The Complimentary Insult Game

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Blackangel, Jan 31, 2013.

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  1. The rules are simple enough.

    Insult the person above you, but do it in a way that sounds like a compliment.

    Anything Goes!!!


  2. You have stunning halitosis, it's like a dream!
  3. You haven't brushed your teeth in years, but the plague is a lovely shade of yellow!
  4. I just have to say, I find your confidence truly inspirational. To post such a substandard comment in a thread like this takes true courage. Bravo.
  5. The fact that you can look us all in the face and judge us after you passed out naked while eating a sandwich is nothing short of awe-inspiring. It gives me the courage to go on.
  6. It's really impressive how you guys have no problem displaying the foreplay to your angry sex in such a public place. I mean, there could be children watching and everything, but you guys just don't give a fuck.
  7. My my what a beautiful Puss filled Abscess you have there
  8. Most would try to form at least a semi-comprehensible insult before jumping in here, but not you.

    I admire your enthusiasm.
  9. You certainly do not lack in a poor taste, if that is any conciliation! :P
  10. There aren't many people who are stupid enough to do such a thing. I like that about you.
  11. You smell like a rotted steak. Covered in a lot of seasoning.
  12. Your face is like a flat, cold, but nicely painted wall!
  13. I find your commitment to mind-boggling idiocy quite fascinating. Good job! I mean, you surely boosted the self-confidence of many insecure people around here. Never change, please.
  14. Just the thought of how horrible your sex is every night makes me jump for joy! I just love how bad it is to always have the smell of armpits filling my nostrils as I am pounded by your tiny little babydick.
  15. As I sit here and ponder your worthless comment, I realize that it's people like you who make the world go round! It makes me want to continue.... On a different planet. Thanks!
  16. Thank you ever so much for your unbridled stupidity. You make millions of morons every where feel better about themselves, and a charitable act like that is the indicator of a truly idiotic person. You're amazing.
  17. why thank you for your stuped wisedom talk of the day.oh it even brings out your eyes
  18. It is wonderful how you managed to see something as wisdom, with all your ill-written babble and such blinding you. Good job, and keep it up!
  19. What a wonderful way to show how stupid you really are! There's hope for you yet!
  20. Good work at following the pattern of pointing out stupidity instead of finding an original way to insult me. It shows you know how to go with the crowd, and are sure to make many friends!
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