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  1. Drill Sergeant. Julian Kayle
    Combined Legion of Planets Training Camp, Scorra

    Some people join the Legion of Planets because they need a second chance. Some people because they need that kinship, some for other reasons. Whatever reason they used to come here, there is no turning back. You came to the Legion of Planets, it didn’t come to you. Here, you’ll be pushed to your limits; your mental, your physical, you’re emotional and spiritual. And then we will push you passed that and break you. We will destroy everything you had once been, and build you into a better being. It isn’t going to be made easy for any of them; some of them will not make it. And that, my friend, is a fact. Some of them will leave with their tails glued between their legs; some might even die in training. The ones that make it will never be the same, but will be grateful for it. I hope they understand that they will never see their families again, their original lives ruined. Because upon boarding that ship, they have already taken the Cadet’s Vow;
    I will push myself to whatever length my betters see fit to push me to.
    I will stop myself from reacting on my own. I am no longer my own being until I have passed The March.
    I will uphold honour and honesty; I will never lie to my team.
    I will freely accept the Black brand if I quit or if I have dishonoured myself to the extent of banishment.
    I will follow orders no matter how hard they are on me or others.
    I will give everything I do one hundred and forty percent.
    I will accept any punishment for whatever ill-behaviour I display.
    My family is my team. Those who were with me before my birth will not matter to me; they will be just citizens once I return as a Legionnaire.
    My life belongs to the Legion of Planets.
    Once they have signed the contract the day prior to the pickup, they have made their vow. If found deserting us, they will be given the death sentence. So, I can only hope that they knew what they were doing when they signed up, because I will show them no mercy. I can promise them however, to make them better men, women…beings, than ever before, and turn these creatures into soldiers.
    Signed by,
    Drill Sergeant. Julian Kale

    Julian Kayle; he was one of the roughest drill sergeants out on Scorra. He didn’t put up with people who complained too much, whined about their back hurting, their feet, their legs…he’d make them stand on whatever hurt. He didn’t put up with liars, and stupidity. Selfish people would suffer almost the worst as they watched their team members suffer for what they’d done; he wasn’t the kind that went back and said sorry for whatever he had to do. Because he wasn’t sorry, not at all. He believed that people became better than their will when they were broken completely, and only when they dropped the crap they’d been carrying around would they ever learn that your past doesn’t matter; in order to live, one must be able to stay in the present. Either die in the past or survive for the future. He would weed out the weakness from the ranks. There he stood at the docking floor, hands held behind his back, legs spread and his face stoic. He was ready for whatever came out of the ship that was closing in.

    Julian Kayle was originally from Arviania, a planet north of Earth. His parents weren’t always on the best terms, so he would often time venture outside during the worst of their fighting. One day, when he turned nine, he was abducted by slave traffickers. His parents never saw him again, and he never had the desire to find them again. He was sold to the Legion of Planets by a couple who needed the money his life would pay when he turned twelve. Back then, the age of acceptance was eleven. He spent his youth, what was only about eight years to him was eight hundred years to a human, training. He saw his first combat against the Rigels, an alien race hell bent on domination. He lost his entire platoon in that war, the only reason he survived it was because he’d managed to pull one of his friend’s bodies over him to disguise his scent from the Rigelians, who were reptile like beings with a very good nose. He served in three wars after that, and became a drill sergeant, forgetting completely about his past. By the time he was in his thirties, he’d trained almost three hundred squads of Legion soldiers.

    He didn’t, rather doesn’t, have much of anything else in his life that matters that much to him. The Legion of Planets has become his life; retirement to him would mean death of his spirit.

    Quinn sat at the back of the space bus. She wasn’t particularly thrilled to be shoved into a small ship with a bunch of idiots who chattered on like a bunch of school kids about how great this was going to be. Didn’t they understand the vow they took? They could die in this. ‘Dumbasses,’ she thought and pulled her attention back to her music player. Out of the many, many years that passed, the music player hadn’t changed all that much. There she sat; Quinn Maine, a young woman dressed in a red plaid button up shirt (that remained unbuttoned and a white undershirt displayed), baggy dark navy jeans held up with a loose fitting leather belt, and black boots, just knowing that she’d make it to being a Legion soldier. She rolled her eyes; this would be easy. She’d get through training and make it to captain in no time. The drill sergeants? Pfft. They’d be made easy work of; nobody bossed her around and walked away without a good telling off. She’d prove that she was worthy of any kind of promotion than any of these…these poor excuses for soldiers.
    A couple of men from the Terran planet sat talking about how their parents were in the military, and how proud they would be of them. ‘Idiots, you have no parents anymore. You will never be allowed to write or see them again; you’re the Legion of Planet’s bitch now.’

