The Concsious Coma



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[size=+1]"That is That, and This is This"[/size]

And they say do you believe what you're sayin'
Well yeah, right now, but not that often

The truth disappears so often
Like cigarettes to cancer's coughin'
Could'a beens left alone just seem to soften
While should'a beens often turn rotten

Fall on into the whole of it all
Having yourself a merry ball

Now it's time to buckle down
Left to reap that weathered frown

The world at large is upturned crowd

Punch on through, and tighten it down

It's all just a hand of cards
Showing in a mosaic of fractured shards
Thank ya kindly, Fluffy.

[size=+1]"Watch Me"[/size]

Forever, forever, simply forever
Lost in this simple endeavor
Burning for this learning
Yearning for learning

Perhaps I'm confusing you with me

Stupid little fears from secluded years

I'd just like to know what I am to you
Perhaps a fool for two
Struggling to do my best
Fear's sliver piercing my chest

Symmetrical rivers of tears tracing my face
Simple unassuming comments lash me into place

Making my head fill with hate
Little secrets then are laid bare
Ignored from no wish to care

Forever, forever, simply forever
I'll be lost forever
It's amazing what your mind can come up with under the effects alcohol at times. It's limitless possibilities are frightening, and enlightening at times. It can at times be the perfect blend of absolute truth, and creativity.

[size=+1]What She's Made of Inside.[/size]

And the girl's world,
loves it when you make that sound,

Her laugh, as she smiles.

Glitter, polish, buffer, then flaunt it,
Girl, you got it,
Girl, you got it.

My whole world,
loves it when you wash away my blues.

Clueless, but I chug on through,
Make you smile when you're blue,
and making your smile intoxicating as I drink from your truth.

I love it when you're not so blue.

I'm at war with the world as happiness slips from your heart,'
I hope you understand what I believe inside,

I'm you faith, and your my life.

In other news. I love this! Awesome wording and such.
Don't stop sharing your poems. You know I think they're beautiful. :]

It's also helping keep this section of the forum alive. Yaaayy~ <3

Sometimes, it helps with the lights off,
bathing in the shadow's cloak.
I'm a slave to the details,
But if life is such a big joke, then who's to care?

The clock's counting the time,
grains of sand falling in line.

Then I sail on through the night,
am I speaking a new language,
or am I simply blind to the sight?

Mute deafness at your left side,
all my urges left in the ice flow.

Keep taking time to test fate,
will I ever reciprocate.

I'll take all night to just learn your way.

That is supposing you don't sleep tonight.
[size=+2]"Can't Sleep Tonight"[/size]

Staring at the clock as it's frozen in time.
Moments crawl past me, who's lost in his own mind.

The clock is now set to nine,
all the people that I've loved,
have left behind in me their keepsakes.

It's like slow insanity.

Perhaps it'll lead to a good time,
these lonely thoughts left in the silence of sound.

They say, this is the unspoken who're talking,
as I lay here asleep during a waking haunting,
these faces, and voices still taunting,
me as I wonder, and find it all so daunting.

The clock is set to ten,
and I still see no end.

I swear that I'm not crazed.
The quite night swirling around leaved the few of us dazed.

Perhaps I'm a slave to the details?

The clock is set to eleven,
and I'm a moment too late for heaven.

The clock is set to twelve,
the clock is set to one,
the clock is set to two.

In all this time, you'll learn that
all the people that you love, they're bound to leave a keepsake.
[size=+2]"Things To Admire"[/size]

Swoon baby, stary night, may our bodies remain.

You move with me, I'll treat you right baby, may our bodies remain.

Time is my vessel,
then perhaps learning to love is my way back to sea.

Swoon baby stary night, may out bodies remain.

We all get paid,
yet I doubt I'll get your faith before I die.

So swoon baby stary night, may our bodies remain!

To the stars we will navigate through the holes in your eyes.

There is love to be made, so stay here for this while,
as this light creeps upon the sundial.

Swoon baby stary nights
Swoon baby stary nights
Swoon baby stary nights

May our bodies remain!

[size=+2]"Distantly Near"[/size]

Oh you're so plain,
so bland, and so vague.

My friends, oh in lines they go by.

The symmetry!

Living life with no shame,
no pain, and no gain.

Just some Rage, and three kinds of Yes

Oh the symmetry!

And I'm still so young,
so young to see the inconsistancies under the sun.

Oh the symmetry!

Now where do I draw the line?

Through the symmetry?
Just read all of your poems. :3
I really like all of them!
You're a good writer, Jumi. ^^
Thank ya much, Loveless.

This is my favorite poem in the whole wide world.