The Comrades of Istek (OOC)

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  1. The Comrades of Istek

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      The world simmers. Decades of war have given way to a recent era of peace between Rarkonir and her neighbors. The minds of the nobles now focus on trade and the market rather than warfare and the battlefield. Yet, as this new era of promise comes to be, new troubles are proving to be born along with it. Groups of disbanded soldiers turned brigand roam the highways, stemming the flow of the newly invigorated trade routes. The Elves and Naiads of the waters and forests are ever capricious, and the Dwarves of the mountain ever hidden and cloistered, and all act as wildcards in the scheme of things. Dragons have always nested upon the crests and crags of the Nomeis, and the forests of the Wasp Jungle, while home to abundance beyond belief, also house beasts both great and terrible. Needless to say; this is a world where high risk abounds, bringing with it either astounding opportunity, or dream crushing defeat.

      For you and a select few others who call the small, boring town of Istek home, the appearance of a poster outside the tavern calling for "brave, adventurous souls" and promising good pay, is more than enticing; it's utterly alluring. You step into the tavern, look to the table described in the poster, seeing a wrinkled old man dressed in Mirkilian garb sitting alone, and sit down. And so, your journey begins...

      In this RP, you will be a member of a quintessential "adventuring crew", either taking jobs/bounties, seeking out and slaying powerful monsters, or just questing to discover the unknown. You'll make your way around Rarkonir, facing strange and challenging circumstances. You'll gain fame, fortune, and perhaps even great power along the way. There will be a good possibility of character death, and I'll make the world a pretty hard place to live in(not Darksouls hard, but pretty challenging), but I would also like to give everyone ample opportunity to do awesome stuff that shows off their particular talents. You'll need to use wit, caution and preparation at least as much as martial or arcane ability, if not more.

      The game will focus on your travels and encounters. You will meet interesting people in strange and wonderful places. You will encounter the arcane, and, as your journey progresses, you will find magical items of wondrous power. You will also accumulate great treasure, the nature and power of which being dependent upon your team's choice of adventure. Will you brave the dragon soaked mountains the east, looking for Dwarven treasures of old? Will you face the kingdom's soldiers, turned to marauding and brigandry in time of peace? Perhaps you will explore the woods and waters of the land, looking to uncover both the treasures and the mysteries of the Fae who roam these places...

      Whatever your group decides to do, you will have many and sundry as challenge to overcome, and remember; work as a team. At the beginning of the game, the average soldier is a good deal better trained, equipped and experienced than anyone in your group. Charging in like a fool, or fighting without thinking will most likely get you killed.

      Notes on Gameplay and Style:


      In terms of culture, Rarkonir is relatively liberal, though it still operates using the feudal system. Misogyny is less tolerated than in the surrounding lands, and the cities are packed with foreigners settlers.


      For one reason or another, cannon and powder do not exist in this world. Steel blade and mail have gone a long way without the advent of firearms to usurp their place on the battlefield. Arcane conveniences are few and far between, but their collective effect does serve as minor a force for prosperity.


      The spirits in this game are mostly inspired by Norse and Germanic folklore. For example, elves and dwarves are not "races", but, rather, spirits and embodiments of nature.


      In Rarkonir, there is no monotheism. Everyone worships either one or a set of many fae. As such, there is no establishment of structured, organized religion resembling anything like our world's abrahamic religions. Instead, worship is more along the lines of ancient Greek polytheism, with essentially a spirit for just about everything. There are fae of the harth, fae of the willow, fae of the western breeze; you name it. They may be called such things as "dwarves" or "elves", but these are not hard and fast classifications. All fae are simply representations and personifications of the substance and essence of nature.

      Difficulty Breakdown:

      Beginning = You kinda suck, and things are hard. Be careful, even sneaky when you need to. play to your team's strengths, and never charge in blind. You're building your character/team in this arc.

      Middle = You are above average, but things are still hard. You'll be getting the hang of working as a team by now, and have some impressive skills and gear gained from your travels, but the world is still an incredibly dangerous place. Running is always a option.

      End = You're awesome and can kick major ass. Still, there are people, places and, especially, magical beasts, that dwarf your power. You will never be the strongest in this world, but together, perhaps, you and your team might just be able to take on even the mightiest of foes.

    • Images by JoakimOlofsson
      The Western Wilds
      The Western Wilds
      Wasp Jungle: Home to giants beasts and untamable forest.

      Wayland Peaks: Steepest peaks in the land, rumored to house the armaments of the first kings of Rarkonir.

      Central Rarkonir
      Central Rarkonir
      Masrin City: Ancient, sprawling capitol, and metropolitan center of the kingdom.

      Tangon's Rest: Largest temple in the land, complete with 3,417 individual shrines.

      The Forge: Arcane armory of the kingdom.