    She’d been in trouble with the law many times in her past, and been to prison an odd number of times for her actions. She’d been in gangs before, even leading the charge against a sixty five year old woman that called the police on her and her gang when they threw eggs at someone’s car. She needed discipline and some sort of good purpose in her life other than the life she had led on Earth, where her parents were. She hated them; her father had been married once before, he’d lost a son and was over bearing with her. Her mother had wanted a girly girl, and she just didn’t fit the description. In all, she was tired of living under a controlling roof, so, she did what she did best; acted out. But all of that would end here, all of her past wouldn’t matter. This was her only chance of starting anew.

    Many other possible to-be cadets for the Combine Legion of Planets seemed to have the same thoughts while others seemed happy to be there. For whatever reason they chose to join, they would better hope that they don't regret it. This wasn't like the military they were used to where the drill sergeant's hand was limited; here, a sergeant, or officer, could give whatever punishment they saw fit to the crime.
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  2. Tato had really no idea what to expect when the other squeebs took the vows, only that they were no longer to see their families anymore. This didn't really bother Tato much, since per's relationship with said family had long since deteriorated since Tato's sister died. The Torren wasn't unhappy with the decision to join the Legion, but it felt like the better one out of all possible careers. Joining the Legion meant Tato would never need to visit family again, or even worry about what they were up to now.
    Now, crammed inside a bus with various other loud cadets, Tato wondered just how good of an idea it was joining. It was entirely possible that per could die just in training-it often happened, sometimes whole groups of cadets died from either the heat, snow, or other volatile creature that roamed Scorra. Tato had no desire to die, since per would rather like to see the next day to graduation. After those long years of training, the worst parts were more or less over.
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  3. "The cold compression will make the tension ease. Lay down."

    She was propped against the counter of the infirmary watching as one of her comrades moved towards the bed.

    "Kind of funny, you coming to me and all. I thought you didn't like what I had to offer."

    She was teasing him, and with a playful explosion of laughter she slid the sleeves of her shirt up and waited for the man to get comfortable on his stomach. "Ya know, Lyn, I never thought you were completely useless." He gave her a small wink and chuckled.

    "Cause that seems to be you." She replied.

    Within minutes the room was filled with silence, she had her hands on the mans back gently massaging between the shoulder blades down the lower back and then back up. She could feel the ice feeling in her palms and the light enjoyable breathing her friend had. "Almost done, Joe." She mumbled. The once tense muscles were beginning to feel normal again. She finally removed her hands and shoved them into her pants pockets, clenching fists to try and warm them back up. Joe sat up and rolled his shoulders,

    "God, I love it when you do that."

    "You mean when I give you the best damn massage 'round here? Cause I know it. Put your shirt back on, we need to go ahead and get our things together for the new squeebs."

    "Poor guys, bet half of them don't know what they're getting into." Joe slipped his shirt back on and sat there shaking his head and sighing. He wasn't a lot older than her and she thought that's why that got along so well, though when you both have a great sense of humor and compassion for something, you're bond to get along somehow.

    "Don't worry 'bout 'em. They'll learn. Plus they have me, and what's better than me? Absolutely nothing." She laughed at her own bad sarcasm and turned around, pulling things like razors, hair cutters, bandages, etc from the cabinets and shoved them into a large over the shoulder messenger bag. She listened as Joe's heavy footsteps left her area and she proceeded to throw the bag over her shoulder and wash her hands.
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  4. Two weeks prior...

    "You know the law and our customs." A middle aged man said looking out from his spot on the council's semicircular table with four councilmen seated on either side of him. Even though the new Head Councilman had only taken up his new role three months ago he was already widely accepted by the general populace on Ryton. "You have been declared as guilty by The Eight, each representing one of the eight factions that makes up Ryton. You will be branded by the ink as all crimes are treated as well with the letter "L" to show your lifelong guilty sentence. Under normal circumstances a crime such as yours would send you directly to the The Pit for life or in solitude. However your unsuitable upbringing your mother gave you without a fath..."

    "Don't bring my mother into this. She i..." Dex said interrupting the man before gritting his teeth in the middle of his sentence when he felt a sharp electrical pain on his back from the bailiff.

    "However," The councilman continued as if he didn't hear Dex. "your unsuitable upbringing your mother gave you without a father present gave us the idea of having a second option would be suitable if you so desire. It will give you a second chance to life, that is if you can survive. If you so desire we will allow you to join the Legion but I warn you it is a lifelong commitment which might not be that long. You spend the week in the Pit while you decide your future and we then will hear your choice. Choose wisely."

