The coming War (Season One: Rwby Fandom)

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  1. Premise:

    The Grimm treat has existed since the beginning of time, and with the discovery of a species known as Bo, who have coevolved with Grimm and human alike, the Grimm present a far less threat then before. You are from one of the four city's, sent with 10,000 others to build a new life on a unsettled continent. Finally seeing a way to expend, your governments have taken the opportunity in hopes of gaining a upper hand against the Grimm. May you be a student, a hunter/huntress, or anything else, you were sent to live within the steel walls, and live your life to the fullest. Or maybe you weren't sent here, but you ended up here; do what you intend to do. But remember, threats are coming, and you might not outlive them.

    Extra Information:

    Bo: The Bo have only been discovered a year or two prior to the beginning of this RP timeline. So only small bits of information is known about them. They are attracted to places with large amounts of positive feelings, and are fairly friendly, but range in appearance and things due to multiple subspecies. They become fairly aggressive around Grimm, and are known to be able to stand their ground against Grimm.

    Tiyline City: Tiyline city is in fact, the smallest city on Remnant. In the timeline of the RP, Tiyline City have only been standing for 2 years. Only one school for hunters/huntresses have been built, and its only been able to train two teams of 4-8 at a time.

    Character Sheet:










    1. This is a seasonal RP, which means a number of things. One, the RP will only last a week or two. The Second means when season one ends, there can/will be a time skip when season two comes. However, if you happen to drop the rp for whatever reason, that does not mean your character has to die, they can be missing/idle, and you can always come back in season two with them. The last reason is to allow for a consist timeline and flow of new roleplayers, along side a consistent timeframe for character disappearances and deaths.

    2. No OP characters. You're old enough to understand what over powered means, and if u need clarification, just ask.

    3. No hurting, or damaging of any sort of other peoples characters without their permission.

    4. No god modding.

    5. This is the most important. I dont mind the creation of food, drinks, streets, or places in the slightest. What I do mind is this, do not make these creations of yours important to the plot without my permission, that also goes for anybody's creatures as well; unless you have their direct permission.

    6. Any questions please ask.​

    Jac'lo Loson. (TheColourlessRainbow) - Alive

    Doctor Josh Cart - (Main NPC) - Alive

    Lane Lyc - (Main NPC) - Alive

    Jesse Love - (Main NPC) - Alive

    ...and more to come.
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  2. Interested. Any more info on the Bo? What do they look like?
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  3. Appearance (open)

    Combat Ready
    Off Duty

    Name: Amber White


    Illusion - Amber has an strange semblance, that can appear to be simply mundane at times... She has the ability to manifest Illusory "phantoms" of one or more creatures/people (maximum of 5, the less she "manifests" at a time, the bigger she can make them). While they're more or less harmless in reality, if used right, they can startle, scare away, or even simply catch her opponents offguard, allowing her to swoop in with a follow-up attack or two. As her Semblance is not offensive or very defensive for that manner, she relies on weapons, utilities, and her own strength in order to succeed in battles.

    Age: 17

    Occupation: Huntress in training (Part-Time Engineer)

    Sex: Female

    Race: Faunus (Fox)


    - Double pronged blade with a dual purpose component in the middle, which it functions similar to directed, energy weapon (using dust as ammunition of course), and is able to be launched as a "grappling hook" of sorts, though it's unable to carry too much weight (a little over two people, including her).

    - Dust explosives; These explosives are filled with orange dust powder by default, however, they can be replaced with other dust types to produce different effects... The smaller, sphere-shaped ones packs less of a punch, but, it also considerably less volatile than the larger, cylindrical shaped ones, which she uses as a last resort... Since they double as ammunition clips for her weapon.

    Bio: Amber was raised in a rather secluded, but peacefull Faunus family, but, despite this, she was always a little eccentric, even as a child, having taken a strange interest in tinkering... And building things, namely weapons, or small contraptions of some sort, she kept to herself, and, her family didn't seem to mind her strange behavior all too much. However, despite this, she knew very little of her family's past, as her parents have never gone near the topic, not even once. One day though... Amber's life took a steep turn; it all started with a seemingly harmless visit, someone, claiming they were an "old friend" of some sort, however, Amber had a really bad feeling about the whole thing, since she was rather young at the time, and didn't know what else to do, she hid in the shadows, watching from afar. What happened next was a blur; her young mind didn't have the time to process what was happening, but, the next thing she knew, weapons were drawn, and her parents were killed despite the resistance they put up. At the time, Amber couldn't quite comprehend what had happened, but, what she did recognize was that she wasn't safe here... As the stranger left, appearing to be satisfied with their "handiwork", she noticed a red symbol on the back of their uniform. She fled the scene soon after, eventually being discovered by a local patrolling huntsman, who adopted her, though when she mentioned the symbol she had seen, the huntsman appeared to fall silent on the issue.

