyrokinesis & Shadow Manipulation

    Background: To be revealed ;)

    Superhero name (later in RolePlay): TBD
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  5. Name: Asoka Mudfoot (Muddy)

    Age: 15
    Height: 5'1"
    Weight: 90

    Personality: Asoka is a small, curious girl who isn't around people much. She's been blind since birth, and because of that is used to entertaining herself. She is a musical prodigy, and loves listening to books being read. She's intelligent and kind to those who know her but isn't afraid to get aggressive when provoked. Asoka is sometimes childish but has a great heart and cares for others. She is loyal and compassionate.
    Appearance (PICS PREFERRED):

    Form of matter controlled: Earth Manipulation
    Background: TBA

    Superhero name (later in RolePlay): TBD
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  6. Name: Aeny

    Age: 17
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 85

    Personality: Aeny is an isolated boy, devoid of family and friends. He has been alone like this from a young age. This loneliness has made him socially awkward, yet he still endeavours to do so. Many people look down upon him as a result. Due to his homeless nature he has resorted to thieving to make his way in the world. He used his own powers to achieve these aims. Underneath this shell, however, he is lonely and misunderstood.
    Appearance (PICS PREFERRED): Small and weasely, with short brown hair. He looks dirty.

    Form of matter controlled: Wind Manipulation and glass manipulation
    Background: TBA

    Superhero name (later in RolePlay): TBA
  7. Name: Aberdeen Stokes

    Age: 19
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 121 lbs

    Personality: Aberdeen's generally close-mouthed and calm, but if she senses something out of the ordinary, she'll speak out against it. Her sense of humor's dry and sarcastic, and, in all honesty, she lacks charisma -- unless you find quirkiness charming. Despite her seemingly distanced exterior, she's got a kind heart. She's got thick skin, is stubborn, and is often brash.

    Appearance (PICS PREFERRED):
    (may or may not bleach hair later.)

    Form of matter controlled: Neon Manipulation
    Background: -soon.

    Superhero name (later in RolePlay): TBD
  8. Name: Seamus McCorthic

    Age: 18 (imagine pic a little younger)

    Height: 5'10

    Weight: 220

    Personality: Sheamus has the feeling of hiding from a dark past he's never seen. He is a person who can sit in a crowd and not be noticed, but this changes when you meet him. He stands out to his friends and has never been very aggressive, but will take action if he's required to. Sheamus He protects those close to him and will even give his own life to ensure their safety.

    Appearance (PICS PREFERRED):


    Form of matter controlled: (Combo) Shape Shifting and Pyrokinesis

    Background: Sheamus has never been in one place for long. He has always felt like he was unwanted and even hunted at times. His paranoia causes him to be on the move a lot -- in other words, he is a tree with shallow roots.

    Superhero name (later in RolePlay): The Wanderer
  9. Name: Victor Markov

    Age: 35
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 181

    Personality: your typical lone wolf and a protector of the weak.
    Appearance (PICS PREFERRED):[​IMG]

    Form of matter controlled: (combo)
    Bone (gains claws along with sharper canines and bones heal quicker than they are broken also produces bone spikes he can launch from his body) and wire manipulation
    Background: Victor was always one to fly under the radar. Kept others at a distance and helped those in need without them knowing who helped them and how. He found out about his abilities one day when he was alone and has kept his skills under wraps for the most part. The one thing he couldn't hide was his sharper than normal canines. He never picked a fight he couldn't win without resorting to his supernatural gifts and avoided anion confrontation when possible. But make no mistake, he was a natural born fighter. Because of his teeth and his general appearance, those around him think he's another sabertooth fan and don't really flinch that much when he smiles.

    Superhero name (later in RolePlay): Hardwire.
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  10. Name: Thomas Yamamoto

    Age: 25
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 146 lbs

    Personality: An outgoing man, spry and artistic, with enough intelligence backing him to be utilized as a weapon.
    Appearance (PICS PREFERRED):

    Form of matter controlled: Paper (Very fond of utilizing origami)
    Background: Japan-born, but currently living in the United States, Thomas inherited the Conduit ability from his mother. It wasn't intentional, but somehow, she had transferred her ability to manipulate paper to her child. His father, who was not a Conduit, but a supporter, suggested that, instead of hiding it from Thomas, she teach him to utilize it and the importance of keeping it secret.
    Even before attempting to join The Conduit Initiative, Thomas was making himself known among the network of Conduit supporters and anti-Conduits alike, or rather, he was making his secret identity known. On the streets, he was Thomas, but when he pulled the hood up and the mask on, he was Origami, an activist of the cause, complete with his own calling card. At every scene, he would leave a single origami crane. After rolling alone for approximately 2 years, Thomas made the decision to join a resistance group he'd heard about, The Conduit Initiative. He figured that a combined force was more powerful than smaller, separate ones.

    Superhero name (later in RolePlay): Origami
  11. Welcome! You will be the last person able to join! Hope you enjoy the RP
  12. Oh, I feel so honored! Thank you! I also hope I do, as well!
  13. I just wanted to state that my character will not be joining just yet, and no one has to wait for me to post for some time!
  14. Name: Test subject 90765
    Weight: constantly Changing
    Height: Constantly Changing
    Personality: Crazy
    Appearance: Changes
    Matter controlled: liquids and metals

    Background: a man who was arrested for killing tons of people, Was killed but scientists took his body and experimented on him. he came back and started killing the scientists and he learned he was able to control things since they fucked up his DNA so he could change his DNA at will
    *Practicly Liquid Terminator*
    Also when he gets shot his body just turns to liquid metal where shot
    Also Eats people
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