      Lazy Hills: Home to herdsmen, and breadbasket of Rarkonir

      The Swamps of Sacrifice & the Grown Gate
      The Swamps of Sacrifice & the Grown Gate
      The Grown Gate: Magical bulwark of old, and the kingdom's greatest defense.

      The Swamps of Sacrifice: A no man's land ruled by arrogant spirits, and terrorized by those who worship them.

      Tulsak: The northern frontier, a grizzled town of timber and quarry.

      The Northeastern Mountains & Forests
      The Northeastern Mountains & Forests
      Morhagen: Rarkonir's great defensible fortress hewn from the homes of both dwarves and elves.

      Silver Acorn Woods: Home of the fair elves and driads.

      Nomei Mountains: Home of the misanthropic dwarves and terrifying dragons.

      Lake Elras: Home the Fae of the lake, the naiads.

      Mines of Uthrum: Built centuries ago with the dwarven assistance, these ore mines are the heart of the Kingdom, providing an abundance of both steel and gold alike.

      The Southern Coast & Lunia Island
      The Southern Coast & Lunia Island
      Mantho: Cultural hub and regional center of trade.

      Istek: Small fishing village, and the most peaceful part of the kingdom by far.

      Krom Villiage: Hard scrabble miner's village.

      Montari River: Hard running and wide spanning river of the west.

      Ring of Lumin: Ancient altar to the fae of the sea, and the only place of pilgrimage in Rarkonir able to hold a candle to Tangon's Rest.

    • [​IMG]
      Image by NathanParkArt

      The Arcane Arts:

      The arcane arts encompass many different realms of ability and effect. The fae of the world are the undisputed masters of magic, but, with talent, training and passion, man is more than capable of bending its power to their will. But be careful; magic can be both fickle and unkind.

      The Cost of Magic:

      Magic can do most anything in this RP. The only restrictions will be imposed by your discretion, and the game's karma system. Basically, the sky is the limit as far as what you can do, but be careful; all magic comes with a cost. Abuse your power, and you will regret it.

      List any spells or arcane abilities in "Ability & Aptitude", and any enchanted items in the appropriate category("Garb", "Weapons", Etc.)

    • Character List

      Eira (Ultima)
      Rinata (Greenie)
      Hull (Crono)
      Ronric (WanderingWolf)
      Aedan (Skittles)
      Marda Ilyn (N00B)
      Zahra (Weiss)
      [BCOLOR=transparent]Liola[/BCOLOR] (Stars)

      Character Sheet Template:

      Appearance: (no anime please)
      Dialog Color: (What color do you want your character's dialog to appear in?)
      Experience & Occupation: (What kind of education, training or life skills do you have? What do you do for a living?)
      Ability & Aptitude: (What are you able to do, and how well?)
      Hopes & Dreams: (What do you want to do with your life? Why are you setting out on this journey. What is driving you to embrace adventure?)
      Values, Morality & Worldview: (What do you value, and why?)
      Prejudices: (Any prejudices, either positive or negative?)
      Garb: (What are you wearing? This includes armor, shields, jewelry, or any other thing that is worn.)
      Weapons: (What weapons are you carrying, and which one/ones are your currently wielding?)
      Food, Drink & Smoke: (What consumables are you carrying?)
      Misc. Items: (Anything else you are carrying.)
      Delete the explanations within the parenthesis before you fill out the CS.

      The Inventory and Experience Systems:

      In this RP, there is strong emphasis on your equipment and loot. You are only be able to portray your character as having or using the items listed in your inventory. You will most likely need to change this on your CS each time you post, and even sometimes when other people, especially myself, give you something through our own posts. For example, if you shoot an arrow at something in your post, you need to subtract it from your stash in your CS. Likewise, if you find some loot, you'll need to edit your CS to denote such.

      If you would like to search the environment for something, I ask that you PM me and say what it is you are looking for. I will decide if you are able to find anything, depending both on your abilities as listed in your CS, and the environment. This will essentially serve as a perception/luck/skill check.

      You will also need to add to the other parts of your CS as you progress. For example, if you slay a dragon, you will add a blurb to the "Ability & Aptitude" section of your CS saying as much, and quickly explaining how it changed your ability and performance. I'll let you know when the appropriate time to update is.

      Finally, remember that you will be rewarded for playing thoughtfully, being bold, finding clever ways around obstacles, working as a team, and remaining true to your character concept. This is a very karma heavy roleplay. Put some effort into it, and you will have a whole lot of fun, and be given a bunch of neat stuff unique to your character. If you abuse the open system, however, you may find yourself slipping off a cliff, or being mauled to death by a magical bear...