    Amber often accompanied the hunstman on his ventures, and he came to rely on her to fix his gear whenever an problem with it arose; her skills were a bit crude at first, but, it didn't take too long for them to develop into something extroardinary. It wasn't until a few years that the huntsman finally told her; the person responsible for her family was a member of the White Fang, the red symbol she saw was the mark of their faction... At that moment, an immense feeling welled up inside her; a deadly concotion of anger, and determination, it was then that she declared she wanted to become a Huntress, joining various academies, and passing her courses as one of the top students. She had made it an hard-set goal to hunt down the member of the White Fang that had taken both of her parents from her, the previous fantasies she had about joining the organization disappearing in a flash ever since her foster-father had told her the truth. Nowadays, Amber appears to be a rather normal, and somewhat cheerfull girl outside of battle, running a small workshop which she fixes various broken pieces of equipment, and sometimes tinkers with making weapons... And just random trinkets/contraptions sometimes, to keep things somewhat "fun". Though, in battle, either fighting Grimm, or in a particularly grueling training session, her mood almost seems to shift, a piercing look of determination present in her eyes, maybe she channels the anger she feels towards the White Fang organization into each blow, or, she's simply developed an incredible amount of tenacity... But, all in all, Amber appears to be a very fierce, and sometimes even ruthless fighter, however, she does appear to have shown restraint when she's sparring rather than fighting Grimm, or, others with malicious intentions.
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  4. So sorry for the delayed message, I did not see it till now. The Bo's appearance vary depending on the Subspecies. More Info on the Bo will only come in the RP. While some of it will come from the main plot, some information will only be able to be known based on Occupation.
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  5. Name: Jonathan Ashe

    Age: 23

    Aura/semblance: Ability to enhance his brain's activity to near 100% of it's capability, granting him what seems to be inhuman reflexes, and speed, and the ability to see the paths of bullets, attacks and things of that nature. This also allows him to enter a state of bullet time for a few seconds, which can allow him to execute several attacks in the blink of an eye. This can also allow him to look at objects and see numbers regarding them, forces applied by moving objects, speed of projectiles, energy required to ignite a fuel, and many other things.



    Sex: Male

    Race: Human

    Esatry: A cane that with the twist of the head transforms into a deadly blade. It can become a short rapier, or a longer estoc if needed. The blade has two stages, the shorter of the two being sturdier
    Beolo: A pistol that resembles a Derringer, a small four round handgun often used with small bore shotgun shells, this version however can fire powerful dust rounds with various effects, it's capable of loading just about any sort of ammo (10)_pcck.jpg

    The pistol clips into the handle of the cane, and both weapons form the cane that he's nearly always seen with

    Bio: Jonathan is what one might call an anarchist. Not necessarily politically either. He believes that the strong should rule and weak should die, that is how nature's laws work, after all. He grew up in a boring town in a boring part of Remnant, he won't specify where.

    Growing up he made it his ambition in life to create a world where the strong rule, he felt it would help the human race reach a new level of power, pushing past our pampered state and becoming apex predators, using quick thinking, ingenuity and resourcefulness to ascend the food chain, and become the best of the best there was.

    He still retains this ambition, and from time to time he'll pit two foes against each other simply to see who is superior
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  6. The cast list will be updated sometime tonight~
  7. Name
    Juniper Orchids
    The ability to control time in the small pocket for her own perception.
    This allows her to speed up her own awareness, to appear to move faster.
    It also makes things appear to move slower to her when she uses it.
    In a way it's like speed, only she does not, in theory, move fast.
    She makes everything else around her slower so she can react while it's suspended.
    -The Flute Staff-

