The Coming of Mana

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      This is the magic wasted land of Garmanic. Long since has the Day of Mana passed and left the lands a caricature of what it once was. The people have rebuilt. Few races live in isolation now: they can no longer afford to live in the altered lands with the magic warped beasts that prowl them.​

      Caravans travel with many guards between cities, often composing of the both revered and reviled mages. Their accursed magic is what brought about these dark days after all. Perhaps you came by one of these caravans.

      Or did you dare the ocean? Many whisper of far worse things than the leviathan beneath the churning waves. A brave soul indeed if you came by ship, but they thank the courage. The supplies are precious.

      Or maybe chance simply had you in the city to begin with. We have our share of street rats hobnobbing around the inn. More than a few noblemen bring their ‘work’ here too. One has to wonder what brought your sorts about.

      Enough about that, I suppose, whatever brought your arse around, its in with our lot now. Because it seems whatever has brought us together under this roof tonight has a slew of trouble in store for us.


      Welcome to the Bilgerat Bride, an infamous inn just at the edge of the redlight district of Port Neworth. Of course our adventure begins with the greatest of clichés my friends! We were at the inn, for some reason or another ...drinking some grog, slaying rats, screwing a whore... when of course, something happens! Where we go from there, that is up to you to decide.

      • Welcome to the character design tab!

        You have 15 points to spend between the following traits.

        The highest score you can put in any trait at this time is 10, and it is considered to be on the heroic level of capability.

        The lowest score you can put in any trait is 0; you are considered to have no talent and no training in this field.

        Might: physical prowess, speed, strength – power through raw brute strength
        Arcana: magic lore, magic power, mana pool – power through the arcane magics
        Guile: stealth, diplomacy, dexterity, item-craft – power through craftiness and skill
        Cognizance: knowledge, weakness finding, lie detecting, perception – the power of the mind and senses
        Will: endurance, defense, spiritual resistance – the power of the body and soul

        And you may design 3 unique traits.

        Unique 1: I would suggest the first one cover your racial bonus.
        Unique 2: And that the second cover any offensive capability you might carry. Perhaps even an heirloom or companion?
        Unique 3: While the last is something defensive or provides a utility function.

        These are just suggestions to help for a rounded character that gives you more options for play. Feel free to experiment and gear your character more towards a specific role, as I am sure your mates will help fill those and as the GM, I will help you fill the necessary spaces!

        In time, you might have the chance to earn NEW traits, so don’t worry if you can’t do everything you want right now!

        Character Sheet




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      • Welcome to the Records tab! Here you will find information on people, locales and factions you have discovered.
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        • As the story progresses, major events will be chronicled and the story will be recorded in an easy to read synopsis so that players and readers alike can reference the information at their convenience! Canonically Coming of Mana has 3 acts planned. However, these acts can change, depending upon the players.
      • Welcome to Garmanic here you will find background information about the regions of Garmanic and some the world’s history! No, not everything, but enough to introduce you and let you run with!
        • Garmanic was a rich planet full of life and divided by race, so it was said to be, by will of the Manica gods. Though many might dispute it, few can stand up against the evidence that the Manica are the eldest race, born of the very planet. With the birth of the races and their bling groping into their new world; so passed the first era.

          It was not long before the races established their divisive lines. Dynasties rose and fell in the blink of an eye. The most successful of which built their cities upon places of power, the very springs from which mana welled up from. They utilized the natural power sources in a way that powered their cities. Some even developed technologies that accessed the powers of mana.

          However as they began to reach a peak of power, many of these power nations found themselves in a struggle for superiority and went to war. It was a rush for the strongest utilization of mana power. It was not long before it reached its peak.

          The Day of Mana: the day on which one city pushed too far and ultimately tapped into the deepest reserves of their mana spring. It resulted in a geyser of magic that flooded forth and spilled out over the land and connected with the other wells, effecting worldwide. Not all were spared from the cataclysm. Many became ill with the Dreamer Disease. They would fall into a slumber and never wake.

          There were, of course, other effects of the mana blight. Some individuals now found themselves capable of manipulating mana to their will. The landscape had been devastated and shifted, it was a new world for many. The wildlife that survived the affair was now a twisted shadow of what it once was.

          Such fiends has forced what has survived to band together. What countries remained have held together, if barely. Cities are now thrive as having the relative safety of numbers whole townships value every warrior and mage that their poor lands can scrounge together.

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          1. Albraz Cordillera
          The Albraz Cordillera are the tallest mountain chain in the world that once
          boasted many great civilizations. With the day of mana, it was amongst the first to be incapable of supporting civilization as the mountain grew too treacherous. The great city of Gargonhaldt was abandoned and has fallen to ruins. Of the mountains, the least treacherous of ways is Taeviel’s Crossing, the pass that connects east and west. Those of more stern stuff might attempt the ways through The Gibbering Mines, but few can stand the echoes of mana that whisper endlessly through their passages.
          2. Sea of Didojik
          Named after Emperor Didojik, the Sea of Didojik once represented a time of trade and prosperity for the lands of Enruba. Still, it offers a passage to them, but it offers its own dangers. Still, there are those that would dare the The Blightmire rather than take passage across the Sea of Didojik and tempt the spirits.
          3. Enruba
          The wasted lands, or otherwise known as the desert empire, it was the lands least effected by the mana blight. It has bloomed like a desert flower, capitalizing on the misfortune of the other lands. Unlike in many lands where the mana-ravaged beasts flourish, in the desert, man has learned to reign supreme. In their oasis cities they have developed vertical agriculture systems and waterways, and the crown jewel of these cities is the capital, Kor-Haptep.
          4. Rorchereal Tundra
          The northern lands of snow and ice, the Rorchereal Tundra lends itself to the hardiest of stock. Wintry nomadic tribes make their homes on the Tundra ice. Many tales crop up about the barbaric north and those that make their homes there. Of these tales the most famous is The Epic of Fjörgur, a great warrior of the north and his battle to seal the Bantredyne.
          5. Dyrden Ocean
          Consuming much of the planet’s surface, the Dyrden holds many of Garmanic’s dangers and mysteries. Of course it is the fastest way to travel between the nations, using Mercuil as a landing point between the ways. However, the depths holds many-a-sea monstrosity for the daring sailor. Many sailors whisper of a mana-contorted leviathan within the depths. Those that might confirm such a thing have perished beneath the churning waves.
          6. Mercuil
          The blighted kingdom, Mercuil is world renowned as the lands that brought about the Day of Mana. It was through their actions that that the mana blight has come to pass upon the world and it is their lands that the effects of the taint is most apparent. Beasts were mutated most dangerously on this continent, the capital of Rah’Vello was destroyed, and they suffered losses by the masses. Due to the dangerous nature of the continent, the population congregated to the few cities that existed. Most fell. The ones that survived built walls to survive, the greatest of which being the coastal city of Selhalune.
          7. Southern Wastes
          The southern arctic continent, it is all but a frozen desert consisting of blizzards and dangerous hidden drops into ice caves that could collapse upon unsuspecting travelers at any moment. The icy climate offers little in the way of survival to those who would brave it, even the most resilient of mana fiends struggle to survive here.
          8. Vossheim
          Vossheim is a land of relative flatness. To the south are the mires that lead out from Baelmyst, within which reagents for powerful potions can be found. To the north are great grasslands. Of this area, the dry brush oft catches catches ablaze into out of control
          wildfire across the planes. For this reason, the cities are constructed of stone and built aside water sources, so that mages might combat the rampaging infernos. Most renowned for having much of the city burned down twice over and still raising from the ashes is the capital, Caville.
          9. Ogdyn Sea
          A vast sea between the regions of Vossheim and Baelmyst, it was carved out by super-massive glaciers that retreated over the landmass north in the early ages of history that gouged out deep holes in the earth, and deposited sediment and meltwater. Due to this the waters support a healthier than normal algae life that make the waters appear green. Aside from that, the Ogdyn Sea boasts thriving fishing communities upon many of its shores, being the safest of any of the great bodies of water.
          10. Baelmyst
          There is a disputation over how the Baelmyst got its name. Some say it was from a great tragedy long ago that cursed the lands. Others say it has just always been evil. Either way, the region is shrouded in an ever present mist. Before the Day of Mana, the mist was thought of as a guardian presence that protected those who lived within from invading forces. Since then, it has taken on a more sinister nature, befuddling travelers who do not ward their way with magic, oft leading them to prey to the beasts or spirits of the forest. Of the cities, Fort Xandra is the most populous of the region, having been the fortress home built by a proclaimed guardian of the woods. Our story, of course, starts in Port Neworth
          11. Trenlow Sound
          The Sound settles between Baelmyst and and the lands surrounding the Albraz Cordillera. Of the seas, it is the one most populated by mana twisted fauna. The most infamous of these creatures exist along Widow Ridge where the creatures conjure the illusion of sailors lost at sea to tempt widowed women to jump to their deaths, dashed upon sharp rocks below.

