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Scarrlet sat alone in his teams rec room. He had been placed on the blue team before anyone else and was eager to begin, but since he had to wait, he spent his time reading a large book. 'Gods, this boredom is torture!! When is someone else going to be assigned to my team..?' He thought to himself, sighing lightly as he turned a page in his book and continued reading.
Annie walked down the hall to the red teams rec room,opening the door she prayed to be the only one there. It was a wave of reilfe when she saw that yes,in fact she was the first. Dropping her bag on the couch Annie sat,happy for the first time in a long time. After a minute or so Annie stood and walked around the room,stopping at the book case. Her fingers traced the gold lettering of a book,pulling it from the self Annie sat,sat right there.
Darkness, Derni sat on what looks to be like fallen tree but in the shadow realm it looks like a black blob. The lantern sat in frount of him with its endless flame. Derni spoke to his lantern like it was an old frend of his "well, i think its about time to go to that battle we sighed up for, what do you buddy......huh, of couse you dont say any thing your just a lantern..." He stood up and some how he ended up in a hall way. He knew he was allredy at the colosseum. He stroled down the hall to find a room with a pale male reading a book. Derni was astonised by the cloths he was wearing. He had never seen clothing like that in his life. He got the shock of his life that moment. The shadow realm works in diffrent time, 5 minutes in there is an hour in normal realms. He was excited, he can finnaly go back to the real world. First thing was first though he needed to finishs this colosseum challenge. Derni walked up to the male and asked
"hello there, the names derni. Are you my challenge?"
Scarrlet looked up from his book at the newcomer, saying quietly; "Hm..?" it took him a moment to realize that there was a new person in his room, but when he did, he threw his book down and stood up happily. "Oh, nononononono.. I'm Scarrlet and it looks like you're on my team in this game!~" he stuck out a hand to propose a formal handshake, continuing to speak; "I doubt we're going to have to fight at any point in time, so don't worry about that.. Welcome to the Blue Team Mr.. Um.."
The pale person stod up saying no multipule times and mentioned that they were on teams. He stuck out his hand and left it there like he was suppose to give him someting. he looked at his hand and decided it was wise to copy what the other person was doing. He kept talking and said "I doubt we're going to have to fight at any point in time, so don't worry about that.. Welcome to the Blue Team Mr.. Um.." He thoght about saying his name but he had to think about it. He decided to say his name to see if scarrelt knew him. "Uh, my name is derni and its nice to meet a new team mate." He wanted to make conversation with his team mate so he countuied "What powers do you have and what are you here for?"
Scarrlet shook Derni's hand a bit awkwardly, having absolutely no clue who the newcomer was and stopping after about a second. He thought for a moment then said calmly "No real 'powers' so to speak.. As for why I'm here, I was bored, wanted something to do, this came up and bing-bam-boom! I wound up here!~" he mock saluted his new teammate and sat back down shortly afterwards. "What about you? What's your story, Derni?~" he picked his book back up, assuring that it was to be his and only his.
His team mate looked abit shcoked that He asked the question so soon to scarrlet but he spoke again and had told derni that he had no powers. This was weight off of his shoulders, At least he wasint the only one with out powers in his team. His team mate sat down as asked derni "What about you? What's your story, Derni?" He decided to be honnest with scarrrlet becuase this is the first person hes talked to before he became an outcast in the shadow realm. He sat down him self on the seat across from scarrlet and answerd "im the same as you, i have no mistical powers. I have come to be here to see the normal realm again and to speak with some one since my day i was outcasted. I was hopeing to with so i can leave the shadow real for good." He looked down at his lantern during his last sentance.
Scarrlets expression changed to that of confusion as he looked at Derni. 'Shadow Realm..? He couldn't possibly be talking about THE Shadow Realm..' he thought. "Uh-huh.. So, not to be rude, but whats with the lantern? We're inside, can't you turn it off? It's gonna run out of oil.." he asked, clearly explaining his reasoning for the question as he opened his small satchel and plopped the book in, patting the cover shut again in a possessive way.
