The Color of Night

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  1. Blackview
    "A city Shrouded in Darkness"


    Blackview. A seemingly normal city. The sound of honking cars, people, and the everlasting buzz of everyday life. The city surrounded by a never-ending forest that no mortal dares trespass in. Deep in this forest lies a Manor, known in legend in the city, a common tale for children's stories that warn them not to travel into the forest. The manor, in legend, is inhabited by creatures known as vampires. It was told that, once a year, on the blood-moon, the vampires would visit the city and snatch up misbehaving children and feed on them for eternity. What the citizens of Blackview were not aware of, was that the manor, and the vampires that inhabited it, really did exist, and even more, that some vampires lived in the city. But the vampires were not the only monster. Shapeshifters, or werewolves, lived right under the human's nose, literally. They formed a large den in the cities sewers, there presence known only to the vampires, who constantly fought with them. Though the fights and battles were small, the largest conflict began late night at the Manor.

    The vampiric leader of Blackview had gone missing. The shapeshifters had threatened the manor a time before, so instinctively, the vampires blamed and sought to destroy the wolves, and return their leader. The wolves tried to convince them that they were innocent, but the Vampire's refused to listen. What neither of them knew, was that their was a greater threat at hand. Monster Slayers...

    Vampiric Archetypes

    • New Blood
    The youngest vampire. These are newly turned vampires. They are the strongest, and fastest, but also the least intelligent.

    • Fury
    The Normal everyday vampire. Balanced in strength and intelligence.
    • ​Ancient
    A vampire that has lived over 500 years. Capable of leading a pack. Very Strong, and very intelligent. Ancients are few and far between.

    Werewolf Archetypes
    • Omega
    The weakest wolf. They are however, stronger than a Fury.
    • Beta
    Stronger than an Omega. They are more intelligent than a Fury.
    • Alpha
    The strongest wolf. There power rivals that of an ancient.

    Character Sheet
    Species: [Can be a human monster hunter]
  2. Would you be opposed to having someone with two characters?

    Another question, is this to be a group RP or just a 1x1?

    I'm interested either way.
  3. Group RP, and you can have two characters as long as you can handle playing as both.
  4. Shiny, I'll post up my chara sheets in no time!
  5. Name: Heather Jane Paulson

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female

    Species: Human, Hunter


    Personality: She’s outgoing, has a great sense of humor, no nonsense attitude, can act like a mother figure to those she feels need it, anger issues, she’s too impulsive for her own good, empathetic to some but not does not care for complainers, outdoorsy, an adventure seeker, always willing to put herself out there for those who need it. She is very much a tomboy type, she doesn’t wear makeup and she doesn’t do anything to her hair, is a quick study in anything she has an interest in.

    Weapons: She mainly uses dual wheeled pistols and knives, sometimes a bow and arrows but only in extreme cases. All of them are specially made for hunters like her.

    Strengths: She has a cat that is more or less her only living relative. She uses the cat to get intel from those she is working with sometimes, otherwise it is another way for her to fight. The cats name is Snickers after the candy bar because of its coloring.

    Weaknesses: Because of her impulsive nature she gets herself into situations where if it weren’t for her feline friend she would have been killed. Without Snickers she feels lost and gets depressed. (need to work on)

    History: She grew up in a suburban area close to where the rest of her family lived until these creatures from her nightmares hit and killed them when she was around 12.

    She had 6 older brothers and 2 younger brothers, no sisters. Her mother was a policewoman and her father was in the military so she moved around a lot when she was younger but when she was 9 her father was honorably discharged. Around the same time her mother got promoted and was put to desk work.

    Never had she thought about hunting creatures like this, but she did think about the military and becoming a soldier like her father had but that changed when he was killed. When she was taken in by others like her at 13, she trained with them so she would learn how to kill the monsters that killed her family. It didn’t take her as long as she thought to get to the level where it would be possible to be able to actually hunt down the creatures that took her family from her.

    She can sense when danger is close but she can’t tell what the danger is and is great at hiding because of all the times her 6 older brothers would try to get her to wrestle with them or they wanted to practice their martial arts on her. It is almost like a sixth sense but its mainly just because of her brothers. She knows some martial arts and is a good shot with a gun.

    (More will be explained while roleplaying.)
  6. Character Name: Solomon
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Species: Vampire/ Fury
    Appearance: 1130077967_hshadow666.jpg
    Personality: Curious, artistic, ruthless when need be, easily bored and angered, empathetic to anyone he deems worthy of it.
    Weapons: his bare hands, fangs, a hypnotic gaze, etc.
    Strengths: what any normal everyday vampire has, balanced strength and intelligence.
    Weaknesses: sunlight, sliver, holy water, etc.
    History: Solomon’s a bit of a mystery when he arrived in Blackview he was a mess, his long red black hair was matted and he looked half dead. The people in the mansion took him in and welcomed him as one of their own. His past history is a bit confusing and he has pretty much no memory of it, at times he dreams of it and even has moments where he would re-live some of it. (more explained in RP)
  7. Name: Ethan Hale
    Age: 21
    Race: Vampire/ New Blood
    Personality: Charming, Funny, Energetic, Blood craved, Curious yet cautious
    Weapons: Fangs, speed and agility, other vampire powers
    Weaknesses: Sunlight( It just aggravates his eyes), Silver
    Strengths: Vampire powers
    History: He dosen't like to think of his past that much. Ethan grew up in a normal home with two brothers and his parents. His father was a Buisness man and his mother a lawyer. His childhood life was very privaleged. When he was 7 his father was murdered leaving his family broken. Not long after when he was 9 his mother and younger brother were murdered infront of him. It was a blur but he never got a glimps of the man''s face. The rest of his childhood he and his brother lived with thier uncle until they were old enough and moved out finding his way to Blackview.
  8. I'm interested...