        • Mercuil
          To the people of the rest of the world, those of Mercuil are seen in a mysterious and supernatural light and tales abounds are held of them. This is not surprising as of the other nations it is the most isolated from the others. Though foreigners will visit their land, namely the city of Selhalune where they dock to replenish supplies before continuing their voyages, they do not travel beyond the walls or seek exceptional interaction with these people. Many still hold hard feelings for the mana blight. However, that is not to say all the stories are uncalled for or untrue. Those from Mercuil are known for their habits of odd medicines, consuming plants and unusual parts of mana fiends. Unlike most of the world that fears spirits and seek to exorcise them, those of this country welcome them into their body, believing that it is their ancestors honoring them and through this they will guide, empower and protect. Since the initial outbreak of Dreamer's Disease, where their country suffered the most who fell to its clutches, it has tapered off into the rarest of cases. Of the nations, they have the lowest rate of those to appear with talent and fewer yet to achieve great power with it. It is just as well, as they have a strong loathing of the practice, believing it to be a sign of a tainted spirit.

          The people of Mercuil live in houses of either gong, an, or asuka stylings depending on the region. Typically, there is a stone shrine built to the ancestors within these homes. Their cities, the only part of the myōden left that were once controlled by the daimyos of the hegemon, are no longer in their rule. Though they are still considered noble families, they had long been stripped of their power for the events that led to the Day of Mana and a meritocracy was instituted.

          The people, always natural in the ways of battle and martial by nature, have adjusted well to the new fight against the mana fiends. With the culling of their population, however, they found a blessing in their traditional matriarchal society. Everyone who could be capable of wielding a weapon needed to be capable of doing so, and men and women have long since fought side-by-side. Of these weapons, the most identifiable by those of other nations are their curved blades of polished folded steel. However, they are avid users of polearms and heavy mechanical bows. Unlike in other countries, iron is less commonly found here, having to be extracted through burning it out of peat in small quantities. This has caused them to develop ō-yoroi armour made of leather, woods and small plates and bands of steel in order to compensate.
          The land of Vossheim is best described as being divided between two separate groups. The first of which would be what the rest of the world consider the 'civilized' Voss, though it is a widely held belief that you cannot trust a man of Voss. Civil Voss is ruled by a Tsar and the line of succession flows through the son. Luckily, the Voss are known for producing large families because assumption of the right to rule is highly sought after and if someone is not bringing the country to a small civil war for their own right to rule, assassination attempts and the occasional battlefield 'accident' when the next in line is thought more fit to rule is a timeheld tradition leading to rulership exchanging hands often enough. Those of civil Voss are monotheistic, worshiping Vhors, a god of battle, storms and master of all waters. They pray to him before every battle for victory, for rain and for the damned Northmen to stop raiding every winter. Overall, civil Voss are a stubborn breed who are never to be bullied about or likely to give in, even when their door has been beaten down by a man of the tundra for the fourth year running.

          'Wild' Voss comprise of nomadic horse tribes who in history divided from their brethren to practice religious freedoms. Many of them have adopted different beliefs, but a commonality between all is cairn worship. These cairns are placed along many common travel routes and it is common practice to stop at each and offer a tribute. While some might deposit coin or baubles if they believe to have read a bad omen, most will leave an offering of food and drink for the next traveler to come by. Doing this is believed to provide for good luck and safe passage and ward off evil spirits on their journeys. Shamans are common among the tribes and are thought to have some measure of power over spirits, having an otherworldly connection between this world and the next. They also provide healing services and serve to interpret omens people have seen in the world and their dreams.

          The region as a whole is known for their love of riding creatures. The more stubborn the creature is to tame, the more respect they have to be able to ride it. One of the symbols of a master rider is a ursine mount. However, there are old tales of times when people once rode griffins into battle.

          "The secret is, son, you need to look into his eyes and let him know who really calls the shots around here." -A great Voss father, teaching his son to ride a Artôrwulf
          Rorchereal Tundra
          The Northmen are a people made of piss and ice, the rest of the world would say. This may be infamy garnered from their inclination of setting raiding parties in the harsh winters, some of which are against other lands but even other clans of the north fall victim to it. When deciding not to bear shield and axe and steal what they need to survive these times of scarce food, it is not unheard of for clans to band together for the purpose of taking down massive game to divide the spoils. Come springtime, they find that the ice has thawed enough to fish and that the grampus are swimming close to the shore and even up the rivers, making it easy for them to harpoon from their skin boats. Little of animals go to waste. Leathers and hides are common in attire. Even the bones prove useful, particularly those of large mana fiends as they can stretch leather over them to make their summer tents. During the winter months, however, their homes are icy igloos.

          Many of the Tundra are contented with their lives as roaming hunters and surviving off of the land. It is not unheard of that one will grow tired of the endless snow and ice and travel the world, plying their trade for those who will pay. However, there are those more mercantile might offer their services on a vessel, traveling to another land. There they would sell their furs, scrimshaw and other northern trinkets and return home with much needed supplies to make life easier. Other practices include marriages that last for a contractual length of time. Upon their end the two parties can choose to renew their vows or part ways. Arranged marriages and the the tradition of "stealing a mate" (one that displays superiority and worthiness to wed) from other tribes prevents genetic stagnation. Northmen, as a burial rite, burn their dead in a funeral pyre as a sacred use of the sparse wood this much of this region produces in order to honor them. However, they do not believe in gods or an afterlife and believe in the power of man, and celebrating life.
          In the land of Enruba, ritual blood sacrifices of sacred stock are given to the mana spring that the imperial estates surround and the grand temple is housed over. Mana technology is still utilized heavily here, potential consequences unheeded and many devote their entire lives to develop the next thing that will revolutionize the world. They revere Manica as living deities and as such treat any who visit with utmost hospitality, paying homage to them in food, housing and gifts. Ceremonies are performed upon death to assure that spirits reach the afterlife and their bodies are fed through mana machines that produce geodes, turning the body to crystals. In this way, they feel they have reached an end as the Manica have.

          The empire is ruled by the Emperor, who appoints his own Grand Vizier. Many more Viziers operate within each city-state of the empire. Of all the regions, it is by far the most rich and opulent, the richest temples are said to be plated with gold and the walls embedded with crystals. They are also the most afforded to scholarly practices and in the capital have a great capital built up from hundreds of years. Agriculture and gardening are central to the land and are the pride of Enruba as it symbolizes their conquering of the desert and their god's triumph over death. Many will go so far as to import rare flora from other lands in order to make their personal gardens more impressive and it is a great insult to suggest their garden left wanting. Many Enrubians have a vast superiority complex when it comes to other countries, and even among those of different social strata. One such example is their regards to traders. Many would not even consider the life of a trader afar in Enruba, if not just because it demands one leaves what they believe to be the chosen land, but because they regard it a profession for liars, cheaters and greedy men.