    It had been nearly six hundred years since what was known as the Great War on Ryton. Started and led by a powerful and malicious man named Skylar, he shook the very foundation of the of the hardened people focused on order. There were many casualties of the war that engulfed the world and many of the old foundations of how the way things were done were demolished. However Ryton is an old planet and the Rytonians are a race much older than humans and it didn't take long before the planet was rebuilt and Elysia took the first role as Head Councilman since the war after the death of her grandfather, the proceeding leader of Ryton. Rules and traditions has since became more lax from its prior state as the age of adulthood raised from the original age of ten earth years to the normative eighteen years set on earth, although training for highly skilled jobs still started at the age of ten for those who qualified.

    Although minor crime is more prevalent compared to the past where it was nearly nonexistent, the freedom of emotions was a well accepted change to all. However with strict laws compared to other planets, the cost of crime was high. Even minor offenses would get a person branded as a criminal with ink. Commit a crime worthy enough to be locked up, that person would be locked up in the Pit for sixty days, sixty months, sixty years or for life. Those were the only four options and there is no retrial in Ryton.
    The present...

    "How old are you kid? You look like you're barely old enough to sign up for the legion. I'm guessing eightteen." Dex said to the kid sitting next to him. For most of the trip he had been feigning sleep and tuning out what the others were talking about to avoid needless conversation but as time slowly moved on and the meek kid sitting next to him started to stare at him more, or rather his mark as it is known on his planet. Dex knew it was time to have a little fun and break the silence.

    "N-no sir. I-I'm nineteen." The kid said stealing a glance at his mark again before he noticed that Dex was watching him.

    "Sir, really?" Dex responded with a raised eyebrow. "You better find a spine kid or you're going to be eaten alive by the one of these drill sergeants. I doubt you have what it takes to last a week or much less a week in the Pit."

    "The Pit?"

    "I've seen you staring at my Mark. You do know what the Mark of Ryton is right? Of course you would or you wouldn't be staring at it this whole time. You think I'm a criminal don't you? Well guess what, you're right." Pointing towards his tattoo Dex continued a tone of intimidation while doing his best to conceal a smile. "Do you know why there's an L on the tattoo? It stands for a lifelong sentence in the Pit. Can you even guess what I even did to get the Mark?"

    "Well, I-I Ummm..."

    "Boo!" Dex said suddenly getting in the guy's face before breaking into laughter. "Seriously though, there are bigger things to worry about than me.
    Even since she was young Tia knew she would eventually be on this bus. Her family was expecting her to head to training when she turned eighteen but she postponed leaving by saying that she would join the following year. However as that year rolled by, again Tia postponed leaving and continued to do so year after year. However this year was different. With her friends with her Tia knew she would be able get through training without too much trouble. She only hoped that ideology would last.

    For most of the trip she spent her time being one of the loud people on the bus chatting away with the others, making introductions and getting acquainted with those that would be joining her through training. Although she didn't know those besides her friends before getting on the bus, some of the names that were being passed around by the recruits were quite familiar to her as she knew hers would be to them. She only hoped that the Carter name wouldn't become an issue for her down the road.

    During a small lull in the conversation, Tia gave a small glance towards her friends that joined her. She was glad when she heard that they would join her in training but she was also a bit concerned about their well being. She was the catalyst that brought up the idea of the group joining the Legion and she only hoped that all of them would be able to make it to the end with her. ​
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  5. Hildegaard Venn slouched against the window of the space bus. She had the privilege of sitting alone. To her relief no one tried to talk to her. She was in no mood to chat. Venn knew she wasn't supposed to be here. She kept replaying the past 24 hours over and over in her mind. She was finally going to meet her father. Her real father. For 7 months she had tried to track him down and finally, two days ago, she had. He was living on Arviania. It was her first time leaving Earth. She'd spent all of her mother's saving to get a ticket. Her mother, rest her soul, told her not to look for him. She'd warned Hildegaard.
    They met at a cafe in ship port where she landed. He was tall like her, with dark hair and large green eyes, and skin like honey. Hildegaard looked like his twin.They had coffee and talked. He seemed so normal, so nice. Then he offered to let her stay with him until she found a place of her own She was so happy. But then she saw he lived in an abandoned bus off the interstate. She felt bad for him, so she stayed the night... or half the night...
    Around midnight that night, two strange men grabbed Hildegaard from her sleep and tied her up. She screamed for my father to help her. He stood slowly, head bowed in shame. One of the strange me shoved a large envelope into his hands. Then she realized what was happening. She'd been sold.