    Will post for two charries - Vamp and Wolf - coming soon.
  9. Kronas Character is accepted.
  10. Character Sheet
    Name: Davis Willow
    Age: 17 [In Appearance] 457 [Traditionally]
    Gender: Male
    Species: Vampiric / Fury
    Personality: Davis is a bit lazy. Throughout his years he has developed a small insanity. He hates the naive, and is very condescending.
    Weapons: None
    Strengths: Charming, Intelligent, Fast
    Weaknesses: Strength, Climbing, A bit lazy.

    Davis had a bit of a rough past. He had entered the forest outside of Blackview a few too many times, and when he came back, claiming he had seen vampires, his parents institutionalized him at age 9.he was held in the company of white padded walls for 4 years, before breaking out and returning to the forest. For years he searched for the Manor; and the Vampires. It was at about the age 16 that he finally found the legendary manor. Here, the vampire's welcomed as one of there own, turning him a year later.

    In his New Blood years, he was a dashing young vampire. During this time he was only being taught what it meant to be a vampire, but his intellect well surpassed many others before him. He, was subjected to the 50 years it did take to be officially recognized as a Fury, though he felt he had been one for years, as he was treated as so by his peers.

    His Fury years were filled with a many troubling times. In his first hundred years he moved out of the manor and into the crowded streets of The slums of Blackview. By day he was a bartender at a pub that sold watered down booze and liquor. By night, he was a cold blooded killer, feasting on the homeless and the unlucky who happened to be strolling by his path of terror. His sloppy kills and blood-lust caused the vampires at the manor to... intervene. They subdued and returned him to the ancients, who almost sentenced him to death, but instead made him insane as a punishment.

    For the next 250 years he remained stuck in his head, until now, when his kin need him most for guidance.
  11. Name: Victorie Grant
    Age: 20
    Gender: F
    Species: Vampire / New Blood
    Appearance: About 5’7”, 120 some odd pounds, give or take.

    View attachment 14120

    Personality: She uses her attitude and bad behavior as a sort of privacy screen, hiding her feelings to avoid emotional harm. She’s dealt with physical harm, that’s nothing to her – sometimes, she craves it. It’s the emotional pains she’s not good at handling. Sometimes, a person can say something simple to her, something that wouldn’t hurt a fly, and she’ll take it personally to the point of depression. Other times, she’s rather fun to be with, the life of the partly. She’s learning to control her emotions – she is a work in progress though.

    She knows these emotional flips are due to her loss of memory – they’re pulling from whatever deep histories and experiences she can’t recall. She hates herself for this, because this causes her to be a bit of a hot-head, a ticking time bomb that can go off at the worst times. She’s caused a lot of problems for her leader, but she’s also a hard-nose fighter, one who has no fear and will fight to no end to protect her new family.

    Weapons: She likes to melee fight, usually sporting an evil set of brass knuckles or metal claws that fit on her four fingers like a ring and extend out into dragon nails. She’s good with a sword, and a dead ringer with throwing knives. Her favorite weapon though is her daggerlettes, which are small throwing knives attached to the end of a thin metal chain. She hides the weapon in her hair, using it as a ponytail holder or whatnot; or wrapping it around her waist like a belt.

    Strengths: Her personal strength is in the way she conceals her abilities. She’s a very good actress and can play the coy, the sweetheart, the damsel, if need be. But once she’s in and has gain trust, she turns on her victims quickly. The surprise: how such a sweet young lady be so vicious.

    Weaknesses: Regardless of her abilities, she is still unreliable, uncontrollable, and downright difficult to read; and that not because she's a new blood, but it makes matters worse. The spontaneity of her emotional changes is hard to decipher and one can possibly expect her to mess up a serious attack with one of her mental explosions. It’s either deal with it, or lose out of a strong fighter by your side.

    History: Was in a serious car accident when she was 19, which caused her to lose her memory. So, her life, in general, is being recreated as we speak. All she can recall is the face that stood above her after the wreck, in the hospital, and later when she was released. It was the same face – not resembling a parent, but a concerned citizen who just happened to remain by her side throughout her hospital stay. What she didn’t realize is that the person was the vampire that caused her accident.

    And that she was now one.