          Punishments can be severe within the empire for crimes. Bodily punishment is not uncommon. In some instances, 'an eye for an eye' is a principal held, much in the case of stealing where one might lose a hand. For crimes severe such as murder, execution or serfdom are the verdict. Those who owe a great debt might forfeit themselves to an indentured servitude to work off their debts.
          The Baelmyst, even before the Day of Mana, the entire region has been seeped in magic and strange occurrences that defy the laws of nature. A shroud of ever present mist is the indicator for when one enters it's borders. In the past before the Day of Mana the settlements and signs of civilization that were housed within the confines of the mist were not the most wealthy or perhaps large, and to this day they fancy themselves as woodsmen even if they have retreated within cities. But the people who made their living there were content, believing the mist that never vanished protected them from outside invaders. Oh there are tales aplenty, ask any old crone or wise man and he will tell you of many a legend, myth or fable of something odd, strange or otherworldly happening to those who venture off the established paths through the mist and who go deeper. Tales of the passing of time acting strange, a journey that should take you only a week might take a month or you arrive at your destinations within hours.

          Those tales were scarce, but when the Day of Mana came and all Mana wells across the world changed, they warped their surroundings with effects that would not be felt for generations to come. Within the Baelmyst the mist shroud that most folk thought as protecting them became a more grim place for those who live there and travel through. Strange noises first ever heard when one was deep within the confines of the mist could now be heard at the edges of settlements. Children and adults alike who would be at the edge of town might end up missing, their loved ones haunted by singing in the voice of their missing relative from the fog, and when they go out and find the origin of the voice they too disappear. There are places where the mists seems to whisper in your head, filling your mind with words of madness or booming laughter.

          In the past a fortress had been built by proclaimed guardian of the woods, the name of this fortress: Fort Xandra. Many flocked to this site for the protection it offered and it has grown considerably since the time of its founding. The guardian has long since vanished or passed away and now it is ruled by a man proclaiming himself Ard Ri, high king of the Baelmyst. For a long time the various settlements within the confines of the Baelmyst stood alone, valuing their freedom but now a man has arisen to power in Fort Xandra with a purpose to unite the settlements in one nation and under his rule. Several settlements have flocked to him for the protection he claims to offer for the ever increasing threat from within the mist but others refuse, stating that they have protected themselves for generations without a king on a throne.

          Most of the settlements refusing the newly self-crowned ruler seem to be in fact trying to find ways to co-exist with whatever manner of beasts or spirits lurk within the mist around them. Leaving gifts and offerings at the edge of town believing by doing that they will be left alone and spared from the darker horrors that lurk within. Some even go as far as to sacrifice animals or even their fellow townspeople. Some volunteer for that honour while others... not so much. The people are highly superstitious and suspect many things that do not seem as they should, a trait instilled by their mothers and fathers sitting them down as wee babes and sharing with them tales and fables.

          'The tale of Fabian, as heard told by a old sage in the town of Darkring.'

          Gather 'round children, gather 'round... my bones are old, my eyes dulled but I have seen and heard much in my youth and I shall tell you now the tale of Fabian, to enrich your fantasies, but also to warn you for what arrogance and greed may lead you to...

          Fabian, oh sweet and innocent Fabian, born a blessed child but became twice blessed due to arrogance and ignorance. The golden haired boy, the pride of his parents, the envy of his friends. All who knew him, loved him and he in turn loved all who paid attention to him. He was the son of the alderman and anything he wanted he would get from his parents or the other townsfolk. His beauty was unmatched by any of his age or ever witnessed before. 'Touched by the spirits he is!' They cried in adoration! 'A blessed child of the gods, a blessing for our entire village!' Shouted others.

          And he was a blessing, bringing joy and laughter as he grew up to all who met him, but with age he grew arrogant and fat upon the adulation of the village and always expected to get what he wanted. Be it a sweet stick from the baker, or some fresh sausages of the butcher. He even once commanded his father to hose a festival in Fabians honour! And the folk of the village went along with it, because they truly believed that Fabian was blessed by the forest spirits and that if they kept him happy, the village would thrive as it had been since his birth.

          Then one day, a travelling musician came through the village. His voice like an angel, the music coming from his flute brought out emotions long buried in any who heard it to the fore and men and women alike cried openly feeling their moods brightened and hearts yearning for more. But then the musician stopped playing and retrieved a wrapped parcel from his back, upon unwrapping it he revealed a very simple harp, no gold or silver embellishments, no artistic cut of the wood. It simply appeared to be a harp and then it began to play, by itself. And the music of the harp transcended to what the musician played moments earlier on his flute. Images of feasts from ancient times accompanied the music in the minds eye of all who heard it and danced to the tune until the entire village was dancing and feasting through the course of the night. Until finally at dawn, the mist miraculously lifted briefly so the rays of the sun could unobstructed touch the harp as it let out a final note.

          All applauded and cheered and then a voice broke through, heard by everyone. 'I want that harp!' Fabian shouted, his arms crossed and looking at the harp with greed. The crowd murmured, looking from Fabian to the musician who looked surprised and shook his head. 'I am afraid I cannot sell nor give away this item. For you see it is not mine to give. I am merely its caretaker.' He said with a apologetic smile.

          'I want it!' Fabian shouted angrily and looked at his father who nervously swallowed and addressed the musician. 'Where is this owner then perhaps I can pay him to keep the harp.'

          The musician shook his head amused, 'she who owns the harp has no want for money, gold or riches. All she wishes is her music to be heard. To bring joy and dance. That is her reward. I travel with her from town to town, village to village. And she will play everywhere to be heard so that all may enjoy and experience her gift. So she cannot stay in one place.'

          'I don't care! I want it!' Came Fabian's shout once more and the village folk murmured louder, they had always given the blessed child whatever he wanted, never had someone refused him. The musician no longer smiled, shaking his head. 'Young man she only plays when she wants and what she wants is to travel across the realm. You cannot change what is meant to be.' The musician stated calmly and went to wrap the harp back into cloth.

          Fabian looked flabbergasted, nobody refused him! Nobody told him he could not have what he wanted! A rage came over him and he charged out of the throng of people at the musician. All were frozen with shock at what was happening and the musician was as surprised as any as Fabian slammed into him and both of them fell to the ground as Fabian, the blessed child began hitting the musician with his fists, over and over. The weather darkened and a strong, cold wind swept up around the village. Fabian stood up as a lightning strike thundered and boomed nearby, his fists red with blood, the musician lying broken on the ground in the village center. Triumphant he reached for the harp. 'I am the blessed child and I always get what I want!' He laughed with wide eyes as he grabbed the harp and held it aloft. 'Play! I wish to hear the music!'

          No music came and more thunder strikes hit the area around the village, the villagers themselves looking on at the grisly scene in the center with open mouths, frozen in shock at what they had witnessed their blessed child do. 'Play! I said play damn you!' Fabian shouted and cursed, shaking the harp that was still silent. With a scream of rage he brought harp down on the ground and with a might crash it broke apart on the ground. 'If you will not play for me then you will not play for anyone!' Fabian shouted at the crowd.

          The words left his lips as a enormous bolt of lightning smashed down upon the pieces of the harp which started to burn to ash, the smoke twirling, rising in a enormous shape that began to take solid form... as a spirit of the forest came into being. She let out a scream that made the ground tremble and houses collapse, sinkholes opened underneath people who fell into their depths. Many ran, away from the village into the mist which had gotten thicker and was suddenly filled with the sounds of gibbering and cackling voices before the screams of the villages drowned them out.

          The spirit stopped screaming her burning gaze looking at all who remained before looking upon Fabian and she spoke directly into the minds of all present, bringing them to their knees as the voice in their heads was loud enough to deafen them. "A claim of a blessed child that was never blessed, a arrogance of your own creation. This boy is not blessed he shall be cursed and this village as well, twice cursed you all are and twice cursed you all shall remain till my music shall once more play!" She waved with her hand and before Fabians eyes the villagers that had remained, his own father and mother included, twisted and turning into malformed monstrosities of man and tree. As their transformation was finished and they all howled with pain and anguish the spirit turned to Fabian. "You shall forever know thirst, hunger and suffering. You shall not rest nor find bliss in dying of old age. You shall live forever, hunted by those who fed your arrogance to be torn apart at midnight only to be be brought back at dawn to start the cycle anew! Always shall you return here at the place of your crime and you shall forever be haunted by what you have done!" With a crack of thunder the forest spirit vanished, leaving Fabian in the middle of the ruined village center as the twisted forms of what were once his fellow villagers, his worshipers, began to move with purpose towards him, hatred burning in their glowing eyes. And then he screamed, for the first time, the first time of many as each dawn he would be reborn and the cursed villagers would hunt him again to tear him apart limb from limb over and over.

