The Combined Planetary Legion

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    On Earth, there is a universal army called 'Legion', started in France. It is known as one of the world's harshest training regimes, but the strongest bonds are formed in it. Within this army, all race is forgotten. Your patriotism is not to any country, not even your own, but to the Legion itself.

    But that was years ago; now in the year of 2540, roughly five hundred and twenty six years later, we have become a fully functional peaceful race. Other species have joined Earth, other planets sign a peace treaty with the 'Terrans'.

    All the planets in the next solar system have created a Planetary Legion of their own, and it is said to be one of the harshest, and most brutal training courses than both solar systems have seen, but their comradely, and their bonds are stronger than any creature has seen in its life. They go out of their way to destroy everything of their cadets, so they can rebuild them into soldiers. They create bonds so strong they can never be broken. The Legion is a life of honour, pride, fidelity, and courage. It is a place for discovering who you are exactly, and the only place you can truly redeem yourself. It doesn't matter, who, what or what you have done, once you pledge The March, you belong to the Legion. Desertion, even in training, is punishable by death. You will be test passed your limits, broken and remade into a new person.

    It doesn't matter what gender you are, if at all. Legion of Planets accepts all.

    Their common language is English, with multiple tunes from both galaxies By the end of your eighth year training, you'll be given the option of giving yourself a whole new identity. You are not allowed to marry unless you are a Sergeant at least.

    The place the training takes place on is a planet by the name of Scorra, a planet with such rough weather patterns that it makes life difficult for any being to bare. They are sent to this planet, which is harder to live in than a penal colony, to learn the meaning of hardship. There's only two seasons on this planet; Summer, which is as hot as Al Aziziyah, Libya; Earth, and winter, which is as cold as the Arctic sometimes. Recruits die each year from the weather itself, but those who pull through are given a sense of pride.

    The Creed
    I am a soldier of the The Combined Planetary Legion, and I hence forth decree that I shall always stay faithful to my brothers and sisters of the Legion. I decree that all family, friends, and life before mean nothing to me where as concerned my honour might be questioned. I vow to forever uphold the truth, I vow forever to never be silent while the innocent suffer. I decree from this day forward my duties only lie with the family that I have built with the Legion of Planets. I decree that by disobeying this creed after fulfilling my March, I will surrender my life to the sword. For never lived a soldier from the Legion that has dishonour and nor shall there.
    I vow to uphold the loyalty and strength of my comrades, I will fight and die beside them.
    I vow to forever to never coware in the face of danger.
    I vow never to betray my comrades
    I vow to protect the weak.
    The Legion is my family, and I will do my all to keep them.
    Once I pledge my March, I will always be a legion. should I fall in battle, it ill be for the good of the Legion.
    I vow never to betray my team.
    Death before Dishonour.

    Six friends join this Legion of Planetary Races, forsaking their birth planet they set out to swear to the Soldier's Creed. None of them know what they have gotten themselves into, but by the end, they will either be closer than their families ever were, or they will never be able to face life happy again. The Planetary Legion promises to destroy their Sqeebs (a term used by Drill Sergeants for new recruits and those in training), so that a new person could be build in their place. You either survive and become one of the best soldiers that the two solar systems combined have ever seen, or die as one of the weakest beings they have seen.

    That is the plot to my Combined Legion rp. You can come up with your own races, and there are still at least four spaces left for the group of friends and two for officers.

    Link to sign ups:
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