    Form One
    "The Flute"​
    • The default of the weapon, form one looks like an unimposing flute- and it is! ...Well, most of time time. Theres certain ways she can play the flute. Certain notes and pitches that can effect the human ear, or to a greater extent, fuanus ears. It can paralyze, cause spasms, and so forth. It's fault is ear plugs.
    Form Two
    "The Staff"​
    • With a twist of the locking mechanism it can extend into a long shaft. With another click it's locked into staff position, and ready to be swung around. Pretty straight forward.​
    Form Three
    "The Monty Oum Golden Rule"​
    • As Oum would have it, It's also a gun. Well, more of a blow gun then your traditional sort. Rising it to her lips while in form three allows her to blow into the opening, thus triggering the firing mechanism. In order to move it to form three from form one it requires her to simply twist the flutes two outer halves after clicking off the locking mechanism. In order to get it to form Three from two, it must first be returned to form one. However, you can use form three in form two
    Born towards the edge of the Vale residential district-
    right at the edge of the river across from the intersection of the industrial and commercial district
    -she lived a very calm and unassuming life.
    Her father ran a very small and modest dust shop, while her mother was a huntress in her younger days.
    She always admired her mother, even when she never came home.
    An accident on the job.
    A tragic accident.
    But here she is, moving to fill her mothers shoes.
    To fight.​
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  8. I would love to join this, and will make a character when it isn't one in the morning ^^
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  9. I don't know what fandom your avatar is but i almost blew soda out my nose looking at it XD
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  10. Name : Natasha Zoltoye
    Age : 22

    Aura / Semblance :
    "True Sight"
    Natasha is able to enhance the abilities of her eyesight tenfold. Having absolutely no problem describing an ant from the top of a radio tower looking down, navigating through a maze in pitch-black darkness, seeing through walls as if they weren't there, or detecting an invisible person or thing.

    But unknown to others, she has been practicing a new-found skill in her semblance. To "see" the intent of a person depending on the color of a glow they give off which is only visible by Natasha.

    So far, she can only see the color Blue, which signify a non-hostile intent.
    She gains headaches depending on the longevity of the time it takes using her semblance. Another side effect is that looking directly at a strong light source while using her semblance momentarily blinds her.

    Appearance :

    Occupation : Fully-trained Huntress

    Sex : Female

    Race : Human

    Weapon :

    Bio :​
    - Born in Atlas to a somewhat famous family.
    - Along with many others in her family, she was a child prodigy.
    - Her skill in marksmanship and unerring accuracy gave way to her being called as "the Golden Death".
    - At the age of 19 she became a Hunter, one of the youngest to become one.
    - A few months later, she disappeared out of the public's eye for 3 years, some speculate she died, went into a coma from a mission gone wrong, or trained in secrecy.
    - From out of the blue, she joined the colonization of the unsettled continent, her intentions kept to her own.

    Why settle for one RWBY RP when you can join two?
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  11. Necrons from Warhammer 40,000
  12. Heavy WIP

    Appearance (open)

    Credit of art goes to Adrianblade

    Name: Leon Noir

    Age: 18

    Aura/semblance: Healing - Leon has a strange Semblance, one that is unique to him just like others have unique ones. His Semblance allows him to heal his own body, not others. Small cuts, bruises and the like are easy to heal, but the larger the wound. The more energy he has to expend on healing himself, and if the wound is fatal, he will obviously die as he cannot heal himself instantaneously. It takes time to heal over large wounds.

    Occupation: Hunter-In-Training

    Sex: Male

    Race: Human

    Weapon(s): Chainsword - This is Leon's primary weapon. Not much to really explain on the weapon and what it can do as it seems very clear on just what it can do. He seems to be a close range fighter, but he also holds a small 'dagger' at his side that can transform between Pistol, that fires dust rounds, and back to a dagger.

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  13. Name: Jac'lo Loson

    Age: Unknown

    Aura/semblance: Due to his fractured soul, Jac'lo is able to see other peoples semblances/auras.


    occupation: scientist/full time hunter

    Sex: Male

    Race: Half Grimm and Bo

    A bow and a double sided blade.

    Bio: N/a
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  14. I get work off tomorrow, should be able to finish my CS.
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  15. Alright. So I'm working on this CS, and for the life of me it is so bare @.@

    I like making larger CS's, and giving a good amount of information, but I'm (this isn't my first RWBY rp) always stumped on making one for a RP that ends up being bare bones.
  16. Tbh, make whatever you want. Give history before they settled in this new city, or give facts about who they know and where they visit within the city. Do whatever makes you happy with ur CS
  17. *peeks in*

    I'm interested but not sure if I'm going to join.
  18. Hey! Uh, any news on when this will start? o.o
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