    "You're sure this is your daughter, Alphonse?" asked the man who'd handed him the money.
    My father nodded.
    "Look at her, man. She practically his twin!" said the other man.

    HIldegaard was dumbfounded she couldn't even speak. Her father signed some papers. She caught the header of the one of the documents. It read 'Legion of Planets'. At that point, she gave up.

    Sitting on the bus now she was still in shock. No say, no choice. Legionnaire for life now.
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  6. Astre was in the space bus staring at the blade he carried with him at all times and had a flashback...

    "Stop my brothers and sisters it was not my fault it was an accident!" Astre said as he tries to reason with his Visage. "No Astre you have killed the leader of the Noble Visage and you know that us assassins can only kill people if someone puts out a mission to kill someone and not only that but you know well enough that any act against the leader of the Noble Visage is punishable by death!" an assassin part of his Visage said. "But I have already told you it was an accident, I had nothing to do with his death!" Astre said now starting to get annoyed. "Had nothing to do with it you say, Was it not you that caused that shockwave with your gloves!" another assassin said. Astre knew that there was no way out of this so he did the only thing he could. He hit the ground and clapped his hands together to create a shockwave to knock down his assassin Visage and ran past them "Get Him!" an assassin yelled. As Astre was running he saw someone in their ship about to fly away "Yes a way out" Astre thought. Astre barged into the ship "Hey get out..wait I know you!" "Your the guy that killed the Noble Leader..Oh no Please Don't Kill Me To!" the guy in the ship yelled but Astre acted on instincts and killed the man. "..." the man said nothing as he dissolved into liquid. "I'm sorry" Astre thought before he flew off into space leaving his planet. End of flashback...

    "One day I will return and I will have my revenge!" he thought. He looked around and started at the new recruits "I remember when I joined the legion" he thought "That drill sergeant was a pain in the ass but I guess that was his job to be a pain in the ass" he thought.
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  7. Tato groaned, sliding down the seat a little. Tato wasn't ever impatient-it was the opposite, but the Torren had a hard time sitting still for so long. When can we get there? Tato had long since forgotten how long the initiates had been traveling, only that it wasn't too far from the camp by now. Per glanced at the person in the seat next to himself, and chewed on the inside of per's lip. Tato had yet to catch the girl's name, however she seemed to be more in touch with people, and had apparently come with friends. That made Tato's job harder, since per wasn't very good at making and keeping friends.
    "So, why did you join?" He asked the girl, whom Tato was assuming was named Tia, but wasn't sure. Tato had to lean over to be heard over the ruckus of the other occupants of the bus, and the height difference made it easy to be seen by the girl.
  8. Quinn sighed heavily. Unlike Tato, she wasn't all. "Can't this stupid ship go any faster?! You'd think the military would have better precision on getting all these poor bastards to training. Though let's face it; most of them won't make it," she wasn't a pleasant person and those who were her friend knew it. Many cadets turned and glared at her, one bloke stood up as if he'd do something. She smiled; this was what she'd wanted to happen. "Come on, show me what you've got," she taunted. Picking fights was one of her many hobbies, she found it to be amusing. Plus, first person to throw a punch in the military was normally kicked out, and if she could eliminate the competition, she would. But this wasn't the military that she was expecting; this was the Legion of Planets, and oh how she might pay for her attitude and actions on the ship.

    "What did you say to me you little sharp eared freak?!" the man boomed, hoovering over her. He had a very strong build to him, very muscular. She gazed up at him with a half smile. "I'm thinking that you are more bronze than brains. Let me guess, you are here because your little pea-brain couldn't handle the simple task of cool off and return and you ended up pounding in some poor bastard's face, and that landed you in deep trouble with the Terran's justice system. So instead of serving the rest of your 'lower than life' life you were offered a position as a cadet to be a Legion Soldier...the drill sergeants are going to eat you alive and use your rat claws to pick their teeth," she replied sharply, smirking. The man was boiling mad at this point and looked as if he was going to swing at her at any time. "Come on sweetheart, do what you do best. Get your ass thrown out...more room for your betters." That last part done it; he swung and she ducked, slamming her fist into the man's gut hard. She was a great fighter and knew how to pick one.
  9. Hildegaard started at the sound of some man bellowing at the girl sitting two rows in front of her. She shook her head a bit to herself. Such a flair up of emotion is shameful and childish. He ought to show some decorum and sit down, she thought. Suddenly after a bit of goading from the seated girl, he swung at her and missed. Hildegaard stood and moved back another row. She wanted as many rows between them as possible because if someone hit her, there'd be hell to pay. She eyed the brawl cautiously, hands clinched into fists of readiness, but her face was an impenetrable mask of calm.
  10. "As if I had a choice." Tia said with a slight chuckle in response. "For six generations the Carters have joined the Legion. With my brother leaving to join years ago, it was only a matter of time before I too followed suit. I'm not exactly sure what all lies ahead but I'm ready to face what they are going to throw at. I'm going to carry this legacy for another generation." She said firmly to express her determination. "So what about you? Why'd you choose to..." Tia started to say before a very familiar voice spoke over the noise of the bus. "Crap." Tia mumbled before looking back towards Quinn.