          So hear me well children, never let arrogance and greed blind you.... and if a golden haired young man asks you for refuge and safety for the night. Refuse him and close the door, for what may be hunting him will kill any who dare stand in their path....

      • Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions tab of the post! Here you might be able to find some of your questions answered regarding the roleplay that other roleplayers, like you, have asked. If it has not been asked yet, don't worry, contact me!

        How do I get in contact with you?
        Of course you can find me here on Iwaku through the OOC, the PM system and my wall. However you call also contact me through the following means.

        What does scaling actually look like for traits?
        1 point is having some basic knowledge, you've read a few books and you might know a couple weak spells that could work in a pinch to throw a situation in your favor, but they aren't going to be doing much with it really.

        With 5 points, you've been your way around the block and know more than the average paige. You probably have a decent spellbook from a whole school of study. You're more likely to succeed in challenges you take on through the challenges of the arcane. This would be your average gauge of power, making an undead companion, hurling a bolt of lightning, healing someone's cut sliced leg.

        With 10 points you are a a hero of the arcane, you've mastered at least one school, possibly two if you aren't dabbling in three. You will likely know most things when it come to the matter of the arcane exempting the most obscure. You're probably going to be capable of massive feats of power at this time, ie) summoning infernos of fire to engulf a church, hypnotizing a dragon for a time to do your bidding, the like.

        Apply the principal to your desired trait and the spheres that they encompass.
        How does a mage's mana pool work?
        Your body can contain so much mana at a time without it being dangerous. Some individuals have trained themselves to have a greater capacity over time to hold more through training each day, trying to inwardly channel it from the surroundings. You won't necessarily tire yourself or injure yourself to use your reserve, you'll just feel the chamber run to empty.

        Outside of combat, active channeling can replenish a portion of your reserves if you've been given a brief respite. Some alchemy involves the fluid from the mana springs, so it wouldn't be a stretch to suppose that they would replenish the body, though they are probably tainting in too often a period and potentially addicting with the rush of power.
        What races are there in Garmanic?
        There is only one race that I have created for Garmanic. That is the Manica race. They are a humanoid race of various flesh tones and hues with gem protrusions from their body. While the youngest and most passable for human merely have their heart stone, the eldest find themselves 'returning to mana', their bodies becoming large crystals.

        Aside from that, I will operate along with very recognizable races for the most part. You will see your typical fantasy elves, dwarves, orcs and so on. That is not to say you have to play these races, though! Feel free to create your own race, provide information for me to work upon so that I can incorporate them into the world. Just understand that I might have to make some adjustments to make them fit just a little bit. Your character with your race may not have every property they are known for upon entrance.
        What sort of creatures can I expect from this roleplay?
        I'm not going to start throwing a bunch of brand new creatures at you without any background whatsoever to work off of. I intend to look for some creatures that in some way have been altered from some of our classical fantasy monsters and introduce to you our favorites in a new light. Not just fantasy creatures but some of our the natural beasts that fantasy worlds overlooked that could have become a greater threat given the right forces.

        Don't worry though. You still have a background to fall back on. There was a time when dragons soared through the skies, krakens ruled the seas and goblins were the scourge of every young adventurer.
        Okay, really. When was the Day of Mana?
        Roughly 260 years ago.
        Just what will our choices mean?
        Your choices mean they can take the roleplay into new and unexpected directions. You can take the roleplay off the path of the canon story and craft a story of your own, flipping off events unfolding in the world. Each choice you make will have a far-reaching effect that will ultimately decide the end result of this story. You don't have to be the noble heroes, even. You can be that evil bastard at the end of the day. It all just depends on the choices you make.
    • The rules are as follows:

      1. Follow Iwaku rules and we’ll all be just peachy.
      2. Don’t be an arse. Don’t carry qualms about the RP out and about. Just don’t. We all know sometimes we get our knickers in a bunch about this stuff from time to time, but we can all be mature about it and go to our brooding corners.
      3. Try and have at least legible spelling and grammar. I know mistakes happen, I’m not asking perfection.
      4. Try and keep up with the RP. I aim to post every other week. If everyone posts in a round before the two weeks is up, I might even post a bit early for y’all. However, real life happens, for you and me. I don’t expect that everyone will post every round. I know some people might post twice a round if it’s a very social one! Just try and be around
      5. That said, if you are going to be gone for an extended time from the RP, CONTACT ME. Tell me what is happening. That way, we will not have to worry about a hiccup from your character and maybe we can even arrange an excuse for why your character is gone and bring you back when you are less busy!
      6. Death can occur in this RP. It is not my absolute goal to murder-rape-kill your characters but bad things might happen to them. There will be dice rolls in the background from time to time to influence events.
      7. Talk to me and your fellow RPers! This is a group activity. Your characters should interact! You should talk to me, I would enjoy hearing ideas from my players, they might be incorporated, who knows!
    • Active Characters
      Anesha Silinrul as played by @Andrea
      Surak Silinrul as played by @Sarzu
      Nasika Silinrul as played by @Selvi
      Salius Vas'Truin as played by @Radio Jelly
      Crela Bjorjil as played by @Radio Jelly
      Erylis Tarcasia as played by @Azula
      Akade Kadenz as played by @Zombehs
      James Brown as played by @Kadaeux
      Deekin as played by @Gat
      Lyrman Rosticault as played by @Drifter
      Otel Pence as played by @Drifter
      Neriah Glaeborne as played by @mkvibe
      Blaine Redhawk as played by @WitchChild
      Jorrosa the Broken as played by @Rain of the Night
      Aliquipiso, The Wanderer, Descendant of the Guardian of the Woods as played by @Rai'Athar
      Jerrek as played by @That LARP Guy [Pending]
      Kannagi Kenbu as played by @Skyswimsky [Pending]

      Inactive Characters
      None as of yet

      Dead Characters
      None as of yet
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  1. Definitely interested.
  2. [​IMG]

    Well here are three characters from three different players, we liked this image so we decided to mold three characters around it, so from left to right is played by Andrea, Sarzu and Selvi.

    Shared Biography

    The history of clan Silinrul is somewhat obscure with its origins lost to time and age but it was at some point 50 to 60 years after the Day of Mana that the first Silinrul mercenary was recorded to have plied his trade of selling his services to hunt down magic warped beasts. Over the course of generations members of clan Silinrul, usually alone or in small groups of siblings or elders with their children, travel around the world selling their services to make a living in the world of Garmanic, most hunting down and exterminating beasts but some members have also been swayed to serve as common swords for hire in regular battles or even assassination. Gathering at rare and often coincidental intervals at various places to see who has fallen and exchange tales of adventure and hunting contracts they may have done. At such gatherings it is also often that weapons and armour are forged with help from their fellow clan members that are in some way unique to the recipient of them.

    Anesha, Surak and Nasika have for the first sixteen years of their life stayed with their parents and occasionally with a uncle or aunt. When Anesha was 15 their father died on a contract and their mother took them and whatever other clan members that were in the vicinity on a grand hunt to track down and exterminate the creature responsible. Their mother died in this fight, as well as several others of the clan who helped out as the beast proved to be more challenging than any of them could have suspected. But in the end it was brought down low by the swords, axes, spears, bows and magic of the surviving hunters. After this, with both their parents dead the siblings were divided, finishing their tutoring with a uncle or aunt of their. Until each of them turned 16 and they went their own way in the world.

    When Nasika turned 16 the siblings got together and decided to stick close for the most part, traveling and taking contracts together of whatever work they could find. Sometimes going their own path but after several weeks or months seeking the other two to continue their travels together.

    • Personal

      Name: Anesha
      Age: 24
      Sex: Female
      Race: Human
      Appearance: See pic (left)
      The oldest daughter born from Larkant Silinrul, her father, and Kahleen of Caville who was once a simple herbal shopkeeper in the city of Caville in Vossheim but who became enamored over the years by a member of clan Silinrul who visited her shop for herbs and the tales he was fond to tell her about his journey and travels across the world. In time they became more than just friends and they married, a rare occurrence in the clan as most 'partners' the members of the clan find often stay in their lives while the clan takes away the children that such unions produce to raise as one of their own. But sometimes a outsider actually marries into the clan and takes up the life that comes with it.