Liza walked down the hall adjusting Viola on her back. She had her quiver attached to her leg and a bag slung on her shoulder. Finally reaching the Red Team's room she knocked on the door and opened it quickly, slipping inside easily. She noticed a small girl and smiled to herself placing the bag down carefully on a table and walked over to the other girl.
Blue Team, eh? This must be it, then. Natasha entered the Blue Team's room, not failing to notice the two men already there. Teammates. She almost scoffed at the idea, but refrained from making any noise. She set her bag and gun on the ground and leaned against one of the walls casually, tilting her head back to stare at the ceiling as if there were actually something interesting there. Maybe she should make a point of getting to know her 'teammates' after all. It would probably be a good idea to find out if they would be any good in battle or if they'd ultimately make their team fail.

She glanced over to where they were talking and mentally shrugged. Eh, it could wait. She didn't relish the idea of talking to both of them at once.
Scarrlet suddenly tilted his head backwards over the chair, nearly pressing the back of his head to the leather binding. "Hey there!~ Don't act like we ain't here, 'cause you're gonna have to get used to use eventually..~" he spoke calmly to the new girl, keeping his head inhumanly craned backwards to watch her response.
Natasha stared at the strange man with a slightly creeped out expression. "Excuse me?" she asked, refusing to move from her position against the wall. What did he think he was doing? She could ignore him all she wanted, and she hadn't planned on ignoring him entirely. Just until she felt like she could handle the socializing.
"Just saying that you shouldn't single yourself out is all.." he replied, slowly standing from his chair and revealing his height. "We'd all like to be a team, not just a group of misfits who don't even know each other..~" Scarrlet grinned slightly, reaching into his little leather satchel and somehow pulling out a third chair for the girl to use. "Have a seat, please..!~"
Annie jumped and pulled the small dagger from her boot "oh you can't do that to me" she told the other girl,who looked like she only wanted to meet her. She put the dagger back in her boot "Annie,Annie Green" Annie said extending her hand. Glancing quickly at this new girl Annie had a good feeling about her another archer.
Natasha eyed the man suspiciously as she slowly moved her baggage and took the seat. "I wasn't planning on singling myself out." she said stiffly, shifting her feet to make sure she could still feel the concealed blades in her combat boots. "I was waiting." She raised an eyebrow pointedly at the other man, grudgingly acknowledging his presence as well.
"Waiting..? Alright then." Scarrlet shrugged and sat back into his chair, taking a good look at everybody. 'What an interesting couple of people.. Wonder what they're like on a battlefield..' he thought to himself, unaware that he was staring at Natasha's luggage. !! Suddenly he jumped out of his seat and took a step back, pointing to her boots in acknowledgement.
Natasha raised an eyebrow at the man, her initial thought that he may be insane reenforced. "Yes...? Can I help you?" she followed where he was pointing and rolled her eyes, stooping to pull out the twin blades. "This is a fighting colosseum, is it not?" she pushed the daggers back into her boots and straightened up. "I needed a backup weapon and they seemed as good as any. You don't have a problem with it, do you?" even if he did, she didn't care. They were her weapons and she'd grown oddly fond of them.
Scarrlet calmed down and sat back down in his chair slowly, still watching the boots. "No.. Just a bit of a surprise seeing daggers in the boots of someone with a sniper rifle." he motioned to the gun carelessly. "Whatever though, we should be fine. I'm Scarrlet, by the way. That's Derni." Scarrlet pointed to the man sitting across from him, still intrigued at what another gunman would do in the arena.
Natasha shrugged, leaning back in her chair comfortably. "I can't just blast everyone's head off, now can I? The knives are to make it fair." she glanced at the other man, Derni...? Hnn, never heard of him. Or this Scarrlet dude either. "Eh, nice to meet you. Natasha."she would've shook hands but... she didn't really trust this man.
"Nice to meet you too..~" Scarrlet replied, standing up and walking over to a wall. "Wana go for a little target practice while we wait..?" he flipped a switch, revealing a large shooting range behind a one way glass window. He drew his obsidian gunblade from his small pouch and checked to make sure only the dead darts were inside it rather than the tranquilizers.