    • Rules:

      1: Follow ALL Iwaku site rules.
      2: No depictions of sex, nudity, or romance of any kind; period.
      4: A reasonable amount of hijacking is allowed, but be courteous.
      5: No PvP.
      6: I will take all wishes & concerns into fair consideration, but my word is final.
      7: Play nice, be constructive, and try to help each other as much as possible. The more you help your team, the more you will be rewarded in game, as the RP gods smile upon magnanimity, and frown upon douchebaggery.
      8: No cheating while updating your CS, obviously.

      Posting Order & Expectations:

      1: For structural purposes, I will post once each Thursday. If there is a time in between those posts where you need to interact with either NPCs, enemies, or the environment, simply PM me and tell me what you're trying to do. I'll let you know how much control is okay to exert over a given subject.
      2: You will have between then and the next Tuesday to post in response.
      3: For anyone who fails to post by Wednesday(-06.00 GMT), your actions will be taken over and described by me in a very short post. What happens to you will either be lackluster or negative, so try to post on time.
      4: There is no set posting order; post when you feel like the time is right.
      5: Posting frequency should range from 1-3 times a week.
      6: Reread your posts at least twice for errors.
      7: Try to keep posts within 1-5 paragraphs.

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  2. Hm, interesting. I might join this.
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  3. @Crono @Ichigo @Ascendant @Grothnor @Crescent

    I see a few have already looked at this OOC, but, just in case you guys who I haven't seen on here yet aren't getting alerts from the interest check, I thought I'd tag y'all to make sure you know.

    Can't wait to see all your CSs
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  4. I'll have my CS up by Friday at the latest! Can't wait!
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  5. I love this
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  6. LEXY! So glad you like it!

    I can't wait to see your Character Sheet.
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  7. I have to admit, it is kind of unfortunate that you seem opposed to romance of any kind. I'm pretty sure if we followed Iwaku rules, everything would be fine.
  8. Sure, but I'd just rather stay away from it all together.

    Hope it's not a deal breaker for ya.
  9. I dunno, I'm kind of on the fence for this one.

    The absolute ban on romance isn't necessarily a deal-breaker as I rarely, if ever, have my character enter a relationship, but the denial of any possibility of having one is turning out to be a major turn-off (pun unintentional, but apt).

    Is there any hope of getting you to ease up on that restriction, @GonzoB.?
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  10. Hmm...

    I'm really tempted to bend on this, but I don't think I'm going to. What is acceptable in the case of romance is so nebulous that I'd rather just not deal with it at all. Here's a post from Noctis the Devious talking to a player who asked about it, as an example of why I think it's better to have a hard and fast rule governing it:

    "Yeah, as long as there is no graphic sex (well, as long as it happens for plot reasons and not constantly and under a spoiler tag and a teen member and an adult member isn't involved and even then it can't be really graphic), and whatever sex is implied isn't between a character of a teen member and a character of an adult member just to be safe :3 "

    Well, I hope you guys understand; I really do appreciate your desire to not have this constraint, but it just makes me feel infinitely more comfortable as a GM to not have to worry about whether or not every little interaction has gone too far, and, instead, simply know that everyone will avoid them in the first place.

    On a side note, you can do whatever you want when it comes to violence; just make sure to cover it up with an "Extreme Violence" spoiler tag if it's something that could literally traumatize a younger player.
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  11. Traumatize a younger player? How young are the people interested?
  12. It's a site rule; I doubt we would actually put anything up that would traumatize a 13 year old, though.
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  13. In fact, I'm actually being more lenient than the explicit site rules; they say "When you are posting a scene, story, or image that has questionable content, please use the (spoiler) code to hide it with a content warning. That way people will be prepared."

    But, again, in this day and age, most everyone is ok with blood and gore; which is why I said only something that would actually cause trauma, I.E. probably nothing we could muster.
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  14. @GonzoB. Fair enough.

    In that case, I shall step out.

    Have fun, guys.
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  15. A group of people searching a deadly land with almost no one else to rely on but eachother. It seems like a poor choice to relinquish the right for them to fall in love, you might loose a fair bit of your interest @GonzoB.

    Regardless, would you perfer a picture of appearance or a worded explanation?

    I normally post my CS after I have seen others in these sorts of RPs in attempt to complete the party.
  16. We have plenty enough interest from people who respect my decision.

    Anyway, I'd prefer pictures, but make sure to credit the artist.
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  17. I've had a request for a example CS, so I'll post one tomorrow tomorrow night if no one gets up by then.
  18. Count me in for this, @GonzoB. I will have time to come up with a character concept while I'm off this weekend doing a leadership conference and freshman orientation. I'm pretty sure I can get a CS up early to middle of next week.
  19. SWEET!

    Glad to have ya aboard, Kraken.
  20. I should have put this on watch v.v

    Anyway! Sorry about the delays, jetlag is still very high in me ^_^' I'll get a character sheet up in a couple of days if that's alright.
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