    Over the years the two of them had an interesting relationship. She was always the good kid. The one that got all A's in class and never missed curfew and was always careful not to get caught in a fight. However Quinn was different. She was the type a friend that her parents disapproved of and often garner questionable looks from acquaintances when the two were together. The two of them didn't see eye to at times but the two were still friends.

    "Come on Quinn. Enough." Tia said turning from towards the two but remained sitting down. "He's not worth your time." She wanted to tell her that she would get in trouble but her experience had taught her that saying that wouldn't be accepted well by Quinn.

    Giving nothing more than a raised eyebrow Dex looked at the woman that spoke up. He was more than happy about how slow the trip was and would be content if it took even longer. As long as they were on the space bus they weren't required to do any work. Once he and the others got offboard, the real work would start and Dex wasn't looking forward to it. This was the last bit of freedom he and the others would have for quite awhile and he wasn't going to use it on pointless bickering. Watching as the man charged towards the woman, Dex debated on stopping the confrontation but decided otherwise knowing that the woman was the one that called the trouble onto herself. However he was a bit surprised to see how well the woman was able to handle herself. Although it was good to know that she wouldn't be beaten senseless, it wasn't hard to tell that she was paving a surefire way to create enemies on the first day.

    "Drama. You'd think people would eventually grow out of it eventually but here we are, stirring things up before we even make it to the planet." Dex said in a scoffing manner to a person nearby. ​
  11. The boy next to her scoffed at the tussle brewing two rows in front of them. She hand't realized she moved right next to him. She sized him up and he seemed to be mature enough. He didn't seem like the type to get riled up by confrontation and end up hooting and whooping it on like a buffoon. She nodded at his last statement.
    "I agree. This is sheer foolishness..."
    She trailed off. She was not one to labor over many words.
  12. Gwar Streck sat at the second row of this bus, talking to all the chatty types. Knowing the various names of the others around him, and hearing their stories of what the Legion impact on their lives meant, they want to make their families proud, to fix their sob stories, or perhaps a few weirdies just came for the heck of it. Who ever does that deserves some props. And a hand-clap. But he merely was just a background man to these people. A friendly stranger you just wave to while crossing each other. His look was rather intimidating to a few, but there was no need. He kept a sly grin across his face, and, he listened to these people, stories like these, memories to relate to, a reminder of this and that. That's what Gwar lived for, he was a simpleton, and preferred a simple, linear lifestyle. But alas, that was not fate intended, instead, it wanted him here, with the most diverse group of people he's ever seen. Although they might not know him, he already knows something about them, and that is he can tolerate every single one of them, no matter what they think of him, and he feels the same way for the drill sergeant. He's only met one monster in his lifetime...and he's dead now.

    Including that seemingly agitated individual over there.

    From what he heard, her/his name's Quinn Maine, apparently a tough one, despite her appearance. There's always that one, the one who wishes nothing to be gained, or lost, in other words, the stubborn donkey. He now has his first goal: He want's to get this 'Quinn' person, to talk to him, She can't stay quiet forever.

    He wants to make friends with Quinn Maine.

    With himself joining the Legion, this meant no more contact with his old friends, no more Kajji, no more Yosef. He now had some holes, holes that now needed to be filled. It's not needed, but then again, it would be nice. So there he sat, one hand on his legs, and one holding up his head as he awaited for the opportunity to present itself. Meanwhile, his thoughts argued across his mind:​
    The opportunity will present itself. It will always present itself!
    Oh really? Just like the time when you thought those pastries you attempted 'gather' from Yamin's Shoppe would also have the opportunity to not have any security around it when you stole them too!
    Hey! I never was light on my feet to begin with! Destroying his pastry display was only the icing on the...rolls