      So for 15 years Anesha was there from the start when her parents were married and traveled together and raised her and her siblings. When their parents were both dead their training was not officially completed, so their elders each took one of them in to complete their training. She went with a great-uncle who had survived many a beast and mercenary contract. She had not much to learn with her 16th birthday not far off which announced her adulthood in the clan. When she came of age she went off on her own, taking up contracts alone and realizing at that moment after the first few contracts why her family, her clan, usually took up traveling with one or more of their number.

      For several years she wandered across the west, within the borders of Enruba, the Wasted Lands, not many beasts to hunt perhaps but she often traveled just beyond it to return to the Desert Empire to relax and rest inbetween hunts. But then something happened in capital of Kor-Haptep and she ran out of the city gates at night with members of the city watch hot on her heels wanting to cut her heart out. A lone voice shouting at her retreating form that if she ever dared to show her face again in the city her head would be cut off and placed on a spike on the city gates for the carrion birds to feed on.

      After that she went east and met up with others of the clan, traveling with them for some time until she met up with Surak who also had been traveling for some time and together they decided to continue and in time look up Nasika and travel the world together.


      Might: 5
      Arcana: 1
      Guile: 1
      Cognizance: 5
      Will: 3

      Unique1:The Silinrul, the tome of hunting. The Silinrul have been a clan of monster hunters since the time of the Day of Mana working as mercenaries all over the world where the magic has warped beasts of all kinds. Coming together at irregular times and compare notes and hunting tales, over the years they compiled together a tome, a guide on how to hunt and kill the warped beasts. Giving the Silinrul a slight edge when facing warped beasts and their like for having faced them before or perhaps one of their ancestors having faced one and noting down how it fought and where its weaknesses may be.
      Unique2: Daystar, this longsword has intricate runes on the hilt and it's crossguard their meaning clear when Anesha calls out her sword's name and the blade erupts into magical flame for a brief period of time and she lashes out with it at her foes.
      Unique3: Armour of the Dragon, she crafted this armour with the help of her siblings and clan elders and inlaid the first rune of protection upon it's surface. 'Chath' The rune of fire, granting her some protection against fire.

    • Personal

      Name: Surak
      Age: 23
      Sex: Male
      Race: Human
      Appearance: See pic (middle)
      After their parents died Surak traveled with a brother of their fathers for a time to complete his training. His uncle seemed to prefer working together with others, not just from their clan but even other adventuring or mercenary bands to get work done together. From those joint ventures Surak learned on how to interact with a variety of different people and races. And he did not just hunt down monsters either, taking on several jobs that included fighting other humans or races, bandits, other mercenaries and more. Although he has never wanted to partake in a contract that would have had him kill children or unarmed men and women.

      Once he came of age he actually joined with a traveling mercenary band called the Horns of Gold, due to their custom to be either paid in hors filled with gold coins or gold liquid of several large barrels of whatever powerful spirits or mead was available to the one hiring them. During this time he made friends with the mercenaries of the Horns of Gold, their rivals became his rivals and he mourned the friends that fell in battle and buried them with the promise to remember them. In the end he parted with them as friends once more seeking out others of his clan and traveled with them, at one such gathering he once more found his sister Anesha and together they decided to continue their journey for a time.

      Their first contract together was to hunt down a monster preying on trade caravans from Fort Xandra but it turned out to not be a monster at all but a band of bandits who has established themselves in the region masquerading their attacks as attacks from various monsters of the wild. The fighting against bandits was unexpected but in the end the two siblings managed to cut down the bandits but not before being threatened by the bandit leader that someone would take offense of their deaths.

      Putting no stock to such a empty threat from a dying man they collected their payment and continued on their travels.

      They decided after a time to also reunite with their youngest sibling, Nasika and found her in a most troubling situation.


      Might: 4
      Arcana: 1
      Guile: 4
      Cognizance: 3
      Will: 3

      Unique1: The Silinrul, the tome of hunting. The Silinrul have been a clan of monster hunters since the time of the Day of Mana working as mercenaries all over the world where the magic has warped beasts of all kinds. Coming together at irregular times and compare notes and hunting tales, over the years they compiled together a tome, a guide on how to hunt and kill the warped beasts. Giving the Silinrul a slight edge when facing warped beasts and their like for having faced them before or perhaps one of their ancestors having faced one and noting down how it fought and where its weaknesses may be.
      Unique2: Hatred's Bite, this hand and half sword has a clear crystal in it's pommel with a crimson droplet at it's center, a droplet of Surak's blood, attuning him to the blade. The power of the blade is triggered when he, or any he is related to, have been injured and their blood is spillt. The clear gem in the pomel will glow a baleful red and infuses him with a strength and rage to overcome whatever foe he faces and protect himself or those of his family, by killing whatever hurt him or them first and cut it in as many pieces as is required. This however tires him out in prolonged battles, unless he finds a means to control it.
      Unique3: Gauntlets of Warding, Surak crafted his gauntlets to his design and specifications with Nasika helping him out with the magic aspects of the crafting to create a set of armoured gauntlets he could use to possibly ward away blows or block incoming weapon strikes. To the ribbing of Anesha that he should have gotten a shield instead he simply responds it would hamper his mobility to have done that.

    • Personal

      Name: Nasika
      Age: 20
      Sex: Female
      Race: Human
      Appearance: See pic (right)
      Nasika was 11 when their parents died, by far the youngest and perhaps the more needed of a guiding figure because out of the three of them she seemed to be the sibling who was the most magical, her powers manifesting at a early age and mostly uncontrolled because neither her father or mother for that matter showed much aptitude for the art of magic. So when they died a older woman of the clan took her aside and said she would teach the young girl what she needed to know to control her powers and not become consumed by it.

      Her guardian, a woman named Hannah Silinrul, took on contracts like any of the clan but for the most part she and her new protege Nasika traveled to old places to study, learn new spells and control Nasika's growing powers. Exchanging knowledge of magic with whatever mages they came across to understand and learn more of what mages could do. In some places they were welcomed, highly sought after to help guide caravans from one place to the next but it seemed that in some settlements the populace rather wanted to see magic users not stick around and they would find themselves being asked, sometimes politely, sometimes threatened, to pack their things and leave the settlement.

      In the course of her tutelage under Hannah they often came across members of the Manica race whose talent for magic seemed unequaled to many degrees due to their gem growths. One such Manica became a sometimes companion on their travels named Kalïn, Nasika never learned if he had a other name besides that but she got along well with him regardless and even learned from him. His relationship with her guardian was a odd one, at times Kalïn and Hannah seemed to be joined in academic purpose on matters of magic at other times they had huge arguments that had them cursing at each other and long periods of silence as they stopped traveling with the Manica but after some time they always got back together for some joined venture or another.

      She was nearing the age of adulthood and had gotten word from her siblings that they wished to meet up with her and travel together. Having missed both of them she wrote back that she would be at some ruins at the edge of the Blightmire for some studies with her guardian and a guest, Kalïn.

      When the day came that her siblings followed her written directions to the ruins they found Nasika, her armour torn. Blood that was not her own dried up on her arms and chest, the glowing heart gem of a Manica displayed on her chest and with no living soul beside her in sight. She refused to speak of what happened to her siblings and they got her away from the ruins to nearby civilization and helped her recover. To this day she refused to speak of what happened, at several gatherings of the clan that have been called together there has also been no sign of Hannah and when anyone of the clan asks Nasika she refuses to give a direct answer, murmuring something about her studying in one place or another.


