The Coming of a Storm

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  1. ((This is a Metal Gear Rising RP that take place during a after the events of the story))

    Naegi was called in after 6months in the hospital they did stuff to him to make him more stronger, agile, he was made to be a killing machine for Desperado. What they didn't know is that he wouldn't listen to them and he escaped before they could turn into one. He now stands in the middle of a destroyed town with his High Frequency blade in his hand with black electricity surrounding it. He was being surrounded by many soldiers of Desperado. "So you guys are still after me"

    He wore a black armor that protected him, he had one eye which glowed red and his other eye was normal blue. His brown hair was a bit faded to a pale color. On his back was a sheath for his HF blade that he could detach and it would change into a weapon it self which he most commonly used it as a sniper.
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    A lightning bolt came down from the sky, shattering the ground around the impact area. A man in armor appeared from the explosion of plasma, walking over to the ninja. "Boy, you better not make me fucking regret helping you." He grabbed a cross shaped item from his hip and held it out before him. The cross turned into a long spear, lightning arching off of the blade of the weapon. He took stance beside Naegi, ready to fight. " We can worry about formalities later, right now we got Desperado operatives in front of us, ready to kill us."
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    "Don't worry...been fighting these fools for a while now" He said before shoving his arm into one of the soldiers and tearing its spine out before crushing it. He felt time slow down for him as he slashed some of the troops in half before tearing their spines out. "This is annoying..." As son as he said that he felt the ground shake. "They sent the Metal Gear..." He smiled as he grabbed the sheath on his back and it formed into a dark greatsword.
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    hey, hey, why is the sky blue." a little boy with brown hair and pale skin. he was also on a wheelchair. "why? hummm because the sky chose to" a girl little with dark blue hair, and an green and black eye. "hey Monokoso when I die will you forget me?" The little girl looked at him and was upset "your not going to die" the little boy smiled "yeah your right I'm not but if i do will you forget about me?" Monokoso smiled "Never J-"
    Monokoso woke up by the shaking of the ground. wired i didn't think someone would bring on out here? she smirked and then got up then looked around. no one. she walked out in the opening and looked around again. two guys and a Big ass Metal gear great. she sighed and walked out a view so she doesn't get kill but she may help. she grabbed her sniper riffle. and her big one I must say. and went into a big building. climbed up to the top and waited for them to need her help. if they need it that is.​
  7. fang walks out from behind the wall and jumps out the window. " this looks like it will be fun" pulls out katana

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    Naegi turned to see the Metal gear. "Metal Gear Ray, this is going to be fun" He ran forward dodging the bullets it shot before jumping up and destroyed the turrets. He landed on the ground and watched as it shot missiles. "Shit" He ran from the missiles and then turned and ran past them. "This thing has more weapons then when I last saw it" He said as it tried smash him with a giant blade which he blocked it. He let it slam down but moved away before shoving the blade into it before he jumped on top of it.
  9. fang went to work disabling the right leg of ray. "this thing is easier to fight than i last remember. jumps up and a second set of turrets pop out. not good drops down to the ground and rolls into cover
  10. He held his HF blade and cut the blade arm off and let it fall before he jumped off and noticed its leg was disabled. He grabbed the sheath and placed it on his back as he looked at the Metal Gear.
  11. jumps out from behind cover on to it and cuts a hole into its cockpit and tosses a grenade in
  12. Ornstein looks at Fang's attack and bursts into hysterics. "Oh fuck you're stupid! Metal Gears are unmanned! Ahahahahahahahahaha!" The MG shook off Fang and hit him dead center with it's tail, sending him back into a nearby building. Ornstein shook his head. "Rookie. Let me show you how it's done." He gave his enemy a once over before drawing a circle in the air and throwing his spear through it. Not a second later, the right wing of the gear fell, severed. The Spear came back to him as the Gear fell, unable to function due to damage.
  13. Naegi landed in front of it. "It's dead...g-" He was interuppted by the metal gear coming back to life and grabbing him with its mouth. Naegi stabbed the damned thing only to be thrown into a building. He took the sheath off his back and changed it to a greatsword and dropped from the building. He brought the blade down and sliced the metal gear in half before pulling out his HF blade and sheathing it
  14. Dark smirked at the stupid battle and picked up her weapon with a smirk. they don't really need me oh well. I'm always backup for when ever. she made her self know by yelling down bellow. "YO KIDS IT BEST TO GET LOST NOW THEY WILL COME BACK" she yelled she may have been to far from them to hear her but she didn't care. she just hoped they got her warning. if no they may as well get killed. she walked away and got down bellow she need to get far away from there as possible.
  15. Ornstein laughed again. "Ah, glad to know Gears are still funny." He threw a spear in an arc, it landing in front of Dark, barely missing her. "Excuse me for a moment." He jumped and landed where his spear was. His helmet split in half and slid into his shoulders, making a collar. "Lady, I am no kid. Best get your facts straight."
  16. Matsuki got on all fours as the armor changed shape and made him seem like a wolf. He went to where he saw Ornstein jumped and saw a lady in front of him.
  17. Haha as if I care Old man. and you should take that as a complement I called you young" she smirked, she didn't even flinched when the Spear landed in front of her. "I just need to get as far away from here as possible because some people here are not wanted. Aka me see yeah Boys take care and die" she said walking off and her hand was in the air she was having fun making fun of this punks. even if it means that later she would get kill or hurt. Karams a bitch when she wants to.

    ((knew what he looked like she was just being a A$$))
  18. Naegi looked at her before thinking for a moment. He went back into standing up straight. "Why are you even here in the first place" he asked her
  19. because i want to be" she said with a smirk then notice something in the corner off her eye. but srugged it off and looked at him "by the way hows asking"
  20. Ornstein growled at her. "Now lady, don't you be gettin' an attitude with me." His voice had a very heavy Southern drawl to it now, since he was irritated. He leaned back on his spear. "Anyways you three are coming with me. Awake or unconscious, which do you choose?" He stared at both of them, waiting for a reply.