    Heh heh heh...those were some slick moves there Gwar.
    Yep, but this woman is more than capable of taking those pastries. I must wonder...would she even like those?
    But now, no time to think, the opportunity DID present itself, as Quinn asked a rather unpopular question toward everyone else:
    "Can't this stupid ship go any faster?! You'd think the military would have better precision on getting all these poor bastards to training. Though let's face it; most of them won't make it,"
    Time for action. He put on his poker face, acting mode, whatever. And played a role he was actually rather used to playing while working for the Crimson Axes Mercs. He got up and stared at her, to which she replied; "Come on, show me what you've got," Gwar picked some random insult off of the top of his head. He stormed right up to her, and spoke rather ferociously at her in reply "What did you say to me you little sharp eared freak?!" And thus she began a rant about what she thought was how he joined the legion, beating his face in, and avoiding crime by joining the legion, which was partially true to give Quinn credit. And the amount she DID know actually angered him to a point where she could believe he was truly enraged. He waited for her trigger remark-the one about the Drill Seregent eating him alive or something of the sort, before he threw his first punch, he missed, and the girl proved to be quite the agile one as expected. But she surprised him with the amount of strength she infused within her punch. It landed square in his stomach and seemed to knock the fur right outta him! With an "OOF!" he tumbled back as Quinn revealed a minor flaw in her fighting prowess, as prepared as she was, she still thinks of him as Generic Thugboy #1, she knows all of the moves, she's one with the criminals. Well. So is Gwar.

    He decided to trade in a gut for a gut as he hit hers square in as well with a quick uppercut from his left arm, for it was the right arm to push himself off her and out of the battle so he can start clearing things up, with like, a very lighthearted giggle, and some pretty heavy breathing. There's nothing like a warm-up before the warm-ups, come in with a head-start as Gwar thought. "You know, *huff* you remind me of my mother, *puff* I always liked her hard-ass policy. *huff* She always wanted to pick fights with everybody too! *puff* Heck, she'd do that stuff even with me, *huff* and I respect you because of that. You know, *puff* I wish the galaxy had more of you, *huff*people like you is what makes the galaxy an interesting place. Also, *puff* how should I address you? Mr. or Ms. Quinn?" He finished his pant and his rant. Thoroughly ruffled and prepared to possibly fight another round, he attempted his first ceasefire: "Now, enough of the act, I ain't no generic buff thug dude, I would love to tell you, but it seems we are still a fightin'. Mind if we call this one a tie and duke it out when no one's looking?"
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  13. Khora wasnt in the most comfortable of situations. Most people who loaded you onto some sort of vehicle, especially for a long ride, expected you to remain seated, though it seemed that policy wouldnt be so applicable as a few had already been standing, and now fighting. The... male? in this situation seemed extremely aggravated, likely out of provocation from the smaller woman standing before him. The male took a swing, slow, inaccurate, only to be countered by a wind knocking blow from the small frame of the female. It was a rather interesting sight to see to say the least of the matter. Standing alone in the very last row, left as the outcast, completely out of the action, but still in close enough visual range, she could tell nothing too serious was going on. If they were really out for blood, one of them would have been tossed out an escape door into the cold reaches of space. Something like that definitely would give you some negative points on ever befriending anyone, but it was certainly an effective means to be rid of an opponent. Shaking her head and lightly running one claw, dulled from lack of use, over one of her claw bracers, the female got up from her strange sitting position (having had her legs resting on a small ridge on the ship's interior to keep the back bent portion of her knee from irritatingly brussing against her seat) and began to make her way towards the front of the spacecraft.
    "I see that there are warriors of valor among the classes today. Might I enquire as to if I am welcome in association with any of such ones of the ever so acclaimed 'front row seating'?" There was a faint lace of sarcasm in the woman's voice, though most of her questioning was sincere. The cold, peircing gaze that came from her, though natural, was a little hard to attach to the warm and friendly type, however. She removed the bracers from her claws and tail, mounting them upon her armor in their allotted slots before extending her hand to any who may accept.
    "Khora. If any should wish to continue such fighting, I would be much obliged." a sort of dark smile spread across the woman's face as she uttered such words. She hadnt had the opportunity for a fight in years. All the more unfortunate, though, that they were only a matter of minutes from their destination. There may not even be much more time allotted for anything more than a mere introduction and a feeble attempt at gathering for herself maybe just one ally, in case her situation were to 'turn south' as the humans would say.
  14. "So, did you hear about the new guys on base?" Kaiden asked Cassandra, as she fixed the straps on her combat gear.