      Might: 1
      Arcana: 6
      Guile: 2
      Cognizance: 3
      Will: 3

      Unique1: The Silinrul, the tome of hunting. The Silinrul have been a clan of monster hunters since the time of the Day of Mana working as mercenaries all over the world where the magic has warped beasts of all kinds. Coming together at irregular times and compare notes and hunting tales, over the years they compiled together a tome, a guide on how to hunt and kill the warped beasts. Giving the Silinrul a slight edge when facing warped beasts and their like for having faced them before or perhaps one of their ancestors having faced one and noting down how it fought and where its weaknesses may be.
      Unique2: Spellblade, it may not look as impressive in the sheath as the blades of her siblings. But when she pulls the blade out in the open the blade appears to have crystal veins in the metal that glow in accordance when she is casting spells. In her hands Spellblade can be used to channel her power, acting as a focus to possibly enhance her spells.
      Unique3: Heart of Power, attached and displayed openly just above her breasts is a gem of radiant purple glowing fantly. To the unknowing it appears as a fancy gem of some kind but to those of the Manica race it is clear what it is, the Heart-gem of one of their kind. How Nasika got her hands on it she has not even shared with her siblings but she uses the gem much like any Manica would, to tap into it to replenish her strength to cast more spells or empower them.
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  3. Your characters all look good so far, just put in biographies and they'll be acceptable.

    I've edited the first post with a FAQ for players. As pertinent questions seem necessary to be added, they will be.
  4. This will be fun :awesome:
  5. Can I reserve a spot? :3 I will make my charrie tomorrow since it's already midnight here. Also, may I change the CS a bit? I will put every info needed, no info will be missed. I just love to make my CS a little bit different based on my own style ^^
  6. Feel free to do so on both account. I do the same things. I actually am the first person to adjust the CS style myself : P
  7. Wonderful! Simply wonderful~! I am honestly glad to find a role-play with a higher standard that can fit into what I anticipate to be a busy schedule for me in the new academic year. However, seeing as it is also midnight for me, I can not present to you a character sheet or even a concrete concept for a character, but expect one soon. I will most likely try out for an individual centred around magic, perhaps from the desert regions.
  8. Looking forward to it! Have a pleasant night in the meanwhile.
  9. Show Spoiler


    Name: Salius Vas'Truin
    Age: 25
    Sex: Male
    Show Spoiler

    Additionally, Salius's forearms are studded with deep, amber colored crystals. This pattern continues up both arms and across his chest until it reaches the heart stone in the center of his chest.

    Biography: Salius knows ruin better than most young mages his age. While those of a particular magical affinity have often found themselves scorned by the world, most may take solace in the fact that, while they may be ostracized for their connection to mana, it was not of their choosing. Salius cannot live with that reassurance, and not because he willed the blight upon himself, or prayed for his magical ability, but because of his clan's history. When the day of Mana occurred, and all of Rah'Vello was destroyed by its masters' greed, the Vas'Truin were more than mere observers. Once a noble clan of magistrates whose renown spanned all of Mercuil, the Vas'Truin (as far as the story goes) were instrumental in the decision to reap more power than Rah'Vello proved to be worthy of.

    The family itself seemed to have been obliterated with the city, and their legacy--like so many others of Mercuil--destroyed with them. However, there were those of the name who survived the cataclysm: the Vas'Truin who lived were irrevocably changed. They all had an affinity for mana, but it was more than that. Their very blood had been poisoned by the blight, granting them a strangely symbiotic relationship with mana. Centuries past, and when the Vas'Truin reemerged they were met with hatred by those who still remembered the age before. Many were hunted and killed, but a handful survived and scattered. Some made for the open ocean, but there were few who remained in Mercuil. When Salius was raised in Selhalune, however, it was not as a mage, nor even as a Vas'Truin. His family's name had become synonymous with evil, and from the time he was born, he was raised not as a Vas'Truin but as a Stopoles. Under the watchful eye of his father--a leather-worker--and household mother, Salius's lineage was kept from him for as long as it could be.

    At the age of seventeen, his irises developed an incandescent orange hue. Shortly thereafter, the Manica crystals began to solidify upon his skin. Were it only the crystals, his parent's might've been able to hide from him his heritage for some time more, but the orange of his eyes was but another scar all of his kin bore. From that time on, he adorned shaded spectacles, and rarely ventured too far from his family's hovel in the city. While his parents took every measure to shield him from his history, he yearned to wield magic the way he saw other mages do on the city streets. He was no fool, of course: he knew what it might mean if he were to be found out, but it hardly hampered his quests to covertly acquire and study the art of mana. This self-tutoring was not to last, however. At the age of 20, after a trip to the local market, he returned to his father's shop to find it empty. The windows had been shattered, and the oaken tables upturned. At his feet, mounds of shattered wood, ripped leather, and fragmented glass lay haphazardly.

    Almost immediately, he deduced that his mother's true nature must've somehow been discerned--the glares of onlookers, and general lack of city guardsmen only confirmed his creeping fears. When he found their bodies beneath the store, Salius's first thought was that of how peaceful they seemed at last. Their faces, which had looked at him so often with pity and anguish were relaxed. For three days he remained in the store, grief-stricken and fearful. He wished it had been him, and waited for the assailants to return. In that darkness, he happened by chance upon a casket he had never seen before. A nearby raised floorboard suggested it had once been hidden. When Salius moves to touch it, amber glyphs lit atop its surface. The case refused to open, despite its lack of a lock. The more Salius tried to wrench it free, the more he began to realize the series of scratches and dents atop its surface. Someone had tried to breach its contents before him, but they had obviously been unsuccessful.

    In a last effort, and driven by an almost hysterical need to know its contents, Salius smashed the box against the wall. It didn't break, but his hands were bloodied by the iron hinge having been pressed so deeply against his skin. His blood marred the box's surface, and just as he was about to turn from his impossible task, the glyphs reappeared, and shattered. The top popped free much to his surprise. Inside, a single tome lay. It's elaborate cover suggested a pre-collapse origin. The tome's allure was undeniable: Salius new from the moment he took hold of it that it contained the knowledge he sought, and perhaps that which could help him bring justice to his family's killer. Leaving Selhalune was not hard for him. The last of his family's money went into procuring a ride northbound, as he figured his magic would make money obsolete once he had a safe place to practice it. In Baelmyst, Salius wandered. In solitude he trained day in and day out to perfect his magic form. It came fast to him on account of his bloodline, but he didn't let his minor progress deter his conviction.

    People had become near worthless to him. Salius would venture into cities to do the occasional odd job one might request of a mage, but besides the minor interactions he had with his employers, Salius avoided contact. That was, of course, until he met Sela.



    Unique1: Blood of the Vas'Truin: Salius is extremely sensitive to mana, allowing him to tell beforehand when he is approaching either a mana source, or something possessing a great deal of mana in its system.

    Unique2: Bloodbound: Salius carries a runic blade the length of a short machete. It's imbued to function as a magical conduit like any mage's weapon. However, Salius can (for an extremely brief period of time) turn the blade on himself and grant himself unfettered and amplified mana access. The trade-off is he sacrifices his own blood--and by extension his health--for every minute he spends using this ability.

    Unique3: Mana Scavenger: Salius can draw mana from recently deceased corpses, siphoning a portion of whatever reserve they had before death from their very bloodstream. It's not often a lot of mana, but enough to allow a spell or two more than he would usually be able to cast.

    Show Spoiler


    Name:Crela Bjorjil
    Age: 19
    Sex: Female
    Race: Human
    Show Spoiler


    Originally form Rorchereal Tundra, Crela lived a quiet life in her tribe until she turned ten. A particularly harsh winter meant that she and her people were restrained to their icy hovels day and night with very little in the way of food or water. After nearly a month of non-stop blizzards, the first of the elderly began to die. Despite their hardened experience, their bodies were unable to push any longer. It was this way Sela lost her grandparents, but the suffering was only bound to continue. Her mother followed shortly afterwards leaving only her and her father in their home. Long after Sela lost track of the days, the storm began to finally break. For weeks, she and her father worked to clear the mountains of frost and snow so that they could see how their neighbors fared.

    While they managed to unearth several bodies, many more had simply disappeared. It was possible the creatures of the wilds might've carried away their bodies, but equally likely they had made an effort to strike out for better pastures. That was simply the way of things in the north, so Crela was not particularly curious about their fate. Even still, for a child so jaded by sorrow, Crela remained both cheerful and optimistic much to the chagrin of her cynical and distant father. For several years they would survive together in peace, but Crela dreamt of more for her life than to simply wait to be killed by a passing storm. Against her father's warnings, she gathered her few belongings, and made for the south during the summer months when the path was least treacherous.