    (If anyone wants to take the part of the vampire who, pretty much, was her accident and ambulance, then let me know.)

    She has lived with the vampires for a year, still wondering about what life she had before – who were her parents and why were they not at the hospital. She’s heard talk about a missing girl around town who matched her perfectly, but the idea of contacting these saddened parents and family friends…she's not so sure about. Her new family was just find for her, and she saw no reason to really search…except, it would be nice to regain her memory back, and if meeting them will awaken something lost – she’s willing to go that extra mile; regardless of the outcome.
  12. Name: Tavian Chacon
    Age: 23 in appearance, but about 372 in Lycan
    Gender: M
    Species: Werewolf / Beta
    Appearance: Stands about 6 ft, and about 210 of pure muscle. He can be a bit intimidating at first glance, though his kind features make up for it.

    View attachment 14121
    He is the essence of nature in his appearance and actions. His body is long with lean muscles, mostly formed from his love of running. His hands are rough and calloused, caused by long hours of work and more importantly, serve as the proof to his running on all fours in the dead of night.

    Personality: His kind nature is perfectly matched with his wild thirst for danger. Always feeling the need to do something, his adventurous tendencies portray him as both restless and full of life. Tavian's laugh is loud and deep, his voice as husky as tree bark whose color resembles his beautiful skin.

    Being impulsive, he runs on instinct, and his instincts are usually correct. Some would call his behavior reckless; others, admirable. Still, when his lycan side erupts and anger replaces the warmness of his heart, his emotions tend to rule him, and not the other way around. While his powerful emotions can be handy, they can also be the cause of his downfalls.

    Strengths/Weaknesses: His strength is the quickness of his mind and the swiftness of his feet, the inhuman strength of his jaw and body, and the darkness of the night is his fuel.

    His weakness is silver - a silver bullet leaves him badly wounded and poisoned; a bullet to the heart proves fatal. Another weakness is that he is able to transform in the day, but only for short amounts of time, and even then he is considerably weaker than in his element, the night. Also, his instincts when ran on high-octane emotion.

    Occupation: Currently, mechanic and construction. Tavian is always onto the next thing. He works with his hands, so his jobs usually consist of hands-on jobs which can get pretty dirty.

    Other: He owns a crimson red truck which is like his baby. He takes exceptional care of it and drives it everywhere - and usually too fast, for the thrill of it.

    Blackview is his hometown. He was part of the town’s growth and development years ago, had a hand on in constructing the bell tower, the courthouse, and the first jail. He matured well with hard work with honest hands, married young and planned on a future. But then, he joined the men’s club – sort of like a social fraternity. All the leaders in town were a part of this lodge, and he was invited. It was an honor and a chance to become a prominent man in high society.

    One night, after a few drinks, he was invited with a few others to the lake house off of Sealy Road – right in the thicket of the forest. Even back then, the stories were circulating about the mysterious sounds and the odd occurrences with farm animals near by, but the ale sort of washed all those anxieties away.

    Then one person went missing, and then another... Soon, they were all running for their lives.

    Next thing he knew, something had a hold on him, then there was a horrible pain crawling down his spine from his shoulder, and then he passed out – only to wake up to a fiery pain shooting throughout his body, and the sudden need to strip himself of all flesh. It’s unclear to him what happened through his transformation, but he knew what had gotten a hold of him. The stories were true after all.

    He remained – hidden – along with the few other members that survived… if you want to put it as such. He watched his family move on, and the town grew and grew. After about 10 years, he couldn’t take it anymore. He had to find some way to live a somewhat normal life…regardless of what he’s become. He wasn’t going to let this demon take full possession. So, Tavian and a few others returned to town for a while, brought a few items, and left to start a new life elsewhere. But after a while, they returned. Blackview seem to call them back home. Tavian’s been living there ever since.
  13. I'll be starting the IC shortly. Link to come.
  14. Questions, because there's a few things not fully acknowledged.

    1. What is the name of the vampire's leader? Are you planning on running him, or are you hoping someone will sign up for him?

    2. Same question for the werewolf's leader?

    3. If you don't have a problem with it, I can hold a few extra charries for the werewolves, mainly since no one else has signed up for them. If others want to do so to, then we can work together to set something up with them. I'm game, and I'm rather notorious in making myself several CAG's (Come And Go) characters in order to keep a scene running. Let me know if it's okay.
  15. Hey Kronas, Victorie asked a question about any reports on their Leader... Just seeing if that was understood or not.

    I tend to write based on how I feel my charries talks normally. It was probably a bit confusing.

    If you've missed it, edit a response in. If he missed it on purpose, I'll edit my post and have her question him again in my next one - in her special way. LOL!
  16. Lol im sorry i missed that and yes i edited it so he answers PS: seems davis isn't the friendly type
  17. Sorry for not answering your question sooner.
    The Leader of the Vampires goes by Marco Falk [He won't be a main component in the first few chapters, so noone will play him]
    The Leader of the Wolves [I was hoping for someone to play him/her.]
    and as for the chapters we will start a new one when everyone feels that we should start a new part in the story.