    She coughed slightly having trouble placing on the helmet. "No, I have not," she replied to his previous question. Cass made sure all of her straps and buckles were in place. Kaiden made sure to secure his own body armor for when the simulation would begin. "Turns out, they brought us here to take care of the sqeebs," he said, pulling his facial mask over his nose. In response to his words, Cass turned and looked at him with a distraught expression. "Why do they need us to babysit a bunch of new horns?" She exclaimed, popping in the battery magezine on her V50-Vulcan Sniper Rifle.

    "Apparently we're here to run as extra security for the facility. Brass has a feeling there needs to be active Legionares on bases at all times. That, and they wanted us to act as a morale booster." Kaiden loaded his B90-Slayer Assault Rifle's mumition battery, watching the slot straits it into position. He then slapped it with the back of his fist, fully loading his weapon.

    As they finished weapons check, they looked up at the holographic countdown with anxiety. "One of the sergents said they might bring the squeebs by to watch our session," said Cass, looking to Kaiden with a smirk.

    "Shall we give them a show..?" He picked up on her hint.

    3.... 2.... 1.... START!!
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  15. Tato raised an eyebrow about the events that had unfolded. This was possibly the worst way to start their training with fighting. They were all supposed to be stuck together for the entirety of their training, and if they screwed it up now-well, they'd all better find new jobs. When the woman walked up- Tato couldn't place what planet she was from, but didn't dare ask now. Per would just have to find out by listening or by asking someone else. Tato looked like they wanted to say something, but didn't, deciding that it was best to keep any input on a tight leash. Not being very strong had it's downsides, and the guy looked as if he could bend Tato in half (Tato was quite thin, and the guy had more muscle than the Torren) if he wanted to.
  16. She let out a hard cry when he punched her in the stomach, making her throw up. She laid on the ground for a moment, as he began to talk, she just grew angry. She quickly rolled onto her back, her arms wrapped around her stomach to appear that she'd given up. But her foot met the contents of his pants, and hard. She rolled to her side and kicked herself up with a strong thrust from her lower abdomen, landing on her feet, fists out as if she were ready to fight more. She knew that this foe had more up his sleeve, but she was vastly unaware of the cameras watching their every move. Everything that both she and Gwar were doing now was being seen by the sergeants, including Julian. "I'm obviously a woman you stupid piece of dogmeat...though I'd be giving you too much credit when it comes around to thinking too hard on it; your tiny little brain might explode." She wasn't interested in a ceasefire; no, she was tired of people calling her a boy just because of her name.

    There he stood, watching as the ship pulled up, gazing at his camwatch. He held a straight face but Julian was as excited to address this lot of Sqeebs as soon as those doors opened. A couple other officers lay scattered around but as the highest ranking officer, he would be the one to face them first, to punish them while in line, and lead expeditions. Other officers were always allowed to deal out punishment when they saw fit to; they might be easier with them. This Quinn Maine and Gwar would soon discover what it means to have to get along and work together. He knew exactly what he was going to have them do, but he'd wait for them to go through the first drills of getting prepared for the day.
  17. That chick was one mean meanie.​
    Gwar managed to hit her hard enough to make Quinn throw up. This of course, was never his intention. Then again, what ever goes the way it is intended? That is why it is called a SURPRISE! So of course he would be surprised at how the hell she would take his 'ceasefire attempt'. She got up, angry as ever. And with such dexterity, such grace, and such strength...

    She kicked him in the Netherlands.

    Well, she really did return the favor. As Gwar's legs just locked up underneath him, causing him to fall. This then was followed by the vomit-which may or may not have went all over her-He honestly didn't care. He cared about three things at that point. Making friends with that Quinn person (which was going swimmingly for Gwar), that obnoxious pain from down under, and hashbrowns, sweet, golden hashbrowns. Quinn made it clear about one thing; the gender was female. Problem was, why the hostility? He asked nicely. I guess he just had to ask nicer.
    but she talked instead; "I'm obviously a woman you stupid piece of dogmeat...though I'd be giving you too much credit when it comes around to thinking too hard on it; your tiny little brain might explode."

    That reminded him of the mines:

    ~But it was not of her mother, it was one of the sectional 'bosses' that we once had, another one of those 'double-genders' named Olga Romanova, as her name states, she had a thick, heavy Slavic/Russian dialect to her voice, and it was always low and strained, yet still, female. Like an alto trying to sing a bass note. Well, whenever she came up to you to ask her about gender, you were virtually screwed, it was a trap question, and either answer was wrong, in which she would then punish you with, probably, a gunshot to the foot, lashings, or if you're lucky, she'll just beat you up herself. She only reigned for four months, until the gov't found out about her 'inhumane' tactics, and came in to arrest her, but it seems as the rioters got to her first. Like my mother, she was also a 'chip-on-the-shoulder' kind of girl. and she always looked for someone itching to knock it off.~

    But for people like Olga and Quinn, or any double-gender for that matter one must learn to just not even think about asking their gender...every answer is a bop-in-the-nose.
    But Gwar is too hopelessly friendly to care about being bopped in the nose, he shook his head, caught up with his senses, and got up. The act was back on. He stared her, fire in the eyes. The ship was landing soon, but it was no matter, they just made those two work harder. Which made it all the much a better feeling in bed. At least this way he had not need to be worried about being strangled by Quinn in his sleep-she would be far too tired to even attempt it.