    Crela's travels would take her to many dangers, but she was good with her bow, and better with her tongue. Many would-be assailants were pacified by her wit and charm, or scared into submission by her unnatural marksmanship. For years she roamed the shattered world until she happened upon Port Neworth. For a time, she worked as a mercenary, easily earning the endearment of all her colleagues but one. Not one to be easily shunned, Sela followed and observed the mage from a distance, soon learning his name to be Salius. The man was elusive to say the least, and when Sela confronted him outside the port in what she assumed to be his home he was more than a little perturbed to see her. In fact, he was so startled by company he nearly killed her with an errant bolt of arcane magic. Of course, to Crela this was remarkably funny, but she quickly found that the reason for his surprise wasn't as simply as she had thought. Avoiding her gaze the whole time, the mage threatened her life if she did not leave him be.

    Crela left him then, and thought little of the encounter afterwards. What had stuck with her was his tone of voice when he spoke. He was angry, but she detected something more--something fearful. Ever curious, Crela would always keep an eye out for the mage in town, although she was never sure why.



    Unique1: Big Game Hunter: Years of the hunt have granted Crela impeccable beast-tracking skills, allowing her to discern things in the wild invisible to the untrained eye.

    Unique2: Black Ice Bow: Crela's bow is a tribe heirloom from an age long past when her people were proficient in mana manipulation. The bow's arrows apply a slowing toxin to her enemies, and if left untreated can inflict a frostbite-like disease on her prey.

    Unique3: Tri-hook Grapple: One of Crela's prized possessions is a grappling hook she often used to scale icy terrain in her youth. She keeps the hook for the same reason, but to scale rooftops instead of glaciers.

    Hopefully both these characters are alright with you. Your RP looks excellent by the way and I can't wait to explore it.
  10. @Andrea @Sarzu @Selvi @Radio Jelly your characters are all accepted.

    I also figured I should do a note on magic. I know a lot of people just work on one small type at a time, but due to the system, you can often build upon an entire sphere, possibly more, as you grow in strength.

    The spheres are as follows:

    Abjuration: the power to empower, protect or weaken a target with magic and anti magic spells
    Conjuration: the ability to summon illusions and minions and call objects into being
    Life: the power over life and death, to inflict harm and cure it, to bring the dead back to life as undead
    Evocation: purely destructive energies, the most common of which being elemental
    Alteration: power that alters the state of reality in a physical manner, ie) plant growth, polymorph, shapeshift
  11. Great ^^ I'll have a character up soon~
  12. Definitely interested.
  13. Huh, gonna throw a bit of interest down. It's time for Abjuration shenanigans.

    Not sure if it's because I'm tired, failing reading comprehension, or both, but the Unique are individual of the abilities/skills granted by a regular Traits even if they're related?
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  14. [​IMG]
    "Don't forget to pay your debt or I will come and force you to pay~ <3"
    Looks 23, but her real age remains unknown
    Tarcasia family was known by their extraordinary skill in potion making. Her mother, Ehalla Tarcasia, was the best potion maker in her family. Following her mother's steps, Erylis had learnt potion making since she was only a child. Many people from all over the land came to their house to buy or request potions from Ehalla. Some of them used it for war, some for revenge, some just for their sick relatives. Ehalla didn't care about their intention as long as they didn't drag her deeper into their problem. Her only job was to aid them with her potions.

    Years went by, Erylis was finally mature enough to help her mother. Just like her mother, Erylis possessed brilliant skill in potion making, truly the second best after Ehalla. They thought that their life would stay happy and peaceful as long as they stayed together. But their dreams crushed as the reality slapped them right on their face. It was when The Day of Mana occurred.

    On that day, her mother killed and left Erylis alone, battling with the world all by herself. Since the death of her mother, Erylis tried to rebuilt her life with the rest of survivors. It was tough years for her, but she managed to pull herself together and continued her family's business. This was also the main reason Erylis made a pact with Ifrit, so she could have someone to protect her and acted as her weapon. She didn't want to be killed just like her mother.

    Many people saw her move from one place to another, she never stayed in one place for more than three months. They even questioned how could she stayed alive for many years without getting old. Witch was known for their long lifespan, but Erylis had crossed the limit. Little they knew that Ehalla gave Erylis the secret recipe and only The Tarcasia Family that knew about this, Life Elixir. This potion would prolong someone's life and keep their youth. No side effects were given by consuming this, Erylis just needed to drink it every 3 months and she couldn't miss the time or she would be turned into dust in minutes.

    Erylis must kept Life Elixir as her secret and would bring this secret to her grave. Her mother used to tell her that she couldn't let people know about this because she couldn't imagine what people would do when they knew such potion existed. Erylis' life wouldn't be safe anymore and the world would become worse than now.


    UNIQUE 1
    Potions Junkie
    Over hundred years living by making and selling many kind potions, Erylis depends her life most on these things. These potions are not only used as her bread and butter, but also to help her life as well. Erylis can make many potions with different function, she can even make potions based on request. They only need to provide her with several ingredients and she will do the job.

    UNIQUE 2
    Dark Oath
    Knowing that she can't protect herself only with potions she, Erylis made a pact with demon, Ifrit. Ifrit will accompany her in his human form and lend her his strength. He will do most of the offensive role while Erylis will act as the support using her potions. However, every 6 months, Erylis must give him a virgin as an offering and to extend their contract. If she couldn't find a virgin, Erylis must gave herself as an offering which meant she would be dead and dragged to hell forever. Therefore, Erylis must keep her purity as a guarantee if she wants Ifrit stays by her side.


    In human form, Ifrit has superior agility and access to fire magic. His jump is incredible and he uses this ability to move from one place to another, faster than walking and running. Ifrit mostly uses his bare fists and fire to fight. Brute fighting is his favorite way to take down his enemies.
    However, when he is in this form, his fire is not as strong as when he is in his demon form. He can do minor tricks with fire, like making fire balls, making weapon out of fire, and other little things. Ifrit can also die, but not perish. He returns back to the demonic plane upon 'death' and after 3 days, Erylis can summon him back with a sacrifice of her blood.


    In demon form, Ifrit can release more power as his body gets bigger. He can reach every single potential he has while in this form. Ifrit mostly depends on his fire power when in this form because his speed will be much slower. His strength might be multiplied a lot, but with a slowpoke speed, Ifrit can't do much with his strength.
    However because of the deal, whenever Ifrit is in his demon form, Erylis' life force will be drained as long as he stays in this form. This mechanism also applies when Ifrit uses high level fire magic, he will drain Erylis' life force and might kill her in the process. Because of that, Ifrit can't stay in demon form for too long or he will bring death closer to Erylis. He will only turn into this form when things get too ugly and out of control.

    UNIQUE 3
    Staff of Bird Wings
    Just like a witch in general, Erylis has something to help her flying around. Instead of flying broomstick, Erylis has a flying staff. This staff is imbued with magic so it can fly up high and hold weight up to 500 kg. At first, it was hard to control this staff, but as the time goes by, Erylis can control this staff well and use this staff as her transportation. With this, she can save the transportation expenses and spend it for something else.

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  15. @Azula so far the personal section and traits are fine

    Potions Junkie is acceptable, I just want you to understand that some higher power potions might require you to retrieve the ingredients due to the difficulty to obtain them.

    In regards to Dark Oath, before I can accept this, I need to know what capabilities you had in mind for your companion in both his human and demon forms.

    And Bottomless Mind Library I'm going to deny outright. As a gm, this is a very frustrating ability. This ability implies feeding you back specific information for every event that happens because it encompasses every aspect of life. I hate to shut down this ability, because I know it probably sounds on part a lot of it being me not wanting to do work. But I would truly appreciate you designing a replacement.
  16. Ah yes don't worry about the potions junkie, she doesn't need to find the ingredients because she only make the potion, the buyer must find the ingredients themselves. Unless she wants to make potion on her own, she will find it herself. Still, I don't she will go finding the ingredients herself, she will just order Ifrit to find it for her.

