The coming of Corpusles!

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Hello all you dual tri quad cinco sez siete personalities. It is time to lose myself in a friendly manner. Lets lose all the strip mall visions and find ourselves in another space and time. Keep the pizza coming though! They served gruel to us in Transylvania and I need a little blood on it. Let us have fun in our little deaths!
Yay first post. Welcome to Iwaku. Please go to your profile and fill out the Resume it's in one of the tabs. Good luck
That post.. That post.. so.... so epic.
-tackles EmptyVeins to the ground and threatens with a sour patch kid flavored dagger.-

Oh and welcome. ^- ^ <3
W-welcome to... Iwaku? *Squints at that jive talk!* Big momma dun know what is going on! D:
Here this vamp cat can share some bloody pizza with you.
In such a loose manner.

*hands in bloody pizza*

Enjoy your stay....!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome to Iwaku! We had gruel, but Asmo kept feeding the rats...
It's nice to meet you, I'm Kitti!
If you want to get to know some of us, out of character and as our boring old selves, General is a great place to go! You can find fun topics, like "How do you name your roleplays?" to chat about!
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!