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The Comic Relief of the Rant Section

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by LogicfromLogic, Oct 17, 2016.

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  1. So, I have had four of the worst days possible (I say that now).

    Saturday- I'm on my bike Georg heading to work. My ride is in another city so I have to take the bus at around 5 AM to get to work on time. About the middle of the way my front tire starts to go flat. I decide to go on, thinking that things couldn't get much worse.

    They did.​
    I get to an intersection and start to go, next thing I know I am flying across an old man's hood and I wake up on the pavement. Georg is under the car, and very much 'dead' for a bicycle. The man helps me up and offers to bring me to the hospital, I decline and beg him to help me drag the carcass of what used to be my bike into the bushes or something, because Logic is metal as fuck and still went to fucking work.

    Sunday- I understandably get in trouble at work for doing something incorrectly, but Bitchface made it worse with that smug expression. I just wanted to smack that bitchy face off of her bitchy body. And guess what else I found out? I didn't have to get the fucking stalls done in 5 minutes, we have 15! Yet in training, Bitchface told me five or I'm in deep shite. And she approaches me and tells me that it wasn't her fault, I'm all over here like:​

    So I get my work done and she avoids me. And there's an asshole in the barn preventing me from getting my job done correctly. Well, Sunday wasn't that bad, but I was sore the entire day.

    Today however, guess what the hell happened? I was in jack's stall and he steps on my foot. Jack is an 18 hands high Dutch Warmblood and put his full weight n my foot.

    He broke my fucking foot today. And I'm being threatened about being FIRED for this. Because if you can't walk, you can't work. Bitch, I will walk on this and get my work done because fuck you, that's why.

    Kind of amazes me how bad of a week I've had.
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  2. Probably last minute response. Just thought your post was very amusing. You know in a, that's horrible, but taking a horrible situation and making it hilarious.
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