    Oh well, his turn to battle, hopefully his last. He did something rather quite odd for an apparently pea-sized brained animal: He slides across the conveniently placed vomit Quinn made, and then acted like he was going to slip and fall on it, which, would be pretty embarrassing. But instead, he turned his left foot to the side. Changing the direction of his force and therefore giving him some balance. But he had to quickly turn the rest of his body as well, so, since she hasn't dodged yet, he rounded out and kicked her in her ankle, it couldn't have broke it, but it was enough to sting for a his undermined administration down below. But frankly, he didn't want to go to work in the Legion throwing up again. So, he another Ceasefire attempt. He went back to his original seat, sat down, and pulled out a toothpick; "I'm done fighting a mean,green, jellybean, who pinches instead of punches. Come fight me when you CAN fight, Ms. Quinn!"

    He smiled at her, and stuck the toothpick in his mouth, he looked as though that the fight that just happened, like, a second ago, never existed. Like he and Quinn were already friends, although there was probably enough heat on her to cook breakfast in. Gwar gave her a final wink as he began to wonder off elsewhere...​
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  18. Khora huffed and sat down beside another of the male looking squeebs, finding the fight that the two brawlers had engaged in to be a mere folly and sport of immaturity than a fight of honor or right. Leaning back as best as she could and letting her amber-like brown eyes slide shut, the trelipher tried to keep the sickening stench of bile from affecting her too greatly. She would have run her fingers through her hair, but as of now, it was all gone, years of tradition having passed with it. She wasnt quite sure if she liked it, or despised it, and being honest, she wasnt even sure anymore if this was the right decision.
    "May the floating of the leaves and running of rivers follow me wherever I may go, and may peace flow through my veins with the life giving blood of a warrior....." said Khora softly to herself before opening her eyes once more and turning to the male looking squeeb beside her.
    "Merry days, would you not think? An entire realm of difference from what home once was for any of us I would assume." Hopefully the attempt at idle talk would take her mind off of the current events.
  19. Tato's attention turned to the female when she spoke. "Quite merry, when comrades are already coming to blows." If this was a stark contrast to her home planet, Tato really didn't want to visit. The Torren moved slightly to give her space (She was far taller than Tato, and would probably appreciate a bit more space for her legs), and was careful not to keep eyes on her face for very long. "It is quite different. My home planet was far more peaceful than those two brawlers over there." Torrens tended to have a seemingly unlimited patience, and and even larger sense of unity. Rarely did Tato ever see a war in school textbooks, only minor skirmishes, and those were far and few between.
    Tato sat up a little straighter, they were nearly to their destination. "My name is Tato Frair." Per added.
  20. “As long as it doesn’t become troublesome for the rest of us I’m not butting in. Who knows maybe they will rattle each other’s brains enough to knock some sense into the two of them.” Dex said as he looked at the girl who responded. “If we’re going to be stuck with each other for god knows how long, I guess we should get to know each other. My name is Dex.” Even though many on the ship appeared to be younger than himself, the girl appeared to be on the younger side of the spectrum. He couldn’t understand why people would choose to join the Legion, especially for a lifetime. “Why did you come here kid? You have your whole life set out for you but here you are signing yourself away.” Looking out the window he could see that the ship was landing. The first day of hell was about to start, he only hoped that much of what was said was an exaggeration of how things would be on the planet.


    “Come on Quinn, enough.” Tia said standing up as the male passed her to make sure that the two wouldn’t be able to continue the fight. “Let’s not drag this further than needed.” Feeling the ship landing and knowing within moments that the doors would be opening, continuing the fight between Quinn and the male was a stupid thing to do. “We’re about to get off soon. It’s probably best that you get yourself cleaned up before we meet up with the officers or you might be stuck with that dog for fighting.” Tia wasn’t fond of the nickname Quinn came up for Gwar and wasn’t looking forward to making enemies this early but she needed her friend to go along with her. “Here.” Tia said handing Quinn the water bottle she brought with her. “You might as well get the taste out of your mouth.”
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