    For dark oath, do you mind if I elaborate his power more? I'm afraid I will give too much information, so I try to keep it short >.< Also, for Ifrit, do you mind if I also play him as side character of mine?

    That's okay~ I also think that this ability a little bit hard. I will find something else~
  17. @Azula I don't mind if Ifrit is a side-character, but yes, I fully hoped you might divulge in me a bit about him :3 there's no such thing as too much information... Unless of course you intend to do reveals later, then I understand!
  18. Thank you very much. I slept rather nicely~

    Now, after reading some of the provided information once more, this time in the light of day, I would like to make a few statements and ask a couple of questions, if you do not mind.

    My first inquiry has to do with the geography of the world of Garmanic.
    The map itself is slightly confusing, in my humble opinion, and does not align properly with what you have written, presuming that the planet is spherical and not flat, of course. You state in the description of the Dyrden Ocean that it is "the fastest way to travel between the nations". As far as the map shows, however, it would actually be a long route, seeing as one could travel from point 3 to point 8 through point 4 or through land by going further left or right respectively. Furthermore, I doubt that a country settled in the middle of a desert would waste away their wood to constantly build ships, more than the half of which would definitely surrender to the waves, due to the chaotic nature a single world ocean would have; rather than invest in land travel. Even if the caravans were to be lost due to other reasons, the losses would be less from an economic standpoint. The same goes for a country located in the grasslands, whose focus is using stone, due to the lack of wood.
    Once again on the note of travel and mapping, the two sides of the map do not match. Are the 1 on the left and the 1 on the right supposed to be one big continent? If so, then it and what has been drawn above them can not directly connect by using this image alone. Neither the inner seas, nor the land masses correlate and it is as thought an entire strip of the world map has been cropped. Could you possible address this matter?
    Finally, the way in which number 7, the Southern Wastes, have been drawn suggests a large continent, as it goes all the way from left to right, which I suspect is not what you were trying to imply. Or is it?

    My second issue has to do with the wording.
    If we were to ignore the scarce mistakes, which are entirely human, labelling Mercuil as a "continent" is ridiculous. It is in no way large enough to be considered such and resembles a big island, rather than a continent. If you do insist on it maintaining the status of "continent", albeit it will never be one in the way it is drawn as number 6, you could say that, due to massive earthquakes caused by the outbreak of mana during The Day, the continent sunk for the most part, leaving only a couple of islands as remnants of a once great land and civilisation.
    Secondly, I would like to mention that, from what I can interpret, you seem to put an equals sing between "country" and "land", which is also a bit confusing. Is it part of this world's culture to name their countries and land in the same way? It has been observed in our world, but not thorough the entire planet. And on the note of politics, I find it hard to understand at times whether some of the cities you mention are free cities or if they belong to a single country. For now we have the desert kingdom, Enruba, with Kor-Haptep as the capital; the blighted kingdom, Mercuil, with a capital, Rah’Vello, that has been destroyed for 260 years (Has no one considered moving the seat of power at all?); and the country in the grasslands, Vossheim, with its stone capital, Caville. From what has been written, Baelmyst is simply the name of a land covered by mist, rather than a country, and there are several cities there, two of which are Fort Xandra and Port Neworth. Are they free cities or part of a country? We also have the abandoned city of Gargonhaldt in the Albraz Cordillera, but nothing beyond that. Also, what sort of policies are there in the kingdoms? What kind of monarchies are they? What king of authority do they have? Absolute, High, Medium or Limited? What kind of succession do they have? Agnatic, Cognatic, Agnatic-Cognatic? Seniority, Premogeniture, Elective? What about beliefs? What is each rich in and what does it lack? What about the free cities, if there are any? What kind of laws do they follow?
    Other than for everyone's convenience, I am also asking for this information, because I am planning to write a decent amount of information for Enruba in my character's biography, including some higher officials and the topic of slavery, without getting into graphic details, of course, and wish to know if there is already something pre-planned for each of the countries.
    Also, could you touch up on the cultures of the countries/regions? The only one I'm currently sure about is Enruba having an Egyptian, Persian or Arabian aspect to it.

    The third point I would like to call out about is the mana mechanic.
    I want to know if I understood the following correctly or not: Each and every person is born with a certain capacity of mana and they can train to unlock more of their inner potential, if they so wish. This is their inner reserve, however, they are not limited to it, as mana-users can also train to absorb mana essence from their surroundings and using it as if it were their own. Both cases would require separate training.
    If what I have written is indeed true, then certain categories/spheres would have different requirements, correct?

    When it comes to the spheres themselves, I can not help but notice several things.
    "Life: the power over life and death, to inflict harm and cure it, to bring the dead back to life as undead
    Alteration: power that alters the state of reality in a physical manner, ie) plant growth, polymorph, shapeshift
    Conjuration: the ability to summon illusions and minions and call objects into being"

    Plants are alive, you know XD If there is plant-related magic, it should belong to the "Life" section, as should "summoning minions".
    Overall, the categories are broad and overlap with each other in the way you have written them. The broadest, in my opinion, is "Abjuration". "Magic and Anti-magic spells"? This is enough to make a god-like allmighty character. If what you wanted to mean by "Abjuration" is simply a gaming "buff and debuff class", you should have been more specific.
    In the end, the categories need a lot more limits and descriptions, so there may be understandable order.

    Excuse me, if I sounded a bit too harsh. I never meant to offend you in any way possible =3
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  19. Map alignment: Its not going to be perfect. I worked with the tools with I created. However, consider that tools used to map in this day and age would largely be through mapping coastlines and making rough approximations and would, in the end, probably not end up lining up at the end of the day either because while the planet is round, a map is square. Many times, land masses are of the incorrect size and the areas of sea between areas are greatly embellished.

    On sea travel: it would be. I did not say it was without its risks. At the end of the day, travel by ship would prove more expedient than traversing much of a landmass. In others, such as between Eruba and Baelmyst, Taeviel's Passing is not always open all times of the year. But not only would you have to prepare your caravan for a mountain expedition... You would also have to hire a ship to to transport you cross the sea and THEN cross much of the desert. In this scenario, you would have to invest your hard earned merchant's pennies on all the supplies it entails while also getting a far smaller pay because your supplies took up much of your cargo space.

    Enruba and trees: the area has trees along the rivers and coastal areas. Very rich and lively green areas. They may not have a naval fleet, but they see the value of mercantile ships still.

    Mercuil: Reference of Earth If you're familiar with our own planet.... Australia seems pretty small up next to those other continents. And Europe, not even its own landmass and even smaller, is considered a continent. That aside, continents also consist of the land around them too. In this instance, Mercuil, is that grouping of landmasses.

    On the Civilizations of the World: I have some pre-established information I want to put into effect for each land that I can post up for players to know a bit more. I'm at work right this moment on my phone so it is a bit of a bother to type this all and get things together. Know that there is an Emperor who is directly followed in power by the Grand Vizier, in Enruba, and it draws from Babylonian, Egyptian and Persian cultures in different aspects.

    On magic mechanics: There are some individuals who will never have any talent in magic. This could be represented by the player by never investing a point in Arcana. It occurs naturally. Some individuals are latent mages and only develop a talent later in life (represented by taking a point in mana). In regards to one's capacity for magic, consider it as a cup. When you use magic, you begin to empty the cup. You can draw magic from around you but that tends to be a concentration intensive process. It begins to fill your cup. At any time that your cup begins to overflow, you begin to experience mana burn. It starts by scalding flesh. Greater power intake can soon progress to 'catching ablaze' with mana, and in extreme cases disintegrating entirely. Regardless, yes, both cases do require separate training as you would have to learn your spellbook and your mana capacity. But no, there is not a different starting level for any sphere. There are minor cantrips that can be performed within each one, be it making a flash of sparks in evocation, transmuting hay into lockpick in alteration or giving someone a nasty cramp in life.

    On the generalizability of the spheres: they're the overarching spheres themselves. There is nothing to say someone cannot specialize in an area of their particular field. But that is like a plumber going in with just a plunger all the time in my opinion and I thought I would open up my magic system to my players, just as I have opened up the physical tree so that they can specialize however they see fit as a warrior, or the guile tree. I am terribly sorry if you do not like it.
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